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18.4% of mear_one's followers are female and 81.6% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 2.70%. The average number of likes per post is 1296 and the average number of comments is 69.

Mear_one loves posting about Art, Painting.

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18.4 %
81.6 %


  • Art & Design 74.64 %
  • Music 64.24 %
  • Entertainment 38.15 %
  • Photography 37.88 %
  • Sports 37.35 %
  • Books and Literature 35.97 %
  • Travel & Tourism 35.63 %
  • Beauty & Fashion 35.59 %
  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 35.06 %
  • Healthy Lifestyle 34.23 %
  • Business & Careers 33.84 %
  • Fitness & Yoga 33.74 %


1,336 45

Here is a snippet of a larger collab ongoing between @riskrock and myself. Keeping alive the Alphonse Mucha energy I’ve been working with recently, this musing of the crescent moon expresses a sort of soothing resonance we receive from art and being in the moment, one that heals the soul and inspires our minds. More to come as our mural evolves. #alphonsemucha #resonantart #graffitiart #metaphysicalsurrealism

2,966 72

Super excited for my good friend @monoxpoly fellow Angelino just dropped his latest album ⚡️MONOTOMIC⚡️ with my art on the cover today!!! This is some deep transcendent electro liquid funk for yo mind, body and soul. Musical collaborations with @thundercatmusic @gaslampkiller @kaytranada @kimbramusic @alyssmusic @sevendavisjr & more. Tomorrow night is the record release party and I will be smacking down on canvas with some fresh coats of paint. It’s gonna be heavy bass with binaural tendrils of psychedelic quantum entanglement!!! Ha! Or something like that, join us for the celebration👉🏽tix link in my bio✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿💥💥💥💥

1,954 73

Here is some of my documentation of the Winnemucca Petroglyphs of northern Nevada. This volcanic outcrop has been underwater several times in the last 10,500 - 14,000 years. Because of this there are layers of organic matter deposited on top of these ancient artworks. This is how we know these are the oldest petroglyphs discovered thus far in the USA. These rocks were once hot bubbling magma forming concretions enveloping itself over and over again. Gasses and water continued to chemically create these stone piles that penetrated up through the earth’s ground. These seem an incredibly hard surface to work on being so porous and jagged. The petroglyphs are so old some have been worn down to non-recognition, but most are carved so deep they have survived an incredible amount of time. The tools used would have been much larger than tools used at the other sites I have visited throughout the Southwest. Perhaps this relates to the mythos of the red-haired giants told by Paiute Indians of this region. The Americas share this mythos from Tierra del Fuego to Alaska about an ice age culture that had greater size beings than we possess today. Some stood from 7-9 feet tall. It was a kind of religious experience to finally find this location after spending several nights in this region. I had passed by it numerous times, but unless you know it might as well be invisible. I found it by my process of photo forensic site locating - using still drone frames of previously watched videos and comparing the shapes of the mountains in the background of this video to the mountains that surrounded me in relation to the Winnemucca petroglyphs site until I found the match. We were very careful to enter this place with respect and patience. This is just a taste. Follow the link on my profile for a more in-depth look of part 1 of my recent expedition, new blog post now up on my ✨new✨ website! @brienfoerster @resonancescience @trevmillar #petroglyphs #winnemuccapetroglyphs #ancientart #ancientancestors #ancientamerica #lostcivilization #earthpeople

1,632 84

I have always been interested in the ancients builders, as well the philosophical teachings from mythos. As a child I remember my mother reading me stories about the art of these ancient civilizations. We would venture out to Arizona, camp under the stars, float down rivers, my mind would travel imagining I was there in ancient Egypt. As I grew to have a larger view of the world I always wondered, where are all the megaliths on the North American continent, where was our Egypt? From the middle of Mexico to the Arctic Ocean America seems void of these ruins. This tortured terrain led me to research our landscape and its petroglyphs, which I believe were created by the survivors of a cataclysm so destructive that any traces of their history would’ve been erased. Crazy idea but it makes sense to me as everything I’ve ever learned in history school books continues to fall apart & be proven fallacies by some of the greatest minds alive today. Why would N.America be devoid of what the rest of the world has? When I look at google earth it seems our land has endured a climactic past. The western half of the country is scarred & burnt up with huge rips across the landscape. When you stand at the precipice of the Grand Canyon you can believe it took millions of years to form. However, when you survey it from satellite imagery you can’t help but see how it looks more like a devastating event rather than a gradual process. Everything is so jagged & appears to have been washed out with great force by a catastrophic flood. The evidence of an ocean across much of the sandy regions is mind blowing, so where did it all go? The volcanism is also impressive, it’s everywhere and our society knows little of this. We exist in a very temporal world & don’t really know much beyond 500 years ago. Our history has been so fabricated & history as we know is told by those who won. What happened to the ancient world buried in mud spread across much of our planet? Is there anything significant that speaks about our past here in the western United States? I’m on the quest to answer that very question. On the road to Winnemucca ...

1,152 39

Last night we discovered #PyramidLake, the most beautiful lake I’ve ever been to. Gathering wood for our epic night under the stars on the shores as the wind battered us and the waves crashed at our feet. I was feeling stuck in LA hungry for adventure so we’re on the road again #insearchof pieces to the puzzle of our reality. There are legends that speak of the Great Basin (present day Nevada), a once vast inland ocean, its only remnants are the likes of Pyramid Lake and the Great Salt Lake. There are other smaller desert lakes as well dry lake beds that pocket this landscape, all evidence of this ancient mythology. The Paiutes and the Shoshone native to this region have a very interesting history. They claim that their ancestors witnessed & survived the great apocalypse, leaving behind petroglyphs that spoke of an electric sky, discharging sun symbols, & other plasmatic scientific symbolism etched in stone at the end of the #YoungerDryas. This is the tale of a global phenomenon that shares remarkably similar styles and depictions of what I believe are the broken pieces of an ancient hieroglyphic global language. These symbols are found in Turkey, Iran, India, Northern Europe, Ireland, North Africa - I could go on. Suffice it to say there’s an endless list of historical sites around our world which share this identical iconography and it is truly mind blowing to bear witness. I’ll be releasing part 2 of my ongoing research project on the #CatastropheTheory throughout the Ancient American West. #futureprimitive #postapocalypticpast #earthpeople


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