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Photographer 📸 | Traveller🌍 | Published writer✏️ | Ex-lecturer at the IBA📙 | Mum of 2 👭| Chai addict ☕| 🇵🇰➡🇨🇭➡🇳🇱 📍 Rotterdam, Netherlands My blog:⬇️

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44.8% of mahvish.ahmad's followers are female and 55.2% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 2.20%. The average number of likes per post is 972 and the average number of comments is 67.

Mahvish.ahmad loves posting about Fashion, Lifestyle, Food.

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44.8 %
55.2 %


  • Beauty & Fashion 75.10 %
  • Art & Design 66.73 %
  • Business & Careers 48.35 %
  • How-to & Style 45.64 %
  • Travel & Tourism 38.68 %
  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 38.32 %
  • Entertainment 35.88 %
  • Clothes, Shoes, Handbags & Accessories 35.60 %
  • Children & Family 35.29 %
  • Home & Garden 34.76 %
  • Movies and TV 33.52 %
  • Books and Literature 32.51 %
  • Fitness & Yoga 31.16 %


1,342 69

There are many myths we grow up with, which have been embedded in our belief system either by religious dogma or by political rhetoric, and we continue to live with those myths unless we luckily experience otherwise OR make a conscious effort to find alternative versions of the story. When I went to study at Warwick, many such myths were busted, because life gave me the chance to see the world in a very different way, with concrete proofs that what I was told to believe is not necessarily true. Last night we had a Vegan (or shall I say vegetarian?😉) couple over for dinner - an American Jew married to an Indian Hindu. My lekker little dinner party, which was filled with good food, laughter and warmth, re-busted two 2 such myths: 1. All Jews hate Muslims - not true 2. All Indians hate Pakistanis - not true It takes getting to KNOW real people and having conversations with them to see that a heart is a heart, not a political agenda. And when you see a heart, you see the world to have more love and peace than hate and destruction. You see more friendship than enmity. Last night, one more myth was busted and that is I CAN serve a delicious Vegan meal (given that my guests also show some flexibly in their dietary preferences, lol😜). Here's my menu: Starters - 🍅Tomato soup with croutons (V) 🥒Hummus with cucumbers (V) 🥦Cauliflower and broccoli fritters with soya dip and mayo-mustard sauce (V without mayo) 🥑Guacamole, made by mijn man, with nachos (V) 🧀Mozarella and cherry tomato sticks (mozarella is a very light cheese so my friends approved) Main course 🥔Aloo chanay ki bhaji (V) 💕Fresh puris (V) 🍲Karhi (with 0% fat yogurt) and boiled rice Dessert 🍓Chocolate and hazelnut coated strawberries (approved by friends) - siwaiyyon ka zarda could be a V alternative. 👋 Drinks 🥤Water, juice, coke, black tea, ginger and honey tea What was the verdict on the food? Swipe to understand. 🍾I was so nervous because as Pakistanis, we don't find a dawat menu to be complete without meat. Making everything elaborate without bakra and murghi was a challenge, but i did it!💪 In a bit I will share the tomato soup and puri recipes in my stories, so join me there. 🌟🍲

998 54

An evening in March. After days of isolation, I went to see a friend, following all restrictions imposed by the Dutch government. The fear level was high. The entire conversation was about coronavirus. We sat at a 2 meters distance and washed our own dishes so one gets exposed to another’s saliva germs, if any. Instead of feeling better, I felt worse because how we met was just so different. On my way back home, I couldn’t pay attention to what my friend was saying. All I could focus on was how different the city was. A tram cruised by, carrying just a single passenger – probably a doctor or policewoman going home after a long shift. The cafes were shut, the lights seemed dimmer than usual. It was as if a ghost came on jet speed and consumed all existence. The idea of having to give up the basic liberty of stepping out to breathe seemed unimaginable. I thought if they lock us in, I am going to RUN out to see the sky even if I have to pay a fine. I wanted to cling on to the normalcy a strange force was snatching away with full might. It was slipping away, making my heartbeat so fast that it hurt my chest. It wasn’t the staying in that bothered me – it was the fear of the unknown. For how long? What if I get it, who will watch the kids? What if my parents get it, how will I go home? I have lost blog projects, is this the end of it? What if Faizaan loses his job? What if my kids go nuts watching the iPad? What if the world comes to an end? There were sleepless nights and anxiety manifesting itself in physical pains. My parents seemed so far away for the first time. So, there were tears. As weeks passed, I did find positivity In small things, and though, looking back, the lockdown went by in the best possible manner given the circumstances, it is a time with which I associate fear, anxiety, frustration and pain. I never want to go back. Today, as the restaurants in NL close due to the second wave taking over in full swing, I find myself revisiting those dreadful emotions. I don’t like the place I am in. Back then, it was the fear of the unknown. Today, it is the fear of the KNOWN. I know exactly how the future may unfold. And I am not ready to deal with it.

973 49

A story from when I was 21. I had a very close friend to whom I lost access temporarily, as she was going through a turbulent time at home. At a time when she needed privacy and space, a few mutual friends tried to cloud my judgement about her. They told me false stories so convincingly that for some time I came to believe them. Since I could not approach my friend to confirm anything, I, like a fool, made faulty conclusions about her. “How could she be so different from what she appears?”, I wondered. A few weeks later, when her situation at home eased, I couldn’t keep myself from seeing her. When we were finally face to face, I didn’t feel any of the vibes I should have as per my new information about her. My heart didn’t let me believe there is any other side to her except what I can myself can see. My heart reminded me of all the nice times we had had together, all the times she had been there for me and had comforted me.  I realized there and then the mistake I was making and that I want to see my own version of her, rather than the one others have presented. Why shall I allow anyone else to impact my judgement or make my decisions for me? I chose to focus what I had learnt about her via my personal interactions and threw everything else out of the window. After that day, there was no looking back and over the last 15 years, I’ve never had to doubt my decision. Allowing a third party to meddle with my relationship with her would have cost me HER. I thank God for making me listen to MYSELF and not others. My idiocy, parochial sight and lack of better judgment could have led me to pay a heavy price. For all those who ask for my advice on relationships: NEVER let a third party drive your relationship for you. Weigh the strength of your relationships based on your own experience rather than someone else’s interpretations. Pay attention to the vibes YOU get viz a viz a relationship and then follow YOUR heart. In the end, whatever happens, your decision will be YOURS to own. Losing a friend because of your lack of trust in your ability to make the right choice will pinch you forever. Don’t give anyone the power to do that to you.🌻

1,095 53

It's been raining cats and dogs since morning and for the foreseeable future (which is 23rd October in my weather app) it shall be like this every single day.☔ Despite trying hard to not let the weather come in my way, the gloominess takes over. The grey clouds feel heavy and spring seems too far.😩 Holland is being as Dutch as can be, and coping with Dutchness is still something I need to master.🥀 . With coronavirus too in the mixture, adding more gloomy dimensions than needed and subtracting any exploratory plans from the scene, I see myself plonked on the couch, wrapped in fleece blankets, consuming a lot of soup and chocolate and gazing outside at the rain, praying for the sun to return this winter. 🍁🌞🌨️When I get rain free 20 minutes, I plan to run to the nearest café for my bff - coffee.☕ . What do you see yourself doing this winter? . In other news, I have a dinner at my place today. The mehman (yes, a single person) is the most easygoing person in my life and I genuinely feel blessed to have people around me who allow me to believe 'simple is magic' - hence maizbaan is under no tension.💁‍♀️ . Here's the menu: Starters: tomato and cream soup 🍅(instant) with French bread 🥖and olive tepanade (store bought) PLUS a quickly tossed feta cheese salad🥬 Main course: chicken fillets with creamy mustard & tarragon sauce. Sautéed veggies on the side 🥕🥔🥦🐔 Dessert: meri meethi baatein aur shehed se lada hoa chehra.😀 . Baji se recipe na mangna, baji hates typing recipes. But baji loves giving menu inspirations, so yeah, here's one for your next dinner. If your mehmaan will make baatein over just the ONE dish served as dinner.... then... my friends... Don't invite that mehmaan. ✔️👌😉 . #livethegoodlife #societykogolimaaro #invitetherehmat #kickthezehmat

607 24

In the clutter my Instagram feed can sometimes be, @abatchofbliss is my feel good place. Whether it is the cool, crisp breeze of fall or the explosion of colours in spring, it all comes out in the photos you see on this page. If you are a lover of art, of photography and appreciate small things in life, this handle is for you!🌹📸🖌️ . Swipe to see all the lovely flatlay photos @abatchofbliss created with some of my favorite travel memories. Each photo is now a momento for me! Totally enjoyed working on this distant collaboration. ❤️ . . . #partnership #art #photography #flatlay #artist #flatlaystyle

886 88

If you are impressed with someone, from any aspect of their personality, whether it is their styling, their wit, sense of humour or what they have achived at work, but you choose to pull them down with a nasty comment, you are are a downright narcissist, perhaps needing professional help.  If you are impressed with someone and choose to not compliment them or accept they are doing better than you in a particular field, you are insecure.  If you are impressed with someone but you choose to not only accept your feelings but also express them to the other person with your words, then you, my friend, are confident. Let's take a moment today to look into our collars and address our insecurities. Is there any person who you pull down or ignore because their success makes you feel uneasy about yourself? Pause to identify that behaviour and beat that pattern. Recognise what you do and why you do it so you can correct it. Make peace by extending a warm compliment. Experience the lightness of unburdening yourself of the jealousy and insecurity. Know that someone else's greatness in a particular field doesn't diminish your own accomplishments or what you are as a person. Take pride in your own triumphs. Trust me, insecurity creates constant discontentment. Insecurity causes pain. Confidence sets you free. Wear it like a crown and enjoy the inner peace achieved when rooting for someone else.

670 41

Hai justujoo ke khub se hai khub tar kahan Ab theherti hai dekhiye jaa kar nazar kahan Hoti nahin qubool dua tark e ishq ki Dil chahta na ho to hai zabaan mein asar kahan... Just something Altaf Hussain Hali said long ago, but when I first read it, I was too young and inexperienced to understand his words. Now that I am older, hopefully smarter and someone who has experienced moving from one home to find one in another land, I understand that you can only start or stop loving a place when your heart wants to make that shift. Jab tak dil dil se na chaahey, puranay ishq bhulaye nahin bhooltey. Naye nazaray bulatay nahin thaktey... Par dil nahin badalta. Jab tak dil na chahey. . Sporting @pierregemmebyhur 's Mount Marzipan, a pair of earrings that is an ode to the symmetry and colour that one finds in the majesticalness of rocky mountains. These earrings speak to me because I have left a piece of my heart in the cliffs amd boulders of the Swiss Alps. It hurts, yet I don't want to retrieve that piece, because it'll hurt more if it isn't allowed to stay in the place it has chosen as its eternal home. ⛰️🇨🇭❤️ . 📸 By @ahmadfaizaan Artwork on the earrings: @marziyya . #mountains #swissalps #mylove #jewelry #earrings

1,528 72

One of my most prized learnings that come with age is that setting boundaries is very important. We all do things for people against our wishes, and do with our time what we do not want to, only because we are under the pressure that ‘usko bura na lagay’. Doosron ko bura na feel karanay ke chakkar mein ham khud ko musalsal bura feel karatay jaatay hein, saalha saal. Of course, this pattern ends up sucking out happiness from our own lives. We keep talking to the person on the phone who makes us feel bad in every conversation, yet we do not let ourselves take a step back and receive/make fewer calls. Or none at all. We keep being available for people who add toxicity to our lives, at the cost of our own mental peace, wishing we had the courage to say ‘no’ or limit our interaction. Do you struggle with that? I have for many many years, and after somewhat understanding the idea that setting boundaries is not being selfish, rather it is an act of self-love, I am developing more and more courage to safeguard my heart, my body and what I do with my time for MYSELF. I am learning that needing my own time and requiring space to fulfil my own needs or going after my PERSONAL dreams does NOT make me bad person, mother or wife. I have much further to go, but even the small steps I have taken make me feel liberated and a bigger OWNER of myself. Now, the new me is an ADVOCATE of setting boundaries and I ACTIVELY try to learn ways of setting and maintaining them. If you are someone who would LIKE to set boundaries (emotional, physical, sexual, material, digital) but doesn’t know how to OR how to communicate them with your actions, @chaynhq can help you. Sign up for their 4 week course on creating boundaries, beginning tomorrow, 5th October, and be a freer person. This is something that I definitely want to register for and seize an opportunity to heal AND love myself MORE. Guilt free. The course is FREE. You can watch the videos and learn at a time convenient to YOU. Go to and BOOK yourself a virtual seat. You can go directly to the REGISTRATION LINK via my stories as well. #selflove #boundaries #youdeserveit #mentalhealth #loveyourself #youareimportant


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