Dehydrated Dog Food Company

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United States

Dehydrated Dog Food Company

Deadline:09 Aug, 2021
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Animals & Pets 19 Jul, 2021
About the Natural Bowl :

The Natural Bowl is a new small independent female-driven dog food company selling dehydrated dog food. We are only using premium ingredients sourced 100% in USA. The product has all the requirements for a balanced meal and meets all AAFCO requirements for dogs of all ages. Our product range currently comes in three flavours: Beef, Turkey and Chicken. We're positioning ourselves as a less expensive dehydrated product, as we're strictly direct to consumer - no retail.

Influencer Requirement:

* Above 25 years old
* Min 25000 followers on IG
* Target market: USA
* Followers: Must be from primarily USA
* Primary Audience Interest: Dogs
* Public Account
* Passion for all dogs related product range: Food, Treats, Toys
* Must be a dog owner
* Comfortable to talk in front of camera and be able to produce live stream content

Campaign requirement:
* By arrangement get one free choice of The Natural Bowl dog food. Regards of allergy or other precautions.
* To be cross - posted / shared on Facebook
* Post format static, video carousel (Multi image) together with a dog to show how to use the product
* 1 IG post - lifestyle shot with product placement
* 1 IG post - lifestyle shot using the product
* Submit screenshots/links of IG post and story as proof of deliverable
* All content deliverables are to be completed within 2 weeks after you have received the product
* Duration time: 1 min or more
* Tag @thenaturalbowl