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Actress Producer Serving humanity through: @nomzamo_lighthouse @refugees @cottononfoundation Brand Partnerships: @neutrogenasa @pumasouthafrica
South Africa

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63.0% of nomzamo_m's followers are female and 37.0% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 1.18%. The average number of likes per post is 54781 and the average number of comments is 409.

39.39% of the followers that engaged with nomzamo_m regularly are from South Africa, followed by Nigeria at 9.09% and United Kingdom at 9.09%. In summary, the top 5 countries of nomzamo_m's posts engager are coming from South Africa, Nigeria, United Kingdom, Botswana, Jordan.

Nomzamo_m loves posting about Acting and Drama, Education, Celebrity, Actors, Entertainment, Celebrities, Design, Hair & Beauty.

Check nomzamo_m's audience demography. This analytics report shows nomzamo_m's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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63.0 %
37.0 %


  • Beauty & Fashion 67.15 %
  • Children & Family 63.21 %
  • Business & Careers 52.03 %
  • Entertainment 51.22 %
  • Music 44.89 %
  • Art & Design 41.48 %
  • Movies and TV 36.12 %
  • Fitness & Yoga 32.52 %
  • Books and Literature 32.31 %


  • South Africa 39.39 %
  • Nigeria 9.09 %
  • United Kingdom 9.09 %
  • Botswana 6.06 %
  • Jordan 3.03 %



107,526 3,638

So incredible seeing the reception of BLACK AFRICAN PRIDE from everyone today… . We’ve put a lot of work and spirit into this. Here’s a TEASER of the labour of love. The epic story of SHAKA ZULU. The world is not ready! IMPI IYEZA … ✨#ShakaIlembe

204,854 607

🌳 spent the day with my kiddies yesterday. Just heart expanding! Outside of the school getting a FULL renovation, we are Planting over 100 species of trees on the school grounds for the most special little-big people in honor of Mandela Day. Thankful to @cottononfoundation for your unwavering and uncompromising commitment! This investment means so much to me and the community of KwaMashu, the hometown that raised me… and to you, my online friends, who buy @cottononfoundation products across all @cottonon_africa stores… you are part of the most special place in my heart for supporting this cause. Deep love!

204,328 1,340

My time at the Step Into Your Power Summit in Zambia 🇿🇲 went a little something like this ✨🥰

3,013 197

So wonderful to have represented our @stellaartoisafrica family at the global dinner party hosted by @stellaartois in New York City Making new friends, creating new memories with old friends and the most interesting conversations over a meal and a drink… The true essence of the power of connection… it’s the simple things that can bring us deep joy. ✨ 🍻 #LetsDoDinner

87,687 952

@stellaartois said dress up and come to the worlds most fascinating dinner in New York. So we did 😌 #LetsDoDinner 📸: @theoluwaseye Makeup: @taralauren Hair: @infamousmstish Styling: @kirstenmcgovern

12,016 93

NEW YORK… you give me a feeling… Nothing will test your skin quite like long haul flights and bouncing between cities! But, My relationship with the @neutrogenasa Hydro Boost range has taught me this… that there is a freedom that comes with knowing that there is no such thing as ‘perfection’ …only progress. That what matters most is the HEALTH of my skin rather than the idea of ‘flawlessness.’ The latest range has added ingredients that promise up to 6X more hydration and with the stubborn winter deciding to stay longer, MAXIMISE ON HYDRATING as much as you can. P.S. this is the range that has gone viral sooo, most people I know buy the products in twos so get yours and stop crying in my DM’s pleeeease 😂😂 love you, mean it! 😆

8,649 186

Thankful to HRH Prince William, Mr Michael Bloomberg and the entire @earthshotprize @bloombergdotorg change agents for the opportunity to grace the stage at the Earthshot Prize and Bloomberg Philanthropies Innovation Summit to be in conversation with @charlotmagayi who is the founder and CEO of Mukuru Stoves, 2022 EarthShot Prize winner and an incredible force ✨ Here is a snippet of our conversation 💫 you can find the entire summit on YouTube 🌱 🌎 #ClimateWeekNYC #EarthshotPrizeInnovationSummit

10,979 78

Ring the alarm 🎉!!! ✈️ Off to one of my favorite cities in the world with @stellaartoisafrica for the world’s most fascinating dinner and the most unbelievable GUESTLIST. Dear New York, I hope you’re ready because all I’m saying is #LetsDoDinner ✨🤌🏾 P.S … Thereafter I will be jetting back to South Africa to host a dinner with some of my favorite people Let’s 🍻 ✨💫

63,663 336

The girl who made our mama a mama. Happy birthday to the one who protects, uplifts and holds us together. A raucous sense of humor, fierce loyalty and can never keep time!! I love you big big and wish you more years than you can even imagine. Everyone please show some birthday 🎂 love to this amazing girl who’s been our absolute everything ❤️ @w.mbatha

26,646 145

“You cannot Heal what you don’t reveal” One of the disablers of shame is knowing that you have a safe space to speak on your pain and suffering. That someone is listening with empathy and without judgment. But to know this is to be equipped on resources that allow us to find the language for our pain and feelings and also the language to be a pillar of support to anyone around us who may need a listening ear. We at @cottononfoundation have partnered with Lady Gaga’s @btwfoundation to eliminate the stigma around mental health by supporting LOCAL community organisations that seek to educate and support young people with mental health resources The Foundation is making the BE THERE CERTIFICATE (a FREE online mental health course) available to everyone! PLEASE GO TO MY BIO and follow the steps, it’s so easy and simply fantastic! You can support this initiative in these ways: 1. Purchase any Cotton On Foundation products in stores! 2. Earn your Be There Certificate. We aim to have 40 000 earn their certificate by October 10th 3. Nominate a local organisation that’s close to your heart for a ‘Kindness In Community’ grant. Funds will directly support the work they do to provide free and accessible mental health resources Love. ✨

16,333 99

What it is! 🥹😍😍✨I want to highlight the people who made this happen! To my partner in all things @nonduh YOU ARE the most treasured instrument of love and friendship. We did it again babes! @ultra_vision_brand_activators … no words for you team. Truly! Percy! You adopted this vision and said, let me take it to the top! To miss baby girl @praisemwelase you held the hands of this and never let go. Adore you big big. Just want to give a massive shout out to the big boss @nono_events !! You transformed the space into a Polo afternoon that was just unforgettable! Im so thankful for you. No ask was ever too big and you went above and beyond. Love you ✨❤️Thank you @bmw_kempton_park and @bmw_fourways for being our trusted chauffeurs last Saturday! Our panellists definitely enjoyed the VIP treatment! And I THOROUGHLY enjoyed that M4 baby 💨 😤🥹 it’s giving Fast and Furious! 😂😂 and then @veuveclicquot pulled up with a champagne bar that did NOT RUN DRY! Just bubbles 🍾 and gorgeous vibes thank you. Speaking of! Is it a South African gathering if there’s no Gin&Tonic? Oh baby, @tanquerayza filled it to the brim and then some! To @unileversa for our amazing goodie bags, you did not hold back! The ladies were VERY HAPPY and I cannot thank you enough! 🥹🎉 @cottonon_africa @cottononfoundation THANK YOU FAMILY! For the tote bags that were able to fit all our goodies and the love you always show the Lighthouse! Thank you @enhle_flora for the amazing flower arrangements that we gifted to all our winners! Your heart is made of gold! To my girl @moda_by_rea not only did you beat my face but you graciously gave of your time to touch up all the ladies faces on the day. Ngiyabonga my friend. And To my brother-brothers @sirvincentsa and @djloyd we didn’t have to convince you much, it was an immediate yes. Thank you will never be enough. 🥹 deep love!

9,978 133

PART THREE 🎉✨ To the partners who believe: @hwfoundation @bhibsiem @hollywoodbets 🙏🏿 Planting these financial seeds and creating this incubation Programme would simply not be possible without your unwavering support and partnership. This year we honored women from construction co-orps, environmentalists who are passionate about renewable energy, wine makers and owners, mining and logistics, film and tv sector and even wheel clinics! We spread our wings wide so that no one is left behind or left unseen. These women not only run their businesses but these establishments also benefit the communities that they operate in. We will now go on a year long journey with them to support and oversee the growth of their businesses. Oh what a time! #NomzamoLighthouseFoundation #EmpoweringHER2023 #EmpoweringHER

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