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I am fiction. A metaphysical explorer πŸ’œ One photo. One write-up. Everyday. 23 | Mumbai, Delhi

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50.0% of abhinavanandsingh's followers are female and 50.0% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 1.90%. The average number of likes per post is 126 and the average number of comments is 2.

Abhinavanandsingh loves posting about Dogs, Pets, Photography.

Check abhinavanandsingh's audience demography. This analytics report shows abhinavanandsingh's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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50.0 %
50.0 %


  • Photography 83.09 %
  • Travel & Tourism 76.69 %
  • Art & Design 55.51 %
  • Beauty & Fashion 43.10 %
  • Technology & Science 39.03 %
  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 39.01 %
  • Music 34.82 %
  • How-to & Style 33.68 %
  • Business & Careers 33.19 %
  • Entertainment 33.14 %
  • Books and Literature 33.14 %
  • Luxury Goods 31.42 %


181 2

This picture is from the last days of my graduation. Totally unbeknownst to what lay ahead. No friction felt to be big enough to stop (and honestly, it still isn't). I really thank the skies and the people in my life for providing me with my carefree style. My life and I would've been very different had it not been for my loose approach. Not that I stray from what I want to do, but there are no fixed structures in my path. And I won't ever have a plan. I hope that I am able to keep this promise till the end. - Abhinavanand Singh (18/10/20) With the bunch of people who always added to the fun and never left me unsupported (a few of them aren't in the photo though). One photo. One write-up. Everyday @abhinavanandsingh #TheHummingPoet #DUswag

156 2

I see that you have seen me not. Have my eyes yet met the lie? Or is it a denial to churn another truth That trickles into my day, per day? The fall of junk and the take of a pyre Will refute any evaporative measures. And all that will remain is the tranquil touch Of the vial of our memories, that had been kept hidden till now. - Abhinavanand Singh (17/10/20) With my stunning friend @_arushisharma πŸ’– One photo. One write-up. Everyday @abhinavanandsingh #PhotographyAgain #TheHummingPoet #TheBlinkingAlpha #NowISeaIt . #Instagram

82 2

Light doesn't experience space or time. It moves in its own way, on its own accord. The laws of Physics bend for it and not vice versa. And that is what makes us see things. Had photons not decided to become whimsical, fast and visible, our would have been quite a bleak shadow. I wasn't very fond of the recent trend my edits had developed. The similar fluctuations in their colours and tones irked me to the extent that I started feeling that my editing has become worse (rather than developing). And I barely think of maintaining a feed / theme. I feel a heavy load on my chest when I try to restrict my energy just because it doesn't fit in the jigsaw that we ourselves have created for each other. There is no construct of any puzzle in this universe. It's all a free space, constantly stretching. From nothing, into nothing. - Abhinavanand Singh (16/10/20) #PhotographyAgain #TheHummingPoet #TheBlinkingAlpha #NowISeaIt . #Instagram

99 0

I wrench the tides In my mind, and My gut shall speak For my strides. The fate's pronounced And uttered within The sight of what Shall happen today. To lurch the thought Into the abyss of sunken oaths Makes one hold The misery of wait In both the hands (No shifting allowed). - Abhinavanand Singh (15/10/20) One photo. One write-up. Everyday @abhinavanandsingh #PhotographyAgain #TheHummingPoet #NowISeaIt . #Instagram

113 2

Tilt my mind till I can't see the land And fall beneath my own years. And my eyes shall hear the bedtime tales That no one spoke outside my dreams. - Abhinavanand Singh (14/10/20) One photo. One write-up. Everyday @abhinavanandsingh #PhotographyAgain #TheHummingPoet #HisAnonCanon #NowISeaIt . #Instagram

103 4

Aaj kadam kuch aise badh chale hain Ki ab yeh shaayad tere dar par hi aa ke rukein. Ya toh teri kashti mein sawaar ho kar kahi dur tak jaayenge, Ya fir aaj us roshni ke karam ko apne bheetar paayenge. Un sarhadon se door kahi meri soch us paar khel rahi hai. Naa waqt ke ant ka koi firaak aaj bechaini banke hum bistar ho raha hai. Kuch na kuch ho aur naa kuch bhi ho, Iss kadar aaj ye to raha hai. Yeh kaun hai mere bheetar, kuch alag se sawaal hain iske. Bheetar kuch nahi mere, mein antriksh ka ek hissa hu. Kuch hai hi nahi mujhme, par khaalipan ki bhi apni ek harkat hai. Uss pichhli dhoop ki garmaahat aaj bhi saanson mein dafn hai. Naa dard hai, naa fariyaad hai, kuch aur hi hai yeh. Tere iss vishaalkaay sansaar mein ek aur mureed hu. Aaj ek taare se nikli rubaayat saanso se ulajh gayi. Jaise kaayenaat ke aks ne ijaazat de di ho Ki mujhe bhi ilm ho in gehraaiyon ka Aur un oonchaaiyon ka, jo dar se badhte hi aagosh mein le leti hain mujhe. Paataal ke deedaar ko kuhaasa samajh baitha, Gagan ke taaron ko ret ka daana maanta raha. Khud ko kahi dhoondh raha tha, shaayad aaj bhi dhoondh raha hoon, Par khuda se main khud hu aur khud mein hi khuda hai, jaanta raha. Maamooli nahi hai kisi bhi tareeke se anjaan rehna Shikhar se neeche dikhti hui khaai se. Tu hai tera ek pehlu, jahaan yahi, sansaar yahi, Waqt ke paar bhi yeh kashti jaayegi, aur wahin teri khudaai hai. - Abhinavanand Singh (13/10/20) One photo. One write-up. Everyday @abhinavanandsingh #PhotographyAgain #TheHummingPoet #TheBlinkingAlpha #NowISeaIt . #Instagram

127 0

Trust me, oblivion does catch consciousness, sooner or later. The conscious rules diffuse into nothingness once that moment arrives. Flabbergasted by the enormity of the silence, you'll be thrown off your guard. Sanity worships seclusion from knowledge. Chaos triumphs. The dividend of infinity elopes with the tragic inefficacy of mathematics and similar sciences. - Abhinavanand Singh (12/10/20) One photo. One write-up. Everyday @abhinavanandsingh #PhotographyAgain #TheHummingPoet #TheBlinkingAlpha #NowISeaIt . #Instagram

253 4

It's been some time since I have been able to write properly for my friends. For the beautiful people that they are. And for how special they are to me. But I will try nonetheless. Happy Birthday Aakanksha. Thank you for being such a positive human being and working hard towards a better world. Thank you for helping through strange situations. It's been such a beautiful friendship :') May you achieve all that you wish for. Hope to see you soon! Love and hugs πŸ’œ - Abhinavanand Singh (11/10/20) #TheHummingPoet

124 0

It took me a while To take a turn towards… Now I don't know Whether it is right But the directions have changed And life is different From what it was before that night. - Abhinavanand Singh (10/10/20) One photo. One write-up. Everyday @abhinavanandsingh #PhotographyAgain #TheHummingPoet . #Instagram

133 0

None that have I said and touched will shred the sigh of my mind. I try to elucidate, a more every time, but less does it taint. Lost are your tests towards the multitude Of what shuns the broken tropes. - Abhinavanand Singh (9/10/20) One photo. One write-up. Everyday @abhinavanandsingh #PhotographyAgain #TheHummingPoet . #Instagram

106 0

This aping of human sentience through AI, UI and robotics feels somewhat different from the motive to carry our knowledge to the future generations. A simulation of the working mind of homo sapiens that we are trying to achieve seems more like an individual intention to me, than to attain the pristine goal of survival. I wonder what will happen once the levels of each are comparable. - Abhinavanand Singh (8/10/20) One photo. One write-up. Everyday @abhinavanandsingh #PhotographyAgain #TheHummingPoet #TheBlinkingAlpha #NowISeaIt . #Instagram

115 0

Well, the loneliness isn't welcome. It's more about the tranquil dizziness of realities. To unchanging decisions that trust the senses, None of this makes sense. I'm sure it does. - Abhinavanand Singh (7/10/20) One photo. One write-up. Everyday @abhinavanandsingh #PhotographyAgain #TheHummingPoet #NowISeaIt . #Instagram


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