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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 24.10%. The average number of likes per post is 29654 and the average number of comments is 196.

Check readchoi's audience demography. This analytics report shows readchoi's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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if I could define the journey after hitting 1 million, 1,000,000 to 2,000,000, it would have to be rediscovering my voice. As I described in the prior post, I had to shut out my voice, because it was getting in the way of my self growth, and fully absorbing like a sponge the advice, the criticisms, and the industry lingo that the other content creators were teaching me. I had to shut out the voice, so that I can let other voices in. But once I become an equal, their colleague, what will separate me from them, will be the rediscovery of the voice that got me to 200,000 followers. Meaning I would have to take the lessons that I learned, and then I would half to put my own flair. This is something that I am still working on, and will always be working on because that is the cycle of growth. First you learn the craft, you have to shut out your own voice because you don’t know anything, and then once you finally mastered. The craft, then you can add your own voice, and it is only then, or you can become a master. And so this is where I find myself today, I find myself asking who am I? What is my brand? What are my values? And many of you reading this will already know that I have a solid idea of what my values are, who I am, However, the extent of which I need to know is so much more in depth, if I want to accomplish the dreams that I have. It is not enough for me to know what I am about, if I want to change the world, I have to come across a brand that is not only 100% true to me but true to anybody that encounters it. Of course I’m not trying to find a message that applies to everyone, then it will be too vague or general, but a large enough audience that I can start movements that will have the positive impact that I want to see on this world. And that type of impact requires a level of self understanding that is very very rare, and so I must pursue self discovery at a level that is very very rare, difficult, you get the point. I will leave this post open ended, because I do not know how this journey will end. However, I promise that I will give it my all, and I hope that you will stick with me through it all.

4,925 47

My 2020 Journey At the beginning of the year, I found myself working at a restaurant, waiting for my life to restart, and then corona hit, and then I found myself out of a job. The lack of security scared me. I knew I needed something to do, and I had been watching tiktok compilation videos on YouTube to fall asleep, so I thought why not try my hand at that? I always need something to do, and tiktok became the perfect thing for my mind to obsess over. The road to 10k Although I was obsessed over making videos on tiktok, I did not think I would make it a career or become a professional content creator by any means. It was just for fun, something to distract my mind. Until finally, I hit 10k. At 10k, for those who don’t know, you stop seeing exactly how many followers you have, and instead a k is attached to your number. And I remember going on a run, and I visualized 10,000 people staring at me, and it was at that moment I realized I had something in front of me. That day, 12 days exactly from when I started my tiktok channel, I decided to take it seriously. The road to 200K Although getting 100k was a huge benchmark in my journey, 200k was my next biggest stepping stone, because it was at that point where I told myself I would reveal to the people that know me that I make tiktok videos. I don’t know why I chose 200k, but I am glad I did. I lost some very close friends, but also found a lot of support. The road to 1M This is where I had to learn how to be a content creator. This is where I learned industry lingo, how to network, how to work with other creators, etc. I was transforming myself into the ideal content creator. During this time period, I had to shut my inner voice, and except the criticism and direction of those above me, and apply their critiques blindly, because I knew that I knew nothing, and I had everything to learn, and so I should be excepting everything they say blindly. My content reflected that, and I believed for those of you that witnessed my growth, saw the quality of my content jump leaps and bounds, and I am extremely grateful to those people who showed me the way. Part 2 will be released tomorrow~ Thank you Mochois for everything


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