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I’ve done an Ironman, what should I do next? YouTube: TriathlonLars Strava: Lars Ivar Henriksen

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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 1.30%. The average number of likes per post is 127 and the average number of comments is 3.

19.57% of the followers that engaged with triathlonlars regularly are from United States, followed by Canada at 7.61% and Germany at 7.61%. In summary, the top 5 countries of triathlonlars's posts engager are coming from United States, Canada, Germany, Italy, Netherlands.

Check triathlonlars's audience demography. This analytics report shows triathlonlars's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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  • United States 19.57 %
  • Canada 7.61 %
  • Germany 7.61 %
  • Italy 6.52 %
  • Netherlands 5.43 %


92 1

Today started with one of those epic and memorable mornings. At 7 am I watched the sun rise from the beach, only being disturbed by the wind and an occasional early bird fisherman. What a great way to start the day. 🌅 So far this week: 63k of running 😁 and loving every second of it! How far do you normally run every week? #runner #running #newbalance #thonimara #beachrunner #10keveryday #triathlete

116 0

Happy, smiling, and on the brink of dehydration. IRONMAN France was a huge and daunting experience that tested and pushed me beyond my abilities. I’m finally back to my old self now and have during these last three months struggled with training as much as I want. It’s true what the experts say, it takes three months to recover from such a big race. So far this week: 42k and loving it! #ironman #runner #triathlete #triathlon #ironmanfrance #running #smiling #happy #aktiv

142 6

Today’s duathlon in Kerteminde was so much fun! I love these small and very personal events, and Kerteminde TRI made my day with an awesome sprint. I very happy about my efforts, 5k run (19:45), 17k cycling (27:25) and 5k run (20:20). Great success 👍🏻 📸wifey #runner #running #triathlete #duathlon #sauconykinvara #cycling #raceday #cyclist #triathlon

86 3

Gettting ready for duathlon tomorrow. Bought new elastic laces today and they work great, mounted and ready to race! Can’t wait, it’s going to be fun! What’s your favorite race shoe? #duathlon #run #runner #cycling #cyclist #triathlete #saucony #sauconykinvara #runningshoes

238 6

Energy surplus? This was how I looked after 20.5k, with only 600 meters left. I think my mental strength was my worst attribute on Saturday, resulting in a great time but still a feeling of not doing my very best. You are just as strong as your weakest attribute, and the last months of having very few long sessions have probably had an impact on my mental strength not being up to par. Normally I feel stronger mentally the more hard workouts I do. How do YOU train mental toughness? #runner #running #raceday #halfmarathon #løb #løber #løp #løpeglede #triathlon #triathlete

237 18

Just got a new half marathon PR today (1:26:26). I’m super stoked about the run and so thrilled to have people around me who are willing to bike all around Copenhagen to cheer me on! This result gives me lots of motivation for the weeks to come 😁 📸@amalieslandersen @cphhalf #runner #running #triathlete #raceday #halfmarathon

143 3

Is there a better time then this to run? #latesummerbutstillnotfall #run #runner #running #portrait #spiderman #løb #løber #triathlete @newbalancedanmark @megmeistersport

107 1

In order to get five activities every week of September I’ve decided to use my work commute to get some great and fast runs in. I do need to stop sometimes though, especially when the sunset gives such great lighting conditions! Week one of four was a breeze. Week two has started great, and will end with a nice 21k race in Copenhagen. Do you have any races the next weeks? #training #runner #running #triathlete #halfmarathon #triathlontraining #portrait #sunset #løb #løping

99 2

Ejby Natløb (Night run) 5k - 9th place 17:33. Very happy with the time and the race. Can’t wait to run a half marathon next weekend! @cphhalf here I come!! #run #runner #raceday #happyface #løpeglede #halfmarathontraining

115 5

When I spend two days making a bowl of ramen and the most succulent pork meat ever, it sure feels justified posting it, even though I don’t have a food channel. Btw. great run today. 3.5k with four 400m sprints. #carbloading #run #homechef #ramen #iwanttovisitjapan

119 0

It’s taken a lot of willpower to get back out there, but this week has been easy. Mainly because this lovely “chick” has joined me on my morning runs. Four sessions this week have kicked my shape into gear again, doing my fastest mile ever today. Speed is the key as I’m going all in on a 5k race on Thursday. Who signed me up for the race? Wifey of course, 😁 the best coach ever! #beproductive #run #runner #runninggirl #aktiv #runners #triathlete #triathlontraining #5krace #løp #løb #aktivejenter

96 0

It’s been a while since our trip to Nice in July. I’ve been tired and without any motivation in the last months but now it seems to have returned! My smile is back, running is fun again, and the activities gives me an energy surplus throughout the rest of the day. I’m ready for a minimum of five activities per week in all of September. Are you? Join the Escape plan challenge on Strava. #beproductive Today: 4k run 4:00 pace Need to get faster!! #runner #running #triathlete #halfmarathontraining #run #aktiv #løpeglede @cirbitdk


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