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📍 Chicago + SW Michigan 🛠 Renovating our #YBHtreehouse + #YBHtwoflat 💪 Tag your projects #YBHDIY 👇 Blog, paint colors + more
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69.6% of yellowbrickhome's followers are female and 30.4% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 1.40%. The average number of likes per post is 982 and the average number of comments is 23.

Yellowbrickhome loves posting about Decoration, Dogs, Pets.

Check yellowbrickhome's audience demography. This analytics report shows yellowbrickhome's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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69.6 %
30.4 %


  • Art & Design 91.24 %
  • Home & Garden 76.96 %
  • Children & Family 72.98 %
  • Beauty & Fashion 58.97 %
  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 48.76 %
  • Clothes, Shoes, Handbags & Accessories 47.21 %
  • Entertainment 42.09 %
  • Travel & Tourism 40.21 %
  • Fitness & Yoga 38.13 %
  • Business & Careers 34.51 %
  • Healthy Lifestyle 32.19 %


1,282 24

On the blog: A fun DIY engineer print to try! This one is mounted onto stretched canvas and finished with a custom oak frame. BIG impact for little dough, and it makes me smile so hard every time I walk up and down those stairs (which is basically all I do, it seems). #linkinbio! #YBHDIY

1,054 32

Confession: My favorite time of day is 6 PM. The sun hasn't quite set, the family is together and present, it's pizza time 🍕 and, oh yeah, our @PhilipsHue smart lights flick on with the sound of my voice.⁠ 🙌⁠⠀ --⁠⠀ Our Hue smart lights have always been an integral part of putting the 'magic' in magic hour, and being able to set the ambiance with my voice or a tap in the Philips Hue app makes it so easy! Tonight? We've got the lamps set to our favorite scene - Relax. Our dining light is dimmed JUST so (30% is our sweet spot). And later, once we've all gone to bed, every one of those lights will turn off on their own through routines I've set in the app. Like I said: Magic.💫 #linkinbio for more!⁠⠀ --⁠⠀ #sponsored by #PhilipsHue #myhue #huemood

904 21

I've been pinching and zooming in on Lucy's sweet face all. week. long. (IRL too tbh.)⁠⠀ --⁠⠀ There's a new Weekender on the blog today, and I'm sharing what's been on my mind during this millionth week of quarantine, what's keeping me doing, what made me smile, a new collection I'm digging, and I MUST KNOW: What's your favorite Dixie Chicks song?! Head to through that #linkinbio and leave your favorites in the comments! #ybhweekender #ybhtreehouse #lucysun

867 11

Today on the blog, Scott geeks out over the @ikeausa SYMFONISK speakers (a recent collaboration with Sonos!), and he gives us an honest review - everything from price point to sound quality to how it integrates into our smart home. Music + podcast lovers, this one's for you! #linkinbio

1,268 26

There's a new Weekender fresh on the blog, and I'm sharing the WINNING entryway combo! 🙌 Plus loads of fun stuff this week, like pretty printables, the hilarious thing Scott showed me and an update to the world's best cookie recipe.🍪😋 Get it! #linkinprofile #ybhweekender

1,155 30

Welcome to our Hall of Doors! Today on the blog, we're talking all about these puppies - why we chose them, understanding the door SWING, and a whole slew of tips to keep in mind when purchasing new doors. (And yes, we link these exact doors in the post!) #linkinbio #ybhtwoflat #ybhrenovates

1,592 47

White and bright OR dark and moody? What would YOU do? Today on the blog, I'm talking about the project we haven't been able to shake for years, breaking down the WHY and asking you to VOTE! #linkinbio #ybhdiy⁠⠀ --⁠⠀ #schoolhouse #bhghome #currenthomeview #mydomaine #apartmenttherapy #theeverygirlathome #showemyourstyled #breinspired #sodomino⁠

594 5

We've worked hard towards making our #ybhtreehouse the smartest home it can be, and today on the blog we're talking about outdoor cameras: How to install them, tricks for making them disappear and added safety measures. We're in a strange time where we're likely all looking to feel more secure, and this has given us peace of mind. Sharing more through that #linkinbio! #lucysun

785 20

Living in the city has so many perks ALMOST all the time. Walking everywhere, the local shops and restaurants, the museums... but right now? Well, right NOW it’s all about staying home and staying safe for ourselves and others. But if we can’t go outside and play, we can at least make the next person that walks their dog smile - if they just look up.❤️🧡💕 (Sharing more in Stories!) #stayhome

549 22

Thank you, @chrislovesjulia for this. I told Scott that I was fearful of asking for help, because I know that so many of us are struggling right now in different ways. Was our job creating content important enough to ask for this ‘help’? And after simmering on our discussion for several days - weeks? - he also reminded me that we are a small business, too. This is our family.💛 We’re so grateful to have the job we do (which would not be possible if it wasn’t for YOU), but many of us in this position are seeing a decline in sponsorships and ad revenue, among many other ripple effects. While YOU give us life, it’s the latter that allows us the opportunity to create. So today, we want to celebrate the Content Creator! These are the many ways we can continue to strengthen our community (for free!), and if this speaks to you, we hope you’ll share. — Join me and @chrislovesjulia for a LIVE chat today (on Julia’s page) at 4pm MT / 5pm CT where we get candid and, yeah, vulnerable. See you there! #supportcontentcreators #smallbusinesssaturday

1,104 24

Working and Disney+ is life right now.⁠⠀ --⁠⠀ There's a new Weekender on the blog today, and I'm sharing the leggings I'm living in, a course in happiness, the science of dragons, what can we do for each other?, and SO. MUCH. MORE. #linkinbio! #ybhweekender #lucysun

801 12

Hi, Friends! Today on the blog, we've rounded up 54(!) past projects that we've loved, in the hopes you may find inspiration. In the hopes that you'll find a use for that big stack of wood scraps in your garage, the paint cans piled up in the corner. In the hopes that you'll find a welcome distraction, a creative outlet that fills you with happiness. #linkinbio


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