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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 1.70%. The average number of likes per post is 65 and the average number of comments is 21.

Skincare_jen19 loves posting about Beauty, Cooking, Animals & Pets, DIY & Crafts, Hair & Beauty, Food & Drink, Kids & Parenting, Digital Creator.

Check skincare_jen19's audience demography. This analytics report shows skincare_jen19's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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#Sponsored @nofliks #noflik #nofliks I don't work in the medical field but I love these scrubs. they fit perfectly and are amazing! I would love to have more they are super comfortable also and the fit was perfect. I'd highly recommend these to others thank you for the opportunity to samples these free of charge for review purposes. I received color black!! love them. P.s I received these months ago and still wear them. Definitely enjoying them. Sorry for the late review. #noflikmuse #nofliko...

31 28

Happy birthday 🎉 to my favorite 10 year old little boy‼️can't believe that this time 10 years ago I gave birth to you in less than 45 minutes I was in the worst pain ever but it was the best outcome ever. My boo boo!! I love you Joey. ❤️😘 This was Joey a couple days ago hugging on our cat who's so patient with him and of course he had to have a scary themed party 🎉 so we did the best we could to achieve that. #birthdayboy #happybirthday #birthday #instacutie #booboo #myson #myfavorite #funtimes...

195 20

Scan the QR code to join my telegram group chat where I will be putting some of my makeup, skincare and perfumes and other beauty items for sale. If this is something you would like to be apart of then please join. I will also be placing the link in my bio. Hope to see you there! #telegram #onlinesales #onlineshopping #onlinecloset #telegramsale #telegramgroup #qrcodes #makeup #makeupartist #skincare #skincareroutine #skincareisselfcare #perfume #fragrance #smellgood #smellgoodlookgood #onlines...

207 28

A lot of you don't know but I do a lot of selling of brand new makeup, skincare and perfumes and accessories on different platforms like @depop & @mercari & @poshmark this is a snapshot of 4 items I currently have for sale in my closet/store on @depop if you're wanting to shop or check out what I've got then download the app and search for @oregonhynita if you want I can send you the link in the DM's to help direct you to my page. If you see something you like and mention this post for new custo...

67 29

Okay guys my fiance and I have found our new favorite obsession and we had to share with you all. If you haven't tried them yet you must!! They come in several different flavors (red being our favorites) which is the kettle flavoring. They're called @popcorners they're a mix of a chip nice and crunchy and a little bit fluffy like popcorn with a sweet taste to go with it. So this here post is to show our love and appreciation for the best snack ever!! @popcorners ❤️❤️ @mike.juencke #popcorners...

81 53

Super excited to share with you guys these 3 amazing products that I received from @bellajadebotanicals I have to say I'm extremely pleased with all 3. 🔥1. Bella Jade makeup meltaway cleansing balm, is a really nice whipped butter type of texture that you rub with your fingers to warm it up into a lather it left my face feeling so soft and refreshed and of course clean! It also smells so good a nice calm citrus smell. It's become my new favorite this week when washing my face. 🔥2. Bella Jade M...

52 12

Thank you to @influenster & @campbellswellyes for my Well yes Voxbox! I received 3 soups to try and 1 soup spoon that I got to use today with the can of soup the chicken and rice one and it was amazing. It was almost as good as homemade. It has plenty of rice, chicken, and veggies. I can't wait to try the tomato basil, and southwest chicken. I'm guessing they will be just as amazing. Once I get to try them I'll leave a separate review. Thank you again Well Yes! #wellyes #influenster #soup #soup...

41 3

I received a plethora of @megafood Elderberry Zinc Immune Support syrup I think I received about 20 bottles of this amazing immune system booster. One serving includes 100% of your daily value of zinc, a nutrient that is essential for healthy immune function, while elderberry and aronia berry are super fruits that provide additional phytonutrients. Good for anyone ages 4 years and older. Thank you again to @megafood and @momsmeet for the opportunity to try these out. They came at a perfume ...

57 25

Thought I'd do a face mask before I head to bed and thought I better take a couple selfie's with my super super comfortable and cute headband that I received with my package from Funny thing is I had to reach out to them and ask how in the world does one use this thing. Lol I felt so dumb when she told me how simple it truly is. Lol I love the bunny ears look to the headband. It's also comfortable like I said above. I absolutely love it. Thank you again for the gifts I...

31 7

I wanted to say thank you to @innerneed.official for these absolutely amazing silicone shower brushes. I love them. I honestly didn't think I would be much of a fan, I thought that they would be rough on the skin but boy was I so wrong. They're so so soft and feels so good on the skin. The bigger one I use in the shower for my entire body and it leaves my skin exfoliated so good. The smaller one I use whenever I cleanse my face. They make even smaller ones as well for the face if you like them a...

46 26

I want to say thank you to & @go.picky for my freebies they're seriously the best and this brand is absolutely amazing!! The first product on the left is their step 6 Mazzzk overnight reviving mask it helps my skin feel so soft and hydrated by morning I am feeling like a new person. The owners of baesix were nice enough to send me the mask free of charge for purposes of reviewing. Highly recommend this product and this brand. A+ from me and I know you will love them to...


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