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Chef, commercial fisherman, cookbook author who runs the James Beard award-winning site Wild foods are my game. I live in NorCal.
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21.4% of huntgathercook's followers are female and 78.6% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 2.20%. The average number of likes per post is 1270 and the average number of comments is 51.

Huntgathercook loves posting about Food, Cooking, Chef.

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21.4 %
78.6 %


  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 63.42 %
  • Travel & Tourism 54.53 %
  • Art & Design 42.85 %
  • Fitness & Yoga 39.11 %
  • Entertainment 37.60 %
  • Business & Careers 35.07 %
  • Sports 32.85 %
  • Healthy Lifestyle 32.69 %
  • Cars & Motorbikes 31.62 %
  • Beauty & Fashion 31.61 %


722 45

Planting day. This year I am growing Hopi blue and turquoise flour corn. It's a great hot weather corn for our blazing Sacramento summers. And the kernels are incredibly beautiful. This fall I hope to make some baby blue tortillas with them! Anyone else planting corn? #cornmafia🌽 #heirloomcorn #growingcorn #hechoamano #bluecorn

1,514 50

Behold, that without which we are nothing! Bacon, ladies and gentlemen, simple, pure, bacon. Cured belly from @coveyrisefarmsohio pork, simply smoked over cherry wood. I was going to glaze it with sorghum syrup, but I decided it did not need it. This will flavor beans and greens and rice and so many other things. Bacon As Condiment is my favorite way to use this soul-enriching ingredient. #bacon #homemadebacon #simpleisbest #porkfatrules #baconbaconbacon

1,651 24

Chinese red cooked pork belly. Pork from @coveyrisefarmsohio recipe inspiration from my friend @redcooking. You can find my version of the recipe in the link in my bio. If you've never had red cooked pork, um, well... it is one of those dishes you eat until you feel guilty about it. And then you eat more. Salty, fatty, meaty, sweet, and I add some chile for heat, too. It's insanely good. Fun fact? It was Chairman Mao's favorite dish! #redcooking #porkfatrules #chinesefood #porkporkpork #eattilyoupop #getinmybelly

1,410 38

Couple slabs of pork belly soon to be bacon. Thanks to @coveyrisefarmsohio for the pork! I'm just doing a very simple cure, salt and curing salt, then I'll smoke over oak for a few hours, all the while painting it with Southern sorghum syrup. More pics on a few days once it's cured. #bacon #smokedmeats #porkfatrules #homemadebacon #simpleisbest #ohhellyeah

801 23

The makings of mole verde, the way they make it in the Mexican state of Guerrero. Sorrel leaves, garlic chives (my addition), some cilantro and the big wide leaves are quelites, in this case a variety of orach. I got the seeds for them from @nativeseedssearch last year. I have lots of volunteers now. 😃 all this green goodness gets pureed with some garden tomatillos (preserved), and some garden roasted green chiles (also preserved), as well as dried hoja santa and epazote. It all gets fried in some lard and will be served with tender pieces of javelina. Pretty good quarantine meal, eh?

1,135 100

This is the time to learn that new skill in the kitchen. Pasta, tortillas, bread, fermentation, meat curing, gardening, you name it. And I want to tell you that I'm here to help you get there. Over the 13 years I've been writing Hunter Angler Gardener Cook, I've done a great many tutorials on all sorts of cool food projects. If you go to the link in my bio, you can see a great overview of them there. What new thing are you working on now?

1,112 37

This is it! The moment has finally come. The clouds have broken on what will likely be our last significant rain until October, and the last few hours of this day are that delicious juxtaposition of warm sun and cool, moist air. And the light! I love the light right after a rainstorm. All of this means that this will be the week to plant corn and to set my pepper plants in the garden. At last.

1,768 48

Comfort food for a dreary day. Homemade chicharrones in salsa verde on homemade corn tortillas. I'm slowly starting to return to my old routine after Big Row's death on Thursday. I visit his little grave in the backyard every morning. He was a good old man cat... tacos help.

2,486 283

Ragnar, Big Row, died this morning at 11:10 am. We don't know how old he was, but we think about 14. He came into our life 18 months ago, starving and abandoned. We took him in and he stole our hearts. By far the most affectionate cat I've ever lived with. We are left feeling empty, wondering about the life he had before us and what he was like in his prime, which we never got to see. I miss his big saber teeth, his giant paws, his gloriously floofy tail. But most of all I miss him sitting on my lap, purring for hours. He was a sweet boy. My heart is broken.

927 65

Doing my best to keep my chin up this week, with all that's going on, and with Ragnar the Cat dying. Sitting next to my orange tree in bloom helps. If you have never smelled an orange blossom, I am sorry for you, and I hope you get the chance someday. It is intoxicating in all the best ways. Sweet, tropical, warm. All things I need right now.

1,327 34

In these crazy days, it's important to know how to make a great meal with whatever you have lying around. And stew is probably the best outlet for that. So I wrote an article about how to build a better stew, touching on tons of substitutions if you happen to be short of this ingredient or that. You can read it in the link in my bio.


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