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▪️ #Italian coffee addict & life enthusiast ▪️ #Vienna based blogger & PR assistant 🖋Writing about life, love & everything in between

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71.1% of alice_bogni's followers are female and 28.9% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 4.70%. The average number of likes per post is 550 and the average number of comments is 18.

25.64% of the followers that engaged with alice_bogni regularly are from United States, followed by Mexico at 10.26% and Canada at 7.69%. In summary, the top 5 countries of alice_bogni's posts engager are coming from United States, Mexico, Canada, Austria, Germany.

Alice_bogni loves posting about Fashion, Lifestyle, Design, DIY & Crafts, Film, Music & Books, Hair & Beauty, Health & Fitness, Food & Drink, Photography, Travel.

Check alice_bogni's audience demography. This analytics report shows alice_bogni's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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71.1 %
28.9 %


  • Beauty & Fashion 92.91 %
  • How-to & Style 90.08 %
  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 58.20 %
  • Travel & Tourism 42.66 %
  • Fitness & Yoga 42.23 %
  • Business & Careers 40.09 %
  • Healthy Lifestyle 38.65 %
  • Children & Family 35.54 %
  • Art & Design 33.23 %
  • Clothes, Shoes, Handbags & Accessories 32.04 %
  • Sports 31.70 %
  • Music 31.50 %


  • United States 25.64 %
  • Mexico 10.26 %
  • Canada 7.69 %
  • Austria 7.69 %
  • Germany 7.69 %


148 8

Can you believe it's October already?🙉🍂 • Fall is in the air - and chestnuts on the ground. 😉 Collecting them during walks is somehow a little tradition for us, ever since I was little. This year we gained another little helper, can you guess who it is?🐶🤓 Ellie was great at finding them but not so much at handing them in... 😉 • • • #viennablogger #austrianblogger #blogger_at #inspireme #fall #autumn #chestnuts #puppygram #prt #parsonrussell

235 14

For some reason Instagram has let me down this past week but I'm happy to say I can finally post again!👏🏻 Apparently I have missed too many updates - whoopsie! I'll make sure that won't happen again in the future🌝 Anyways, there's a lot to catch up on so... Stay tuned for a content filled week!😋 • • • #viennablogger #austrianblogger #blogger_at #visitaustria #inspireme #passionpassport #nakdhaul #nakd #nakdfashion

616 7

Attention: plot twist!💥 • Earlier this week I read an article about our ongoing "hustle culture" and how we're being hardwired to love it. We glorify our busy everyday lives and to-do lists (hint: the longer the better), #humblebrag about how stressed we are all the time and don't even realize how toxic our mindsets are. Of course it's important to work hard for what you want in life and build a career - but that doesn't mean you shouldn't take a beat to rest every once in a while. The authors wrote the following words and they stuck with me: "Go big AND go home. Rest. Recharge. You will be better for it." They included a bunch of scientific data from studies showing how important breaks are for our #mentalhealth, #productivity and #creativity. So in the long run: by taking well coordinated breaks and investing more time in our personal wellbeing we turn out even more successful.💪🏼 I'm not trying to tell you how to live your life. But maybe this #quote will stick with you as much as it did with me and maybe it will make you rethink your routines and mindsets as well.😊 On that note: have a great (and relaxing) weekend!☀️ • What is your opinion on the #hustleculture? Let me know!🤗

886 23

Keep on doing YOU💥 • Not long ago I got to accompany @magdalena_in_vienna to Grafenegg and we spent a wonderful weekend there. The place is so magical (especially the castle!), I couldn't help but wonder why I'd never been there before!?🙉 But better late than never, right?😉 • [ad] Another companion on this short trip was the new jewelry collection by @xenoxjewels . The bamboo-inspired design is so sophisticated and minimalistic - it doesn't only look great but is also super easy to combine!⭐️ They were the perfect addition to my outfit for the open air concert.✨ • • • #viennablogger #austrianblogger #blogger_at #jewelry #minimalistic #inspireme #passionpassport #nakdhaul #nakd #nakdfashion #xenox #xenoxjewels

588 15

Paradise doesn't always have to be tropical... at least for me! 😉🏔 • [#werbung] Hinsetzen, durchatmen, genießen... den wunderbaren Ausblick und eine meiner liebsten @roemerquelle Emotion Sorten: Mango-Açai!☺️ Die leistet außerdem ihren Beitrag zum Umweltschutz seit Römerquelle von PET auf rPET umgestiegen ist und somit nur mehr mit bereits recyceltem Material produziert.♻️🙌🏼 • • • #roemerquelle #ausflaschewerdeflasche #rPET

674 11

Bad news: a lot can change in a year. Good news: a lot can change in a year.⚡️ • Is it only me or do you also find the views out of a plane window strangely calming?☺️ I know it's been a little quiet around here lately - for a range of reasons I won't elaborate on. But next week, a new chapter is beginning for me and I can't wait to share it with all of you! In the meantime, have a great weekend everyone🤗☀️

641 16

The mountains are calling and I must go🏔☀️ • Es erstaunt mich immer wieder, wie gut ein Besuch "daheim" der Seele tut. Auch wenn ich es meist nur auf ein Wochenende nach Südtirol schaffe, so genieße ich diese Zeit dann umso mehr.☺️ • [#werbung] Mit dabei war diesmal auch die neue Sommersorte Mango-Açai von @roemerquelle. Das tolle an ihr ist nicht nur der einzigartige Geschmack, sondern auch das Verpackungsmaterial! Denn Römerquelle haben ihr gesamtes PET-Sortiment vor kurzem auf rPET umgestellt, d.h. dass nur mehr bereits recyceltes Material zur Produktion herangezogen wird!♻️ Ich finde damit wird ein tolles Beispiel zum Thema Umweltschutz gesetzt und bin ein Fan!😍 Was sagt ihr dazu?🤗 • • • #roemerquelle #rPET #ausflaschewerdeflasche

1,628 35

There's nothing like a delicious Sunday brunch in great company👭🥞 And @klyo.urania is definitely the perfect spot for that. What's your favorite brunch in town?🤗 • • • #viennablogger #austrianblogger #blogger_at #viennafood #viennabrunch #brunchgoals #klyo

781 46

I've found that it's so much easier to walk through life once you've started to see the good in everything and everyone.✨ It's so easy to bring ourselves down over the smallest of things. It's almost as if we're programmed to judge our days (and selves!) by the number negatives and flaws rather than the great things and small joys that occur to us each day. It's easy to get caught up in this downward spiral and of course no one is happy all the time. But at least we can make our everyday lives a whole lot easier just by acknowledging even the tiniest victories and giving ourselves a little more credit every once in a while!👍🏼 There are so many things in life we simply can't control but what we can and should do is trust our own timing and the fact that everything is going to work out for us eventually.🤗 • • • 📸 by @charlievisuals.raw #viennablogger #austrianblogger #blogger_at #streetphotography #torontophotography #streetart #foodforthought #positivethinking #quote

216 20

Cheers to Monday!🥂 After 3 weeks it's time to hit the office desk again, I'm currently on my way to the agency.👩🏼‍💻 This fall has many things in store for me in terms of work, studies and travels... can't wait to share it all with you when the time has come!😊 In the meantime: have a great start into this new week!☀️ • PS: Wouldn't mind having one of these yummy icewine-mimosa-slushies delivered to my desk today... 🤤🍹 • • • #notl #notlwinebiketour #niagaraonthelake #canadianwineries #winecountrycanada #austrianblogger #viennablogger #blogger_at #torontoinsider #ontario_adventures #ontariotravel #discovercanada #canadatravel

268 19

"I don't know where I'm going from here but I promise it won't be boring."⚡️ (David Bowie) • Goodbye Toronto!🙈 After 3 wonderful weeks here it's now time to go back to Vienna... Back to work and other new adventures! But I'm already looking forward to my next trip back here. ☺️ See you soon, Canada! 🇨🇦 • • • #austrianblogger #viennablogger #blogger_at #torontoinsider #ontario_adventures #ontariotravel #discovercanada #canadatravel #torontoskyline #torontophotography #travelwithme #passportcollective

587 10

You won't regret it. ✨ #quote


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