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♡ beauty | life | motherhood ♥️ ☆ co-founder @roryandsloan 👑 ⌂ work, eat, twerkout, mom, repeat ❈ for inquiries✨ ☼ my blog ⤸

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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 0.80%. The average number of likes per post is 315 and the average number of comments is 19.

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Our new normal — sitting down (not always rushing off and out of the house) and actually finalizing all the items in our @roryandsloan checklist. Since we want to continue to support our local bag artisans who currently lost bulk of their livelihood, we have restarted our operations. Plus, we have a 1. new collection 2. a fun new series 3. a whole lot of content proportionate to the amount of coffee (or wine) we have in supply ☕️ 🍷 PS. We are in need of a local dustbag supplier so if you have any leads, please tag them or DM me 🙏🏻 Thanks so much!

188 1

“Don’t do nothing just because you can’t do everything.” Such a timely reread at a stage where I want to do so many things yet feel paralyzed and anxious because things are not how they are used to be. One of the lessons I learned from this book as well is that sometimes, when we can’t find answers to the questions we have — it’s not that there are no answers. Maybe we should be asking different, better questions. Reframing how and what we ask to change our perspectives all while determining what’s important to us. PS. the brilliant author @arrianeserafico and I met in college when she was in the Blue Babble Batallion. They, a team of cheerleaders, represented the org I was a part of in a university wide dance contest and was missing one person. Guess who was ‘saling kitkit’ in the group 😂 We kept in touch through the online world because we had websites even back when blogging wasn’t a thing yet. Now, we are co-@elordetopteam workout mates who laugh over seeing each other and wearing the same workout clothes 😂

422 15

Trying on these masks @avathebrand sent for the kids and I in preparation for the ‘new normal’ 😷 More on my IG stories! This comfy, breathable workout/lounge set is also from AVA🩱 Just to share — I haven’t gone out in public since the lockdown except for the one time I withdrew cash from the ATM where I disinfected myself so much I tasted and inhaled the alcohol 😅 Thankful for all the online deliveries and our quarantine tribute Tita Raiza 🙏🏻 Hope you’re all well and safe, friends 😊

254 18

Somebody learned a new language over the ECQ. Watch his Korean skillz on my IG stories 😉

729 36

As requested by some of my mom followers who want to start moving — NO EQUIPMENT HIIT workout you can do anywhere in your home 👍🏻 . “Cheerleader workout ba ‘to gurl?” SET 30 SECONDS ON 10 SECONDS REST in between exercises 5 ROUNDS * 45secs-1min rest between rounds One of @misspopquiz’s successful attempts to get me to move my ass and work out 💪🏼 I’ve been really unmotivated to get up and move my body the past month. How do YOU motivate yourself when you feel the same? 👯‍♀️ workout wear by @vivreactivewear_ph 💙 . PS - wore hoop earrings to workout since feel ko lang tapos yung pinili pala ni Raiz na workout puro jumping 👍🏻💯 Saya gewd job! . PPS - we’re not personal trainers so all our videos are sharing our own routines which are from our own PT 👌🏼

307 10

Posting this selfie because 1. I survived my first ever SOLO @lazadaph live stream today for @esteelauderph! 2. I put on makeup (!!) and felt like a woman again 😂 Thank you to everyone who dropped in and watched the livestream! I don’t know how the pros do it - one hour straight talking to a phone camera and not blanking out is a skill!! To those who tuned in, what was your favorite #mombrain moment I had LOL 😂 deets: • earrings: @pflow_ph makeup • EL double wear foundation mixed with ANR serum • EL pink mink eyeshadow quad • EL waterproof eyeliner • EL pure envy lipstick defiant coral

525 72

Motherhood is rejoicing when you get to eat warm food again, when you’re able to drink your coffee before it gets cold (or switch to iced altogether), gathering all the strength you have to lift your children up (literally and figuratively) and mostly... wondering when you can lie down and rest again 🤪 Happy Mother’s day to all the strong, beautiful and wonderful mommas out there 💪🏼 Motherhood is not all unicorns (which do not even exist) and rainbows (which always come after rain) as social media or Pinterest boards depict it, but we power through and for that.. cheers to all of us! 🥂

269 26

One year ago during my “momcation” where window shopping and trying on expensive athletic wear was my idea of me-time. Operative words: trying on 🤣 These days, a luxurious me time is getting 10 minutes straight silence without anyone asking me to wash their butts, make them their 10th snack of the day or call their favorite Youtuber on my cell phone and cry when I explain that we can not (“draw him something and then we can send it in his email, Tristan”)🤦🏻‍♀️ All #truestories. Homeschool, here we coooome! Kamusta na kayo mumshies!! 🤣


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