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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 22.30%. The average number of likes per post is 1346 and the average number of comments is 75.

16.35% of the followers that engaged with book_maniacc regularly are from United States, followed by United Kingdom at 8.65% and Pakistan at 6.73%. In summary, the top 5 countries of book_maniacc's posts engager are coming from United States, United Kingdom, Pakistan, Bangladesh, France.

Book_maniacc loves posting about Film, Music & Books, Animals & Pets.

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  • United States 16.35 %
  • United Kingdom 8.65 %
  • Pakistan 6.73 %
  • Bangladesh 5.77 %
  • France 5.77 %


791 30

QOTD: tell me one of your happy memories, preferably related to books. 💓 My mood has been quite off because of the current events in Bangladesh. If I begin to talk about it, I will just explode. Just want to say that let’s start preaching sex education even more and let’s start calling out people even in the littlest things which contribute to rape culture. No sparing people anymore. I did it back in Grade 4th and regret it to this day. Tell you stories when you are ready. I am not ready to tell mine just yet, but I am here to listen to yours if you want me to. 💓 Anyway, do answer the QOTD, cause I need some positivity as my Facebook feed is depressing. - Also I am finally back after more than a week. Hate losing track on bookstagram when I have to focus on my studies. It’s something I am still working on, balancing blogging with studies and personal life. 🥺 Kudos to all of you who do it effortlessly.

1,285 52

Hey y’all. 💓 The number of times I’ve avoided posting photos because I am too lazy to write a caption is too damn high. 🙊 It’s been such a long time since I completely fell in love with a cutesy YA romance novel. I remember being so much in love with TATBILB trilogy. So glad I read it back in 2015 when I was super young and could relate to LJ. I do love rereading them even now but I am not sure if I would like them if I read them for the first time now. Nonetheless, I have a big soft spot for Jenny Han books in my heart. That being said, anyone else hate the Netflix adaptations? Ngl, they are cute, I would rewatch them and @ncentineo is the perfect Peter K but they are horrible adaptations of the book. The books are way way better, read them please! I do like LJ’s dad in the movies but everything else is so off. LJ would not cheat on Peter, that’s almost blasphemy. 😤 - QOTD: Tell me your favourite cutesy YA novel? #jennyhan #toalltheboysivelovedbefore #psistillloveyou #alwaysandforeverlarajean

1,463 80

QOTD: What type of season do you like reading in books and why? - One fall theme post is mandatory! Do you get enough fall vibes from this? 🍁 It wasn’t planned to be a fall post, but I decided it after I started editing. How do you guys decide what to do for your next post? - To answer my QOTD, love reading Summer or Winter books! Summer books are usually filled with vacation and beaches which really appeal to me. Whereas Winter reflects festivals and who doesn’t love a good Christmas/New Year Romance? 💓 - #Iwasbornforthis #aliceoseman

1,308 67

QOTD: Thoughts on Contemporary books? How often do you read them? - After coming back to Bookstagram from a long break, I noticed a lot of new books around. The Flatshare was one of them. But it didnt really catch my eye until a lot of my friends loved it. The synopsis was very interesting. You will get an idea from the left bottom corner. So I immediately bought it and shortly after, started reading. A lot of people struggled with getting into the book but it was very easy for me. I was almost immediately invested in the story. I have to say this that the book plot line is one of the most unique contemporary book plots. And the couples are so so healthy and definitely not near anything problematic. Both Leon and Tiffy had their own problems to deal with, and they didn't let it affect their own relationship. There is no unnecessary drama or over the top angst. Things definitely took time to develop but it felt very natural. The book deals with Gaslighting very well which is a form of emotional abuse, not often seen to be tackled in books. And Leon is so so amazing, he is the perfect gentleman. I was not expecting somebody who is so understanding. He didn't assume any of Tiffy's choices, which we know a lot of male characters do unfortunately. The one time he did assume (though with enough proof), he understood later where he went wrong. For somebody who doesn't like talking, he was actually a very good communicator. He was just a very satisfying character imo. Tiffy was great. All of her friends were amazing. I related with Gerty a lot xD I am just that sort of friend, and I am trying to be better ;-; I gave it 4 Stars! 🌟 Did you read the book? What did you think of it? - YESSS NEW THEME ALERT 🌸 #flatshare #betholeary

1,290 40

Tell me, what’s a book you recommend to everyone? - Another post just to stay active. I don’t have much to say, just swamped with work and studies. ;-; Still getting some reading done, so that’s great. This one is the last of my marble background/theme. Trying to find a new filter for my new theme, and struggling a little but I will get there hopefully! #jandynelson #illgiveyouthesun

1,260 52

Heyy Book People 💓 Posting after what feels like ages, I have just been feeling really lazy. My finals start in 2weeks and I can’t wait for this semester to be over. I just suddenly feel very exhausted since September started. Good news is that I am still getting a lot of reading done. Will do a reading update on my story soon. How are you doing? Are you looking forward to the weekend? - QOTD: what’s your current read? With what you’ve read so far, would you recommend it? #Hazelwood #Ceceliaahern #shadowsong

1,394 74

QOTD: Books with pretty cover but ugly story? 😬 - Another random shot. 🤦‍♀️ Feeling very unproductive these days. 😒 I love the covers for these two books. So colourful yet simple. But I didn’t really like the books. Everything, Everything was fine but the plot-twist was erm disgusting? And takes over-protectiveness to another level. 😂 When we collided was, well, boring. It tried very hard to be heartbreaking but felt failed. I do agree it has some nice quotes and can be relatable to an extend. Did you read these books? What did you think? #everythingeverything #nicolayoon #whenwecollided #emerylord

1,314 85

No QOTD for today, but let’s talk, shall we? How are you doing? How is the weekend treating you? I have a lot to say today, I will try to keep it short but I will appreciate it if you read it fully. 💓 - It’s been more than a month since I came back to bookstagram, after a year long hiatus. The bookstagram community is always so welcoming. When I came back, it didn’t even feel like I left. Cause everyone made me feel like I am back home. I am so so grateful to bookstagram as it gave me a platform to make so many amazing friends and to express my thoughts and views. And also it’s so important for my reading life, always inspires me to read more. But there’s a downside too, sometimes blogging gets very stressful for me. I am always anxious about the content I put across. Is it good enough? Do people like my photos? Do people like me? Am I good enough? I will be honest, a lot of times, these thoughts have kept me awake at night. I do really enjoy being on bookstagram, don’t get me wrong. It’s super fun for me, I love talking about books and taking photos. And numbers don’t even bother me as much. Alhamdulillah I have plenty of followers and likes. But at the back of my mind, I am thinking my content is just not good. And the thought becomes very intense sometimes. I feel like I have come very far, but it has been a fluke. And soon, I will run out of my luck and idk, everyone will realise I am undeserving? Does blogging come to you too, with a little bit of stress? How do you deal with it? - #theskyiseverywhere #theravenking #maggiestiefvater #jandynelson

1,334 85

QOTD: Favourite Squad? - Am I the only one who is suddenly missing the Six of Crows a lot? I am thinking of rereading them because I really miss my babies. 😭 My copy of King of Scars should arrive next week, I am super excited to finally read it. “Rule of Wolves” looks gorgeous! 😍 I think I should finish up Grisha Trilogy too, just for the hell of it. 🤣 Let me know who your favourite Grisha character is, mine has to be Inej. 💓 - To answer my question, obviously the crow crew 😝 But also avengers and GOTG! I really love books/stories with multiple main characters rather than just one protagonist. Books with squads just tend to be more interesting and fun imo. #SixOfCrows #CrookedKingdom #LeighBardugo #Grisha

1,379 91

QOTD: Which book(s) kept you up all night? - I miss reading all night. 🥺 It’s been a while since a book has engaged me that way. The feeling of crying as you finish up a book, and the sun is rising, it’s something else. :’) I’ve had to miss classes several times, sometimes even mock tests, because of reading all night. 😂 That being said, I am really glad to have a proper sleeping schedule now. It’s true what they say, my life is better this way. 😂 It’s easier for me to be more productive and still squeeze in time for my hobbies. Wake up early folks, it’s great! (I still prefer reading at night though. 😏)

1,431 122

QOTD: Which book/tv show made you ugly cry? Or do you usually not cry over stories? - If a book or tv show is supposedly a tear-jerker, sign me up for it! I always look out for the heartbreaking reads/shows and then think why do I torture myself like this? 🤦‍♀️ It’s been a while since I cried over a book. Last year, I cried SO MUCH over Avengers Endgame and Stranger Things 3. I was upset for days and still am, at least for Endgame. 🙄 And the number of books that made me cry is too damn high. 🤨 I got this book simply because it’s supposed to be very heartbreaking. Haven’t read it yet (duhhh typical Musu thing to do) but I love how simply beautiful the cover is. 💓 - This is the last photo I have. Gotta do a photo shoot tomorrow! The first photo is taken from my DSLR; and then second one is via iPhone 6. Same lighting, same edit yet there’s a huge difference in colours. #myheartandotherblackholes #jasminewarga

1,582 120

QOTD: Who is your favourite fictional couple? Can be either books or movie/shows! - Took this picture randomly. Not even sure what I was going for. To answer my QOTD, there’s way too many. But if I had to choose one, maybe Kaz and Inej? Cause they make me want to curl up in a ball and cry. I love them both so much ugh 😭 I also absolutely adore Chandler and Monica from F.R.I.E.N.D.S! I have watched their proposal episode for like 100 times maybe and I still end up crying every. fkn. time! - Keeping the caption short for today. Hope you all had a great day, lovelies! - #PSILIKEYOU #annaandthefrenchkiss #moxie #playlistforthedead #alwaysandforeverlarajean #psistillloveyou #theskyiseverywhere #hazelwood


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