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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 1.40%. The average number of likes per post is 926 and the average number of comments is 16.

Check seraphinagenesis's audience demography. This analytics report shows seraphinagenesis's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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666 9

Let’s celebrate great moments with POKKA Asian Drinks! The product flavour I usually chose is POKKA Chrysanthemum Tea Less Sugar, it's 100% Real brewed from chrysanthemum flowers and contains no preservatives! 👍🏻 Homebrew Chrysanthemum is quite a hassle as it needs many rinses to remove impurities, after brewing, sieving out the petals is needed too for pleasant drinking experience. Now a more convenient way is getting POKKA Chrysanthemum Tea Less Sugar packets directly. #pokkachrysanthemumtea #pokkasg #pokkaasiandrinks #sp

945 11

Spoilt for Choices yet looking forward to tonight 11pm #galaxy unpacked at @samsung_sg Samsung Phones are Available at @gaincitysg I gotten my from there too! 💕 #AtasQueen @AtasQueensSG #AtasQueenSG #gaincitysg #gaincity #likegaincity #influencerssg #samsung #samsunggalaxy #samsungs20 #samsunggalaxys20 #note20ultra #note20 #samsungnote20 #samsungnote20ultra

971 16

Yawn..... So bored. I'm going to sleep. @gaincitysg has a wide variety of mattress for you to choose from. Test on it at Gain City Megastore Sungei Kadut, bounce and sleep. I'm sure there is one that makes you fall in love. It's Chinese New Year, it's time to get New Mattresses. #gaincitysg #gaincity #likegaincity #influencerssg #SeraphinaGenesis #AtasQueen @AtasQueensSG

844 32

I have very dry skin and I’ve tried so many different types of products until I found @biooilsingapore’s Dry Skin Gel! It is #parabenfree and #preservativefee and I always feel so much better after applying it on my skin! 😍 This is suitable for all ages too!🤗 #DrySkinGel #BioOilSG #sp #partipost @partipost #preservativefree

936 18

Hello 2021! As much as I wanted to wind down, turn down collaborations and to slow down my pace by hiding at home 🤠 God seems to have a bigger plan and the world seems to be digging me out of my hideout a put me back on a bullet train! (I'm starting to think I'm a hamster on previous life, so many similar traits! 🐹) To kick start the year, I've paired up with @GLITTERA_OFFICIAL for the post, to blink with Glitter shine all year round! This face mask cover is perfect for parties (yeah we can club now and I'm still in party mode!) and to style my party outfits.. It stands me out during Media Events too. This is a true MUST HAVE jewelry fashion accesory for the #DivaQueen Each face mask cover purchased will come with 3 face masks of the same color to protect you of COVID19 while remaining stylish Get 20% off with SERAPHINA20 ☺️! @glittera_official #Glittera #fashionjewelry #glitteraddict #GLITTERFASHION #ad #sponsored #gifted

914 9

Ka-Pow 2020, it was a colorful awesome year for me in terms of achievements and door of opportunities. But human nature still stands. So, let's raise and begin your New 2021 Year with @gaincitysg amazing new year deals! Gain City @shopee_sg 💕 #AtasQueen @atasqueensg #AtasQueenSG #newyeardeals #gaincitysg #gaincity #likegaincity #influencerssg #SeraphinaGenesis

879 9

Look what I’ve got here! It’s so easy and convenient to whip up a simple for my family with #CREMIÉR whipping cream. This all purpose cream has 35% milk fat, which makes it perfect for that smooth creamy texture in my Carbonara. 😋 It can also be used in both hot and cold or bake dishes too! #CREMIÉR #whippingcream @redmartcom #sp #partipost @partipost

932 13

Shopping only gets better at @gaincitysg Love this huge Christmas tree at their Megastore Sungei Kadut. Feel so festive here! 🎄😍

1,379 10

Happy Anniversary Love! @RyanGenesis_

958 24

I used to run a modelling and event agency before I retired a decade ago. Social media and Internet wasn't that fired up and most people are private with their personal life, Including businesses. Clinching deals and networking is usually through close contacts within a closed knitted industry where everyone knows everyone and we don't cross boundaries. Corporate gifts are always that few usual selections and the quality is of sub standard. Most of the time, the items are headed to the bin end of the day! So imagine my huge Suprise when I receive these quality, functional and practical gifts from @AquaholicGifts You will definitely be seeing me using them myself and gifting it out! 🎁 #corporategifts #customgifts #partipost #sp #TheInfluencersAgency @TheInfluencersAgency

1,050 16

It's the festive to be merry as be celebrate Christmas, the end coming of 2020, reflecting back the ups and downs, while looking forward to a new 2021. With the booze and feasting I am glad to have @shinyakososg To accompany me. Their Oomori Turmeric variant which is especially popular for this festive period where we're all feasting and some of us may enjoy alcohol! The Oomori Turmeric range helps in supporting breakdown of not only carbs, fats but also alcohol which means you can enjoy alcohol freely with no worries. For me, I love it for its anti-hangover properties as I am very prone to it. Shinya Koso Daily Digestion Enzyme Oomori Turmeric (worth $55.90) #ShinyaKosoSG #ShinyaKoso #OomoriTurmeric #WellnessQueen #BeautyQueenSecret


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