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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 2.20%. The average number of likes per post is 211 and the average number of comments is 18.

49.33% of the followers that engaged with oussdinero regularly are from United States, followed by Morocco at 6.67% and Dominican Republic at 4%. In summary, the top 5 countries of oussdinero's posts engager are coming from United States, Morocco, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Nigeria.

Oussdinero loves posting about Health & Fitness.

Check oussdinero's audience demography. This analytics report shows oussdinero's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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  • United States 49.33 %
  • Morocco 6.67 %
  • Dominican Republic 4 %
  • Colombia 4 %
  • Nigeria 4 %


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You can either get a job, or learn how to grow a business - better yet, an organization. The last few years for me have been full of growth and development, but I'm still getting just started 🧠 · As you begin to learn more about yourself on a deeper level, as you uncover some of your traumas and break your habits, you begin to understand how much you're really in control in life. There's not much stopping you from being Great. There's only a lack of will, at one level or another, to be Great 🔱 · Don't measure success based on your age and accomplishments, but rather your experience and growth compared to where you came from. Your development and the development of your potential - because we've all noticed that the closer we get to our potential, the greater our potential actually becomes 🎯 · There is no finish line.. just a day that we decide to stop trying. The same with when we start.. there's a physical start date, and a mental start date. Alot of us have physically started our journey, but those who have mentally started have made the true commitment to develop and build themselves to the potential that they know they can be ⚡️ · - Ouss, the future owner of Innova, Inc - innovated sales and marketing, "out of this world". Office coming soon. · · · #entrepreneur #fmc #millionaireclub #growth #development #success #tothetop #ownership #10x #yournetworkisyournetworth #networking #network #futuremillionaire #losangeles #atlanta

177 11

It's not about the plan - it's about the strategy. How do you manuever through #life when it hits you with the curve balls? · It's easy to fold under pressure when things don't go as planned. The "normal" response is to be reactive. The best response is to stick to a #strategy, so that no matter the turn of events are, you can play your next move properly 🧠 · The reality is - #pressure is always present. If it doesn't feel like it, you're probably not doing enough, or just choosing to avoid it.. but when you have #goals and #dreams that are on the line - the pressure is always there to make sure you're #intentional about each move. · You were made to sit in the drivers seat in life, not the passengers seat. You were meant to take full #control of your life, not sit back and let life happen to you. You can choose your #destiny, but start with your strategy. · PS. THE BLVD86 #MESH #ATHLETIC #COLLECTION WILL BE DROPPING SOON FOR MEN AND WOMEN. TAG @blvd86 IF YOU WANT IT TO DROP SOONER 🎒🔥 · · 📸: @imichaelzheng · · #millionairemindset #hypelife #losangeles #wanderlust #mindsetmatters #goodlife #dreamscometrue #jetsetter #visualsoflife #legacy #sociality #passionpassport #visualambassadors #mg5k

191 11

#EidMubarak ✨💫☪️ · 📸: @amani.hamouti

237 19

Life's not about the #cards your dealt, it's about how you play them ♠️♦️♣️♥️ Make it a #pokergame · No one has to know what cards you have. You just have to know to use them. When we can begin to see that #lifeisagame and that we #fullcontrol over our position and our results, we can start to make some smarter moves. We begin to move more strategically. With more #intention 💭 · There is no point in ever blaming the cards you were dealt because 1) if you can't change them, what's the point? And 2) if you can change them, why are you complaining? 😴 · So I #encourage you to take some #time and #evaluate the position you're in. How do you feel about it and have you shown #gratitude towards it? Have you taken the #chance to understand that at your will, everything is made to work out #foryou and not against you? 🕉 · Lastly, and most importantly, stop playing to not lose, and start playing to win. Stop being on #defense, and play #offense. Cus #life favor's the one's who wake up #readytowin ✊🏽 · · 📸: @imichaelzheng 📍: #lagunabeach

234 69

We all glamorize the #destination, but how often do we find ourselves #avoiding #thejourney as soon as shit gets tough? 🌪 · It's time to get real about #whatittakes to #getwhatyouwant 🎯 You can either tell yourself "it's hard and I've been trying" or you can say "I have more in me to make this shit happen" .. at the end of the day, the #journey doesn't change - but your approach to it does 📝 · We all #fight our battles. Physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually.. it's you vs you. On one side, you have the #quitter and on the other you have the #winner. Every time you face a #challenge, you're choosing what side you want to be on. Be aware and be intentional, if you ever want to reach the 🔝 · No ones in the way but you. No one can guarantee you making it to the top but you. No one's gonna enjoy the fruits of your labor more than you. #GoAndGetIt ✊🏽🖤 · · 📸: @miamariapg

247 26

#Livelife on your own terms 🎯 Cus the attainment of your souls #fulfillment is greater than any type of #validation that someone else can give you. · The more you give a fuck about making someone else happy, the more you're compromising what makes you YOU. #TheTruthIs .. that the more you can focus on making yourself #happy, the more you'll find that the right people will be attracted to you and #aligned with you 🙏🏽 · Living on your terms means #takingrisks. It means saying what's on your mind. It means #notgivingafuck when it comes to #judgement, #opinions, and #expectations from those who at the end of the day aren't making your #dreams a living #reality. (Thats everyone, but #YOU 💙) · Ask yourself, have you been doing this thing we call "life" as authentically as possible? Or are you living life through someone else's beliefs? Your #soul will immediately tell you the answer. It'll either feel right or wrong as you ask yourself that #question.. · So tell me - what does it mean to YOU to live life on your own terms? 👇🏽👇🏽 comment it below if you're #notafraid of judgement · · 📸: @miamariapg

253 24

#Knowyourvalue and take some fucking #ownership. If you deserve to be at the #top, stop sitting down, and #startclimbing · When you start to be #aware of how many times you've pointed a finger.. either depending on or blaming something external for your situation in #life, you'll start to become uneasy with yourself. Because you know you don't need anyone. You were built to handle shit. You were built to #growthroughwhatyougothrough without anyone's help. So stop looking for the easy way out. · You also hear that it gets #lonelyatthetop. #Truth is, when people aren't #aligned with your #goals and #dreams, you lose them on the way up. But on your path, you'll always find more people heading in the same direction. Don't be afraid to lose the old baggage for new #gifts and #blessings. · Thank God for closed doors. I'll see you at the 🔝 · · 📸: @miamariapg

106 0

What's your view like? What's your perception of the top? 🏙 · I'm not fighting to get anyone elses view, I'm just fighting for the view I know I deserve. The one I see in my dreams. The one I talked about as a kid, before anyone ever told me the word "no", or that something is impossible, or that I couldn't do something. · There's something special about the childhood passion that's in us. The passion we had as kids when we answered the question "what do you want to be when you grow up?" · I'll never forget telling my dad, without him even asking me, "I want 12 cars, a yacht, a helicopter, a jet, I want to go the moon, I want to be a scientist..." And more that I said with so much certainty. · It isn't until we start growing up and taking on other people's limiting beliefs as our own and start to believe that maybe we can't achieve everything we dreamed of. But no matter how old we get, as soon as we can tie ourselves back to that kid that's still in us - we can treat each day like an opportunity to turn those dreams into reality, and most of all - have fun with it. · Ask yourself - WHOSE dream are you chasing? WHOSE view are you fighting for? And then ask yourself WHY. Don't hide from the answers either. And don't hide the passion anymore. The world is yours, people 🌏💚 · · · 📸: @nohailahalty · · · #july4th #views #losangeles #downtownla #california #topfloor #penthouseview #citylife #passion #dream #dreams #followyourdreams #destinedforgreatness

175 12

There's power in knowing your value and know what you're #destined for. The way you walk, communicate, build, create.. everything you do is based on the #power of knowing your worth. · Stop "aspiring". Start #BEING. Play the role that was intended for you in this life. Of course there's #growth we all need to go through to truly fit the shoes of our #destiny, but no one is telling you to wait.. · Your #divinity and your #genius doesn't need to "found", simply acknowledged and accessed. You're not lost, you've just lost #mkawareness. You're not failing, you're just in the process of succeeding. You're not a legend in the making, you've been a #legend the whole time. · The second I got this message from an amazing friend, it all clicked. Created a complete shift in my mind, and my reality. It's important that we're #aware and #intentional of the words we use. · #Comment below "I've been a legend the whole time". Only if you #believe it 💚🤘🏽

140 7

Life is too unique for any of us to give a specific definition for the word HAPPINESS. It can never be defined by what life gives you, but only by what you think of what life gives you. · Time and time again, we'll see two people with the same things in life, having two different levels of happiness. Both rightfully so. Both based on the way they think. · I've been focused more than ever on how to take control of and claim my happiness, no matter the situation. Because the thing about life is that it's MEANT to throw uniquely positive and negative situations at us - with the challenge of getting through it no matter what. If we treat all of them as equal, simply because they are all just moments in our life, then what separates one from the other? What separates us from everyone else? The way we look at and think about our situation. · It's a concept that not many people will want to accept at first. It challenges people's egos and sometimes their first instinct is to point a finger. But as soon as we can look inside, and forgot about the outside, that's when we find our answers. That's where we can take control again. · · · #tweet #twitter #happiness #happinessquotes #claimyourpower #takecontrol #mentality #positivequotes #positivity #growthmindset

185 18

I'm buying the building of every door that closed on me ⌛️ · · · 📸: @flores.01 · · · · · · #hike #hiking #runyoncanyon #runyoncanyonpark #cityviews #cityview #losangeles #la #california #drake #lyrics #drakelyrics #ontopoftheworld #topoftherock #topoftheworld #fitness #gym #yoga #meditate #nature

262 20

Disclaimer: I was not able to hold this for more than a second lol by the end of the summer I'll post a video of me holding it 😬 · · · · 📸: @flores.01 · · · · · · · #humanflag #fitness #gym #gymrat #runyon #runyoncanyon #hike #hiketheworld #yogi #yoga


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