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Milosova Anna certified newborn photographer 835 photographed babies, my own specialized studio, a photo book with every session

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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 2.20%. The average number of likes per post is 62 and the average number of comments is 3.

32.76% of the followers that engaged with anna_milosova_photography regularly are from Cyprus, followed by Russian Federation at 24.14% and United States at 6.9%. In summary, the top 5 countries of anna_milosova_photography's posts engager are coming from Cyprus, Russian Federation, United States, Ukraine, Greece.

Anna_milosova_photography loves posting about Photography, Nature & Outdoors.

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  • Cyprus 32.76 %
  • Russian Federation 24.14 %
  • United States 6.9 %
  • Ukraine 5.17 %
  • Greece 5.17 %


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When mini sessions become your family's tradition. When you enjoy getting ready and wait for your session since the end of August when it is more than just several photos... . When your photos are collected in a beautiful book and you can see how much your kids change every year and know, their memories are safe and will not disappear somewhere on pc or a cloud disk. . Then you go to a 5 years plan (smiley) To have more photos every year and a beautiful book with more pages and more memories as a result 🥰🎄🎅❤️ . #anna_milosova, #annamilosovaphotography, #cyprusnewbornphotographers, #instamam_cyprus_фотографы, #nicosia, #larnaca, #limassol, #cyprusnewbornphotographer, #babyphotographercyprus, #newbornphotographycyprus, #newborncy, #newborncyprus, #cyprusnewbornphotography, #cpcfeature, #фотограф_новорожденных_кипр, #newbornphotographynicosia, #christmas2020 , #christmasminisessions

28 0

SWIFE LEFT TO SEE THE PRICE LIST. The second package is a middle term packages. . I would call it “While the kids are small” , or "Growing together”. . I love boxes with passepartout! There is some magic in holding every photo beautifully framed and enjoing every detail of it. . BUT . Thinking about my lovely families who come yearly, I understand, that a box every year will full their houses very fast, and take a lot of space, making it not comfortable. . So, I came up to the following idea :) ( based on out last year photoshoots): . each year you will receive printed photos ( as we did it before) and the same photos in high resolution through Dropbox). . The photos in the package will be 6 instead of 5 😁 . And then, every 3 years you will receive a beautiful photo book with all the 18 photos from the previous 3 years 🥰. . They will be gathered together and beautifully presented in a high quality digital album, saving a story of your family in a nice and safe way + written on a personalized USB, so you have them saved in a digital format as well 😍🎅🎄

41 2

SWIPE LEFT TO SEE THE FIRST PACKAGE 😉 . There are three packages for the same price this year – the difference is in the number of photos and the final product you get. . I‘d call the first package Acknowledgment. Or A first try, or.. give me your idea 😉 . It is suitable for families that haven’t taken part in Christmas minis before, do not know how the things are going on, and not sure they will be coming next years. 🎄 . They want to try it and receive a beautiful product in the end. 😊 . It is also a great version of a Christmas present 🎁🎄🎅 . You will receive your 5 photos in a beautiful box with passe-partout with a nice stand and a nice experience full of smiles and fun 😊

31 2

Let’s celebrate the ending of this year in a beautiful and happy way, full of smiles and jokes. This year we will be helping Santa to pack his presents 🎅🎄🎁 Due to COVID restriction, I thought to arrange it earlier, so we are sure will be able to meet and take beautiful photos of your kids and family. All ages are welcome😊 There will be 6 posts in a raw, explaining our new packages and showing beautiful products you receive as a result 🥰 . AAAAAAANND, there will be a pleasant surprise for my current clients, in the end, 😎 Stay tuned 😉

74 0

Have a nice week everyone:) Autumn is clearly here and it means it is time to think about Christmas:))) Christmas mini sessions announcement is coming today. Stay tuned 😉 #anna_milosova, #annamilosovaphotography, #cyprusnewbornphotographers, #instamam_cyprus_фотографы, #nicosia, #larnaca, #limassol, #cyprusnewbornphotographer, #babyphotographercyprus, #newbornphotographycyprus, #newborncy, #newborncyprus, #cyprusnewbornphotography, #cpcfeature, #фотограф_новорожденных_кипр, #newbornphotographynicosia,

100 7

Let the weekend begin :) Let it be relaxing and full of pleasant things and meeting 🥰 #anna_milosova, #annamilosovaphotography, #cyprusnewbornphotographers, #instamam_cyprus_фотографы, #nicosia, #larnaca, #limassol, #cyprusnewbornphotographer, #babyphotographercyprus, #newbornphotographycyprus, #newborncy, #newborncyprus, #cyprusnewbornphotography, #cpcfeature, #фотограф_новорожденных_кипр, #newbornphotographynicosia,

102 0

Photos of siblings is always a very unpredictable experience 🙃( especially when an older child is 1-3 years old it can take us 3 hours to make a whole newborn session and then 2 hours to get one photo with an older brother or a sister 😂 )but the result is always worth of trying 🥰 . Seeing your children together will always melt your heart 😍 . And I always can't wait for these photos, especially if I photographed an older child as well 😍. Seeing them growing up is one of the most favorites parts of my job 🥰 . A photo of the older brother threeyears ago is in comments 😉 Do they look like each other? 😊 . #anna_milosova, #annamilosovaphotography, #cyprusnewbornphotographers, #instamam_cyprus_фотографы, #nicosia, #larnaca, #limassol, #cyprusnewbornphotographer, #babyphotographercyprus, #newbornphotographycyprus, #newborncy, #newborncyprus, #cyprusnewbornphotography, #cpcfeature, #фотограф_новорожденных_кипр, #newbornphotographynicosia, #milosovasiblings

99 2

First days after you meet each other.. Tiny fingers, tiny toes, lips, and eyelashes. Time flies so fast and they incredibly change every minute. Don't miss a chance to save these memories beautifully and safe to your baby 🥰 Send me a message for more details and book your session today :) . #anna_milosova, #annamilosovaphotography, #cyprusnewbornphotographers, #instamam_cyprus_фотографы, #nicosia, #larnaca, #limassol, #cyprusnewbornphotographer, #babyphotographercyprus, #newbornphotographycyprus, #newborncy, #newborncyprus, #cyprusnewbornphotography, #cpcfeature, #фотограф_новорожденных_кипр, #newbornphotographynicosia

129 1

A story of one photo . I am happy to work with creative mommies and always open to something new and unique 🥰 Creative and unique are the keywords 😉 . Even if I use the same colors and props the photos will not be the same in different photoshoots. This is the point – to create portraits especially for your baby and underline the beauty and the soleness of my model 😇 . When we discussed an upcoming photoshoot for a baby girl her mother sent me some ideas ( see the photos in carousel) . . The best thing you can make here is to trust your photographer 😊 . Using digital backgrounds is like a mass-market. Different babies in one outfit. You know it was not for real, I know it was not for real, so, what is the point? 🙃 . Yes, they are beautiful and perfectly photographed, but in most cases, your baby even not seen well in these collages. . Coming back to our conversation. Having a creative idea in mind, we created a beautiful photo for a sweet little baby girl. The photo that no other baby on the planet has 🤩 And I am very excited and proud with a final result 🖼 . If you have some ideas you’d like to bring to life on your baby’s photoshoot ( even not a newborn one), please book your session in advance and give me a chance to create some magic especially for your precious child 😇🥰 . ************************************************** #anna_milosova, #annamilosovaphotography, #cyprusnewbornphotographers, #instamam_cyprus_фотографы, #nicosia, #larnaca, #limassol, #cyprusnewbornphotographer, #babyphotographercyprus, #newbornphotographycyprus, #newborncy, #newborncyprus, #cyprusnewbornphotography, #cpcfeature, #фотограф_новорожденных_кипр, #newbornphotographynicosia

62 5

I was happy to have two easy pregnancies and easy and fast births. When my son was born, my first thought after feeling him in my arms was: "That's all. NO belly any more 😭. " . I adore being pregnant and feel jealous to elephants, that grow their baby inside for almost 22 months :) . I wish every woman who wants to have a baby feel this happiness of growing a new life inside her body.. . Get pregnant as fast and easy as possible and enjoy every minute of this period of her life. Have a nice Sunday and get ready for newborn photos starting from Monday 🥰😍


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