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64.6% of jennagalbut's followers are female and 35.4% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 2.30%. The average number of likes per post is 920 and the average number of comments is 89.

Jennagalbut loves posting about Soul, Yoga, Health.

Check jennagalbut's audience demography. This analytics report shows jennagalbut's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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64.6 %
35.4 %


  • Fitness & Yoga 64.04 %
  • Music 59.28 %
  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 56.88 %
  • Healthy Lifestyle 48.08 %
  • Children & Family 44.95 %
  • Beauty & Fashion 41.96 %
  • Art & Design 41.51 %
  • Books and Literature 40.19 %
  • Travel & Tourism 39.77 %
  • Business & Careers 39.39 %
  • Entertainment 37.86 %
  • Photography 36.01 %


833 54

And life asked: “How willing are you to surrender? How much do you trust me? Will you choose what you know or will you take the risk into the unknown with me?” ... What do you say?

293 158

Hear Ye, Hear Ye! I am calling in the men... The men who are conscious, strong, kind, and believe in a vision of feminine power and equality. We cannot do this alone. Feminism is not possible without men. You have a job to do. Me and my modern day coven of powerful women need your help this Sunday night. At 7:45pm EST : Comment on this post with positive thoughts for us! something like: “We believe in a better world for us all” “May everything you desire come to you” “You have the power of men who believe in you” “Your wish is my command” “We support you” “We believe in this dream” “I am your partner in creating this vision!” “❤️” Make it your own and have fun with it! . This is a quest for the best among you. We are a group of powerful badass women who are calling in the men who will be rising with us to positively change the paradigm of living on this earth! Are you up for the task? If you are: Enlist 3 other men you know to join this mission. Invite them to become warriors along side of you. Become part of the army that will change the world for the better Come make this vision a reality and go down in the history books with us! . SO RIGHT NOW: Let me know in the comments that you are partaking in the experiment Sunday night!🔥 and tag 3 men to join you!

643 66

Happy Friday! here’s a useful reminder to meditate on for The Weekend 🌸 We suffer when we fight with reality When we try to convince ourselves things are different than they actually are, When we attempt to change or control people, situations, or outcomes, When we cling to some ideal, fantasy, or illusion, When we plead and beg for life to be how and what we think we want it to be or how we think it should be. If we just let go If we just surrendered If we just allowed We would find that life is doing its job for us It’s clearing out what no longer works It’s creating space for things better for us It’s providing an opportunity for greater clarity awareness and compassion to rise within us It’s giving us a gift And sometimes we’re too busy focusing on the thing we think we want when life is trying to give us what we need Just get the fuck out of the way and allow it You’re worthy of receiving more You deserve health, functional love, and the feeling of passionate fulfillment Let life clear the path and bring it - There can be peace & bliss in acceptance Even while accepting something that is painful

414 64

I’m kind, understanding, generous, empathetic, compassionate, nice, and all of that... And you know what else? . . . I’m a bad bitch. 🔥 I’m a woman who knows exactly what she wants isn’t afraid to ask for it And knows she deserves to get it. . I’m not afraid of my power anymore I’m not guilty for my privilege anymore I’m not sorry about my beauty anymore . If that makes me bad or a bitch So fucking be it . Bad Bitch for Life baby!

1,275 61

Boundaries Are Healthy! ... Think you might have someone in your life you need to draw a boundary with?... Check out the free quiz in my bio to find out the exact type of toxic they might be so you can protect yourself. . Boundaries are part of Self Care! Love yourself, sistas & bruvs

1,025 66

A PSA to all my peeps out there Get Feisty 🔥 And fuck if ANY person tells you to change your body - get those boundaries up ✋ #GetFeisty #Flipthemoff Love you all and love those bodies that are keeping you alive ❤️

1,085 76

Even in foreign countries with broken language I’m still getting what I want 👏🔥 Depth is where it’s at! ❤️

777 113

For my last two months in this place I called home for a time I decided to spend most of it alone with myself out in some natural spots in Sedona. There’s a wild stillness in the winter of the high desert. There’s a strength and a softness simultaneously. I’ve been noticing how desire itself has melted just like the snow. All that’s left is complete and utter surrender and acceptance. There is nothing to fix Nothing to change Nothing to do Only moments to be Moments to love Moments to be still I chose to spontaneously move to this place for no reason other than to be on retreat with myself. I didn’t come here for family, friends, lovers, work, school, or any reason other than something in my soul told me to. I’ve gained and released so much here. More than I ever expected in such a short amount of time. Stillness and slowness are such gifts. There’s a rushing or forcefulness in so much of life nowadays. There’s competition and comparison when opted into constructs that live off of it. I haven’t been on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram in weeks, at times, months even. Things I once cared about seem so unimportant. I no longer believe or care what the ceo of the publishing house told me, I no longer think it’s my job to protect people from that sociopathic “coach” I know, I no longer believe I need to build a big social media presence to make a positive impact. - We don’t need to do what society or authority figures tell us is important. We don’t need to accept these prescriptions We don’t need to fill them Nor swallow the pills ... The main thing we need to do is just listen to our own hearts. Our deepest selves know what we truly want. We are free to give ourselves full permission to be in commitment to our soul’s journey. . May all those who want it soften with surrender And strengthen with stillness

1,469 107

At a certain point you learn: You learn who’s worthy of your trust and who’s not, You learn who’s really there for you or not, You learn to believe in actions more than words, You learn how to say goodbye to people you love who don’t know how to love back, You learn to forgive others for not meeting your expectations, You learn to not explain or beg for your needs to be met by people who just can’t meet them, You learn to move on, You learn to not need apologies from people who are incapable of giving them, You learn to meet your own needs, You learn to accept reality as it is, You learn to let go of fantasies, You learn to be your own best friend, partner, & parent, You learn how to take care of yourself, And you learn how to choose the right people who are capable of being alongside of the journey with you. . One day, it just happens, you learn 😘👌

823 44

And You Will Love It 🌻🌼🌸

1,252 138

A little tough love today ... If you who had parts of your childhood stolen from you by your parents... don’t give them parts of your adulthood too. . Here are some examples: - -You watched your parents’ terrible divorce so now refuse to get married even though you have an incredibly healthy and loving relationship and it’s what you deeply want. - -You were abused by your parent so now you avoid and push away people that would be healthy loving safe havens for you. - -You were abandoned or neglected by your parent so now you anxiously grasp onto everything and everyone even when it’s not healthy for you. - -You experienced your parent hostile from work so now even though you truly want to work in the same field you don’t let yourself do it out of fear of becoming like them - -You push away opportunities for growth because subconsciously you feel safer with what’s familiar (even though what’s familiar absolutely sucks). - Your primary caregiver may have hurt you in childhood, But you’re the only one hurting yourself in adulthood now... . You are the adult now . You get to make choices You get to heal your past You get to find new meaning and grow in your present You get to create your own future . It was not your fault It was never your fault And You’re responsible now ... It’s up to you.

1,071 137

Our choice to surrender and ask ourselves hard questions leads us to our strength. . “What If” ... What if everything you tried to cling to only held you back? What if every attachments final purpose was to teach you how to let go? What if that person, that job, that place, that thing you think you want or need is only something that the past you needs? What if the you of today doesn’t actually want or need it at all? What if loss was part of the point of love? What if letting go is actually a sign of love? What if surrendering to the present moment gives you everything you actually need? . How would you act then?


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