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✨ ✨Mum of 3 💗💗💙 ✨Happy homemaker in Melbourne ✨All things cooking,organising,cleaning & home life ✨Thermomix lover 💗

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75.9% of thatorganisedmum's followers are female and 24.1% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 0.90%. The average number of likes per post is 261 and the average number of comments is 11.

Thatorganisedmum loves posting about Children, Shopping, Food.

Check thatorganisedmum's audience demography. This analytics report shows thatorganisedmum's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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75.9 %
24.1 %


  • Children & Family 70.49 %
  • Art & Design 68.10 %
  • Clothes, Shoes, Handbags & Accessories 67.66 %


108 3

Fresh batch of banana bread for lunchboxes/snacks/freezer! This is another thing that freezes and defrosts really well! Plus I need something to snack on while I start Christmas shopping 🙈 wish me luck 😂

163 13

As much as I considered sending our elf to ‘quarantine’ this year I couldn’t bring myself to do it 😂 so I’ll yet again be digging out the elf house I made and starting to write a list of antics he will get up to 😂 are you an elf house? Is your elf returning or heading into quarantine?! 🙈😂

378 23

Dinner tonight 💃🏼 homemade flour tortillas, chicken breast seasoned with all purpose seasoning, salad, beetroot and mayo! Perfect dinner for a warm spring night 🙌🏼 what was on the menu at your place tonight?! 💖

397 11

A lovely afternoon tea together today before we venture back out into the *semi* real world tomorrow! Our big girl is back to school after a whole term learning from home! I’m a little bit nervous, I’m going to miss her like crazy and can’t wait to hear how her first day back goes! Miss 4 also has kinder so for 2 hours it’s just going to be me and Mr 1 😱😂 what a weird feeling that’s going to be! Good luck tomorrow Melbourne mamas 🥰💖🤗

208 4

It’s that time of week again 🙌🏼👏🏼 Saturday night Weber roast with our @rodsfruitandveg sweet potato, pumpkin and cauliflower that was #gifted and delivered 10 days ago 😱 such amazing quality! My code is still active MUM10 Aaaannnnddddd for tomorrow only they are offering FREE delivery across Melbourne!! Orders are open until 9pm tonight and you can have your fresh fruit and veg delivered tomorrow ready for the school lunchboxes on Monday 🎉👏🏼

305 7

Didn’t quite manage to get to the tiny teddies as I ran out of butter before my shop! But two items in the freezer ready to pop in lunchboxes 🙌🏼 cheesymite scrolls and apple and cinnamon muffins! Both freeze AND defrost really well! I always make sure I freeze them as soon as they’ve cooled down 💃🏼

289 27

Saturday’s To Do list 💃🏼 List writing has always been the best way for me to get shit done! There is nothing more satisfying than physically ticking things off (phone lists don’t work as well for me) I’ve not written lists in a few weeks and it’s left me going from job to job and half completing tasks because I can’t decide which job to do! So now it’s on paper (it’s an ambitious one today) and I’m motivated to tick it all off! Do you write lists out? Or are you a phone list type of person?

221 11

Watching the block this season has me reminiscing on our own kitchen make over! I don’t think I will ever get sick of looking at these before and afters 🙈

186 7

It’s been a while between lunchbox posts 🙈 it’s only a 2.5 hour session for miss 4 but she loves the lunchbox to be full and then she just finishes what’s left when she gets home 💃🏼 who’s ready to get back in to the swing of the lunchbox game?

227 3

A fresh batch of banana bread, because tomorrow, finally, Miss 4 gets to go to kinder! Watching how excited she has been this weekend, counting down until tomorrow morning when she gets to go back and see her wonderful teachers and her beautiful friends has made my mumma heart burst! I’m so happy for her 😭🥰 for 2 hours and 15 minutes she gets to slip back in to some normality and I can’t bloody wait to pick her up and hear all about it 💖💖💖

234 13

Lockdown tradition has become a Weber roast every Saturday night 👌🏼 it’s a bit warmer today so I’m making my first salad of the season 💃🏼🙌🏼 What are some nice traditions that have come out of this lockdown period for you guys in Victoria?

435 9

It’s no fancy, Instagram worthy neutral tones kids bedroom (I have zero style when it comes to this stuff) but we love it 🥰💖 I let the girls choose the doona covers themselves (of course the 4 year old wanted the same as her big sister) the bunk beds are a huge deal in our house! We’ve co slept for over 7 years (miss 4 would be fine on her own but our eldest has always wanted to be with us) so when she said that she wanted to try sleep in their own rooms with bunk beds we followed her lead! Hubby is camped out on the mattress on the floor while they settle in (miss 4 wants him out and continuously tells us she’s a big girl and she can look after her older sister 🤣) but I’m so proud of them! I thought for sure miss 7 would sneak out and sleep on the floor with dad but she’s stayed up there the whole night every night! Added bonus, they play on the bunks 24/7 👏🏼😂


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