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52.7% of msmonicafay's followers are female and 47.3% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 1.30%. The average number of likes per post is 107 and the average number of comments is 24.

Msmonicafay loves posting about Travel, Adventure, Photography.

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52.7 %
47.3 %


  • Beauty & Fashion 60.66 %
  • How-to & Style 55.34 %
  • Children & Family 53.15 %
  • Art & Design 52.10 %
  • Travel & Tourism 50.75 %
  • Clothes, Shoes, Handbags & Accessories 48.07 %
  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 43.13 %
  • Fitness & Yoga 41.11 %
  • Business & Careers 40.43 %
  • Home & Garden 39.63 %
  • Entertainment 39.04 %
  • Photography 37.85 %
  • Technology & Science 35.24 %


239 30

Vote like your life depends on it. Did you mail in? Or are you going in person? 🇺🇸 #bidenharris2020 #rockthevote #kamalaharris

57 5

Now, I’m not a big believer in mercury in retrograde, but it is fun to blame all the bad crap on the stars. stubbed my toe? DAMN YOU MERCURY!!! But what I do take from it is this: in a time of upheaval, unrest, uncertainty that is having a prolonged toxic affect on your mental health- it is not exactly the time to DO MORE SHIT to add to your personal hell- instead it’s time to insulate and preserve and give yourself the most innocent fun and protective environment. In other words: let’s protect ourselves for the next 2 weeks and right before the election we have a big ol cleansing full moon where we can purge and let go and let new energy wash over us- right in time for this cataclysmic event of Election Day. everything doesn’t have to be done all at once: we don’t have to constantly be pushing and fixing and Decluttering and improving. We’ve got to have the repair times too. This is repair time.

97 2

Ok check out the linkie in my bio for the full rundown of everything I picked out. But also swipe to the next pic to see how eccentric plant lady I’ve become. 😂 are you into your little garden groove? Or are you afraid you’re going to kill them all? #crazyplantlady #plantcareselfcare #plantsmakepeoplehappy #plantsofinstagram #amazonprimeday #primedeals #stringofpearls #succulentlove #homejungle #jungalowhome #plantsaremedicine #planttherapy

127 59

Ok so. We are a week away from moving into my new Florida place (yes I’ll still be in New York too with the Plant babies!!) And I need help! This will sit on the counter and be a part of my aesthetic. The kitchen and living room are open concept. There will be lots of hanging plants, bright colors, and big windows with natural light. Which color should I get?! 1. Bird of Paradise 2. Persimmon 3. Tangerine 4. Buttercup 5. Majestic Yellow 6. Toffee Delight Did you know @kitchenaid comes in more than 50 colors?! #kitchenaidmixer #kitchenaid #createyourspace #jungalowstyle #jungalowhome

48 12

Everybody’s got that one thing that they never quite picked up that other adults seemed to segue into flawlessly from childhood onward. Now there’s a lot of those for me lol but hair... hair was a major one. I grew up around girls who learned the art of braiding so young it was as if they had been born knowing and I’d watch them in fascination or I’d let my head get torn up as they practiced on me (tender head anyone?). in my teens and then college, girls curled and straightened and put in extensions, and did bumps and twists and I just never caught on. I finally found a comfortable spot with a flat iron. And for a time, I got some good curls in, but ended up looking like I was in a child pageant more than once. 😂. Don’t even talk to me about the burnt ears. And when I was a nanny, I had my 11 year old and her friends dye my hair for me. Lol But I’m proud to say that I think I’ve finally mastered wavy curls that don’t make me seem like a porcelain doll from the Victorian era. You ever have something like that? That everyone else seemed to master but you? What is It ? Make me feel better lol

69 10

“You know, you can get down and just go around. There’s an easier way up over there”. The man waiting behind me said, friendly but with thinly veiled impatience. I had one leg up on the Boulder, and I was struggling to find a placement for my other foot so I could hoist myself up through the rocks. “No I’m good. Do you need to go first sir?” I stepped away and offered him the turn. (Crowding during hiking is one of my biggest pet peeves! People escaped to nature, just for you to mow them down? Talk about etiquette violation). He took it without hesitation. When he had gone, I stepped back up to the crevice and ran my hands across the surface, feeling for a ridge I might have missed. And I tried again. Finding my footing, I was able to grab above and pull myself up. I will always pull myself up. It might jot be on the first try. It might mean examining the foot holdings with a closer look. It might mean taking longer. It might mean letting someone else go first. But I will ALWAYS pull myself up. I climbed straight up a mountain that day for almost 3 hours straight. I climbed it my way. With my intuition and observation and experience and strength. I used knowledge I acquired in the past. And sometimes I rested. And you will pull yourself up, too. Because you’ve either got it in you already or you’re going to seek out the information and support needed to get you there. But you will pull yourself up. You’ve got this.

101 4

Sunday: a sermon. Declare it and mean it. Today you don’t need any of that. Whatever THAT is. And whoever is trying to do it. If you were wondering if this message was meant for you, it was.

93 10

Last day of the full moon. Clearing what I need to and putting my blinders on, my head down, and getting this thing moving in the next 72 hours. everything is designed to distract right now. Stay focused. On that which strengthens you. On that which centers you. On that which connects you to self. On that which releases you. On that which needs to be done to change the outcome forever. It’s 2020, the year of vision. Don’t let it get blurry no matter how hard they try to put the wrong lens in front of your eyes.

31 2

Every month I have a little full moon ritual I do to declutter my mind, body, spirit, and goals. It’s a nice reminder that we can reset and don’t have to keep carrying our load with us all the time, we can set it down or adjust the straps or take some out or give some away. Take a look outside tonight, the moon is glorious. I want to do more of these every full moon and explain more about the history and traditions around the world for full moons that span thousands of years. We are lucky because this month we get TWO full moons! So if you like this short exercise, let me know because I’d like to do a better one with video too for the Blue Moon coming up! #fullmoonritual #fullmoonfestival #organizingexpert #mentaldeclutter #resetyourmind

136 58

What if, when we Decluttered, instead of separating items into “donate, trash, keep” we reaffirmed the energy behind why it’s okay to let go? I’m letting this item go because: -Because I’m not the old me. -I’m holding on to someone ELSES dream -I forgive myself for the money I spent or the times I sucked as a human -I’m getting clear on what I actually enjoy doing or having time to do -Im supporting my body where it is right now -that hobby never came to fruition and it’s okay they didn’t -im ready to move on from a mistake - I’m ready to heal from pain someone else caused -I am enough, I have enough, I am prepared What if we got real about what we let go of in this way? 💥 What’s a why you have? I challenge you to write a why on a box of stuff to let go of and share with me 🌟🌟🌟 #declutteryourmind #declutteringtips #ownyoureveryday #mentalhealthresources #professionalorganizing

179 49

I call this series: The Real Lives of Professional Organizers 😂 (S wipe left for that sweet ass leg action 😂😂) Anyway. you hearing me @netflix and @hgtvhome ? I crouch here in front of this storage unit because if I never see another storage unit in my life, I will die happy 😂 but on the other hand, its heavy utility and homogenous look is so relevant to what we do as Professional organizers: the unglamorous side. Its time to show the real life of organizers. When you’ve got organizers telling husbands of clients they are just a friend so they don’t get in trouble for paying for help, having to say no when someone wants to get rid of their clutter but wants to gift it to you during a session, digging through garages and storage units, returning 654 bins that just weren’t a perfect fit because something changed in the project, and the very real hours and days and months you sit with someone as they work through the emotional process of letting go and connecting that with very real trauma and hard memories, and the hilarious moments your client and you find sex related items and giggle like teenagers together. To go from mansions with endless budgets for the most expensive and beautiful bins that can make a pantry suddenly worth $2500 or more easily then switch over to going through someone’s deceased mother’s storage and helping them through the unglamorous, off camera, deeply connecting work. All for them to look at you with sunshine beaming from their faces or tears streaming down their cheeks in relief- you find that rich, middle class, or using their last dollar, the outcome is consistent- Man that’s organizing. So when are ya gonna let us show the world the real us, Netflix? #hgtvhome #hgtvdreamhome #hgtvmagazine #homeofficeideas

162 57

My butt is saving trees. And @heybippy is the reason why. Bippy is a bamboo toilet paper that is 100% biodegradable, 100% renewable, and free of dyes and BPA! I’ve found that it’s super absorbent and doesn’t rip easily, so it’s a higher quality toilet paper you use less of. AND!!! Why bamboo?! Well... did you know bamboo is actually a type of grass? And it grows SUPER fast- up to 3 feet a day sometimes. Bamboo growth can help slow global warming because it sucks up so much carbon dioxide AND it reduces the massive deforestation that’s happening. Also I love Bippy because they have excellent product, customer service, a seamless delivery system, women owned and POC owned. I don’t know about you but if I’m going to talk about getting rid of clutter and owning things that you feel good about owning, even toilet paper matters. Let me know if you jump on the Bippy Bandwagon! It’s super worth it. edit: thanks to Amanda for reminding me: use coupon code Weekend15 and get 15% off ! #heybippy #bambooproducts #sustainablelifestyle #bpafree #sustainablebeauty #doyourpart #buttstuff #bathroomrenovation #kettlebellswings #bippybutt


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