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Actor on The Fosters, Sofia the First, Henry Danger, Legacies, & more ————————————————— From Texas to your TV screen 📧:
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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 9.80%. The average number of likes per post is 11774 and the average number of comments is 153.

25% of the followers that engaged with travis_bryant regularly are from United States, followed by France at 7.5% and Russian Federation at 5%. In summary, the top 5 countries of travis_bryant's posts engager are coming from United States, France, Russian Federation, Turkey, Canada.

Travis_bryant loves posting about Celebrities, Film, Music & Books, Health & Fitness, Travel, Fashion.

Check travis_bryant's audience demography. This analytics report shows travis_bryant's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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  • United States 25 %
  • France 7.5 %
  • Russian Federation 5 %
  • Turkey 5 %
  • Canada 5 %


6,215 61

Don’t mind me; I’m just looking up because today I turn 22 years old and I’m feeling great. At 21 years old, the movie I filmed while 20 was released in theaters, my tv show was picked up for a second season, and I procured so many great memories. While all that is great, last year I learned so many lessons as well. I was in the worst financial situation in my entire life at 21 years old, I had a few health scares, and I lost a friend. This was the best year for my career and the worst for my personal life. My mental health really took a toll all while my “stardom” continued to grow. If it wasn’t for the love and support of my great friends (both the ones I met this year and the ones who’ve stuck by me for many), my coworkers, my team, my family, and supporters I don’t think I’d be here today. Today isn’t a celebration of me but the positive and everlasting impact each and everyone of you (yes YOU reading this right now) have had in my tremendous life. Thank you, I appreciate you, and I love you. I promise 22 is gonna be another great year with many success and achievements. | @actionmagazinetaag @sararchangel

3,425 0

Cam, this has been a tough pill to swallow. @thevictorboyce I can’t express enough how sorry I am for you and your family. You have my heart, prayers, and condolences. 👼🏼 I’m a mess right now but I’m gonna be taking a break from all social media for a little bit after I say this just because it’s been too much. When I saw the news last night, I honestly couldn’t believe it. I thought it was hoax but then the texts and calls came flooding in a 2am - 3am and my heart sunk. I feel sick to my stomach and I never thought I’d have to be saying goodbye to someone I literally was going to celebrate with in a few days. There was never a time you where we went laughing and smiling. I remember, Pirates of the Caribbean a few years ago was my first Disney event and I was so struck with nerves and anxiety. I never saw a carpet that big before in my life and you huddled over with Skai and Becky and I at the head and we just danced the nerves out. You were one of my first friends in LA. Please hug your loved ones tighter, tell them you cherish them often, and just spread more love and kindness because you never know when you’ll see them last. That’s all I have to say. ❤️👼🏻🙏🏽 Forever gonna miss you @thecameronboyce, you’ll always be in my heart.

24,558 431

if you don’t post while at coachella, did you go to coachella? | which outfit was your favorite? personally I liked day 2 the most but I think my Texas was showing.

22,970 261

#KCAs #KidsChoiceAwards 💚🧡 hair: Irina Sokolov brows: Damone Roberts MUA: Carmen Rodriguez styling: EJ James management: @discovermgmt 📸: @presleyannphoto

21,716 137

If he cant understand that “men are trash”is an anti-patriarchal movement that has to do with oppressive systems rather than each man personally/individually, then he’s not the one for you. #InternationalWomensDay

18,938 289

Filter? Never heard of her

3,901 154

@forever21men 💚

10,674 216

as @iamcardib once said “ten different looks and my looks all kill” SWIPE for various pictures of me throughout my day, yesterday.

10,840 113

Just a couple of witches 🔮✨ #flashbackfriday #travisbryant #katgraham

6,135 68

Have you heard of #VisualSnow? It’s a condition that cause you to see white and black dots whether your eyes are open or closed. Those who suffer with visual snow are said to have high suicide rates as well. Luckily @visualsnowinitiative is committed to help find funding and raise awareness of this condition so a cure can be found. Please donate and/or check it out their page and share with a friend so we can #CureVisualSnow.

7,971 63

When I’m sometimes ask “When will there be enough women on the Supreme Court?” & I say nine, people are shocked. But there’d been nine men and no one has ever raised a question about that. -Ruth Bader Ginsburg 👩🏻‍⚖️👩🏼‍⚖️👩🏽‍⚖️👩🏾‍⚖️👩🏿‍⚖️👩🏼‍⚖️👩🏽‍⚖️👩🏻‍⚖️👩🏾‍⚖️


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