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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 2.50%. The average number of likes per post is 569 and the average number of comments is 5.

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456 6

[真材實料養生糊] 甜品店愈開愈多,但俯拾皆是西式甜點,難得遇見這間傳統中式糖水小店,一定要入去支持兼且滋潤一下。 中式糖水的賣相雖然沒有西式的甜品那樣花巧,但平實的外表卻載滿著養生養身的效果,每一款材料都有著其食療的功用。 小店不大,一眼睇哂,設有一張小圓枱及一張長木枱,𥚃面便是㕑房,當我望入去時,看到兩盤正凖備放入石磨的合桃,材料新鮮天然,是真正真材實料的養生糊。 腰果糊(HK$23+$8 湯丸兩粒) 腰果糊不是很多地方有得吃,當我看到這𥚃有腰果糊,我便眼也不回,直點了腰果糊加兩粒湯丸。 淡淡的顏色卻充滿腰果的香氣,口感幼滑,甜度適中,湯丸的外皮軟滑,流心的芝麻饀流入糊內,令味道更添層次。 芝麻糊(HK$23+$8 湯丸兩粒) 黑漆漆的芝麻糊同樣是經人手炒香,放入石磨細磨再慢煮數小時而成,口感同樣幼滑,芝麻糊香氣四溢,配合流心芝麻湯丸就更相得益彰。 總括而言:價錢平實,真材實料,用心製作,值得推介! - - 🏠養生糊 📍北角蜆殻街6-16 虢地下

528 3

[One Dollar Deal] A dollar can hardly get you anything these days, but unbelievable price of just HK$1, you can get a decent Thai dish. The restaurant offers various dishes at HK$1, the daily “One Dollar” Dish as follows: Monday - Steamed Mullet on Stove Tray Tuesday- Deep Fried Lemongrass Pork Chop Wednesday - Thai Sour & Spicy Boneless Chicken Paw Thursday- Stir fried Morning Glory in Thai Style Friday - Deep Fried Fish Cake Saturday - Beer (Small Bottle) Sunday - Yellow Curry Chicken On top of the one dollar promotion, want more special deal? you can get 30% off after 9pm. Lemongrass Fried Pork Chop (HK$1) I’m not kidding, just $1 for this! The pork chop was deep fried to golden crispy brown, the meat itself was juicy and tender. It’s particularly appetising to pair with the sweet and sour sauce. Stir Fried King Prawn (HK$148) The dish had a heap of deep fried lemongrass coupled with the lime leaves and chillis on top, underneath was the succulent king prawn, the prawn was crispy on the outside and full of vibrant flavours. Steamed Mullet with Tom Yum Kung Soup on Stove Tray (HK$169) A delicate and delicious way to serve the whole fish on the stove tray, with lots of Thai ingredients and the enticing Tom Yum Soup, the tangy and spicy flavours was absolutely mouth-watering and we devoted the dish in no time! Lime Soda (HK$28) Young Coconut (HK$42) - - 🏠Orange Elephant Thai Restaurant 📍Shop G18B, G/F, Provident Centre Block 1, 21-53 Wharf Road, North Point

539 3

Rainy day calls for a good bowl of ramen! Spicy Ramen (HK$88) Kane Tsuru is best known for the Chicken white soup, but if you’re keen to try something spicy, go for this spicy ramen. It’s made with spicy soup base with chilli oil and sesame seeds, perfect for those who want to tickle your taste buds with a kick! - - 🏠金鶴拉麵 📍G/F, 3 Min Street, Jordan

599 4

[Siam Noodle - So Thai Flavour] When it comes to Thai cuisine, I’m a huge fan of boat noodles, it’s simple, but oh-so-delicious and comforting. Siam Noodles stands out for the Boat Noodle, basically there were three kinds of soup base, four kinds of noodle and various toppings. Here is one place you should check out to get your boat noodle fix. US Premium Angus Beef Boat Noodle (HK$88) The intense dark broth packed a good depth of flavour, a balanced and aromatic flavour infused with classic Thai ingredients. The rice noodles were silky and smooth, the beef itself is super tender and delicious. Clam Tom Yum Boat Noodle (HK$88) The Tom yum soup base was a punchy tangle of herbs and spices, resulting in a sweet and sour broth full of complexities. Serving with the toppings of clams and shrimps, making it taste even better. Thai Style Boneless Chicken Feet (HK$48) The boneless chicken feet was packed with aroma and taste, offering a kick of sourness and spiciness that makes the dish simply appetizing. - - 🏠Siam Noodles 📍Shop A, G/F, Kar Lock Building, Lock Road, Tsimshatsui

582 3

[Pho Craving Satisfied] Came to this Vietnamese restaurant on Friday night just before the dinner rush. The place itself is clean and nice, prices are fair for their serving size. If you’re in the area and craving for a comforting pho, here is a good choice! Raw Beef Pho (HK$58) My go-to order would be the raw beef pho, the broth served piping hot and brimming with deep beefy flavours, the thin sliced beefs were just right and so were the noodles. Cold Rice Vermicelli with Pork Jowl (HK$62) The pork jowl itself is well marinated and boasts a smoky flavour. Cool rice vermicelli accompanied with crisp vegetables, herbs, pungent sauce, everything just works so well together and perfect for hot weather. Lime Soda/Salty Lemon 7up (+@$12) These cold drinks taste fresh, clean and delightful. - - 🏠Ha Noi Vietnamese Cuisine 📍大圍村南道 55 號地下

578 5

[Mini Friday at The Wave] This industrial-style bar & restaurant in Kwun Tong Industrial Area is called Mini Friday. The space is huge yet chic, the exposed concrete beam ceiling, metal wire meshes and the wagon wheel chandeliers completed the whole atmosphere. A friend and I came on a weekday for lunch, the menu had a nice option of standard choices you’d expected. Price ranging from $58-$128, which includes daily soup, main course and beverage. Daily Soup To kick start the lunch with a veggie soup and a basket of tortilla. - - Grilled Australian Lamb Rack (HK$108/Lunch Set) The lamb rack was nicely browned outside and not at all gamey, the red wine sauce was full of flavour and complemented the lamb very well. On the side came with mashed potato and green beans which provided some freshness to the dish. Grilled Australian Beef Ribeye (HK$128/Lunch Set) The succulent Beef Ribeye was served with the rich truffle gravy, it has such a delicate flavour paired with the steak. The steak itself featured a scrumptious crust on the outside and tender on the inside. It was served with spagahetti and green beans as the side. Coffee Have a nice cup of coffee to wrap up the meal. - - 🏠Mini Friday 📍3/F, The Wave, 4 Hing Yip Street, Kwun Tong #MiniFriday #西餐 #酒吧餐廳 #HappyFriday #TGIF #MiniFriday觀塘 #MiniFriday旺角 #樓上餐廳 #威靈頓牛柳

556 5

[Good Fix for Taiwanese Food] I had a craving for Taiwanese food lately, so went there for lunch to get my fix! Zhongxiao East Road is a causal Taiwanese eatery locates in Isquare, a great place for a quick Taiwanese bites in the area with reasonable price. Braised Pork Rice (HK$68/Lunch set) A simple yet comforting braised pork rice, the rice was just right and covered by the braised pork, pickles and a half of soft boiled egg. The sauce was fragrant accompanied by a good ratio of fats that melts in the mouth. The lunch set comes with a snack and a drink, and I choose the Tomato salad and fruit tea. Beef Noodle In Soup (HK$78/Lunch Set) Deep flavourful broth, chewy noodles and a generous portion of slowly braised beef shank. The beef was cooked perfectly with just the right amount of tender consistency. The snack and drink we choose for this noodle set was the dumplings with chilli sauce and soy milk. - - - 🏠忠孝東路 📍Shop 306, 3/F, Isquare, Tsimshatsui

700 8

Gamushara Gyoza (HK$39) Juicy on the inside, crispy and golden brown on the outside! These Gyoza are filled with ground pork and vegetables, served with the tangy yuzu vinegar, which help to cut through the rich savouriness of the filling. - - 🏠Gamushara 📍Shop 703A, 7/F, New Town Plaza 1, Shatin

589 4

[正九清湯腩 - 觀塘] 如果你身處在觀塘區,又不想到大型商場內的連鎖食店吃飯,不妨逛逛區內的小店。這間清湯牛腩店位於物華街,區內正進行大型的舊區重建,所以在不久的將來整個區域都會有一番新景象。 這家清湯牛腩店,除了有清湯腩外,亦有咖喱牛腩等供應,價錢大眾化,用料新鮮兼且份量十足。 清湯爽腩河(HK$47) 牛腩湯的湯據説是秘方熬製,用上新鮮牛腩和牛骨熬出來,味道果然帶有濃厚的牛肉味,並帶有淡淡的香料香氣。爽腩每件都帶有爽彈兼有嚼口的筋膜,爽滑中帶點煙靭。 咖喱牛腩飯(HK$51) 咖喱牛腩分三碟上,有白飯,牛肉清湯和咖喱牛腩。咖哩汁十分濃稠並帶有椰汁香氣,以我個人口味可以辣多一點就更加提味,牛腩稔滑,口感鬆軟腍滑,份量亦十分足夠。 腩汁蘿蔔(HK$15) 切成大塊的白蘿蔔,非常入味,腩汁的濃香更帶出蘿蔔的鮮甜味道,簡單的食材卻帶出濃郁的味道。 腐乳通菜(HK$19) 通菜灼至青綠爽脆,拌以腐乳,十分惹味。 檸樂/涷檸茶(+$8) - - 🏠正九清湯腩 📍Shop C, G/F, Kwan Sen Mansion, 19-29 Mut Wah Street, Kwun Tong

585 4

[Meatless Afternoon with Miss Lee] As we become increasingly concerned about our health and the environment, so there’s more and more people are going vegan/vegetarian. However, finding a place which serves varieties of vegan and vegetarian food could be a challenge. Miss Lee is a modern Chinese vegetarian-friendly restaurant, in here you’ll find an array of delicious vegetarian dishes with innovative cooking techniques, the emphasis here is entirely on healthy diet. - - 🌿Yama Fries 關淮備芝 (HK$58) Yam fries are a delicious and healthy alternative to French fries, served with black truffle and vegan mayo, these are addictively delicious! - - 🌿Smashing Pumpkin 喃喃芝語 (HK$58) A gluten-free and vegan pumpkin cake with walnut and sesame. If you like the taste and texture like the 芝麻煎堆,you’re gonna love it. - - 🌿Let’s Partea Set (HK$98/person) ⏺Beetroot Tart with Vegan Curry Mayo ⏺Fried Bean Curd with Vegan Sesame Dressing ⏺Mushroom Steamed Bun with BBQ Sauce ⏺Mashed Potato with Glutinous Rice Foam ⏺Purple Rice Coconut with Mango Purée - - - If you want to know more about the philosophy and values of Miss Lee, go visit - - 🏠Miss Lee 李好純 📍G/F, The Wellington, 198 Wellington Street, Central @misslee_zs @zshospitality

572 9

[Meatless Afternoon with Miss Lee - Part I] As we become increasingly concerned about our health and the environment, so there’s more and more people are going vegan/vegetarian. However, finding a place which serves varieties of vegan and vegetarian food could be a challenge. Miss Lee is a modern Chinese vegetarian-friendly restaurant, in here you’ll find an array of delicious vegetarian dishes with innovative cooking techniques, the emphasis here is entirely on healthy diet. - - - 🌿Let’s Partea Set (HK$98/person) We had the afternoon tea set, which features both sweet and savoury vegetarian delights. - ⏺Beetroot Tart with Vegan Curry Mayo Our meal began with this healthy superfood “beetroot tart”. The tart did taste sweet (not the sugary sweet) with some heat coming from the vegan curry mayo. - - ⏺Fried Bean Curd with Vegan Sesame Dressing This fried bean curd will change the way you feel about bean curd, the lightly crispy exterior with a bit chewy inside, served with vegan sesame dressing and some greens on top, imparting a hint of freshness without being greasy. - - ⏺Mushroom Steamed Bun with BBQ Sauce This vegetarian burger was made with sautéed mushroom with BBQ sauce, it was surprisingly yummy. - - ⏺Mashed Potato with Glutinous Rice Foam Mashed potato and glutinous rice foam seems like an odd combination, but the flavour blend harmoniously and make it utterly delicious . - - ⏺Purple Rice Coconut with Mango Purée Have you ever heard coconut udon? This is a lovely dessert made with Coconut udon (made from coconut pudding) paired with purple rice and diced mango, the combination makes it truly delectable. - - - 🌿The Green Ranger (+HK$25) A very refreshing green juice, mixed with Lime, Green Apple, Spinach and Cucumber. - - - 🌿Can’t Beet (+HK$25) This is a vibrant coloured juice, with Apple, Beetroot, Lemon and Ginger. It looks attractive and tastes good too! - - - If you want to know more about the philosophy and values of Miss Lee, go visit - - - 🏠Miss Lee 李好純 📍G/F, The Wellington, 198 Wellington Street, Central @misslee_zs @zshospitality

554 3

「去滾」新定義 「滾」在廣東話有很多意思,最直接當然是「水滾」,或是代表火都嚟埋的「火滾」到叫人「滾蛋」... 然而「去滾」一般都令人聯想到一些風月無邊的感覺,但今天我們對於這詞應該有一個新的定義,就是去「打邊爐」。 今次相約朋友齊齊「去滾」,那當然是吃火鍋啦!這間火鍋店除用了這個鬼馬的名字,其裝修也十分配合,五光十色的霓虹燈,加上不少廣東話的口語,感覺十分地道,甚具特色。 四人套餐 (HK$1480) 套餐包括一款小吃,一個鴛鴦鍋、肉類拼盤、蔬菜拼盤、什錦拼盤和冰豆腐。 野崎手握蝦卷 吃火鍋前,先吃一個小吃,蝦卷切成薄片,外皮炸至香脆可口,內𥚃粉嫩色的蝦肉爽口彈牙,佐以沙律醬,味道更佳。 鴛鴦湯底 湯底選了秘製沙爹湯和蕃茄豬骨薯仔湯。沙爹湯底內有豬皮蘿蔔在𥚃面,帶著陣陣的花生香氣;蕃茄湯底內有粟米、豬骨和薯仔,還有很多蕃茄蓉。 肉類拼盤 拼盤內有至尊寶崩沙腩、手切本地肥牛、牛脷芯、至尊九天牛腩頭和黑毛豬肉。各款肉類的肉味很濃,本地肥牛的油花分佈均勻,薄切牛脷芯入口爽彈,牛腩頭牛味濃,黑毛豬肉肥瘦適中,食肉獸一定不可以錯過。 蔬菜拼盤 食了那麼多肉,就當然要吃點蔬菜平衡一下,拼盤內有粟米、炸芋頭、唐生菜和野山黑木耳。 什錦拼盤 什錦拼盤有飛魚子鳕蟹柳、手剁牛肉餃、沙拉海鮮包和豬肉丸。當中的蟹柳並不是一般的蟹柳,原來𥚃面有飛魚子,所以口感比較特別。牛肉餃是手剁的饀料,所以肉質實在之餘亦有彈性。海鮮包內載滿沙律醬,一咬爆醬,豬肉丸亦有咬口。 冰豆腐 冰豆腐蜂巢般的質感,放入湯內,索滿湯汁,有湯的鮮味亦有豆腐的豆香。 醬料 (@$27) - - 🏠去滾 A Smoking Affair 📍26/F, Midtown Soundwill Plaza II, 1 Tang Lung Street, Causeway Bay


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