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Grew up in a cult but I turned out ok. Dreaming of cottagecore life. Riot not diet. 👩🏻‍🎓PhD in communication sciences 📝 Senior coms mgr @oona_antwerp

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77.7% of annebethbels's followers are female and 22.3% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 2.20%. The average number of likes per post is 129 and the average number of comments is 10.

Annebethbels loves posting about Fashion, Lifestyle, Styling.

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77.7 %
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  • Beauty & Fashion 92.59 %
  • Travel & Tourism 45.16 %
  • Art & Design 41.53 %
  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 37.30 %
  • Sports 35.37 %
  • Clothes, Shoes, Handbags & Accessories 34.24 %
  • Fitness & Yoga 33.30 %
  • Business & Careers 32.19 %
  • Books and Literature 31.70 %
  • Children & Family 31.12 %
  • Entertainment 30.47 %
  • Healthy Lifestyle 30.38 %


86 0

Doing this #decadeofstylingdutchman style retrospective, I’m getting tired of being outshone by my 2010 self. It’s hard to do a “better”, modern version of something if the point of reference is 2010, ya know, so I thought I’d shake things up today. My 2010 look: ton sur ton blue, white socks, nude shoes, bit of a military vibe in the jacket. 2020: ton sur ton red, my fav white boots, and retro flight attendant vibes. And I definitely think the 2020 version trumps old Annebeth! How about you? Ps the blazer and matching necktie were a lucky vintage find😍 . #belgianblogger #belgischeblogger #lookbook #wiw #styleblogger #personalstyle #personalstyleblogger #retrolook #retrostyle #2020vs2010 #2010vs2020 #styleretrospective

138 20

I’m still not done with this style retrospective you guys. I loved putting this outfit together! It’s totally not something I would gravitate towards right now, but I love how creative I was in 2010, trying to stretch my wardrobe to the max by wearing my summer dresses into fall and winter. And all of the print mixing was so cute. So here’s a bit of that 2010 student Annebeth energy pumped into today’s look! The green fairisle knit I’m wearing is vintage, and I actually bought it about 10 years ago so it felt fitting to wear it in this look. Check out my other throwbacks at #decadeofstylingdutchman! #belgianblogger #belgischeblogger #lookbook #wiw #styleblogger #personalstyle #personalstyleblogger #retrolook #retrostyle #2020vs2010 #2010vs2020 #thrifting

103 6

The outfit I wore on October 18th, ten years ago, is still close to my heart because I remember that this Zara dress was THE dress that sparked my obsession with dreamy, hippie, calf/ankle length white (floral) dresses. I’ve bought this piece time and time again - if I ever had a sartorial “type”, this is it. This was also the period when I discovered this in-between length. Not the classic knee length, not the floor grazing maxi length that was in style at the time. It’s a length I’m still drawn to. I’m creating a today-version with this Asos dress I bought over the summer and am still completely in love with. Hope you like the look! . #decadeofstylingdutchman #2020vs2010 #2010vs2020 #belgianblogger #belgischeblogger #lookbook #wiw #styleblogger #personalstyle #personalstyleblogger #retrolook #retrostyle

90 5

So yeah, my outfit today has very little to do with what I wore on the 17th of October ten years ago, but hear me out: I really just wanted to wear this @trafficpeople trousers that are basically the most stylish, delightfully seventies take on sweatpants ever. The fabric is this glorious heavyweight, smooth knit, and I kind of want to live in them. I do think the statement print KIND of evokes the batik type print of my ten year old outfit? And orange is pretty close to yellow? Idk man it is what it is. Retrospective-wise, over the past years I’ve come to appreciate having my trousers or skirts making the statement instead of doing the easy/evident thing where you pair a colorful top with a basic bottom. So that’s what this outfit symbolizes for me! And I definitely prefer today’s look to that of 2010. . #belgianblogger #belgischeblogger #lookbook #wiw #styleblogger #personalstyle #personalstyleblogger #retrolook #retrostyle #decadeofstylingdutchman #2010vs2020 #2020vs2010

143 4

{Part of a series} Even though what I’m wearing today is more “me” than what I wore on the 16th of October 10 years ago, I think I actually prefer my old look from a style perspective. I loved the Robin Hood/Puss in Boots-esque vibes, and how the faux fur collar I added picked up on the tan color of the shorts. Definitely one of my better old-Beth looks! An oversized knits with thigh high boots will always be a great combo in my book, so the overall silhouette was easy to recreate. I added bike shorts to evoke the 2010 look some more, and kept my overall palette muted. A fun one to put together! Although I’d probably skip the shorts if it weren’t for this challenge. Check out my other 10 year style retrospectives under the #decadeofstylingdutchman hashtag! #belgianblogger #belgischeblogger #lookbook #wiw #styleblogger #personalstyle #personalstyleblogger #retrolook #retrostyle #2020vs2010 #2010vs2020 #styleretrospective

114 7

Another day, another look in my #decadeofstylingdutchman series. These ten year old outfits are going to be hit and miss for me, but I remember absolutely loving the outfit I put together on October 15th 2010. It was a more daring look for me, with those white tights and all of the different colours, but I loved how everything came together without being predictable. I still own and wear one of the items featured in the 2010 look: those tights. You wouldn’t think that tights would last a decade but these have! Also because white tights aren’t something you wear everyday, of course, but I did use em in a lot of different looks in winter 2010. I still am a big fan of floral dresses, but I generally go for a slightly less butt-grazing hemline nowadays. Not because I think that mini dresses aren’t appropriate for 30-somethings, but because I generally feel like dresses with a slightly longer hemline look a bit more expensive. This one was pretty easy to recreate, and I loved wearing it. Which decade do you prefer? #belgianblogger #belgischeblogger #lookbook #wiw #styleblogger #personalstyle #personalstyleblogger #retrolook #retrostyle #2020vs2010 #2010vs2020 #styleretrospective

149 18

Day four of my #decadeofstylingdutchman series! I actually really love what I wore ten years ago today. This red pleated skirt was one of the first items I bought at Think Twice, symbolizing my discovery of thrifting instead of relying on fast fashion. I wore it a lot before I got rid of it because I got a stain on there that wouldn’t come off. The belt was a piece I stole from my boyfriend’s closet. The striped H&M top is also a piece I wore to death, and funnily enough I only got rid of it last week! Just goes to show that fast fashion buys don’t necessarily mean that you have to have a fast fashion attitude. And I say that coming from a humble place, since I definitely am guilty of impulse shopping at times. The scarf worked really well to connect the colours going on in the look, even if I’m definitely not into scarves as accessories anymore. Anyway, for the 2020 version of this look, two important changes: first, I wore pants instead of a skirt. For years and years 90% of my closet consisted of skirts and dresses because I felt insecure in trousers. I felt they highlighted the “worst” parts of my body. Finding trousers that I felt beautiful in, as well as simply embracing my body shape, made me do a 180. I still love skirts and dresses, but I feel the most “me” and most comfortable in trousers and jeans. It only felt right to switch out the red skirt for some rust toned pants. The second change is that, again, I’m going for a less high-contrast look. Black paired with red is such a bold colour combo, and I generally prefer having shades and pieces play with each other instead of contrast against each other. Also, I think I used to follow those guidelines of dressing like a cool winter type because of my coloring, while I honestly just prefer a softer, more autumnal color palette and don’t really care about what should suit me anymore. If I like something, I’ll make it work. Crazy how an outfit can still symbolize so much about evolving as a person. #belgianblogger #belgischeblogger #lookbook #wiw #styleblogger #personalstyle #personalstyleblogger #retrolook #retrostyle #2010vs2020 #2020vs2010

136 9

What I wore this day ten years ago vs what I’d wear now: part three! This one was a challenge. Another denim shirt, something I wore a lot back then but have totally moved on from over the past years. Can you believe these used to be a closet staple back in 2010? The crushed velvet maxi skirt was a fun piece I got for a Halloween costume, and I generally like playing around with witchy vibes in October. I wore it a couple of times, but it really wasn’t 100% me, and the length + how narrow the skirt was (barely a back slit if I remember correctly) made it a rather unpractical piece. I also rarely wear a predominantly black look anymore, favoring softer tones. I do like “anchoring” a look with black, but not in this sharp, contrasting way. My attempt at modernizing the look! First, my current longest skirt which is flowy and much more pleasant to wear. I don’t like the whole preppy vibe of s button up paired with skirts anymore, so a classic turtle neck it is. My cowboy boots instead of biker boots, and a beret to add some visual interest. All in all a completely different look that shows how much my style has evolved towards something softer, more comfortable/practical, and less trend-conscious. . #belgianblogger #belgischeblogger #lookbook #wiw #styleblogger #personalstyle #personalstyleblogger #retrolook #retrostyle #2010vs2020 #decadeofstylingdutchman

202 10

The second day in my #decadeofstylingdutchman series. Yes the hashtag sucks, any suggestions? Ten years ago today, I rocked this abstract leopard print maternity blouse as a babydoll dress paired with sheer tights, a statement necklace and biker boots. I still adore the silhouette and wearing a mini dress with some chunky footwear is a classic look that always works. I don’t really do statement necklaces anymore, and I generally prefer a crew neck to a v-neck now. I also prefer my hemlines just a little less butt-grazing. I added my favorite blazer and these @zinda_ chelsea boots I’ve gotten so much wear out of over the past years, and a small bag to pull it all together. What look do you like best, 2010 or 2020? . #belgianblogger #belgischeblogger #lookbook #wiw #styleblogger #personalstyle #personalstyleblogger #retrolook #retrostyle #2010vs2020 #decadeofstylingdutchman

196 35

It’s taken me until today to realize that 2020 is the 10th birthday of me outfit blogging. And I thought I’d start a new themed series looking back at what I wore this day, ten years ago. Not only that: creating a new outfit inspired by decade-old-me, using pieces that today-me loves. Swipe for the two looks side by side. (Formal) shorts and denim shirts were huge in 2010, but I don’t really wear either anymore. I also prefer softer beiges and browns to the harder contrasts and cooler tones I used to wear. Swapped my lace up combat boots for cowboy boots and The Doors for The Eagles, and there you have it! Hope you guys like the retrospective as I’m planning to crank out more of these! Which one is your fav, 2010 of 2020? . #belgianblogger #belgischeblogger #lookbook #wiw #styleblogger #personalstyle #personalstyleblogger #retrolook #retrostyle #2010vs2020 #decadeofstylingdutchman

132 6

Took my mask off for 10 seconds to snap some shots when there was no one near. Another example of the weirdness that is 2020. This outfit has a lot going on but I still like it💁🏻‍♀️ . #belgianblogger #belgischeblogger #lookbook #wiw #styleblogger #personalstyle #personalstyleblogger #retrolook #retrostyle


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