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40.7% of kitsuneghost's followers are female and 59.3% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 6.40%. The average number of likes per post is 474 and the average number of comments is 61.

Kitsuneghost loves posting about Actors, Art, Beauty, Modeling.

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40.7 %
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  • Beauty & Fashion 91.48 %
  • Photography 80.40 %
  • Art & Design 74.10 %
  • Books and Literature 51.27 %
  • Movies and TV 44.49 %
  • Music 44.37 %
  • Business & Careers 42.86 %
  • Entertainment 36.61 %


570 96

It’s a NEW month, a new chapter, choose bliss 🙏 Thinking about what makes me happy doesn’t give me the same clarity as thinking about what gives me BLISS. It’s the freedom I feel when I was on top of the Manhattan bridge in Chinatown at 5am IN NEW YORK! Bliss is the highest peak of what brings you JOY 👏 If happiness is just above the status quo, bliss is what makes me FEEL ALIVE. Expect that it will take courage to follow your bliss + it will suck at times. Expect you’re going to have to take RISKS for it. Expect that others won’t understand. Expect that what gives you bliss today may not be what does tomorrow 👏 Advice from @kylemaynard, becoming the first quadruple amputee to reach the summits of Mount Kilimanjaro + Mount Aconcagua without the aid of prosthetics 🤯 JUST FOLLOW YOUR BLISS ALL OVER AGAIN, that’s what I’m doing 👏 SHOT BY @timotete DESIGNER @dobs_ny MUA @issiewingzstylist - wearing @fentybeauty Stunna lip paint in undefeated + highlighter diamond bomb in inner corners ⚡️ NAILS BY @fifefantasi _________________________________________________________________ #japanesemodel #streetwear #japanesestreetfashion #tokyofashion #fashiondiares #creatives #cinematic #visualart #visualartist #fashionbloggers #fashionblogg #creativemindsatwork #creativemindset #asianstreetwear #artistssupportingartists #casting #asianmodel #pastelhair #mindsetiseverything #japanesegirl #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealthquotes #motivationquotes #tokyofashion #uoonyou #createyourlife #fenty #fentybeauty

394 40

Sometimes when we feel the furthest away from what we want, we are actually closer than ever before 🙏 It’s perception over logical progression. Universe doesn’t want me to create right now. It has literally blocked every attempt I make to put myself out there again, it wants me to be still. We are generally taught that the more force we exert, the more we try to make things happen, the more we will achieve. Striving, pushing, + grabbing at what we can in order to create is the wrong mindset. I just want to tell you guys that do not give in to those who tell you it should have happened already or that you have failed 🙏 My break from creating is teaching me that it is about inviting what we wish for to come into the space we have provided for it (internally) + in our lives. This mindset cultivates more energy, causes less stress + attracts what is desired. It is manifestation by invitation rather than by force 👏 I surrender my forcefulness, determination, + my intense activity that burnt me out + made me depressed af 🤯 Instead I only ask that your creative journey is one that is aligned with your spiritual path + blessed for the highest good of all 😇 SHOT BY @heespeare MUA @etudiers _________________________________________________________________ #japanesemodel #fitnessmodel #fashiondesignerlife #fashionstudentlife #cinematographer #fashionart #cinematic #visualart #visualartist #fashionbloggers #fashionblogg #cinemagraph #filmmaking #cinematic #artistssupportingartists #fashiondesignstudio #fashionstories #pastelhair #fashiondesign #mindsetiseverything #spirituality #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealthquotes #designart #mermaidhair #lifebydesign #motivationalspeaker #createyourlife

756 113

“This city, this whole country, is a strip club. You've got people tossing the money, and people doing the dance.” @hustlersmovie 👏 There is so much truth behind these last words. This movie was more of a satire that exposed our social behavior. We indulge even at the risk of our own health, our relationship with others, + our general well being. We are both the manipulated + the manipulating. You know I read that man is the only animal for whom his own existence is a problem which he has to solve. I’ve been going through an existential crisis, but I have learned to let others take the lead for once 🙏 I have been tending to everything + nothing. My energy moves outwards in many directions, but I am suffering inside. I’ve been learning to allow things to flow to me + letting go of all expectations. It’s one of the toughest lessons I have experienced 🙊 Instead of figuring out where other people fit into my life, I’ve been learning to permit others to tell me who they are + who they can be to me. I’m allowing their actions to speak, without judgment or assumption 👏 I’m stepping into my power, I have nothing to prove right now + I’m okay with it. I’m going to keep creating to find myself again 💖 A tiny seedling once stood. It’s the seed that takes root, grounding me for the future! SHOT BY @callmebyjose MUA + STYLED BY @pinkslutskill DESIGNER @blacklickorish EDITED BY @itsteacake + @kitsuneghost ___________________________________________________________ #asianblonde #japanesegirl #japanesemodel #platinumhair #asianplatinumblonde #asianmodel #mixedmodel #lamodels #hairmodel #japaneseactress #asianactress #asianactors #animegirl #japanesedesigner #animeart #animeedit #animemusicvideo #japanesehair #japanesehairstylist #latexdesigner #digitals #casting #castingdirectors #cinematic #cyborg #designer #beautybloggers #animehairstyle

353 39

Just officially booked my first job in SF. This month has been a first for so many things! Thank you universe for all the blessings 🙏 I went to the bookstore the other day to buy a book to travel with @haemin_sunim has been one of my all time favorite authors. The first book I read from him was “The things you can see only when you slow down” 🦋 His books really speak to my soul + take me on a journey of self discovery. I can’t wait to see what journey I will be on with his new book! 👏 If there are any artists in SF that want to create lmk 🙊 I will only be there for a short amount of time, but I’m so excited to travel to a place that I’ve never been 🙏 The journey continues 🙈 _________________________________________________________________ #asianblonde #japanesegirl #japanesemodel #platinumhair #asianplatinumblonde #asianmodel #mixedmodel #lamodels #hairmodel #japaneseactress #asianactress #asianactors #feelinghappy #modellife #naturalbeauty #modeling #microbangs #japanesehair #japanesehairstylist #bettiebangs #digitals #casting #castingdirectors #cinematic #fashionblogger #hairblogger #beautybloggers #animehairstyle

305 14

I’m so glad the week is finally over + it’s the weekend. This week was tough + it made me realize how often I go into autopilot mode. I’ve been reading this book called the art of noticing + I am starting to really slow down my movements. Running from metro to metro, riding from Lyft to Lyft, I haven’t even had a chance to move out of my head + into my body 🙏 I remember being on the expo line from Santa Monica - DTLA feeling so exhausted, uncomfortable, + spaced out. One of the trains went out of service + the result reached over capacity. It was a train filled with rage + I knew I didn’t want to give into those feelings of negativity. I knew I needed to express my disappointment in another way, silently. Lately writing has saved my soul. I noticed that when I was answering these interview questions I completely zoned out. I forgot where I was, + instead I focused on being a mentor, a teacher that could share her wisdom with those who need it. That was the most important goal for me, it wasn’t about making myself look good. It was about helping others realize the truth + ❤️ of the matter 🙏 Sometimes we make this mistake of thinking short-term that the fluctuations in our experiences have the ability to hold us back. It makes me feel so much doubt, anxiety, fear when I think short-term. After a weekend of pure reflection I realize how far I have come. It’s not about instant gratification, the journey is truly about enduring prosperity. I have to remind myself consistently or I will forget. Being asked specific questions allowed me to really take the time to think. When I give advice I pour my heart, my experiences, + love into it so that at the end of the day I know you will start to believe in yourself again. You will realize your purpose, go for it fearlessly, + even if you fall, you'll be grateful to yourself that at least you tried 👏 That’s my purpose ❤️ _________________________________________________________________ #asianblonde #japanesegirl #japanesemodel #platinumhair #asianplatinumblonde #asianmodel #mixedmodel #lamodels #hairmodel #japaneseactress #asianactress #asianactors #japanesedesigner #digitals #casting #castingdirectors #beautybloggers

551 51

I’m a #fanolababe now hehe 👩🏻‍🦳 🙏 FELT SO MUCH LOVE YDAY! 💜☺️💜 Thank you @fanola for inviting me to your family! I was so touched when I saw my face on the Polaroid! 🥺 It reminds me that it’s the little blessings that count. I’m going to keep this Polaroid + put it in my journal that I bring everywhere on my journey 🙏 I’ve been silently working my ass off + it felt so good yday to tell my gurl @kaley_tukes what I’ve been up to. Sometimes you just want to hold it in bc you want to really appreciate that moment for yourself, that’s how I am. But to hear that she has seen me from day one in 2014, to now 2019. I’m so appreciative of our bond, respect for each other, + our lifestyle. I love you gurl we are going to manifest everything we think, write about, speak into the universe + ground them into reality! Guys I’m killing it + I never imagined I would be able to get this far by myself, but I chose EVERYDAY to believe in myself 😭🙏 Such a wholesome week with ONLY good energy, about to kickstart this day with BADASS ENERGY, join me 💖 ___________________________________________________________ #asianblonde #japanesegirl #japanesemodel #platinumhair #asianplatinumblonde #asianmodel #mixedmodel #lamodels #hairmodel #japaneseactress #asianactress #asianactors #feelinghappy #modellife #modeling #microbangs #japanesehair #japanesehairstylist #bettiebangs #digitals #casting #castingdirectors #cinematic #fashionblogger #hairblogger #beautybloggers #animehairstyle

681 83

FAQ: How do you stay motivated? 🙏 Honestly, it can be hard to be motivated every single day or have the strength to create. There are days after a big shoot where I have to do nothing but rest, be still, + let my mind wander. I believe if you keep forcing yourself to create or blindly putting yourself out there it will only hinder you. Creating + writing are forms of genuine self expression. You cannot fake it no matter how hard you try. I’m motivated not by my desire to create, but my desire to learn. Creating can feel like a means to an end, but learning to me feels endless, limitless, + gives me a renewed source of energy. In the past I would create but it would be messy, emotional, conflicted, + dark. It was an experimental phase that needed to happen in order for me to grow. I felt like a victim of my own doing who needed to be consoled 🤧 Now when I create something it intertwines with my wisdom, my growth, it has focus, meaning, truth, + resonates with every human being. Now I feel like myself, stronger than ever + wise beyond my years 👏 I’m creating something that will outlive me. It’s not perfect, but it’s absolutely fearless 🙏 SHOT BY @callmebyjose MUA + STYLED BY @pinkslutskill DESIGNER @blacklickorish EDITED BY @itsteacake + @kitsuneghost ___________________________________________________________ #asianblonde #japanesegirl #japanesemodel #platinumhair #asianplatinumblonde #asianmodel #mixedmodel #lamodels #hairmodel #japaneseactress #asianactress #asianactors #animegirl #japanesedesigner #animeart #animeedit #animemusicvideo #japanesehair #japanesehairstylist #latexdesigner #digitals #casting #castingdirectors #cinematic #cyborg #designer #beautybloggers #animehairstyle

601 90

I think people forget how long it takes to master a skill. It took me 6 years to book my first WORLDWIDE CAMPAIGN 👏 In 1980 an author took 12 years to write a book. I was shocked to hear that because in the world we live in everything happens in a blink of an eye. We are expected to start something + finish it. We are addicted to instant gratification 🙁 I wish I had someone to tell me to not rush this process. I wish I had someone tell me that my energy is what would book me jobs, not my numbers or status. Back then I didn’t know anything, it took me 6 years to learn + experience it ALL FOR MYSELF. I just wanted to let you know that it’s okay. You’re not late. I’m not late. We are right on time. It doesn’t matter how many years it takes for you to master your craft, the only thing that matters is that you still love it + you still enjoy it no matter what. The right people who are meant to be in your path will see that. You cannot fake real joy, real love, real compassion. You will get chosen because of it, abundance follows you 🙏 It has followed me + provided me with everything I need + more ⚡️ So keep smiling, keep laughing, keep stumbling, keep creating ! Because you’re fucking AMAZING for following your passion 💖 ___________________________________________________________ #asianblonde #japanesegirl #japanesemodel #platinumhair #asianplatinumblonde #asianmodel #mixedmodel #lamodels #hairmodel #japaneseactress #asianactress #asianactors #feelinghappy #modellife #naturalbeauty #modeling #microbangs #japanesehair #japanesehairstylist #bettiebangs #digitals #casting #castingdirectors #cinematic #fashionblogger #hairblogger #beautybloggers #animehairstyle

508 66

YOU ARE WHAT YOU THINK 👏 The fast paced world we live in tells us that, One day you’ll be a star, famous, influential 🙏 But it doesn’t show us how hard it is to persevere before you get to that pivotal point in your life. Instead it shows us the material realm, the money, the status, + the achievements. It’s so easy to get caught up in it + sometimes I need to check myself. It’s in our human nature to want more, to do even bigger + achieve better things. But at what cost? I have definitely taken this moment for granted, but I’m checking myself now. I’m telling you this because I’m human. I let it get to my head, but not my heart. It’s so hard to stay grounded in a city like LA for me. When you’re surrounded by the big lights + constantly in the spotlight 💫 After being home for a couple of days, resting my body, my mind, my soul.. I feel so grateful, so loved, so honored that at the end of the day I am out here doing what I love fearlessly. It’s so important to always check in with yourself + be COMPLETELY 100% honest with yourself. I know it’s the hardest thing to do because we have this tendency to push our thoughts aside or even avoid them. I’m here to tell you to listen to each thought you have, write that down, because that will save you from self destructing 🙏 THE TRUTH is the most pure energy 💖 ___________________________________________________________ #asianblonde #japanesegirl #japanesemodel #platinumhair #asianplatinumblonde #asianmodel #mixedmodel #lamodels #hairmodel #japaneseactress #asianactress #asianactors #feelinghappy #modellife #naturalbeauty #modeling #microbangs #japanesehair #japanesehairstylist #bettiebangs #digitals #casting #castingdirectors #cinematic #fashionblogger #hairblogger #beautybloggers #animehairstyle

446 47

Being your own boss 🙏 I’m the boss + it comes with a struggle. A struggle to balance my relationship that I have with money + my own self worth. Even if I get rejected I can't be fearful. Another door will open. I will show as much passion as I can, but I won't work for someone anymore who can't pay me my worth, when I know someone else will ❤️ I know many people might not understand, but this is the mentality that has led me this far 🙏 It's tough love but I don't regret it, nor will I take it for granted. I have to believe in myself if I want others to believe in me 💖😇 Thank you love for always listening to me, you always remind me why I do what I do. My passion is stronger than ever 👏 I wrote this to my loved one, the only person who really understands the journey is YOU. Don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise, trust your own intuition, be still, meditate, + everything will be crystal clear. You will THRIVE ✨ ___________________________________________________________ #asianblonde #japanesegirl #japanesemodel #platinumhair #asianplatinumblonde #asianmodel #mixedmodel #lamodels #hairmodel #japaneseactress #asianactress #asianactors #feelinghappy #modellife #naturalbeauty #modeling #kawaiihair #japanesehair #japanesehairstylist #bettiebangs #digitals #casting #castingdirectors #cinematic #fashionblogger #hairblogger #beautybloggers #animehairstyle


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