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22.9% of diego_djdgaf's followers are female and 77.1% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 1.00%. The average number of likes per post is 1478 and the average number of comments is 70.

Diego_djdgaf loves posting about Music, DJ, Entertainment.

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22.9 %
77.1 %


  • Beauty & Fashion 92.10 %
  • Art & Design 47.49 %
  • Movies and TV 39.58 %
  • Business & Careers 39.34 %
  • Music 39.00 %
  • Entertainment 37.47 %
  • Fitness & Yoga 33.91 %
  • Books and Literature 33.49 %
  • Clothes, Shoes, Handbags & Accessories 31.70 %
  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 31.01 %
  • Sports 30.56 %
  • Cars & Motorbikes 30.52 %


571 40

[ T H E S T R U C T U R E T O U R ] Proud to present the first installment of #TheStructureTour this October 2019. _ In exactly 1 month I’ll be on the road with @jonathanerik & @travisanthonyhair with some special guest in each stop giving you guys a new experience! s/o @strandthebrand @proximashave & @86kustomklippers for sponsoring the tour! #WATERBURY #CLEVELAND #CHICAGO #AUSTIN I hope you guys are ready!!!!! _ Tickets are limited and now available at THESTRUCTURETOUR.COM _ #STRAND #STRANDTHEBRAND #SHARPFADE #BARBERSHOPCONNECT #BARBERCLASS #continuedEDUCATION #THECONCEPTACADEMY

328 19

[ S L O V A K I A ] This week I will be flying across to Europe to share everything I know and give Slovakia my best education yet! _ It still amazes me to even think that cutting hair has provided with so many opportunity’s to continue to help build and grow this industry globally. _ This is my first time going to Slovakia and Prague and I look forward to meeting everyone on that side of the world. S/o my bro @karelcavalier for making this happen for not only myself but for the barber culture in Slovakia. _ @strandthebrand @houseoffade @mizutaniamerica @babylisspro_barberology @takarabelmontus _ #STRAND #STRANDTHEBRAND #HOFB #THECONCEPTACADEMY #SLOVAKIA #PRAGUE #BARBERSHOPCONNECT #SHARPFADE

2,724 317

[ B O R N D A Y ] Blessed to be able to celebrate another bday today. _ This past year has taught me the most lessons and has prepared me for another year of life. I’m grateful and thankful for everyone and everything in my life. _ life has been a crazy journey full of amazing experiences and hard lessons. Going into this new year with different energy and mindset. Blessed to be alive and well and have my family with me. My squad and team that hold me down. _ 9/20 Cheers to another year of life and s/o to all my virgos out there. much love y’all. _ #BDAYBOY #BDAY #BLESSED #THANKFUL #MINDFUL #PRESENT #MANIFEST #ENERGY #MINDSET #WISE #WISDOM #LOSANGELES @houseoffade @strandthebrand @theconceptacademy @structuredtla @thevisionarytour

1,607 66

[ P A S S I O N O V E R P A Y C H E C K S ] If you want to be successful in this world, you have to follow your passion, not a paycheck. _ To celebrate this T-shirt that I dropped 5 years ago, I just added it to the @strandthebrand website and only made 50 to those that want to wear this proudly and support the brand. This design was remade by popular demand and won’t have any future restock. _ S/o to the fam in these picture slides rocking the tee, @famos @pacinos @staygold31 @los_cut_it @jonathanerik @roland_thebarber @timelessvick & yours truly 5 years ago when I first started traveling to educate. _ Available now while supplies last. Visit STRANDTHEBRAND.COM or click link in bio. Only a few per size so don’t sleep! _ #STRAND #STRANDTHEBRAND #PASSIONOVERPAYCHECKS #BARBERLOVE #PACINOS #FAMOS #STAYGOLD31 #LOSCUTIT #VICKDAMONE #ROLANDTHEBARBER #BARBERSHOPCONNECT

2,236 40

[ S U N D A Y R I T U A L ] No days off!!!! _ Vibes at @kutthroatsocialclub for the 2yr anniversary event. San Diego is always a great turnout and always a pleasure seeing everyone out here. S/o @strandthebrand _ I just announced a big news bomb in SD along premiering 2 t-shirt exclusives. Check IG story for more. _ #HOFB #STRAND #STRANDTHEBRAND #SANDIEGO #KUTTHROAT #BARBERSHOPCONNECT #OTD #MENSSTYLE #LIFESTYLE

462 22

[ S T O C K T O N ] 2 events Swipe left! _ STOCKTON I’m coming back! Doing a hairjam and @theconceptacademy inside @sndbarbering October 6th and 7th with @ulysses_benitez , @renjworld & @jonathanerik The hairjam showcase line up is insane!, talent from all over to come together to contribute to an event for the barber culture! Hairjam is free but you must Get an RSVP ticket! _ Can’t wait for these events, get your jam, look & learn and hands on tickets ASAP before they’re gone. TheStocktonJam.Eventbrite.com ConceptStockton.Eventbrite.com Or click links in my bio. See you all there!!! #STRAND #STRANDTHEBRAND #SHARPANDDAPPER #ARCHIVEDTLA #GREYAREA #HOUSEOFFADE #THECONCEPTACADEMY #SHARPFADE #STOCKTONBARBER #STOCKTON #BARBERSHOPCONNECT

1,227 73

[ S I M P L I C I T Y ] Make it simple but significant. _ Cut up @bruiz_la at @structuredtla the other day and shot it at @archivedtla with my bro @renjworld. _ Aside of the wild and creative concept haircut pieces that I post, it’s the simple ones that I do on the regular. In a perfect world, every haircut request would be a creative one but most hair cutters do the norm. If you want to do more creative haircuts, post them. You attract what you post as far as work goes. Aside from that, we must never forget the basics and like they say “we must learn the rules before we break them”. _ Hair styled with @strandthebrand Sea salt spray and iconic matte. _ I will be posting the full 360 pics of this haircut on my IG story. Tune in. _ #HOFB #STRAND #STRANDTHEBRAND #THECONCEPACADEMY #STRUCTUREDTLA #THEVISIONARYTOUR #BARBERSHOPCONNECT #BARBERO

2,199 67

[ W A S H I N G T O N ] Each one teach one. Action shot from this past weekend’s events in Seattle Washington. Started the weekend with a historical Hair jam by @strandthebrand highlighting amazing talent from surrounding cities. _ The following day had @theconceptacademy Look & learn and Hands on course inside the beautiful @tblbarbers. Thanks @officialerikruiz & @albertelbarbero For helping me coordinate this and being such great host. _ Brought my bros @jonathanerik & @c_indocuts Along to share their story and haircutting techniques and also headlined the jam. Thanks for jumping on board and pleasure rocking with both you. _ I’m already cooking up something BIG in my Seattle return for FEB 2020. Stay tuned for that.! _ Thanks to everyone who drove and flew in from other parts of the world for this memorable event and I’ll see you all very soon in your side of town! _ #HOFB #STRAND #STRANDTHEBRAND #THECONCEPTACADEMY #THEVISIONARYTOUR #STRUCTUREDTLA #SEATTLE #BARBERSHOPCONNECT

2,689 165

[ B I Z A R R E X M A D N E S S ] There is no bizarre genius without some touch of madness. This Bi•ZARRE x MADNESS collection was the most spontaneous collaboration ever with @kimberlytayhair. The day began at @structuredtla with a subtle gradient blend of colors by Tay that transitioned into a work of art with 2 BIZZARE and MAD artist/models @byrdmena @anayvette_ Sometimes when artist are together in 1 room we create. This was the most fun for me, from writing these words on their heads to directing and photographing these wild characters. @kimberlytayhair is such a beast with the color and also has a crazy vision and I’m glad this ended up happening the way it did. Stay tuned for more from these pieces. Inspiration from @anthonyvincenttt & @karlaress catch me creating some concept pieces this weekend in Seattle! Tickets on link in bio. #STRAND #STRANDTHEBRAND #STRUCTUREDTLA #ART #MADNESS #BIZARRE #CONCEPT #BARBERSHOPCONNECT #BEHINDTHECHAIR

1,793 63

[ G O O D F E L L A S ] It’s better to have a great team than to have a team of greats. I enjoyed every bit of last nights class with my brothas @famos @titan_barber @barber.josh.o.p @tailorfade @cjdabarber_ it was great in every way. You guys absolutely killed it. Thanks for trusting @strandthebrand in putting this together for us. This won’t be the last time you see us together!!! S/o to everyone that made it out, I know it was a crazy weekend at BTC and I hope we closed it out with a bang for you guys!!! Up next is Seattle this weekend with my bros @jonathanerik @travisanthonyhair & @c_indocuts. We have a action packed weekend, hair Jam, look & learn and hands on. Get your tickets at conceptseattle.eventbrite.com Thanks. #HOFB #STRANDTHEBRAND #BTCAWARDS #ONESHOTHAIRAWARDS #BEHINDTHECHAIR #BARBERSHOPCONNECT #SHARPFADE

1,247 63

[ B T C A W A R D S ] SaintJuliegos back in the building. It’s not so much about the actual award. It’s more so about the hard work and passion that goes into the work that gets nominated. The recognition is great but it’s the love for hair that makes this what it is. Always a great time with my brothers @famos & @juliuscaesar We’re here nominated back to back for the second year and it’s inspiring to see all these artist on stage doing their thing and all the great work that is displayed through the weekend. Thank you @behindthechair_com for doing this for the hair culture. #oneshothairawards #behindthechair #saintwpg #hofb #allhail #conceptthetour #STRANDtheBRAND #barberlife


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