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showcasing the DMV’s best local restaurants 🤤 food photography 📸 | in-depth written reviews 📝 cantonese-american 🇭🇰🇺🇸 📍DC 📥
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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 7.70%. The average number of likes per post is 356 and the average number of comments is 87.

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343 103

first post of 2021, let’s do this ✨ — feeling a little bit down lately and haven’t been in the mood to post. but i’m slowly getting my spark again so yay ✨ it be like that sometimes and you have to take care of yourself when you’re not feeling well. practicing self compassion is one of my goals for 2021 & hope everyone is kind to themselves when they feel sad 😌 whenever i’m feeling down, i look for good food to lift my spirits - in comes @eatbangbop. a recent addition to the @thetastemakersdc food hall in brookland, bangpop serves modern Korean food that’s filled with flavorful and fresh ingredients that is sustainably sourced. i needed to get my weekly serving of vegetables so i don’t wither away and die (lol), and i grabbed their traditionalist bibimbap bowl! it’s filled with tons of marinated & pickled veggies, their deliciously tender bulgogi, and topped with their signature gochujang sauce. that first bite was magnificent because i loved how flavorful this bowl of mostly veggies was! because the bowl is filled to the brim, you can uncover little food surprises as you eat like a rolled omelette or the marinated lotus root in the bottom of the pic. bangbop does a great job at highlighting each ingredient’s flavors and making the whole dish taste great! the rest of the menu looks equally delicious and they even have loads of vegetarian & vegan options (like their beyond meat bulgogi)! they’ll see me many times in 2021 as i slowly work my way through their menu 🤪 — traditionalist bibimbap from @eatbangbop in 📍Brookland, DC

301 56

Today’s the day - @undergroundpizzamd🍕 is having their grand opening in Baltimore! Congrats to Evan & the team! 🎉🥳 — Have y’all tried Detroit-style pizza yet? I feel like it’s sweeping its’ way through the DMV, but I hadn’t tried it until last week. And boy, I’m kinda sad I haven’t tried it sooner! Detroit-style pizza has the perfect middle ground between deep dish & a classic pizza pie, and I love all the extra sauce and crispy, cheesy crusts. @undergroundpizzamd takes their version a step further by integrating fresh & local ingredients in their pizza and salads! I grabbed the Quattro Stagioni which has four of their best selling flavors in one pie 👅 Highly recommend this one if you’re indecisive like me! My fav was the Woodlands which contained lots of different mushrooms (my preferred pizza topping) and a heaping pile of red sauce on top - truly amazing. If that’s not up your alley, there’s other creatively named pizza styles to choose from, and they even offer vegan options! In addition to Underground Pizza Co’s permanent location in Baltimore, they also host popups in Moco! Head over to @undergroundpizzamd’s page to see where they pop up next. — [gifted] Quattro Stagioni (four styles of pizza - The Woodlands, Pesto Pie, Funfetti, and Tiger King) from @undergroundpizzamd in 📍Bethesda, MD & 📍Baltimore, MD

373 79

Supporting a local, family owned business and providing fair wages for farmers has never been easier! Check out @lacoopcoffee ☕️, one of my new favorite places! — I’m all about trying to be an ethical consumer which means making sure my dollars go to support causes and ideals that I believe in. La Coop Coffee is a perfect encapsulation of this dream that I want to live and here’s a little bit about their story to help explain their mission. The owner, Juan Luis, opened La Coop Coffee Co. with the goal of sourcing coffee beans from his hometown in Guatemala 🇬🇹 The coffee farmers are paid a premium for their beans, about 30 to 40 percent more than other local export companies. By paying the suppliers a higher wage, they feel more satisfaction with their product and can produce high-quality beans that one can really taste the difference in. After finding out about this place from @flightsandfoods, I had to check it out myself! Plants and bright sunlight adorn the entire space, and if you’re into ✨aesthetics✨, there’s tons of instagram worthy seating locations for one to vibe in. I grabbed a dirty horchata - a mix of housemade horchata and cold brew - and it was SO GOOD. The horchata + coffee both had such a strong and delicious taste, but neither overpowered the other. The owners are also super nice and I had a great conversation with them while waiting for my coffee. I’m super excited to welcome this place to the area, and hope it stays around for a while! — Dirty Horchata from @lacoopcoffee in 📍Manor Park, DC

339 73

What’s your yearly tradition to get you in a festive mood? ❄️🎄 — Every year, I have a yearly tradition to check out the @downtownholidaymarket and look at all the small businesses selling fun items. It’s a great way to get in the holiday spirit by grabbing some festive snacks - like dulce de leche filled churros, mini donuts from @migues_minis_dc_, and even drinks like hot apple cider or hot chocolate - and then wandering throughout the market. The Downtown Holiday Market is open until Dec. 23rd and operates from 12pm-8pm! I went during a weekday around 5pm so there was a smaller crowd. — Pics from the @downtownholidaymarket in 📍Penn Quarter, DC

389 103

@federalistpig & @kramerbooks have partnered up to create @fedwings and @fedwich_dc! You can find their specially created menu inside the famous Dupont Circle bookstore! — I’ve tried many wings in my life and I can honestly say that @fedwings might have my favorite wings in the city! These wings are fresh and not frozen, dry brined overnight, smoked in a smoker, THEN flash fried and FINALLY seasoned with a flavorful spice blend. It’s a whole process but I appreciate how flavorful and juicy the wing was! You can eat them plain - which I tried and it was magnificent - or dip the wings into special, house made sauces like Alabama White BBQ, Sticky Garlic (our fav), or Hot Honey. Everything was so good and I can’t wait for a future date night with wings. Definitely check them out y’all! Side note: I’m all about foods staying crispy during takeout & I can say that this meal passed my test. They recommend using an oven or air fryer to crisp the wings up when you get home and it worked perfectly! Next day leftovers were also warmed up in the air fryer with no issues! — [#gifted] Wings from @fedwings in 📍Dupont Circle, DC

385 106

If you didn’t get your snow fix ❄️ after yesterday’s snow special, then check out @snowshow.eden! They’re now open at Eden Center and provide delicious Taiwanese desserts and shaved ice. — Asian dessert shops are one of my favorite places to grab sweets! Everything always looks super beautiful and it’s fun to end a great meal with some tasty desserts. I’m excited that @snowshow.eden, located inside @vivibubbletea_eden, has opened up & we have even more chances to try Asian desserts. I was invited in to sample some desserts and it kicked off with a caramel custard pudding topped with honey boba. Loved how chewy the boba was and it complemented the soft custard pudding. I also tried their fresh mango 🥭 bingsu (Korean shaved ice) and adored everything about it! It was a complete mango explosion and idk if y’all know this but mangoes are my top three favorite fruits. Definitely recommend this treat for my fellow mango lovers and hope y’all get to check this place out! — [#gifted] Fresh Mango Bingsu (fresh mango, mango shaved ice, mango popping boba, condensed milk, & mango sauce) & Caramel Custard Pudding with Honey Boba from @snowshow.eden in 📍Eden Center - Falls Church, VA

299 45

@ako_by_kenaki is o-fish-ally open in DC! 🎉 — Located inside @theroostdc, a new food hall in SE DC, Ako provides creative & original sushi rolls and rice bowls that have little touches that make every bite so magical. The quality of their seafood is always high too! I am a huge fan of Ken and Aki’s original location @kenaki_sushi in Gaithersburg, and I’m sure that their new DC location means that Hayden is thankful that we no longer have to drive 45 mins to grab their food lol. I grabbed their Spicy Tekka Donburi and fell in love with their food all over again. Like I said, there’s tiny aspects that make the food taste so good like their addition of ikura (salmon roe) and a chunky, crispy chili oil that ties this donburi together. They even provide fresh wasabi with your donburi and once you try fresh wasabi, you can’t go back 😜 Their whole menu travels well too so no worries if you can’t dine in. Perfect for a treat yourself kind of day! — Spicy Tekka Donburi (spicy tuna, ikura, avocado, shiso, scallion, crispy shallot, chunky rayu, nori, sesame seed, all served over sushi rice) from @ako_by_kenaki in 📍Hill East, DC

479 119

So much gratitude to @yuzudreams.dmv for making me a 5k celebration cake! 🎉 If you mention my account (@rudefoodpics) when you place an order with her, you can get a surprise treat! 💖Chelsea makes baked goods with Asian-inspired flavors and those hot chocolate bombs that are all the rage these days! — When I first started my account five years ago, I thought it wouldn’t be that hard to build a following - if I had a phone, I could quickly post pics and call it a day. LOL that was simply not true. Now, I spend countless hours setting up the perfect shot, looking up ways to improve my photography, editing my content, engaging with my followers/people I’m following, filming video for tiktoks, recording voiceovers, responding to comments and DMs, and the list goes on. Although running this page takes a lot of energy from me, your love and support over the past few years has kept me going! Food has always been my first love and having a hobby that allows me to help local restaurants and food businesses, especially during a time when the entire industry is suffering, makes me feel like I’m useful. I truly couldn’t do this without all of you, so from the bottom of my heart, thank you for sticking around 🥲❤️ — [#gifted] Pandan chiffon cake from @yuzudreams.dmv in 📍Reston, VA

334 126

GIVEAWAY CLOSED ✨Nationwide giveaway with a local, women-owned boutique bakery!✨ — I’m super excited to partner with @pookiesbakeshop to give away two $25 gift cards! This is a women-owned bakery based in 📍Burke, VA and Yasmin’s treats are absolutely heavenly. I got to try her signature chocolate chip cookies which are made with Icelandic bittersweet dark & toffee milk chocolates, and it was seriously one of the best cookies ever. She even offers vegan and gluten-free options for our folks with dietary restrictions. I also sampled the vegan version of her peanut butter cream sandwich cookies, and I loved how the peanut butter cream added a different texture and flavor to the cookie sandwich! These treats are so good and I hope y’all get a chance to try them. 𝕋𝕠 𝕖𝕟𝕥𝕖𝕣 𝕥𝕙𝕖 𝕘𝕚𝕧𝕖𝕒𝕨𝕒𝕪, 𝕪𝕠𝕦 𝕞𝕦𝕤𝕥: 1️⃣ Like this post 2️⃣ Follow me & @pookiesbakeshop 3️⃣ Tag a friend in the comments (unlimited entries, but no celebrities, fake accounts, or tagging the same person multiple times) ⭐️Bonus: share this post on your story for +5 extra entries! You can do this once a day and you must tag me so I can count your entry. If your account is private, take a screenshot and message me! Giveaway will end next Wednesday, Dec. 16th & I’ll announce the two winners in my story! Good luck everyone!✨

342 86

I’m sure salmon here likes all my food puns 🙈 — The amount of times I’ve ordered the salmon BLT from @neopolsmokery is more than I would like to admit lol. This sandwich is absolute perfection - the smoked salmon is so tasty and is wonderfully complimented by the crispy & slightly sweet house smoked bacon. The red onion adds a bite that cuts through the decadence of the sandwich while the mixed greens and tomato provide some much needed freshness to balance everything together. All of your senses are activated when you eat this sandwich & you must grab this item next time you’re at @unionmarketdc! — Salmon BLT from @neopolsmokery in 📍NOMA, DC

433 77

Reminiscing on a beautiful day spent in DC - lovely rooftop vibes from @hilawndc, octopus risotto from @dcfishwife, and a fun time exploring DC with @foodooboos! — We are unfortunately getting into DC winter aka my least favorite time in this city. It’s so depressive, cold, and I absolutely hate how fast the sun sets. I don’t publicly share about my mental health struggles that often but during the winter, that’s when I feel the most down about myself. And on top of that, there’s pandemic related depression too. It’s really difficult to feel motivated and happy when everything feels bleak. This year, I’m trying to remember the fun times like in October when I randomly stumbled onto a fun rooftop above @unionmarket! Judy (@foodooboos) and I enjoyed some lovely food, one of which was this octopus risotto from @dcfishwife. The octopus was perfectly charred and not too chewy, and it paired so well with the chorizo and cheesy risotto. Amazing dish - 12/10. I wish it wasn’t a specialty item because it’s unfortunately not on the menu anymore 😢 But I’ve tried many of the other dishes from @dcfishwife, and I can say all are equally delicious. I shared this in my story, and wanted to say this here too in case you didn’t see it. Until Covid cases go back down, I won’t be going out to eat and will primarily show take out/at-home content. I’ll be staying inside and practicing my #hygge life - reading by candlelight, cuddling up with Henrietta, practicing my candle making, and eating lots of delicious take out. Being inside so much does cause a bit of stir craziness, but I’m thankful to have a life where I can choose to stay inside for the greater good of our community. — Octopus risotto with chorizo from @dcfishwife in 📍NOMA, DC

319 64

I love when I randomly stumble onto a flash sale from @amaamidc - they happen quick but the food is always so delicious! — Y’all already know that I love sushi so much - idk why, maybe I’m conditioned to like it because it’s expensive? 🤔 Whatever the reason, I’ve eaten a lot of it and I can say that @amaamidc always serves some high quality & in-season fish. This bento box was like a DIY chirashi, it had my favorite items like scallop and uni, but I tried other fish items like grouper and mackerel which I normally dislike. I also love the flash sales because delivery for DC is included in the price! Everything was wonderfully prepped and I think it’s due to their past experience at @sushitarodc! I’m always in a better mood after I order from them 😊 On top of doing flash sales, Amy and Zach do home-makases too! They bring a sushi omakase to your home and have been booked throughout the holiday season! Be sure to schedule a home-makase as soon as you know the date as Amy told me Valentine’s Day is looking pretty booked out (and it’s been like that for at least six months lol). — Bento box from @amaamidc in Washington, D.c.


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