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📍United Kingdom Miss Tourism World Malaysia 2016 runner up👑 Masters student & aspiring barrister👩‍🎓 Singer-songwriter🎶
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31.3% of heyyitsbowen's followers are female and 68.8% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 4.80%. The average number of likes per post is 3197 and the average number of comments is 5.

36% of the followers that engaged with heyyitsbowen regularly are from United States, followed by India at 8% and Indonesia at 8%. In summary, the top 4 countries of heyyitsbowen's posts engager are coming from United States, India, Indonesia, Australia.

Heyyitsbowen loves posting about Fashion, Lifestyle, Modeling, Celebrities, Film, Music & Books, Hair & Beauty, Health & Fitness, Food & Drink, Nature & Outdoors, Photography, Travel.

Check heyyitsbowen's audience demography. This analytics report shows heyyitsbowen's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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31.3 %
68.8 %


  • Beauty & Fashion 87.24 %
  • Travel & Tourism 68.57 %
  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 54.89 %
  • Books and Literature 52.70 %
  • Photography 49.67 %
  • Art & Design 47.16 %
  • Children & Family 44.18 %
  • Clothes, Shoes, Handbags & Accessories 36.69 %
  • Business & Careers 35.70 %
  • Music 34.11 %


  • United States 36 %
  • India 8 %
  • Indonesia 8 %
  • Australia 4 %


1,882 2

Been a well rested trip this time visiting London thanks to @oyo.uk . Staying in the right location is so important because it just makes your life more convenient. • We stayed in Oyo Hotel Grantly this trip and we absolutely loved the fact that it’s only a 5 mins walk to the underground station and Westfield mall. • What we did today was we went over to @marivannalondon for a delicious Russian meal, and it’s super convenient with the underground station being so close by the hotel. The fact that Grantly hotel is only 15 mins away from central London it’s just so easy for us! • #London #UnitedKingdom #England #OyoHotel

2,354 2

Really enjoyed myself in @thalitray that night as they don’t just serve delicious food but also have a really nice, cosy ambiance. • Wearing @sheinofficial , Top can be found with 785251 on their website or head on to http://bit.ly/2kFySL1 Skirt can be found with 775180 or search http://bit.ly/2mG4gtv on their website Use my code BAY015 For a 15 percent discount. • #Shein #SheinGals #Newcastle #NewcastleUponTyne #UnitedKingdom #TyneAndWear

782 10

If you’re in Newcastle and you crave for yummy donuts , check out @itsrplace as they do deliveries around Newcastle Upon Tyne and surrounding areas ~ Flavours of my donuts as below : 🏩 The Burn Book (Raspberry) 🎠 On Wednesdays We Eat Pink (Salted Caramel) 🏳️‍🌈 A Donut Made Out of Rainbows and Smiles (Vanilla) 🧁 Kalteen Bar/Toaster Strudel 🍫 Glenn Coco Pop 🍪 Fugly Brownie (A homemade cookie base, toasted fluff and homemade brownie) • #Newcastle #NewcastleUponTyne #TyneAndWear #UnitedKingdom #Donuts

3,154 4

Had an amazing lunch earlier on in @revolution.newcastle! • Absolutely loving their whole decoration, ambiance and design in Revolution, Newcastle. I personally really loved the three layered beef patty burger that was served with a jar of smoke, each and every bite were just really smoky! They also did a really great job in their duck appetiser, as every bite devoured were just so flavourful. • Really cannot ask for more when I’ve been fed with such amazing dishes 🤤. • #Newcastle #NewcastleUponTyne #TyneAndWear #UnitedKingdom #RevolutionUK

1,456 4

If you’re looking to get yourself a wireless earphone with not just only a good outlooks, but also good quality check out the new TOLV from @sudiosweden . • With “BOWEN15” you’re able to get yourself a 15 percent discount! Not only that, they are having an exclusive September promotion which includes a free passport cover! Free worldwide delivery is also included with your purchase #sudio #sudiosweden #sudiomoments

4,317 4

Always taking the opportunity to dress up when there is a good weather. If you like my blouse from @sheinofficial , check them out at http://bit.ly/2YKwi9u • With my promo code BAY015 you’re entitled to a 15 percent discount on your purchase! • #Shein #Newcastle #UnitedKingdom #TyneAndWear

2,826 4

Had a Mexican lunch earlier on in @chuchostacos and the one with black beans with plantain was my favourite 🤤🌮 Thanks for having me 💕. • #UnitedKingdom #TyneAndWear #Newcastle #MexicanFood

4,381 18

Always had a soft spot for quays as I find them absolutely calming and gorgeous. And guess what? I live just 5 mins walk from the quayside in Newcastle~ • Hair looking neat as I had a hair trim last week back at @annevecksalons before I begin a new chapter of my life here in Newcastle. • Dress is from @sheinofficial https://bit.ly/2Kwj33B or search 712113 on their website with the discount code BAY015 For a 15 percent discount • #Newcastle #UnitedKingdom #Tyneandwear

4,398 3

Wore this dress in a few occasions meaning to take a picture of it but i either forgot or the place isn’t nice for pictures. Finally got a picture with it during my first night out in Newcastle last night! • Bohemian style dress from @sheinofficial , if you like them you can search 700441 on their website or head on to https://bit.ly/31zlPdR straight. Use my code BAY015 for a 15 percent discount! • #Shein #UnitedKingdom #Newcastle

3,023 12

每一次回去马来西亚好像都很有感触,可也对,毕竟那是家. 以前幼稚园的我,还记得是哭着拉妈妈的衣袖说我不去。没想到二十年后的我,每一次回来英国还是哭着回来的.(爱哭鬼是我,我也已经接受我爱哭了.我台湾好朋友看到这一定死命认同,因为看到或听到的故事关不关我事都是我在哭) • 很久没有可以的变成这样少许的不独立,这次回家还真的有点小公主的感觉.一个个新交的朋友都好像真的蛮疼我的.也很久没有感觉到那么的有爱.这一趟带来了很多的感谢,更多的感动,太多的不舍.尤其最后两个星期的幸福游乐园梦幻之旅,谢谢. • 有人跟我说,缘分是很奇妙,是可遇不可求的.这句子还真的很贴切.若不是我签证延迟了两个礼拜,就不会有我这后来两个礼拜在马来西亚的美好还有疯狂的回忆. • 这一次来英国又要从新地去适应新的环境,跟终于用了两年时间所适应的城市,朋友说拜拜了.其实真的是可怜的,明明外地异乡了还一直要适应新环境.也只能鼓励自己的说新的开始,新的开始.前两年都可以,最后一年,我也可以. 马来西亚,我们几个月后再见.💕

5,482 4

If you want to play some stack cup or pong do head over to @arenabarkl and mention my promo code to the waiter : “HeyyitsbowenArenaKL10” to get 10% off single bottle purchase (Singleton/Henessey VS/Monkey Shoulder/Hendricks/Grey Goose) applicable only on Fridays & Saturdays at Arena bar • So glad for @sheinofficial to doll me up all the time for events and parties. If you like my outfit head on to https://bit.ly/2Kt4ZHQ or search 752792 on their website. With ‘BAY015’ you’re also entitled to a 15 percent discount. • #KualaLumpur #Malaysia #Shein #ArenaBarKL

4,169 0

Happy Merdeka Malaysia! 🇲🇾. Thinking about it, it’s the first night out celebrating national day for me and my friends and I had so much fun at @arenabarkl . • If you want to play some stack cup or pong do head over to @arenabarkl and mention my promo code to the waiter : “HeyyitsbowenArenaKL10” to get 10% off single bottle purchase (Singleton/Henessey VS/Monkey Shoulder/Hendricks/Grey Goose) applicable only on Fridays & Saturdays at Arena Bar KL #ArenaBarKL #Malaysia #KualaLumpur


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