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71.1% of dinnoedhjaelp's followers are female and 28.9% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 2.30%. The average number of likes per post is 2902 and the average number of comments is 39.

Dinnoedhjaelp loves posting about Moms, Actors.

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71.1 %
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  • Art & Design 46.50 %
  • Beauty & Fashion 46.22 %
  • Entertainment 41.23 %
  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 40.17 %
  • Music 39.03 %
  • Children & Family 38.67 %
  • Fitness & Yoga 38.67 %
  • Home & Garden 38.47 %
  • Business & Careers 36.83 %
  • Travel & Tourism 36.03 %
  • Photography 35.05 %
  • Movies and TV 34.89 %
  • Healthy Lifestyle 33.86 %


4,433 44

Part 2: Abia 2013 vs. 2019 After the mother died, Anefiok and Abia buried their own mother. I cannot even begin to imagine how it must feel to be 7 years old and bury your own mother ?! Now Anefiok, 7 years old, and Abia, 9 years old, were alone with an infant. An infant who constantly needs breastmilk, care and protection. Anefiok and Abia did everything they could to keep their baby brother alive. But in vain. Shortly after they buried their mother the baby died in Anefiok’s arms. This was the time during the interview I remember Orok struggled to continue. Again Anefiok blamed himself for not being able to protect his baby brother. Anefiok 7 years old and Abia 9 years old buried their baby brother next to where they had buried their mother. After the rescue of Anefiok and Abia the boys were very traumatized. I remember how afraid Anefiok was of water. Abia did not talk much. He was very shy. But despite the horrible trauma, Anefiok was the one who developed most in a positive direction. He used dancing to heal so we danced alot ☺️ Abia was very different. He was very fragile and became extremely introvert. Today, almost 7 years after the rescue of the boys, Anefiok is a very strong boy. He is a brilliant student and he loves to play football. Abia is progressing, but slowly. He has struggled a lot with low self-esteem and with poor physical development. But this year something has happened. Abia is much more social. He smiles more and I can really see a change. He use to be very shy when I take pictures of him, but now he will even come to me and ask me to take a picture of him 😀 Abia still has a long way to go, but thinking of his past, I’m just happy to see him being able to smile and interact with the other children. And this year he has gained 7 kilo !! 💪🏿 If you want to support Anefiok and Abia and the rest of our children, you can become a member of the Land of Hope family here: https://www.dinnoedhjaelp.dk/en/become-a-member/ Your membership is life changing ❤️ #childrights #childrennotwitches #progres #humanity #landofhope #love #care #education #hope #transformation

2,553 27

Part 1: Anefiok 2013 vs. 2019 I came to Nigeria for the first time in the beginning of 2013, almost 7 years ago. Earlier this year I started to post “before” and “after” stories of our children. I came up with the idea in relation to Facebook’s 10 Year Challenge. The facebook 10 year challenge made me think of how time passes quickly and that the incredible transformation of the children that @davidumem I and our team saved in the early years had just past before our eyes. Yes we know what happens in the proces, we are right there making sure that our children develop, but because we are always so busy, we rarely have time to think of the incredible “before” and “after” stories. I love to make the stories because it gives me time to really think of the transformation of our children in so many ways. Some of the details I think I have unconsciously hidden from my memory to protect myself. The story I’m about to tell you is one of them. I have actually wanted to tell Anefiok’s story for a very long time but I have always postponed his story because it’s really one of the cases that has haunted me for years. But now is the time. This is also Abia’s story. Because Abia is the big brother to Anefiok and we rescued both of them in 2013. It was our Director of Child Development @nsidibeorok who interviewed the boys and Orok who saw the place where it all happened. Anefiok and Abia’s mother was outcasted by the local community because of witchcraft accusations. She was very young and she was alone with 3 little boys. Anefiok, Abia and their younger brother, an infant. The mother and 3 boys struggled to survive. Everyday Anefiok and Abia had to beg for food on the street because the mother did not work. She was very sick and could hardly take care of their baby brother. They had no house to stay in so they lived under some bushes. The situation was pathetic. And not long after the family had been outcasted from the village, Anefiok and Abia’s mother died. During the interview Anefiok cried blaming himself for not being able to keep his mother alive. He was 7 years old. #childrennotwitches #childrights #landofhope #humanity #love #care #transformation

1,572 21

6 months ago I met the world famous Danish contemporary art photographer @jacobgils known for his work in multiple exposure technique with trees, called "Movement". Some of Jacob’s photograph’s are hanging at: 1. Their Royal Highnesses, Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary collection at Amalienborg Palace Copenhagen 👑 2. Their Royal Highnesses, Prince Joachim and Princess Marie collection 👑 3. The Danish Cultural Institute in Beijing, China 4. Boston Properties, New York USA 5. Loro Piana Collection, Milan Italy 6. Thomas Shao Collection, Shanghai China 7. LEGO A/S, Denmark 8. Maersk A/S, Denmark 9. Confederation of Danish Industry, Denmark Jacob contacted me because he wanted to make a photograph of me and I was really very surprised and excited. Why me ? Through his work Jacob wants to support our humanitarian work in Nigeria 👏🏻👏🏻❤️ So now I’m going to hang in a gallery😱😂🖼 WOW ! Jacob’s photograph’s are normally sold to prices from 45.000 kr. to 250.000 kr. depending on the sizes. I hope my photograph will be sold in the high end because all money is donated to our work in Nigeria. Thank you Jacob for giving me the once in a lifetime experience of making such a unique portrait of me. Your talent is outstanding and I feel lucky to be choosen among all the famous people you have photographed for this speciel project 👑 I cannot yet reveal the other persons photographed but I can say that they are VERY famous 😀 For any inquiries please contact Jacob: https://www.jacobgils.com/ 🖼 #contemporaryart #jacobgils #royalfamily #artwork #exhibition #anjaringgrenlovén #portrait #gallery #support #childrights #childrennotwitches #hope #love

3,731 59

Two times every year our sponsor @modstrom a popular Danish fashion brand, designs a t-shirt to support our humanitarian work in Nigeria. When you buy the t-shirt the money is donated to our 73 Land of Hope children 💚🇳🇬 The t-shirts are always very popular so be fast to get one. Link in my story or check out @modstrom ☘️ #charitee #modström #sponsor #landofhope #childrights #childrennotwitches #nigeria #love #africa #hope #humanity #anjaringgrenlovén #founder #ngo #humanitarian #modstrom

4,153 152

Victor 2019 vs. 2013 I came to Nigeria for the very first time in the beginning of 2013, almost 7 years ago. I remember how eager I was to go on a rescue mission. Before I travelled to Nigeria, I worked with street kids in Malawi and Tanzania so I was confident of my own strenght to handle whatever I was going to face during a rescue mission. But I had no idea of how tough it was going to be. The day we rescued Victor was my first rescue mission and I literally broke down. Victor had been accused of being a witch by his stepfather. He had been beaten and abused by his stepfather for a long period. He blamed Victor for all his problems and wanted to kill him. Victor ran away. His mother was weak, she was deaf and had no chance to protect her son. Victor tried to survive by begging for food on the street. During the nights he hide in the bushes, afraid he would be caught and burned alive. A public lynching of “witches” was not uncommon in his village. Victor was only 9 years old. When we found him he was wearing old clothing full of holes. What I remember the most was that Victor was wearing dirty shoes. Why that is stucked in my memory I will come to... Victor had no visible signs of abuse. No open wounds or scars, and he was not bleeding. But yet his rescue was one that will always haunt me. I don’t think I have ever seen a child so scared before. Victor’s eyes were totally empty. He could not speak. He was very anxious and very confused. It was almost as if he was in shock. Children who have suffered from abuse and neglect have severe physical and mental behavioral problems and Victor was showing signs of it all from the moment he was rescued. That day I only looked down. I was not strong enough to handle the situation. I could only focus on Victor’s shoes. I think Victor is one of the children we have worked with the most. We had many consultations with Victor over the years. We have really worked hard on Victor’s self-esteem and mental behaviour. It’s been a long and emotional process. But we have faced all the challenges and today Victor has grown into a very strong, independent teenager with more and more self-esteem everyday. #rescue #childrights #hope

1,536 11

Land of Hope is a home for 73 children. Everyday all 73 children go to school. The children are 2-22 years old and 3 study at university and one is in training as a carpenter. Four times a year we pay school fees for all our children. It’s not free. And kids grow. That means we often buy new school uniforms for all our 73 children. Feet also grow. So we often buy new school sandals as well. Books, pens, schoolbags and other school materials for 73 children are expensive. But education is the most important gift we can give to our children. All our 73 children eat 3 big meals and 2 snack meals everyday. Imagine the amount of food we prepare in the kitchen everyday. It is very important that every meal is super nutritious. Children need protein, vegetables, fruits, grains and dairy. A healthy balanced diet is important for any child to grow and develop, both physical and mental. When we rescue a child, we see how important a nutritious diet helps the child to recover very fast. Not just to gain weight. The brain also needs food to function properly. All our children are sick once in a while. Sometimes it’s serious like malaria, typhoid fever, infections and other serious tropical diseases. Sometimes our children are hospitalized. Medical treatments and medicine for 73 children are costly. But it’s life essential to give our children the best possible treatment. These are just a few examples of how much work and money it requires to give our children a loving home to grow and develop. For us to be able to give our children a quality education, nutritious meals everyday and medicine when they are sick we need members to join our organization 🌱 Press the link here and become a member today: https://www.dinnoedhjaelp.dk/en/become-a-member/ Link is also in story and bio ☘️ 🌱 #membership #makeadifference #childrights #humanrights #landofhope #childrennotwitches #nigeria #education #love #support #savealife

2,411 29

Today is the World Cleanup Day and all the children at Land of Hope have been very busy since morning, cleaning up the local community. Everyday we teach our children about the 3 great ways we can eliminate waste and protect the environment: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. It is very important for us to teach the children about the benefits of reduce, reuse and recycle. Some of you might remember that back in May our children won the textile Art competition for making furnitures out of used car tires and leftover textiles. I’m so proud to see our children take so much responsibility to protect our planet 🌱🌍 Today our Director of Child Development @nsidibeorok and our horticulture teacher joined the children together with our Director of social media and communication @ekeminijacobs and I know that they all had a lot of fun. A nation that destroys its soils destroys itself. At Land of Hope we know that we only have one home 🌍 Did you join the World Cleanup Day ? 🌱😀 #worldcleanupday #nigeria #landofhope #protectourplanet #cleanenvironment #ourplanetourhome #childrennotwitches #childrights #hope #love

3,428 63

Destiny 2015 vs. 2019 💫 Back in November 2015, almost 4 years ago, @davidumem and our director of child development @nsidibeorok were called for a rescue by one of the local villagers. During our fieldwork we establish a very important relation with the local villagers. They get our contact number and become our eyes and ears in the local communities. It was actually a local villager who called us and reported about Hope. Even though the local villagers are superstitious does not mean that they want children to be killed. The relationship we have established over the years with many local communities through our fieldwork has saved the lives of many of our children. When David and Orok came to the village they found Destiny wearing only a pair of trousers with big holes. He had been abused and left alone on the street, accused of being a witch. Today Destiny is a very healthy and energetic boy who loves to go to school. He loves to play football but he is a bad loser 😂 Sunday his team lost the final and he was in pain for one whole day 🤨Football and men ? 🤷🏻‍♀️ Today, as you can see in the first picture, taken by me, Destiny is back in full speed ✌🏿😂❤️ #childrennotwitches #superstition #childrights #rescuemission #nigeria #africa #hope #landofhope #humanrights #advocacy #humanitarian #davidemmanuelumem #fieldwork #destiny #love #transformation #savealife #anjaringgrenlovén #childrenareourfuture #enlightment #witchcraftbeliefs #unitedagainstsuperstition

2,609 40

I don’t know if you can imagine the pride it gave the children when they saw their own paintings on a professional poster and as a postcard. Remember that this is children who use to live on the streets, being unwanted, unloved and not cared for. Children who struggled to survive. And suddenly they see their own paintings being sold online all over the world from a professional art company’s website ! Imagine ? 💫 It’s these moments where I look with pride at the humanitarian work we do. When the children feel proud then I know we have succeeded. If you are new follower then let me quickly explain about this project. Last year DINNødhjælp collaborated with the Danish art company @chicura_design ChiCura donated art materials to the children’s art class at Land of Hope. All the children each made a painting that I brought back to Denmark. I then send all the paintings to ChiCura and they created the most unique and beautiful art designs from the children’s paintings. All the children’s art designs went online earlier this year. I know that many of you have already bought the children’s designs. Some of you have even send pictures to me of where the paintings hang in your homes. I have showed these pictures to the children and they were so excited and surprised to see their paintings hanging in your homes 🖼😀 Everytime you buy one of the children’s paintings all the amount is being donated to the children. I mean 100% !! 💪🏻❤️ So I can ofcourse only encourage all of you to buy the children’s designs and join us and fight for justice for children accused of witchcraft 🖼 It’s the perfect Christmas gift to give to family, friends and loved ones 🎁👏🏻👏🏻 And please remember to keep sending me pictures of where you hang the paintings in your homes. The children LOVE to see the pictures 😂 You can buy the children’s paintings here: There are different styles and sizes: https://www.chicura.com/product-category/dinnoedhjaelp/ 🖼 ( also link in my stories ) A big Thank you to ChiCura and to our hardworking and very talented art teacher at Land of Hope @basseyjoeberry #chicura #childrensart #paintings #support #landofhope #nigeria #childrennotwitches #childrights

5,347 64

If there is one thing developmental psychologists have learned over the years, it is that parents don’t have to be brilliant psychologists to succeed. They don’t have to be supremely gifted teachers. They just need to be present. They just need to establish secure emontional bonds that children can fall back upon in the face of stress. They just need to love, care and protect their children. Love from Land of Hope 🇳🇬🇩🇰 #childrennotwitches #landofhope #nigeria #childrights #justice #parenthood #love #hope #support #africa

1,661 13

Please help me ❤️ I get alot of messages from people with great ideas about how to support our children at Land of Hope. Many of you mention auctions. I guess not all of you are aware that we actually have an auction page here on facebook and on Instagram. Many Danish companies and private donors ( authors, designers etc. ) donate items for our auction page. The autions run for 3 days, the highest bidder wins and the money is donated to us. It´s like a win win. You get to support our children at Land of Hope and at the same time you win something nice 😉 The companies and private donors donate brand new items and it is everything from fashion clothing, hotel weekends, art from art designers, signed books from authors, expensive wines, jewelry, interior designs, kitchen equipments, perfumes and make-up to things like skydiving, helicopter rides, cinema tickets and lots more. There are auctions for everyone, man, woman, kids and pets. Anyone can make a bid on our auctions and win, but if you live outside Denmark the postal fees are just higher. And any foreign company are most welcome to contact my auction team if you wish to donate any items etc. to our auction. It´s a different way to support Land of Hope but every auction generates a lot of funds that helps us to be able to send our children to school everyday and give them a brighter future. On Instagram many companies prefer to support pages that have 10.000 or more followers. Why ? Because when a page has 10.000 followers it opens up the possibility for a page to share links. Companies like that 😀 At the moment my auction page only has 916 followers so I really need your help 😬 A long way to go. But nobody said it would be easy. That is what makes life interesting. Challenges 😂 So all you need to help is to follow my auction page called: “Auktion/DINNødhjælp” by using this link: https://instagram.com/auktiondinnoedhjaelp?igshid=1byfe0hztg2y5 ✔️😗 Link is also in my story. Search for “auktiondinnoedhjaelp” 💃🏻 #help #auktiondinnoedhjaelp #support #landofhope #childrights #childrennotwitches #auctions #follow #10.000followers #challengesareopportunities #hope #nigeria #love

2,467 25

Part 4: When we came back to Land of Hope, Michael asked me if he could borrow my phone so he could show the pictures of him and his sister to all the children. He was so proud. At the end of the day, the bond between siblings is very strong. Home visits to me, is the most important part of our work. Children who have no knowledge of their origin and culture is like a tree without roots. #childrennotwitches #landofhope #childrights #homevisits #family #love #humanrights #justice #africa #hope #nigeria #advocacy #superstition #education #fieldwork #unity #peace #childrenareourfuture


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