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64.0% of's followers are female and 36.0% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 2.40%. The average number of likes per post is 961 and the average number of comments is 39. loves posting about Moms, Fashion.

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64.0 %
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  • Beauty & Fashion 64.44 %
  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 51.34 %
  • Fitness & Yoga 49.60 %
  • Children & Family 48.23 %
  • How-to & Style 45.25 %
  • Art & Design 41.62 %
  • Entertainment 40.76 %
  • Business & Careers 39.96 %
  • Travel & Tourism 38.49 %
  • Clothes, Shoes, Handbags & Accessories 36.69 %
  • Healthy Lifestyle 35.46 %


590 14

"Our body goes through many changes throughout pregnancy. But the biggest change is the slow transformation from being a woman to being a mother." In medicine, we diagnose and treatment diseases. Yet there is still so much to learn about the amazing human body. Creating another human is one of these miracles. As Sophie enters toddlerhood, I'm amazed by how fast she's morphing into a little person and dumbstruck that I gave birth to this being. The changes of pregnancy lasts 9 months, but the journey of motherhood is life long. Taking a moment this evening to reflect on #mymotherhood because time flies by too quick and it doesn't stop for anyone. #throwbackthursday #womeninmedicine #workingmomkind

947 37

I thought marriage during residency was the hardest for Bob and I. But reading @drrupawong post yesterday and reflecting on this past year, with changes in our career and being new parents, I have to say that 2018 and 2019 have been the hardest yet. In residency, we argued over household responsibilities, which these days seem trivial. We saw very little of each other and our relationship was really impacted by lack of time spent with one another. This year, my job has became more demanding and Bob has gotten busier with his practice. We are together more often, but are rarely alone. Marriage is hard by itself. Then add in two young working physicians and a kid, and it gets even more complicated. Most of the our free time is spent balancing house chores and toddler activities. When Sophie finally sleeps for the night, we are often super exhausted or have our personal list of "to dos" from work that its hard to summon up energy for “Us time.” We've heard that marriage suffer when kids come along, but ironically stats show that divorce rates actually declines overall for new parents, probably because we are suffering together. Bob and I are trying to make more time for each other and we even want to revisit EFTs. Our marriage is far from perfect. But I don't need a fairy tale to be happy. We are two individuals committed to each other and to our family. We just need to love, forgive, celebrate each other and our shortcomings. #couplesinmedicine #newparentslife

1,030 20

This past weekend, my cousin's family visited us. We are super close since we grew up and went to college together. Coincidentally, they also have a little one about 6 months younger than Sophie. Over the weekend, we had a chance to catch up on life and that discussion inevitably turns towards our children. We consider them to be quite a power couple. My cousin is steadily rising in a national consulting firm and his wife works as a peds anesthesiologist at a teaching hospital. Before kids, our dinner conversations mostly focused around interesting ENT or airway cases or what cool new projects/podcasts we have going on in our lives. Since the little ones, raising kids and work life balance have become all engrossing topics. Hearing about their routine and schedule have given me a new found appreciation for my job and my husband. I worked my butt off for 12 years during school and training to get where I am today. Although work feels busy and stressful on a daily basis, I no longer need to constantly worry about my review or productivity or office politics to maintain my job. I've also gained more appreciation for my husband. He has been with me every step of the way as a father and husband. While I often focus on things he needs to do, it is mind boggling to imagine what my cousin-in-law has to coordinate at home since my cousin's work week often takes him on the road Monday-Friday. So to all of those when are currently in the grind of medicine, the road is long, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. We have the honor and privilege of being in this profession because your calling is to help and serve others. But take satisfaction in knowing that your selfless dedication and sacrifice pays off in the end by giving us daily purpose. Or as my consultant cousin would say, "it is a high barrier of entry position that creates a limited work force". PS check out @thelubdubstore for some super fun medical printed tees. ##marriedtomedicine #womeninmedicine #couplesinmedicine #doctorslife #doctormom #scrublife

573 17

“Family” isn’t defined only by last name or by blood; it’s defined by commitment and love. It means showing up they need it most. It means having each other’s back. It means choosing to love each other even on those days when you struggle to like each other. It means never giving up on each other. Happy Friday guys! Want to share this and to remind myself and everyone that the hardest thing in life is not getting into competitive specialties or being a good doctor, it is appreciating loved ones and treasuring the times spent together. PS: thanks @swimzip for keeping my family sun protected during our recent Lake Tahoe trip. Check out their swimwear and accessories all made from UPF 50+ ( SPF 50 equivalent) material. There’s a wide range of adorable styles from mix 'n match swim wear, to mommy and me styles, to even rompers for the little ones. And best of all, they are super afford. . . . . . #mdcouple #couplesinmedicine #womeninmedicine #sunprotection #medicalstudents #medschool #doctortobe #premed #doctorsoninstagram #doctorlife #happydoctors #doctormom #thisismotherhood #shemd #familygoals #marriedtomedicine #surgeonslife #asianamerican #doctorsintraining #whitecoats #workingmomkind #scrublife #motherhoodchronicles #womeninwhitecoats

1,982 89

Dear med student, You are interested in a competitive specialty, but fear of chasing after your dream because of what others may think of you for selling out, or you feel you are not good enough. Believe me, most of the attending or residents have felt that way at one point during training. And I want to tell you our story: I've always wanted to be a dermatologist, but the prospect of what is involved in building that resume and the fear of not matching was paralyzing. It took me until late in my second year of medical school to finally say to myself that I will become a dermatologist because I realized I was not happy doing anything else. I wasn’t the standard applicant: slightly above average board score, not AOA, limited research. To makes things more complicated, my husband at the time was also interested in a very competitive specialty and had the numbers to get in. But applying to residency was stressful already, let alone couples matching into two competitive specialties. We talked and debated, and finally we decided to staggered our application. Although I should have been the one to take a year off to polish my CV, Bob selflessly took a research year. Instead, I did away rotations at places I was strongly interested in. Ultimately, I matched into my top choice for residency and luckily Bob matched into the same place for ENT a year later. We were very lucky, but there were sacrifices and dedication on both of our parts to make it happen. I'm not the best test taker, but I am hardworking, motivated, and enthusiastic. I believe my program saw that in me, and took a chance in matching me. I'm so grateful for how things worked out. I never thought after residency, I would be working in academia, running a department, and caring for under-served patients. So, don’t be afraid to chase after your dream; remember you’re more than just a number or a resume. Thanks @dr.staci.t for inviting me on your #dearmedstudent campaign. #couplesinmedicine #marriedtomedicine #womeninmedicine #dermatologist

696 34

As working moms, we build up so much guilt while balancing our professional careers and motherhood. I'm so drained from work some days and wish to be a stay at home mom, while other days, Sophie is such a handful that it is easier to be at work. I recently read that working moms have a positive influence on their children's development, and parenting also conversely enrich our careers. This "maternal optimism" shows that daughters with working moms complete more years of education and secure better paying jobs, potentially because of the role model effect. I saw this as a great opportunity in helping our little girl grow up in a whole of more equality and less gender disparity. Better yet, sons raised by working moms were much more likely to have a working wife. For all the SAHM who sacrifice career to raise kids, you are the silent hero. But for all the working moms, there is an upside to the constant mom guilt. As Sophie gets older, I hope I can imbue my positive qualities into her and translate these into meaningful experiences and purpose in life. PS: loving my new whitecoat by @medelita_gram in style Vera G. #workingmomkind #doctormom #ShiftIntoStretch #TheGOATCoat #WorthTheHype #womeninwhitecoats

497 22

Fall is coming! Besides the yummy pumpkin lattes and cozy oversized sweaters, it also means the drop in temperature and humidity can negatively impact your sensitive skin. I've teamed up with @healthgrades to bring you 5 simple tips to keep your skin beautiful and hydrated for the rest of the year. What are some of your fall skin care tips? #skincareexpert #sensitiveskincare #fallskincare #boardcertifieddermatologist . . . . . #healthyskin #skincarejunkie #dermatology #gentleskincare #skinspo #mnskincare #mnblogger #momsinmedicine #physician #mommyblogger #skincarediary #skincareaddict #momhacks #shemd #medlife #whitecoats #doctorslife #somedocs #asianamerican #momlifebalance #workingmomsrock #medicalblogger

3,929 379

This weekend has been the one of the most difficult for me as a mom. I don't remember the last time I cried so hard. Sophie has been super fussy lately. She's also in this stage where she likes to scratch, hit, and bite others. This weekend, in my attempt to soothe her, she bonked her head so hard against my left cheek that my entire face stung and my left vision blacked out for few seconds. Bob was able to assess right away and luckily, I didn't have a ZMC fracture, only bruised bone and black eye. Then, as I was still recovering from the trauma, she cried out for me. As I cautiously picked her up, she bit me so hard on my shoulder. That's when I lost it, I started bawling. Although Bob was right there comforting me, I just felt so physically hurt and emotionally helpless. Frustrated because I couldn't direct my anger at anyone or thing. I can't be mad at Sophie; it's not her fault, she doesn't understand, and can’t express her feelings. I can't be angry at Bob. He was doing housework and these aren't things he could have easily prevented. Society portrays mother as superwomen: invincible and selfless but that's far from reality. I like to think I'm a pretty resilient and strong person, but I'm also human. After weeks of poor sleep, fussy toddler, and work stress, I was at the mercy of my emotions. I feel silly now for crying. But at that moment, I was vulnerable. I usual show my positive side because it takes a lot of courage to show weakness. But the emotions and feelings were so strong that I could not hold back from sharing. So this is me, unfiltered, raw, and real. I'm leaving it here for all the moms who've experienced this, or anyone who needs a friendly reminder that we are all the same. #findingstrength #instagramisnotreality #honestmomconfessions . . . . . #workingmomkind #doctormom #womeninmedicine #mymotherhood #raisingtoddlers #thebump #doctorslife #momsinmedicine #realmoms #shemd #findingstrength

887 42

Motherhood has given me confidence I've never had. Before my daughter, I thought applying to derm #residency was the hardest thing I've done. That along with the first few years of our marriage during training were the most stressful time of our lives. Parenthood, however, is a completely different test to you as a person. It challenges you, your career, and your marriage. There's nothing like it where you willing pour love, time, and patience into something that doesn't reciprocate for a few years. Where does this feeling of confidence stem from? If I can be a mom, and still serve patients, run a department, and go home at the end of the day and have a home that's functional, I feel pretty accomplished and very proud. Of course, I can't claim all this credit, and it was definitely rough at the beginning and still tough on a weekly basis. I say it with such ease now after being through the rollercoaster ride with my postpartum recovery. But, believe me, things will eventually fall in place. For all the new and expecting moms, find your support system to help you through the daily craziness of new parenthood, whether its your spouse, family, friends, co-workers, or a Facebook moms group. Define your success; and don't compare your journey with others and don't let the judgement of others affect you, because it’s not a baby pageant. Everyone's experience is different, and for me, being a good mom, wife, and physician are my top three priorities. Lastly, remember we all struggle with daily life and work tasks, feeling overwhelmed is natural and it means you’re human. #mymotherhood #honestmomconfessions #doctormom #findingmyself

1,131 44

Instagram ➡️ reality. You see me posting pretty photos of myself or happy photos of my family, but that is only a piece of my life. This is a more real depiction of who I am: 1) I like to be fast. Whether it is talking, thinking, or moving. I can be an efficient person and get things done. But it has been a major hindrance in some circumstances and it's been a life long struggle to identify a good balance. 2) I get overwhelmed and flustered easily. Photos are inherently a snapshot and does not show the hundreds of photos behind them or the hours spent writing the blog. Motherhood has created a whole other level to this. While I try to roll with the punches, I try even harder to plan ahead and prepare for the worst. 3) Weekend calories don't count. I'm super healthy during the week with food and exercise to balance the unhealthy binge eating I do on the weekends. This habit has translated to Sophie recognizing and demanding junk food. 4) You hear me talk about having good finances but all credits should really go to Bob. If I'm left to my own devices, I would shop compulsively, and donate cloths I've never worn because they have been forgotten. I am more thoughtful now after having Sophie... reusing and re-purposing to help sustain a world that our kids can enjoy as we do. These are #sumsofmyflaws. This is me. These qualities have helped me get to where I am today, but at the same time, I appreciate these imperfections because working on self improvement will only make me a better person, doctor, and mother. Thanks @dr.staci.t, @magnoliaprintzmd, @doctoranddancer, and @orthomentor for starting this campaign. What are some of your flaws that you’ve learned to embrace? #couplesinmedicine #womeninmedicine #thisismylife #imperfections

911 31

With mama to be @teawithmd. Sadly our California trip has come to an end but I'm so glad we were able to meet up with Joyce and her husband before leaving. Joyce was one of the first accounts I started following when I joined IG few years back. We've only met in person a total of 3-4 times yet we seem to know each other so well, we must have been sisters in another life 😅. Ironically, the last time we hung out was at our academy meeting and I was 30+ weeks pregnant. She's a great source of inspiration to her followers and offers honest and authentic content. I'm so grateful that we connected via social media. Bob and I are super excited for all the things to come for you Joyce! Tag below 👇🏻favorite accounts that you love to follow! #mamasinmedicine #womeninmedicine #doctormom #womenempoweringwomen

858 46

As we near the end of our family vacation, I feel I need another week off just to recover. This week has been filled with new adventures and memories. At the same time, vacationing with a toddler is mentally and physically exhausting. A friend asked me recently if being a parent is the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I think it is and it isn’t. In med school, I thought getting into derm was the hardest. Then in residency, I felt balancing a new marriage with a husband in a surgical residency was. As I became an attending, it was learning to be a good physician and running a department. Having a child will test your patience, mental soundness, and physical endurance. But it also gives back in so many ways I’ve never imagined. Besides the joy of loving someone so unconditionally, it has taught me how to be a better person and better doctor. Motherhood is a life long adventure that will never cease to enrich who I am. #mymotherhood #doctormom #momsinmedicine . . . . . . #medicaltraining #medlife #womeninhealthcare #medstudent #student #doctorgoals #happytoddler #mommyblogger #toddlerlifestyle #girlsinstem #honestmomsconfessions #shemd #marriedtomedicine #couplesinmedicine #asianamerican #momlifebalance #16monthsold #boardcertifieddermatologist #medicallife #minneapolisblogger #premedstudent #thebump #myformerbump #momtomom #workingmomkind


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