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1st Runner Up Miss Universe Vietnam 2022 Founder @daphalestudios @daphalebasic 🦋

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56.4% of thaonhile's followers are female and 43.6% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 1.93%. The average number of likes per post is 15331 and the average number of comments is 111.

Thaonhile loves posting about Fashion and Accessories, Arts and Crafts, Entertainment and Music, Lifestyle, Modeling.

Check thaonhile's audience demography. This analytics report shows thaonhile's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

Avg Likes
Avg Comments


56.4 %
43.6 %


  • Beauty & Fashion 94.14 %
  • Travel & Tourism 52.73 %
  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 38.44 %
  • Photography 36.04 %
  • Art & Design 34.57 %
  • Business & Careers 34.32 %
  • Fitness & Yoga 32.17 %
  • Sports 30.97 %
  • Books and Literature 30.32 %
  • Technology & Science 29.91 %
  • Healthy Lifestyle 29.77 %
  • Music 29.52 %
  • Clothes, Shoes, Handbags & Accessories 29.50 %
  • Entertainment 29.32 %


12,782 190

Spotting us on @ellevietnam 💙 our first time cover girl for ELLE! Feeling so grateful! Still so unreal for me seeing this happening… @klinhnd #ellevietnam #hublotvietnam Photography @_deyu95 Models @thaonhile, @klinhnd Producer Ideas @duongductien Lighting Videographer @quocnamhm Video lighting @vietkoko Stylist @ahmoneee Set design @phuo.khan Makeup and hair @khanhmy_makeup Retouch @ethantran1704 Producer assistant @lesti.van.nguyen Stylist assistant @melzitty Makeup assistant @imthuoq Set Design assistant @mid.dqkd, @trikonnhe Fashion @daphelestudios Fashion editor @tthuyttrang Creative Director @iohuyvo

87,610 805

„The first words I learned was not mama or papa, but it was bo va me in Vietnamese. Even tho I was growing up in Germany I never forgot that I am a Vietnamese Girl. So, When I joined Miss Universe VN, not with the desire to compete against other women but to show the world an image of an modern Vietnamese women who is not afraid to follow her dreams and working hard to become a better version of herself. And here I am, and I can proudly say - I AM A VINA WOMAN!“ 🦋 Thank you everyone who supported me on this journey. I am very grateful for everything I learned, for the people I met and I am looking forward to what comes next! ✨ Especially thanks to my team @thanhdad @babiembe__ @thetristann @_bbbnhiii @nhat.chung @dien70s @skyfitnesscoach for being with me throughout the whole time! Mental and physical support! Haha Photos: Kieng Can Team

29,531 237

Yesterday was just beyond everything I could have ever imagine. It’s still so surreal, I can’t really believe we made it happen. The whole journey was so intense…for both the entire team and myself! Extremely challenging at times but in the end of the day what keeps us going was our passion. Overcoming all the hard days to enjoy the day of the show even more. I am just feeling beyond grateful! Seeing the team, everyone backstage, the models, artists, volunteers, makeup and hair team being so excited and proud of themselves is for me everything I have wished for. I am proud of every single one who made this happen with me. Thank you for being a part of my crazy journey. I know I dream big, I know my visions are sometimes beyond the clouds but never someone in my team would say we couldn’t do it. Keep believing, manifesting and work towards your dream. We can all do it! Especially a big thanks to everyone who came to our show from all around the world. My family, my closest friends and partners. Everything I want to deliver with this show is that we women we can be anything we want to be, our journey has taught us so much and helped us to become who we are today. We can be both fierce and strong but more importantly we can choose to be soft and feminine. Always embrace who you are and love yourself! #daphaleshow23 Creative Director @thanhdad Production Director: Tri Hoang Ho Music Director @tuimi._ Catwalk Director @haanhvu Stage Design @mia_design_studio Content Direction: @ac3vn Co-Organizer: Unimedia Makeup & Hair @hocvienquannguyenpule_offcial Photo: Kiếng Cận Team Shoes @xtbynguyendoanyenxuan Accessories @ceci.vietnam Stylist @dien70s Costume @daphalestudios

6,349 52

The Mid-Autumn Festival is a cherished time in Vietnamese culture, a celebration of tradition, family, and the beauty of the natural world. For many, the festival is associated with the legend of "chị Hằng," the Moon Goddess, and her Moon Palace. This magical place is often depicted as a realm of wonder and enchantment, full of exotic plants and animals, and inhabited by celestial beings 🇻🇳. For this year's Mid-Autumn Festival, my team and I have set out to recreate the scene of the Moon Palace and "chị Hằng" in a fashionable and futuristic way, while still preserving the core cultural traits of the festival. We envision "chị Hằng" as a modern and dynamic goddess, full of life and personality. She is a symbol of peace, love, and kindness, and she inspires us to embrace our own unique identities and pursue our dreams with passion 🌕. Through this project, we want to show that our traditional culture is not static, but rather constantly evolving. It is a source of strength and resilience, and it can help us create a brighter future for ourselves and for generations to come 🌟. Just as "chị Hằng" is constantly changing and growing, so too must our culture adapt to the ever-changing world around us. But no matter how much things change, the core values of our culture will always remain the same: family, community, and respect for nature ✨. After the Au Co project, with this Mid-Autumn Festival, my team and I once again used folk materials in fashion shooting. For me, these are not just simple images but also an opportunity for me to learn more about traditional cultural values. On this special occasion, I wish everyone a joyful and meaningful Mid-Autumn Festival. May you be surrounded by loved ones and may your dreams come true 😘. Director: @thanhdad Art Director: @dungcngyn_ Photographer: @kyanh.tran Costumes: @m.zhu97 Stylist: @truongminhnhan_ Makeup and Hair: @justxi1405 & @quan_thelittlemerman Nails: @swaggy_nailbox Production Assistant: @oghuy_ & @h._nam

6,801 42

Dancing on my own ♥️ Thanks @lofficielvietnamofficial & @donjuliotequila for this fun night!

7,956 39

Who can relate? 😀 #nails

15,549 83

Everyone started from somewhere… The only way to reach your dream is consistency and determination! Focus on yourself and your goals 💙 #nevergiveup

10,129 45

Wearing vs. Styling 😎 #fashion #style

6,233 36

Had a great first time experiencing @f1 for the first time in Singapore 🇸🇬

38,736 184

Feeling myself today 🖤 #grwm #daphalestudios

19,239 78

„You may believe that living life to the fullest is seeing every country in the world and quitting your job on a whim and falling recklessly in love, but it's really just knowing how to be where your feet are. It's learning how to take care of yourself, how to make a home within your own skin. It's learning how to build a simple life you are proud of. A life most fully lived is not always composed of the things that rock you awake, but those that slowly assure you it's okay to slow down. That you don't always have to prove yourself. That you don't need to fight forever, or constantly want more. That it's okay for things to be just as they are. Little by little, you will begin to see that life can only grow outward in proportion to how stable it is inward - that if the joy is not in the little things first, the big things won't fully find us…“ 🖤

2,697 155

GIVEAWAY!!!🏎️ ⚡️ Are you ready for the race? Join my giveaway to win the following prizes to gear up for the F1 season! Prizes* include: 🎁 Water Bank, Perfect Renew Set & Water Sleeping Mask (worth $500 each) from @laneigesg 🎁 78 Tours Ultra-Flat men’s quartz watch in steel with black dial and leather strap (worth $590) | Amour la nuit ladies’ quartz watch in black ceramic with black dial and ceramic bracelet (worth $690) | Le Premier Mot black lacquer roller pen (worth $425) from @mauboussin_singapore 🎁 PUMA Motorsport Shoes (worth up to $199 ) from @chamber_sg 🎁 Emperor Jewellery vouchers (worth $500 each) *Terms & conditions apply. Featuring outfits by Alpine x @AMOSANANDA @chamber_sg @lacoste @charleskeithofficial Necklace by @EmperorwatchandJewellerysg Take part by simply: - Commenting which prize you would like to win - Following @wismaatria - Tagging 3 friends Contest ends on 26 Sept, 15 winners will be chosen. Ready. Set. Let’s race!!! #wisma #wismaatria

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