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We’re the masters of our own fate ⚡️ Founder of @So_Nailicious 💅 Owner of @sonailicious_boutique 💫 Made in Siberia, living in Sydney 🇦🇺

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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 2.90%. The average number of likes per post is 66 and the average number of comments is 10.

19.44% of the followers that engaged with crashingred regularly are from United States, followed by Australia at 16.67% and Canada at 11.11%. In summary, the top 4 countries of crashingred's posts engager are coming from United States, Australia, Canada, United Arab Emirates.

Check crashingred's audience demography. This analytics report shows crashingred's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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  • United States 19.44 %
  • Australia 16.67 %
  • Canada 11.11 %
  • United Arab Emirates 5.56 %


37 8

One day we will travel again, visit our loved ones, meet new people, discover different cultures and create new unforgettable memories... #hanginthere #quarantinelife #mariastraveldiary

57 17

This is what democracy looks like! ✊✊✊ • It felt incredibly powerful and inspiring to be amongst thousands of people protesting against #scomo government & their denial of climate emergency. Even after the horrific #australianbushfires - Australian government still refuses to acknowledge climate emergency and take real action! Instead of investing in clean energy projects, they allow further destruction of our land. They allow mining projects that dry rivers, oil drills that destroy coral reefs and massive, uncontrollable logging that kills native wildlife and entire eco systems... this is ABSURD and SHOCKING that while the entire world has been saving our previous animals, Australian government allows mass killing of wildlife! 😡🤯 For how much longer these greedy, corrupted politicians are going to be allowed to destroy our land and rip our children and grandchildren of their future? #climatestrike #fridaysforfuture #schoolstrike4climate

100 7

One of my fave photos from a recent #climatestrike in Sydney ✊ Apart from the obvious, which in fact aligns precisely with my own thoughts and reasons, this image also carries a much deeper, truly tragic meaning... just look at it carefully and pay attention to details. • #savethekoala #koalasavior #globalextinction #extinctionrebellion #австралиягорит #bushfiresaustralia #sydneyfloods

64 13

Another highlight of 2019 was attending with Anastasia @thechroniclesoffluff our first #climatestrike in Sydney. It was so powerful and inspiring to join 150,000 people protesting across Australia ✊🌍💚 If corrupted politicians didn’t take their lessons from our protests in 2019, we will strike with double force in 2020. Our children deserve safe and clean future and we will fight for it with all we’ve got! • Вот это пример демократии 💁‍♀️ народ недоволен, народ протестует и не в одиночку, и не в отдалённом парке (где протест никто не увидит), а прямо по центру ВСЕХ крупных городов Австралии десятки тысяч людей промаршировали и в открытую выразили своё мнение по поводу коррумпированного правительства, которое уничтожает нашу природу. Вот это голос, который очень сложно заглушить. ✊

67 5

RHCP’s concert was one of the highlights of 2019 💫 Though I wish Freddy Mercury was alive, I’d travel across the globe to see him perform... #thoughtoftheday #рокнролл #рокнроллжив #фреддимеркьюри #нежив

62 6

Фотки с концерта RHCP 💁‍♀️ Это было очень круто. Антоха хоть и не молод уже, танцевал и пел похлеще тинэйджеров на школьной дискотеке под влиянием кока колы и иных веществ. 🤘 также хотелось бы отметить художественную красоту моих фоток, сделанных просто телефоном #googlepixel3 🙏 даже такие факторы, как фотограф под влиянием и музыканты, неистово прыгающие по сцене, залитой софитами, телефону никак не мешали сфокусироваться. Тотальное Californication! В общем листайте... и оставляйте комментарий, какая фотка вам больше всего понравилась! 👇

47 6

When a limo took me to RHCP concert in Hunter Valley ✌️кто то сядет в кабриолет, а кто то в лимузин... • • • #tbt #googlepixel4 #teamgoogle #sonailiciousstyle #круть #influencer #dolcevita #etrececile #sydneyfashion #maisonmargiela #aussiesofinstagram #sydneylife

81 16

This is me in Jarvis Bay... what used to be one of the most beautiful and pristine sanctuaries in Australia, now is ravaged by the horrific fires. This is not just Australia burning, this is GLOBAL catastrophe. 💔 We are killing our planet. Please change your lifestyles, stop overconsumption, stop waste and pollution, switch to renewables, do whatever you can! Today we still have a chance to survive, tomorrow we may not... • • • #nswbushfires #artists4earth #australianfires #nswfires #vicfires #koalasavior #australiafires #australiawearewithyou #savetheplanet #climateemergency #visitnsw #australia #seeaustralia #prayforaustralia

69 18

Congratulations to my beautiful little dancer Anastasia @thechroniclesoffluff on her first Christmas stage performance 👏❤️🙏 Papa & Mama are very proud of you, Anastasia! ❤️❤️❤️

75 13

Украшаю своим видом невзрачные пейзажи Сиднея. Согласитесь, ведь если бы не мое лицо, это было бы очень скучное фото! 🤣🤗😎 #правдажизни

66 6

Happy Birthday my beautiful friend @anyyunaev 💞💐🎂🎉 Here’s to creating more great memories together, exciting trips, laughs and adventures! 🙌💃🥂😘

69 3

Cheers to the weekend! 🤩🥂 And to the unpredictable life that can be as hard or wonderful as you want it to be 💫


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