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Ima winging it. All of it! @kortandco @kortflipsout

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68.5% of allthingskortneywilson's followers are female and 31.5% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 3.90%. The average number of likes per post is 4022 and the average number of comments is 175.

Allthingskortneywilson loves posting about Moms, Fashion.

Check allthingskortneywilson's audience demography. This analytics report shows allthingskortneywilson's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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68.5 %
31.5 %


  • Art & Design 68.65 %
  • Children & Family 62.42 %
  • Home & Garden 52.52 %
  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 51.41 %
  • Beauty & Fashion 48.60 %
  • Fitness & Yoga 46.91 %
  • Entertainment 44.74 %
  • Clothes, Shoes, Handbags & Accessories 42.69 %
  • Travel & Tourism 40.21 %
  • Healthy Lifestyle 33.89 %
  • Pets 33.05 %
  • Business & Careers 32.66 %


6,715 289

We spent the day cooking, listening to music, dancing and playing board games. Oh and eating. So much eating. Happy Easter everyone! 🐣 💐 . . . #familyday #Easter #theperfectrainyday

3,528 133

Let me tell you a little story. It’s called, Pressure washing - Covid19 edition. The end. #shouldhaveworngoggles #whoknewthiswouldgetsomessy #oneofmyfavoritethingstodo #ineedashower

4,331 286

Apple Jacks for dinner. Don’t mind if I do. Tell me I’m not the only one eating cereal for dinner. Speak up you sugar cereal eaters. #quarantinefood #covid19life #grrrlclothing #applejack #applejacks

3,163 117

Life is a balancing act, isn’t it? Before COVID-19, I felt exhausted trying to juggle everything and now every day I’m taking on a new project with an appreciation for the time to do it AND enjoy it. (Ya know, after the homeschooling part of the day). I’ve turned my house upside down and enjoying cleaning out everything that I don’t need or brings me joy. True story. Like, I’m asking myself if I NEED it and if the answer is no, then I ask if I LOVE it. The result - - I’m loving my house again! How are you all passing the time? 🎨 #declutteringfool #covid19cantstoptheocd #paintingthenook #underthestairs #paintingproject

4,414 101

I’m not gonna lie, there has been a lot of good that has come out of self-quarantining. The kids are getting along. We are finding time to play board games and picnic together and we are rolling through each day with less structure which has been a nice change. It’s easy to concentrate on all of the heartache that this virus has brought. The sickness, the deaths, the lack of work, the lack of money, the inability to just be around everyone that you love but this week I’m choosing to concentrate on all the good that it’s brought our family. That’s what’s gonna work for me to help me get through it. I love these three little humans of mine and there will be a day not too long in the future when I won’t be able to throw an impromptu picnic in our front yard that ends in getting my butt kicked in lacrosse. Stay well and healthy out there. Do what it takes to keep your spirit up. #mypeople❤️

4,233 337

Homeschooling - the picture taken before we started today. . Let’s try something - - - In one word, describe how you are feeling in the comments below. And then someone else, respond with some words of wisdom or encouragement to those struggling.

3,203 303

Are you guys bored yet? Well guess what? I have good news. Tune in to HGTV Canada tonight for an all new episode of Making It Home. It’s actually the season finale. We have loved making TV over the years but nothing compares to the moment we reveal a house to a couple who hasn’t been allowed to enter their home in weeks. The pressure, and hopefully the satisfaction all coming too a head as we reveal their brand new home completely transformed. So much goes into making this moment special. I have been known to try and clear the way to the point where the director suggests to me that we are making TV and the camera people have to stay. HA! I’m so protective over this moment and making it the best that it can be that I don’t want anybody there standing in the way of them seeing everything. It’s kind of funny actually. Anyway, Lauren and Michael were amazing to work with and didn’t cheat once. They stayed away from the house and this moment was really special. Thanks for trusting us everyone. It has been such a blast making the show! Please let me know in the comments if you’d like to see more episodes of the show. The big guys at HGTV Canada are watching! Tell our boss you love us, you really, really love us. Lol! 😂 #seasonfinale #hgtvcanada #hgtv #makingithome #kortneyanddave

5,632 181

Jett, 16 years ago today, you made me a mother. Listen up girls, I loved him first. Happy 16th Jett! 🎂 . . . #sweet16 #birthdayboy #jettwilson #ilovedhimfirst

3,577 82

Thanks to our local Cantina for keeping it real. #covid_19 #tryingtostaysane

1,399 82

Can I get a HELL YEAH for a good drop spot in your entranceway? I think I would literally glitch if I didn’t have something like this. Currently, I feel a little out of control and the anxiety is setting in a little bit about what the future holds and what’s coming next and this picture is calming to me. I sort of start to LOSE IT when things are out of place (like a parody of a crazy person on TIKTOK). I hope you guys are all coping with your own anxieties if you are experiencing that too. Let this pic be a tiny bit of hope that the calm will be restored and everything will be just as it should be again soon:) I put a bunch of reveal pics from last weeks episode in my Insta stories for you to see. Also, you can stream the show on Amazon prime if you don’t get his TV and thought I should mention it for those of you who have asked. And last of all. . . Is it entry or foyer? LET’S SETTLE THIS ONCE AND FOR ALL in the comments below. #makingithome #hgtvcanada #hgtv #kortneyanddave #entrywaydecor #foyer #amazonprime

2,857 91

You guys all stage your pillows while looking into the camera with full hair and make up right? Asking for a friend. @hgtvcanada is running back to back episodes today of #Makingithome 12 NOON-5pm, reruns at 8pm, new episode at 10pm – 7 episodes altogether so today is the day to catch up. Some good self-quarantine material:) . Tune in for tonight’s premiere where we help Brenna & Shaun love their home for the first time @ 10 pm est P.S Hang in there everyone. This too shall pass! #hgtvcanada #hgtv #nashville #kortney #homestaging #marathon


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