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”Ragga Muffin Bandolero” @antoinechungphotography 📚 UTech Knight 🇯🇲 CEO @coverartexpresss @visystudio
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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 16.80%. The average number of likes per post is 353 and the average number of comments is 13.

43.43% of the followers that engaged with antoinechung regularly are from Jamaica, followed by United States at 9.09% and Germany at 5.05%. In summary, the top 5 countries of antoinechung's posts engager are coming from Jamaica, United States, Germany, Australia, France.

Antoinechung loves posting about Art, Architecture.

Check antoinechung's audience demography. This analytics report shows antoinechung's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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  • Jamaica 43.43 %
  • United States 9.09 %
  • Germany 5.05 %
  • Australia 5.05 %
  • France 4.04 %


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🐉 #antoinechung

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📸 Adjust the Image @antoinechung | Webinar coming soon | @coverartexpresss @visystudio

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Smile just incase they take a picture 🐶 #shihpoo #x1 #bmwx1 #bmwx1club #antoinechung

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Why CALABAR name is always a topic of interest? Because the teachers care enough for the students. Giving them that sense of importance and drive to be great. Pushed us to be the best, living up to the motto “The Utmost for the Highest” Even the ungrateful ones still out in the world with a little sense of purpose. ❤️ Sending love to all teachers who truly care, not just from Calabar.

823 15

#CoverBoy 😅 Maybe this should have been my 10 years challenge. From dreaming of owning my own company to actually seeing it come to life in exactly 10 years. From high school days, thank u to all those schoolmates who teased me about drawing too much and telling me that I would be selling arts on the road side, ur ridicule push me in the right direction. #10yearchallenge #10yearschallenge #antoinechung #motivation #believeinyourself #jamaican #success #positive

1,021 60

😭 From selling sweetie to send myself through high school, doing tracks without eating healthy or any at all to now a main force in a growing trend. All I can say is wow. Talk about a flipped script... all I ever wish for was a bicycle, literally on all shooting stars as a kid. I used to make all my toys, gluing clothes pin, small motors and wires together with broken fan buttons as the controls. Starvation was the monster that scared me, it wasn’t no clown. Being creative was my escape. Sometimes I use to wonder why I was even going to high school, that’s how hopeless I was. But I used art class as my main motivation which was on Monday’s and entering competitions which I almost always win. On holidays and weekends, I use to make beaded chains to sell downtown kingston and Spanish Town. When it was the windy seasons, I used to make kites to sell. When is was time for Champs, I was now making stencils to spray on my schoolmates khaki. I tried almost everything, I remembered even drawing almost everybody diagram for them in a biography exam for a cost as the teacher stepped out, I'm sorry Miss Anderson. I remember u even giving me crackers when u found out that I never had any lunch. Nobody attended my graduation and I was the most award student from my class. I walked up to the podium to collect my certificate and awards, not one photo or anyone screaming that's my boy lol. Yes, I went home and cried but I still had a smile on my face. I was Champion Boy for sports day, I had won the most race plus the banner design competition. I got 2 cakes and no medal because the school was having a bad year. I said to myself that if I was to ever make it in life, I wouldn't give back to my school 😅 but that was just me being a upset kid, I love my school (Calabar) and my teachers who believed and encouraged me all the way. Damn, I had bottled so many things up inside, I just feel everything pouring out randomly so this post might be all over the place. The point I'm trying to make is that, I never gave up even when I had nobody close pushing or to believe in me.

956 36

#flashback When I was 17 living in the Ghetto, I built that studio room and almost everything in it, from the computer to the bed, down to the kitchen. I was poor but just as much determined to be successful. I use to sometimes sleep on the floor, under the table in my Mom’s rented house because the small twin size bed couldn’t hold me and my 2 other siblings at the time. So out of frustration came an idea to build my own house. That’s the computer I use to do graphic design and edit pictures even though sometimes the monitor would go blank and I would have to slap it several times on the side for it to chip back on. One day it didn't come back on but that's another story lol. On the wall, u can see a Plaque that I had won from a Painting Competition in the Caribbean held by the IICA’s. Also, u can see a few artworks I did back then. I no longer live in the Ghetto and I’m no longer poor but I’m just as determined as I was back then. To think about it I was rich, rich with the determination to live and enjoy life. Oh and that’s my big sister beside me lol. Photo number 2, that's now 2019, let's just say my story continues…

87 2

🏆🤓 #throwback to IBM Blue Hack Innovation Marathon win. Posing with a team member and 2 amazing female judges from Africa. #2017 #coding #hack #bluehack

176 0

💼 Don’t get bossed around, be the BOSS.


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