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52.1% of ericjoonho's followers are female and 47.9% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 1.40%. The average number of likes per post is 529 and the average number of comments is 20.

Ericjoonho loves posting about Food, Recipes.

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52.1 %
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  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 88.47 %
  • Art & Design 53.77 %
  • Fitness & Yoga 53.72 %
  • Travel & Tourism 43.76 %
  • Entertainment 42.59 %
  • Business & Careers 39.69 %
  • Healthy Lifestyle 39.34 %
  • Home & Garden 35.42 %
  • Photography 34.24 %
  • Beauty & Fashion 31.82 %
  • Clothes, Shoes, Handbags & Accessories 30.76 %
  • Luxury Goods 30.56 %
  • Technology & Science 29.99 %


178 3

Learned so much reporting this week’s column—about solitude on Passover, to be sure, but also about how much charoset means to people. Thank you so much to the beautiful writers who took the time to speak with me for this (tagged here), and to @amanda_dell at the @jewishfoodsociety for sharing the Tunisian charoset recipe. Link in bio. 🎨🖊 Illustration by @merjensenarts; edits by @aratimenon @brindayesterday 💙 “There are certain Jewish holidays that lend themselves to introspection in solitude, like Yom Kippur for example, but loneliness and Passover don’t really intersect in that way. Not that I had a choice to celebrate alone this year. My mom called with the Zoom link as soon as we found out about the lockdown.” — @valerio.farris 💙 “Many think the holiday is rooted in remembering our time as slaves in Egypt, but I'd argue that it's more to gather community and spark conversation around the concept of marginalization. The story of Passover is one of perseverance over persecution, but it doesn't live in biblical times. The idea around discussing hardships, celebrating freedom, and planning for a better tomorrow can be projected on any civil rights movement, and is especially relevant today as Jews face a rise in anti-semitism across the world.” — @jakecohen 💙 “There is something about the preparation, the long cooking of the charoset, the patient stirring and waiting until the dried fruits turn a deep brick red and so gungily thick it’s hard to stir any more, that makes one feel connected with past generations in a way that ceremony alone never could. And this in a way is the great Jewish trick: to use food to make sense of it all, to make sense of anything.” — @nigellalawson

334 4

Swipe for the reverse chron: @alisoneroman’s NYT chicken broth (from the matzo ball soup recipe) + @nigellalawson’s kneydl (from ‘Nigella Bites’). I’ve made latzo soups in my life, but have never made one so thick and fortified with chicken flavor. The magic of Roman’s recipe is, I think, that she asks you to boil the broth uncovered for 1.5-2 hrs, so it reduces and reduces and reduces... Only thing is, I added crushed bay leaves b/c that’s what Nigella does. Both writers are featured in my latest column, which you can read thru the link in my bio 💌 RECIPES:

942 33

You think Timothée Chalamet eats macaroni and cheese MIDNIGHT SNACK FOR TIMMY IF I WERE HIS WIFE Boil 4 ounces pasta in heavily salted water, reserve about a cup of the cooking liquid and drain. Add pasta back to pot, plus 1 tablespoon butter, a splash of cream, a fat handful of white cheddar, and some of the reserved cooking liquid. Stir over low heat until sauce has reduced and become creamy, adding more pasta water as needed. Season to taste: freshly grated nutmeg, S&P. Serves 1 Timothée Chalamet #destroymeking #imsoalone

701 34

5s and 10s of you have been asking about this CCC recipe (link below, via @miglorious - ty 🙏). I made the dough, scooped about 12 rounds onto a quarter sheet pan, and froze them. And for the past week I’ve been sneaking into the freezer for a single cookie at a time, baking them off as I want them, about once or twice a day. I wouldn’t call this portion control, per se (as you can see, each cookie is pretty thicc), but it is, for people who live alone, the best way to guarantee that optimal warm, gooey, chewy quality in a fresh-baked chocolate chip cookie, whenever you need it. IMPORTANT note on dough to chocolate ratio: I always use fewer chunks/chips because I actually really enjoy that molasses-y vanilla base on its own; the chocolate is good, to be sure, but tastes even better when relieved by just brown-sugar cookie between bites. Anyone else do this? 🍪 Recipe:

500 11

THE ÉRIC ; or, a quarantine cocktail 🥃 1 1/2 oz fino sherry 1 1/2 oz sweet red vermouth Bitters, many dashes A huge ass ice cube, biggest you’ve got A lemon twist 🍋 Combine ingredients in a glass with ice and stir until cold. Express lemon over drink and plop in. Tastes good! Try it! -E

626 16

In case this is helpful for your situation, I've added more recipes here (including a few desserts). Thank you so much to those who have been cooking these and sharing your photos with me; it fills my cold, brittle heart with acid (the kind that cures raw fish in ceviche and makes salad taste good). 💛 Link in bio.

398 34

Been eating lots of Spam these days wbu (pictured: chorizo flavor ... not great 🥴; OG is best, reduced sodium is fine)

503 25

Fun fact: Today, Saturn, Neptune, and Uranus all aligned in the form of a triquetra, which means every single gay bought clippers and cut their own hair today. It’s a momentous day for gaykind and should be celebrated at all costs. Unrelated: See my IG live (and all my mess-ups) on the @food52 page. Recipe:

491 21

Good morning. This is my Asian pear galette w/ a whole-wheat and rice vinegar crust; cardamom whipped cream not pictured, but 100% present. Hope you and your loved ones are doing well, and staying safe and healthy. #f52community

381 6

“As I’m in my apartment, alone for another day, I actually find comfort in this new portrait of Beard. Neither rosy nor idyllic, this version of the Man Who Ate Too Much shows all sides of what it’s really like to dine alone—not just when you want to, but when you have to.” (My latest #TableforOne, link in bio; also check @food52’s stories to watch me make this dish. 🤡) Lovely photo by @juliagartland; styling by @samanthaseneviratne @sophiestrangio

554 22

This makes sense and you know it 🤡

792 22

Last week, for @cupofjo, I wrote about my dog Quentin (“Q”) and our journey together, from the day I met her at the shelter through all the hospital visits after her diagnosis. The joys of writing a piece like this are twofold: 1) You feel less alone after reading 200+ comments from people who went through the same. And 2) as hard as everything was, you get to tell the happy ending. (Link in bio.)


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