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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 15.50%. The average number of likes per post is 264 and the average number of comments is 7.

Rohitidz17 loves posting about Fashion, Technology, Travel, Photography, Nature & Outdoors, Health & Fitness, Hair & Beauty, Film, Music & Books, Education, Celebrities, Cars & Motorcycles, Architecture, Animals & Pets.

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276 8

feeling good, living better

366 52

zoom-ed into 23 🥴

261 6

la familia lo es todo ❤️

249 8

same ol’ attitude but i’m on some new shit

295 14

Thank you for sticking with me through this journey guys. Was an honour to captain such a talented side. Did not expect us to make it through to the finals and win it for Ora but we did it lads. Dedicating our hard fought win to @joseph_tsy for taking one for the team. RIGHT EYE.

312 0

people usually ask if i’m enjoying uni life and i always say tembusu is the reason why 🌿🌸

360 18

hustle till you no longer need to introduce yourself

259 11

she said ‘where we goin?’ i said ‘the moon’

287 6

humble with a hint of Pablo

265 2

the vibes so wavy, it’s too hard to kill

299 8

2️⃣2️⃣ / rohit’s fist / know your meme

350 2

freshman year out ✅

267 4

happy 21st gym junkie! 🏋🏽‍♀️ you're always the one to LIFT all the worries off everyone’s shoulders with your antics. nooj you’re amazing and you always deserve the best. thank you for being around 💕

287 3

lads brought the bread home 🏆

359 7

On this day, a celeb was born. Happy birthday my fav tennis gal, stay fab 😙🎾

295 13

t’was a great journey with the boys. we’ll come back stronger next year. #tembufc

366 12

a new shepherd’s in town

297 2

nego’ed our way through the streets and seas of 🇹🇭

328 8

live for the moments you can’t put into words

325 4

crew love 🔥

245 2

hey you look rather dASHing! Happy birthday Ash, hope you enjoyed your surprise 🍾

289 1

happy 18th rosh, love you lots ❤️✨

272 3

thankful to be able to call this place my home ✨

250 8

this has to be the most unique camp i’ve been to. no best OG, no best freshman, just one Tembusu. . Bobi Cha Cha 🙆🏽‍♀️🙆🏽‍♀️ i’m really blessed to meet such a diverse group of individuals who seamlessly got really close to one another. each and every one of you is incredibly talented in your own fields. i found true gems & i can’t wait to spend the next few years with you guys. . “the end of a flight, but the start of a journey”

241 1

maroon 4!!! i’m so grateful to have met each & every one of you 💜❤️ had low expectations for a Math camp but ended off with a heartwarming experience. cheers for the sudoku competitions, late night suppers & endless HTHT talks. still have no idea how we became 2nd best from 2nd last 💯 #savethe4indians #lynchally

288 3

wedding withdrawals👳🏽‍♀️ #bhakiandkisses

256 4

thousand reasons to smile

265 1

meet my new friend Lisa 🐬

255 1

the heat was mental but views like this make up for it

250 5


258 4

learnt more Chinese in this 4 days than in the last 21 years of my life. Thank you ICHU🌱 for the memorable experience. 2nd best OG but always the best in our hearts 💙💙 #toxic #hypebeast

219 4

happy 21st Darren!! You’ve played a huge part in my life for these 8 years and I really cherish our friendship to the core. It’s incredible how much you’ve grown in size but with that attitude of yours, anything is possible. The second photo doesn’t do justice to all the famous things you’ve done but that’s for another time! You’re the best bro I could ever ask for🙏🏼#themanutdbros

249 3

life's made of small memorable moments like this

235 50

21 & blessed ✨

166 0

we had a Marvelous day

220 1

happy belated 21st Dre the bufflord! truly remarkable how the love for the game and similar music taste led to our broship. here's to all the crazy fun nights & adventures!

224 0

Happy birthday Papa! You've been my number one role model. The greatest inspiration I could ever ask God for; thank you for all of your guidance. Loves ✨❤️

223 2

"gentleman in clubs, devil in tassie" happy 21st SS aka Sunny Soon! please teach me the ways of being the backlord. can't wait for free visits to your clinic, doctor Soon! hope +61 treats you well 🤤

264 1

from meeting at a party to being maju buddies to playing football regularly. thanks for being a great mate. you made me realize that hip hop is for the soul, cheers for that. take care in down under bro #majubantz

288 17

well finally, my rollercoaster ride called army has come to an end! it's been a fulfilling journey the past 22 months. not a perfect run at 9sir but i've learnt so much from these bitter sweet experiences. i am immensely grateful to the people who made NS life a little more fun. excited but a tad nervous to move on to the next phase of my life 😌

215 10

don't mess with the Cheeky Blinders 🤙🏽

237 4

a wedding to kickstart the month with the fam ✨

219 4

the weekend should honestly get a speeding ticket

279 15

turns out they were gold diggers

279 9

"The greatest gift our parents ever gave us was each other" Happy birthday rosh! You've been a light in my life these 17 years. You're a great bundle of joy and I'm grateful for having someone like you. I'll always be there to guide you whenever you need it. Despite all the fights, you are still my number one ✨💕

203 4

rise of a new empire

201 8

started off hustlin' now I'm ballin'

283 8

ending the month with a bang 🎇

266 1

cheers for the great night 🤙🏼

262 3

2 days worth of cardio in the heat, rain & mud ✔️ threw ourselves into moshpits ✔️// an ultra unforgettable weekend 💦🙌🏽

262 38

so I joined the big 20's club

240 1

to more nights like this

224 9

tis the SEAson to be BALIn

216 2

this is paradise 💦

256 0

holi shit, holi was great fun with my holi trinity 🔥

235 0

in my eyes, i'm tripping

223 5

well I'm going to be a civilian in 365 days

239 5

Rain was pretty savage but free tickets, starting mosh pits and great company made up for it

226 4

This will be the only time the makkals are taller than me 😎 #3idiots


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