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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 1.60%. The average number of likes per post is 69 and the average number of comments is 5.

68.42% of the followers that engaged with eventshelddear regularly are from United States, followed by France at 3.51% and Italy at 3.51%. In summary, the top 5 countries of eventshelddear's posts engager are coming from United States, France, Italy, Germany, Portugal.

Eventshelddear loves posting about Animals & Pets.

Check eventshelddear's audience demography. This analytics report shows eventshelddear's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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  • United States 68.42 %
  • France 3.51 %
  • Italy 3.51 %
  • Germany 2.63 %
  • Portugal 2.63 %


165 8

Yesterday was a dream, and we hope you’ve been able to watch our stories to see why 💛 Planning and designing this wedding was a highlight of my career. To everyone who has reached out today with kind words, you’ve made this tired girl feel so loved 💕 ESPECIALLY my fellow Columbus wedding planners - y’all are the best & helping cultivate a community I love 💛 • Photography: @kismetvisuals | Tent + Flooring + Lighting: @lirentsevents | Rentals: @eventsourcerental | Cake: @miamcake | Florals: @evergreenflowerco | Caterer: @bosc_and_brie | Band: @bluewaterkingsband | Invites + Signage: @cheeruppress | Videographer: @littletreestudios | Beauty: @ambrepreston | Trolley: @shortnorthtrolleyco | Gowns: @lajeunemariee @misshayleypaige @bertabridal | Bar: @shortandstoutbar | Transportation: @classiclimousines | Bridesmaids Gowns: @shopgildedsocial | Harpist: @tiffanyenvid | Draping: @serendipity.designs | Accent Furniture: @alloccasionseventrental • • • • #neverbeanhappier #eventshelddear #asseenincolumbus #columbusbride #ohiowedding #tentedreception #ohtheheart #ohioweddingplanner #thatsdarling #weddingplanner #ohiobride

79 1

Long day. Good day. Happy day. Woman of few words over here: tomorrow, you’ll see why 👋🏻😴💛 • Photography: @kylejohnphoto | Venue: @richwoodontheriver | Gown: @blovedbridal for @bellelumieremagazine • • • • #kentuckybride #eventshelddear #kylejohnphoto #richwoodontheriver #ohiobride #ohioweddingplanner #weddingplanner #brideandgroom #ohtheheart #blworkshop

95 6

Psssstttttt - it’s wedding weekend 👀 We’re camped out today at our clients property, overseeing the tent build and rental drop off. So glad it’s finally cooled down here in Ohio for this lovely fall wedding! I’m ready for all the first looks, first dances, florals, EVERYTHING about this coming Saturday ✨ • Photography: @jennanicolegreenawalt | Beauty: @sweetlypinnedhairandmakeup | Gown: @lajeunemariee @palomablancabridal | Suit: @macys • • • • #jennanicolephoto #eventshelddear #ohiostatehouse #ohiobride #firstlook #thatsdarling #brideandgroom #lajeunemariee #ohtheheart

35 5

Raise your hand if you worked from home today and stayed in your PJs all day 🙋🏻‍♀️ Anyone? I know there’s more than just me pulling this move this week 😏 • Photography: @caroline_koehler | Venue: @pinecroftmansion | Florals: @rootsfloraldesign | Invitation: @thecolumbuscalligrapher • • • • #eventshelddear #ohtheheart #pinecroftmansion #ohiobride #ohioweddingplanner #weddinginvitations #rootsfloraldesign #thatsdarling

60 2

A little radio silence over here, but it doesn’t mean we’re done creating for the year 👋🏻 We had a really relaxing weekend, and were back at it today finalizing details for one of our biggest weddings of the year this coming weekend - you guys are gonna love it! Hope y’all enjoyed your first day of October, as hot as it was 🔥 • Photography: @jennanicolegreenawalt | Linens: @gyclinens | Florals: @madisonhouseflowers • • • • #eventshelddear #ohtheheart #jennanicolephoto #madisonhousedesigns #ohioweddingplanner #ohiobride #fineart #tablenumbers #ohiobride

69 4

I’m gettin’ overloaded with photos today and I’m just over here like 😍 We’ve been getting this question a lot lately, people asking what our favorite venues are! It’s really so hard to list, because if I’m being honest, there are lotssss of beautiful venues in Ohio, but not all venue staff is the same when it comes to how they take care of their clients + vendors. Venue staff + catering teams can literally make or break your wedding day, and that’s why we LOVE working with @thewestincolumbus - they go above and beyond, every time. Peter and Diane’s day was so epic, because along with the Westin staff we had such a good vendor team!! And guys, putting this out there during this booking season: knowing which staff goes above + beyond and which do not - these are exactly the types of things a Planner has great insight to 😊 It’s a fact, and a great way we can help you plan your day! • Photography: @nicoleclareyphoto | Venue: @thewestincolumbus | Gown: @wendysbridalcolumbus | Beauty: @heyprettybeauty | Florals: @vesselfloralevents • • • • #nicoleclareyphotography #film #thewestincolumbus #eventshelddear #ohtheheart #ohioweddingplanner #westinwedding #columbuswedding

71 7

This is what floral arch dreams are made of 😍 You guys: I have my first weekend off in SO LONG this upcoming weekend and I’m so pumped! Zac and I have a full day planned of breakfast, apple picking, miscellaneous errands (duh) and then cheering on the Buckeyes. Finally ready to watch a game instead of checking scores on Twitter 🙃 It’s officially fall in the Anderson household! 🙌🏻 p.s. Peep those apples in the bottom right corner 👀 • Florals: @evergreenflowerco | Photography: @nicoleclareyphoto • • • • #nicoleclareyphotography #film #eventshelddear #evergreenflowerco #floralarch #ceremonyflowers #columbusbride #ohioweddingplanner #ohtheheart

110 8

Photos are in from Samantha & Tanner’s wedding and GAHHHH I’m so excited!!! What a way to start my week 😍 Today was the Monday-est Tuesday in a while, and tackling a full inbox was quite the struggle. But boy, seeing these images come back of days we worked so hard on makes it SO worth it! Hope you guys had a great start to your week 💕 • Photography: @jennanicolegreenawalt | Florist: @madisonhouseflowers | Beauty: @sweetlypinnedhairandmakeup | Bridesmaids: @shopgildedsocial | Gown: @lajeunemariee @palomablancabridal • • • • #eventshelddear #columbusweddingplanner #ohiobride #ohioweddingplanner #jennanicolephoto #fineart #weddingparty #columbusbride #ohtheheart

35 0

Happy Saturday!! It’s another wedding weekend for us, cause when we say fall is our busiest time of the year, we really mean it 🙃 But for real, hug your wedding planner + coordinator friends in your life, ‘cause this job is no joke! It’s another beautiful weekend and the rain HAS stopped: I’m speaking it into existence now! Can’t wait to celebrate you, Gina + Jacob! 🥂 • Photography: @jennapowersphoto | Venue: @juniperrooftop • • • • #eventshelddear #weddingweekend #juniperrooftop #jennapowersphotography #film #downtowncolumbus #rooftopwedding #ohtheheart

45 4

I had the awesome pleasure of working with two talented ladies this summer, @annapeter_s and @annalaerophoto 💛 They came all the way to Ohio for this fun shoot! While we’re holding onto it a little longer, for now, I had to give a peek 👀 If you’re asking if we used dead bugs to style, you are 100% CORRECT! However, that lil’ beetle was definitely still alive. I let him style himself 😏 • Photography: @annalaerophoto | Venue: @magnoliahillfarm | Florals: @oldslatefarm | Invitations: @unicaforma_ • • • • #annalaerophotography #eventshelddear #ohtheheart #columbusbride #ohioweddingplanner #fineart #magnoliahillfarm #film

81 7

I’m finding it hard to get back into the swing of things. Mainly - with YOU, Instagram. 😂 Ah, you’ve fallen so low on my list of priorities in the midst of this busy season, and you + your algorithm clearly hate so many of us.... sigh. I’m trying, I really am. I haven’t disappeared guys, just balancing our busy fall + 2020 weddings + friends + family + cherished alone time 😂💕 • Photography: @kyliebrickerphoto | Shoes: @bellabelleshoes • • • • #kyliebrickerphotography #film #bellabelleshoes #jorgensenfarmsoakgrove #loveatfirstcyph #eventshelddear #ohtheheart #ohioweddingplanner #columbusbride

40 0

Fall is here, and so are more of those autumn tones 🙌🏻 We’ve got some fun color palettes coming up this weekend + all of October, and we’re so excited these popular months are finally hereeeee!! We’ve got five more amazing couples to celebrate this year... we’re so ready 😊 • Photography: @nicoleclareyphoto | Florals: @evergreenflowerco • • • • #nicoleclareyphotography #film #eventshelddear #columbusbride #ohioweddingplanner #destinationweddingplanner #evergreenflowerco #receptiondecor


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