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26.0% of cheflingtales's followers are female and 74.0% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 1.20%. The average number of likes per post is 92 and the average number of comments is 16.

Cheflingtales loves posting about Food, Travel.

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26.0 %
74.0 %


  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 62.20 %
  • Travel & Tourism 58.72 %
  • Beauty & Fashion 47.63 %
  • Clothes, Shoes, Handbags & Accessories 42.12 %
  • Children & Family 40.38 %
  • Fitness & Yoga 38.57 %
  • Art & Design 35.77 %
  • Entertainment 34.93 %
  • Books and Literature 34.71 %
  • Business & Careers 32.34 %
  • Movies and TV 31.44 %


86 19

On the power of positive influence In the last six months, I developed what is known as a feed scrolling problem. I follow amazing people on Instagram and was always in awe of the way these women were managing their lives. I am also lucky in a way to know behind the scenes of most of the influencers having worked with them in one capacity or the other. But as a ‘follower’ I would still find myself indulging in their content in a very superficial way- like some of you might have also done- oh she lives abroad- life is easier for her, she has supportive family so she can do all of that, and so on and so forth. (Guilty much?) During the pandemic while scrolling through the insta influencers stories and posts I started noticing their personality traits, to understand what made them who they are and what can I do to add same to my life. The positive energy and inspiration. I have been wanting to write this post for a long time to acknowledge my positive inspirations. If you swipe through the pictures you will know why. Instead of saying oh she is so lucky, I said oh man that requires a lot of ‘hard work’! So many followers... she must be so ‘persistent’ with her work, PR packages - look at how much ‘creativity’ they put in their content! I absorbed the positive influence and acted on it. I planned my first picnic outdoors and omg that required a lot of work. @urdumom has been my inspiration for DOING things and how ‘consistency’ in work pays off I’m a plant lady now - like I haven’t killed one, much spiritually attuned and more positive because of @shehzeen.r I try and live in now, open my office, get dressed, exercise because of my buddy @no.fomo I got into DIYs and organising my life without relaying on other people (a huge one for me!) because of @hanashappyhome and @thepoorsophisticate I learnt to collaborate and work on my ideas (with kids) seeing @potsncurries Grow in these years. I took my kids for a walk in nature and we picked sticks, observed fallen leaves inspired by @ourlivinghomeschool May I keep getting inspired to be a better person. May we all continue our learning journey forward at our pace.

72 29

On turning a year older This is a note I want to read to myself when my brain gets clouded and the world seems bleak. I have battled the uncertain, the unknown, the pain, the misery, the demons and the anxiety. Today I want to remember how I thrived in these years. I did what I had to do for myself no matter how crazy the world was around. I might have hurt myself the most in the process but I hope to have learnt, loved, and moved on. I danced with life taking a step forward and two back. Sometimes moving ahead in a super speed (that most of you remember from my updates!) while other days I just crawled. And I want to remember that both are ok. Today it all felt like I’m here in this moment, in this space for a reason. I felt present and I just want to remember that- to thrive no matter which way life wants to take me- I promise to do my best and stay full of gratitude. 🙏 And well following are some more actionable points- I want to remember. I’m big on birthday resolutions. Let me know which you want to adapt🙈 1: remove my makeup before going to bed 2: exercise like my life depends on it cause well it kind does when you are nearing your 40s 3: be kinder first - always 4: scream less and worry less about kids. Enjoy their moments 5: touch as many lives in whatever small way 6: gratitude is THE WORD. Stay thankful 7: continue the journey to heal 8: hold on to people in life, your family and friends that’s the real asset. 9: seek help when needed 10: don’t kill the plants and keep doing the things you love, paint or do DIY or yoga. 11: build stronger connection with Allah 12: work. Work. Work (there is no other way to a better you) 13: always remember at the end aap aur apkae saath bhe aap hain :) 14: take one day at a time please 15: you can’t predict life, mould it, let it be. 16: buy yourself jewellery P.s. if you want to make a big deal out of your birthday or any other day PLEASE do that. I did Bara mazah aya :)) Bangles: borrowed from my MIL Jora: @beechtree_pk #happybirthday #pakistaniblogger #lifemusings

80 21

On celebrating small wins: The last six months have been so challenging for me as a small business owner and it was same for more people like me. It was a constant fight to win over the dooms day scenario and close our eyes for the uncertainty that lied ahead. Sometimes the only thing that kept me going were the small celebrations of small wins in life. . We have our own little traditions that we have built over years, wednesdays are icecream days to pick us up for the week. Friday is pizza night and movie to end the week. We celebrated completion of betas Qaisa, his first Para, of beti saying her first word or just turning a month older. We celebrate if mama had a good day of training and got some great feedback. We try and celebrate the small occasions with home baked cookies or brownies, with a box of juice and yums, or a scoop of icecream, by sharing food with our home workers and their families. . Today I celebrated wrapping up about 14 days of work of delivering training on digital marketing and some 45 hours of straight talking to an online audience. It’s a big day for me after all the hardships and downs. Today I thanked for everything over a slice of cheese cake, a cup of cappuccino and with a friend sitting far away. Whether you are alone or blessed to have friends and family, celebrate the small wins. Our favorite things after my Betty Crocker cookies and brownies : @burningbrownie cheese cake and @manolo_gelato icecream Do you celebrate your small wins? What do you celebrate about? Here is to many more small wins in life! #smallwinsmatter #smallwins #trainerlife #bloggerlife #bestoftheday #workfromhome #workhard

84 5

Ode to Mangoes: As summer loses its might, the hardest thing to say Goodbye to for a Pakistani are Mangoes. The unbearable heat during summers is always sort of offset by the thought that hey though it’s scorching hot the mangoes will be sweeter. Also, THE ONLY THING I love about summers otherwise I’m a winter person. . I really enjoyed the Mango season this year; from getting a chance to walk under the Mango trees to making recipes (refer IGTV) of green mangoes and then this dessert that was a clear winner. Eating mangoes is such a beautiful part of Pakistan’s food culture. As we go through the season it’s not just mango but the real excitement is around getting hands on our most favorite type of Mango; some of us are sIndhri fans, other cant wait to try the Anwar atol or Chaunsa (that’s me!) It’s such a blessing to have the opportunity to enjoy these nature given gifts. Who hasn’t heard the stories from their parents about The mango party and eating mangoes out of a bucket filled with ice. The most prized (boosted on social media) moment is when someone sends you a gift of special hard to get mangoes. Before you can’t get any more mangoes in the market, try this dessert Mango Madness It’s a simple three layered dessert and it was the first time I made a dessert in individual serving hence the excitement. I played with the normal biscuit crumble which was the winner. Crumble: serves 8 1 Digestive biscuits beaten to small crumbles, add 1/2 cup coconut shaves, 2 tbsp cinnamon, 2 tbsp sugar and give it a good shake. So it in a bag Whip two pack cream to soft peaks and also add 1/2 can condensed milk (you can skip it if it’s too sweet) Make a purée of two mangoes Cut small mango cubes (one mango) to add in between the layers and to top it with sliced mangoes Let’s start layering: Add crumble layer at the bottom, top it with melted butter and let it set in fridge. Then add a layer of mango purée, top with chopped mangoes to add a different texture. Add the whipped cream, crumble and sliced mango VOILA! Chill it for few hours and serve 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏 #recipes #pakistanifood #emergingpakistan #dwpakistan #dawn_dot_com #mangoes🍋

83 5

I took this photo in full excitement when we were putting up our first flag at home. I wanted Zawaar to feel all the enthusiasm of Independence Day of Pakistan like we did when we were young and celebrated with much enthusiasm. We had hundreds of paper flags (Jhandian) that we collected for years and decorated outside our home. I wanted to pass on that spirit of belongingness and love for the country. We had a beautiful day planned. We sang the national anthem, wore green, went out to see the decorations, enjoyed with good food. But something was bothering me and made me think the things I don’t want to pass on to him being a Pakistani. . I don’t want to pass on to him the sense of privilege he didn’t earn but got it because he was born with it. I don’t want him to take the path he doesn’t want to because that’s the most acceptable one culturally. I don’t ever want him to feel better than other humans just on the basis of his religion or race. I also told myself somewhere in this whole conversation that he will be fine and guess why? Because he was born in a patriarchal society! When I started thinking about my beti’s future, the fears crippled me. I don’t want her to go through the societal judgments or be subjected to acceptable ways, I want her to stay safe and roam in the streets freely not because she is a rebel because that’s ok and that’s normal. I want her to lie in the gardens and enjoy the breeze, run up and down the mountains and touch the clouds. I want her to not question her life choices based on her gender. I want her to never feel that she HAS to do this because she is a girl. May she never have to grow a THICK skin or to clip her wings. That’s the freedom I want my kids to experience. That’s the true freedom to aspire for a country. Freedom to be. We have a long way to go. Was our generation any good in building the country in the right direction? Or we are the ‘Bubble generation’ who just built whatever seemed well for them and stayed in that bubble with our life style choices. Just wondering today, what meaning of freedom we celebrated this year. #pakistanzindabad #pakistani #pakistan #14august

150 18

If I were to ever open a fine dine Pakistani Restaurant (always been a retirement plan! ) I would definitely have this dish of stuffed round gourd aka tinday on my menu. For this fourth #eatlocal cook- off I decided to make another vegetarian dish from Pakistan. Sanjina from Kolkata, India joined me . When I told her what I am making she was not so excited Hehe I can’t blame her well who would be! Tinday surely is THE MOST hated vegetable while you are growing up. (i talked about this and more also with Manjiri from @travelsfortaste on her very interesting show available on IGTV) Sanjina presented her Bengali roots and we talked about Bengali cuisine and the common love for spices. She taught a very interesting Bengali dish made from Potatoes and Poppy seeds. You can catch it on our Facebook and YouTube Live. Do watch the episode we talked about Bollywood and more. I would love to upload it here as well. Thanks for all your love on the stories. Recipe for Stuffed Round Gourd 10 small sized round gourd – peeled and de-cored. 3 thin sliced medium sized Onions 3 medium sized tomatoes (Chopped finely) 2 tsp coriander seeds powder 1 tsp white cumin seeds ½ tsp Kalonji seeds (Nigella Sativa/onion seeds) (optional) Salt 2-3 Green chillies – sliced in small pieces Red chilies Water Heat two-tablespoon oil in the flat bottom pan on medium heat. Add the sliced onions. Fry onions till the color become transparent. Now add the chopped tomatoes and let them cook for 5-10 minute still mixed nicely. Add salt, red chilies, coriander powder, and white cumin seeds. Using a hand blender, coarsely chop the onions and tomatoes to make thick gravy. Do not make paste. Cook the gravy till oil comes out. Half of this tomato-onion gravy will be used to stuff the round gourds. Take a small teaspoon and fill the round gourds with the gravy. When all the round gourds are filled in, place them one by one in the leftover gravy. Add a cup of water to the gravy. Cover the pan with a lid and let it cook on a slow heat. Cook till the round gourds become tender. Add more water if needed and cook further. Serve it in a flat dish- top it with green chilies

105 7

Hello friends how are you? Join me for a chit chat? Let’s sit down and speak our hearts out maybe over a cup of tea and some meetha? When we got our apartments furniture made, we wanted to invite people for dinner and then ofcourse COVID happened and to date only three people have touched down to meet! The #eatlocal Cook off third episode was all about @loreschon and I connected before the show and had so much fun talking about what’s happening in our cities, memories from the year we were in Geneva and how we miss so many of the usual things. More than cooking that chat with her was so much fun. She was so positive and full of energy in these circumstances and we both were charged to really showcase our food and culture. I loved when she said that this CORONA fight is all about battling those emotions. She represented her native Paraguayan Cuisine by making a cheese bread. I can’t wait to share it. I shared a Pakistani dessert of Vermicelli served on Eid or best suited on your dessert table. I learnt it from my sister in law whose nano used to make it. Recipe as promised 1 one packet of vermicelli 1 can condensed milk Crush the vermicelli in the pack and cook them without oil in a pan till it changes color Add condensed milk and mix well. Flavour it with cinnamon around 1 tsp Dish it out in a platter Cover with coconut powder Let it cool till the vermicelli is set- like for an hour or two Check the video recipe on Facebook Live session. Try it out this upcoming Eid PC: my son- isn’t he becoming a pro? P.S yes I chose this light colour even knowing that I have two small kids. We always do that. P.S. hope you are noticing my thematic clothing- the gota? 😂🤪 #recipe #pakistanirecipe #paraguay🇵🇾 #emergingpakistan #eatlocalgrown #eatlocalthinkglobal #eidrecipes

163 23

#EatLocal Cook Off episode 2 I was born Punjabi Pakistani but was wedded into a Kashmiri Family and in this Jamu Kashmiri household Kashmiri Cuisine was cooked on special occasions and special requests. I really enjoyed the new flavours and one of the loved dish was Matar Paneer. My mother in law aunty Roohi and I sat down and wrote down lots of these recipes 5 years back when i started my blog- collecting food stories of ethnic cuisines. (Please appreciate my Kashmiri jora 🙈) . My partner for this Cook off - Rachel Kois from Boulder, Colorado US shared her moms recipe of Apple Pie. It was a pure delight watching her cook the most amazing apple pie. We had such a lovely conversation on the anti racism movement in US, the Christmas and holiday traditions and more. Swipe to see her magical smile :) . This time I invited Roohi Aunty to do the cook off show with me and she really showed the tips and tricks of making home made Paneer and then the Matar Paneer. It tasted amazing. Do check out the full episode on my YouTube Channel ‘Chefling Tales’ . PC: my beta 😂 soooo cute he took like 20 photos of me Have you tried any Kashmiri Dish? Share in comments. #eatlocal #cookoff #recipes #kashmirirecipes #applepie #fooddiplomacy #USrecipes #USCUISINE


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