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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 1.00%. The average number of likes per post is 28 and the average number of comments is 2.

45.35% of the followers that engaged with oglewoodworks regularly are from United States, followed by Canada at 10.47% and Australia at 5.81%. In summary, the top 5 countries of oglewoodworks's posts engager are coming from United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Iran, Islamic Republic of Persian Gulf.

Oglewoodworks loves posting about Design, Gardening, Art, Architecture.

Check oglewoodworks's audience demography. This analytics report shows oglewoodworks's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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  • United States 45.35 %
  • Canada 10.47 %
  • Australia 5.81 %
  • United Kingdom 3.49 %
  • Iran, Islamic Republic of Persian Gulf 2.33 %


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After flood mediation and now dehumidification. Now comes the fun part.... The building.

13 0

See how clean the slab is behind this tool.... Yeah, satisfying.

63 6

Driving home I pulled into my subdivision with the hair on my arms standing up and noticed something really weird going on inside my truck. I could taste copper in my mouth, the radio went silent and the most incredible white flash happened. The white oak tree that I just happened to be driving by 40 feet away got hit multiple times by lightning, instantly flashing all the way down the tree from top to bottom blowing the bark off the tree like something you'd see in a movie. That was the closest I've ever been to lighting and I was mesmerized. That sound was defining and incredible and then that sound rolled away striking ground as it went further away, and further away watching other lightning strikes. #weather #nature #clouds #sky #rain #photography #love #beautiful #summer #sun #storm #photooftheday #sunset #landscape #travel #instagood #instagram #naturephotography #follow #green #picoftheday #beauty #beach #spring #thunderstorm #cloud #tree #art #like #bhfyp

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This is just a really weird maritime thing that I decided to post as I'm going completely out of my mind looking for one. Don't ask what it is... Not yet.

27 4

Any guess to what aircraft this belongs to? #airplanes #aviation #airplane #boeing #avgeek #aviationlovers #aircraft #plane #planes #airport #airbus #planespotting #aviationphotography #travel #instagramaviation #aviationgeek #a #aviationdaily #pilot #flight #flying #lovers #sky #instaaviation #photography #instaplane #fly #pilotlife #u #bhfyp

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I'm loving this particular photo as it takes place in the high Sierra Mountain Range of Northern California. Man... I frigging tried my ass off to find out the story behind this photo and contacted a few links to see what I could find out. Not much but with a little help some people from Carson City were able to tell me that this picture was a mother and daughter joyfully breaking the rules and riding down this water chut for pure pleasure. I'm going to leave this at that..... Carson City Nevada is pretty much right where this picture is located and here Is what I found. In the late 1860s, the boomtowns of Virginia City and Gold Hill in Nevada’s Comstock mining district were running out of water. To address the issue, the directors of the Virginia City & Gold Hill Water Company hired Hermann Schussler, a noted hydraulic engineer known for big water projects in California, to find a way to bring water from the Sierra Nevada Carson Range more than 20 miles away. Schussler had previously designed and supervised the construction of a 30-inch pipeline 12,100 feet long, which crossed a branch of the Feather River near Oroville and which was subject to a pressure load of about 400 pounds per square inch. Due to distance and elevation changes, the Virginia City project would require a pressure force more than double that, meaning that Schussler would be up against the greatest challenge yet of his professional career. The closest potential water supply for Virginia City was Hobart Creek more than 20 miles west in the upper elevations of the Carson Range on the eastern margin of the Tahoe Basin. The distance wasn’t even the hardest part. Virginia City’s elevation exceeds 6,300 feet, about 1,500 feet above the Washoe Valley to the west. Water brought from the Sierra via pipeline would have to be under sufficient pressure to raise it from the valley floor to wooden holding tanks several hundred feet above Virginia City. Fabrication of the pipe started March 1873 and within five months it was installed with water flowing. When completed, this ingenious system was more than 21 miles in length, delivering 2.2 million gallons of water to Virginia City every 24 hours.

27 1

It is difficult to imagine what the first loggers felt when they first saw the coastal redwoods. It takes a lot of moxie and muscle to down a three hundred foot high tree. Lumberjacks, many of whom came from farms before heading to the woods to make money logging, took pride in the trees they cut and posed for pictures on massive stumps using the growing technology of photography. While the work was dangerous, the woodworkers also developed sports such as logrolling that are still practiced by outdoorsmen in competitions today. Though the job of lumberjacks has since largely been mechanized. #lumberjacks #lumber

42 0

In 1890, Brothers William H. and Alexander F. McEwan founded the Seattle Cedar Lumber Manufacturing Company Mill on marshy land in the then-independent town of Ballard, long before the opening of the Lake Washington Ship Canal and Hiram Chittenden Locks in 1916-1917. This project caused serious flooding to the mill, necessitating that the US Army Corps of Engineers excavate a 20-foot dike around the factory to protect it. The McEwans managed their mill at a time when old-growth cedar--cut mostly on the Olympic Peninsula--was abundant. They could acquire logs cheaply and not have to invest in forest lands to maintain their supplies. A number of mills operated in Ballard by 1905, including the Campbell Mill, Canal Lumber Company, and the Stimson Mill, but the McEwan's Seattle Cedar Lumber Manufacturing Company became the largest producer of cedar shingles in the world. As time went on, however, this model of the independent mill buying logs from other sources became less feasible, as forests were denuded. In the Oil Crisis year of 1973, this scarcity became intolerable for Black. The plant was electrified in 1923. Demolished; the Seattle Cedar Lumber Manufacturing Company's Ballard Mill was destroyed by spectacular fire on 05/20/1958. This fire, one of the most intense and destructive Seattle's history, destroyed about one-third of the buildings and equipment and 7-million board-feet of lumber, totaling $1 million in losses. (The fire destroyed a huge lumber yard, machine shop, 7 drying kilns and a finishing mill.) According to Seattle Times reports, flames rose 1,500 feet in the air and singed paint off the nearby Ballard Bridge; fist-sized chunks (and larger) of burnt cedar fell back to earth throughout the neighborhood, some falling as far as two miles from the mill. The Seattle Fire Department fireboat, the Duwamish, participated in extinguishing the blaze; this craft was capable of pumping 10,000 gallons per minute from its forward monitor, but because of the incredible heat generated by this fire, the crew found that its water stream vaporized before it could smother flames. (See John M. Rose, "Historic Ships on a Lee Shore: The Fireboat Duwamish," Sea His

22 1

Here's the second part to the failed belt that I posted earlier and that is I discovered that the cutter head pulley was so badly damaged and worn away from vibration and being unaligned with the lower pulley on the motor that it parted when I loosened the screw in the V-bed, the small key fell out in my hand. So what happened was that craftsman no longer makes replacement parts themselves but third party groups like "e-replacement parts" make many of the old craftsman parts out of high temperature aluminum and that's great for long time operation during the day but years of use show a significant drop in strength for aluminum rated above 400 degrees F, most belt driven machines seldom get a pulley over 170 degrees and it's the years of fatigue that starts to "brittle" the metal. My pulleys were not aligned and I didn't know how crucial it is to have two or more pulleys aligned and how they fail from being poorly aligned. So...... It's a good idea to not ignore machines just because they are working fine at the time you are using them. A good indicator of a healthy running belt driven machine is that the belt appears to be perfectly still while machine is on and although that's really impossible to achieve that should be the goal. Another thing I did that was a mistake was adjusting the belt angle and tension by moving around the motor and replacing a belt you kinda need to adjust the tension by moving the motor but once you get good tension on the belt tighten the motor up and Then adjust the pulley angles and vibration by adjusting at the pulleys themselves by a small set screw, loosen screw and move pulley in or out then tighten the set screw. Power on and watch for belt chatter or vibration and keep adjusting. The slightest vibration will fatigue these aluminum pulleys so this is a very important thing to know. Have fun! #woodworking #machines #lathe #woodworkingmachines #woodlathe #woodturning #woodslab #Woodworking #farmtable #rusticfarmhouse #farmhouse #chainsawmill #woodslab


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