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♻️Encouraging people to live a plastic and waste free life 💦 Tag #awastefreeworld 👇🏻Plastic free products 🇬🇧
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60.6% of awastefreeworld's followers are female and 39.4% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 1.90%. The average number of likes per post is 2237 and the average number of comments is 33.

17.19% of the followers that engaged with awastefreeworld regularly are from United States, followed by Thailand at 6.25% and Italy at 6.25%. In summary, the top 5 countries of awastefreeworld's posts engager are coming from United States, Thailand, Italy, Indonesia, China.

Awastefreeworld loves posting about Health, Soul, Yoga, Nature & Outdoors, Travel, Photography, Architecture.

Check awastefreeworld's audience demography. This analytics report shows awastefreeworld's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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60.6 %
39.4 %


  • Art & Design 55.98 %
  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 55.70 %
  • Fitness & Yoga 55.29 %
  • Travel & Tourism 51.86 %
  • Healthy Lifestyle 51.38 %
  • Beauty & Fashion 44.48 %
  • Photography 43.44 %
  • Sports 42.97 %
  • Home & Garden 37.46 %
  • Entertainment 37.46 %
  • Clothes, Shoes, Handbags & Accessories 36.16 %
  • Children & Family 35.46 %
  • Business & Careers 34.29 %
  • Books and Literature 33.95 %


  • United States 17.19 %
  • Thailand 6.25 %
  • Italy 6.25 %
  • Indonesia 6.25 %
  • China 4.69 %


570 4

Imagine! #awastefreeworld @pollutionpolice_

5,587 133

A informative and surprising piece of info from @cleanseaspilipinas Which one surprises you the most? #awastefreeworld

565 9

PLASTIC FREE SHAMPOO AND CONDITIONER - that isn't a bar! Shampoo bars have been the first go-to switch when ditching single use bottles, but many don't get on with the bars and find they still need that bottle feel, but without the plastic. After months of research we are so happy to have found a natural alternative, that lasts sooo long, and feels so good! Our new range is vegan, natural, plastic free and refillable! You only need to use a small about of product so these bottles real ycan last for ages! Our new range is vegan, natural, plastic free and refillable! You only need to use a small about of product so these bottles really can last for ages! Our new range is vegan, natural, plastic free and refillable! You only need to use a small about of product so these bottles really ycan last for ages! Link in bio #awastefreeworld

1,473 15

We’ve committed to planting a tree in the Amazon rainforest every time you make an order on our online shop. Last month we donated 95 trees and this month we hope to do even more! 🆕 Check out some our of new plastic free products we’ve just got in, that’ll not only plant a new tree, but not add a single piece more of single use plastic to this planet 🌎 #awastefreeworld

9,194 92

🥳 Today we are celebrating 500 orders! 🥳In just 4 small months we've sent out 500 plastic-free orders to you! That is 500 parcels without a single bit of plastic and over 1000 plastic free products in your home replacing single-use! Small steps make huge difference. Be the change. #awastefreeworld link in bio

1,565 23

❤️ CAN I USE A CUP IF I HAVE A COIL? This is one of our most regular FAQ’s. The short answer is yes, you can. HOWEVER, there are some important considerations to make sure your contraceptive and period power duo work harmoniously together. When using a cup with a coil, it’s important you check the string of your IUD before your period and after to make sure nothing has been dislodged. Your menstrual cup forms a slight suction on the walls of the vagina which is what can knock your coil out of place. Luckily with Hey Girls super smooth and soft flexibility, you and your IUD should be fine if you follow the below steps and always consult your doctor. The string of your IUD ideally sits above or inside of the cup. You can double check this after inserting and running your finger around the edge and making sure you can’t feel it. You can always get this shortened too. Whether you use an IUD or not, but especially if you do, it’s important to break the seal of the cup when removing it. Simply squeeze the base as you are pulling it out - NEVER tug! Generally speaking it’s good to wait a couple of weeks after getting your Coil inserted to start using a menstrual cup. The risks of difficulties are the highest at the start and it’s good to give yourself time. We always recommend having a chat with your doctor so they can keep you advised and possibly recommend any shortening the IUD string / problems you may have. @heygirlsuk image by @bloodybuddycup link in our bio to get your mooncup #awastefreeworld

2,013 10

More than 1/3 of all food produced goes to waste 😱😭 have you seen our produce bags in our store? Link in bio #awastefreeworld -⠀ @katimalist tells us: Normally, we go grocery shopping as soon as most of our main ingredients run out. But today, I looked at our kitchen to see if we truly did “run out of food” & questioned whether we absolutely needed to make a quick run to get groceries 🤔⠀ -⠀ We ran out of salt, ate all of our produce, and so forth. But we did have half a bottle of pasta sauce, macaroni, beans, half an onion, & a few other random food items 😅⠀ -⠀ Decided to get a little creative with what we had leftover before deciding to make a stop at the grocery store and I couldn’t believe it. We had enough food for dinner tonight, tomorrow night, & had leftovers enough to pack as lunch for both of us for the rest of the week! 🍱⠀ -⠀ Here are my tips to divert food waste: 1) freeze food you don’t eat right away and it will last weeks (sometimes months) 2) make a meal out of random food items you might have laying around 3) store food properly to ensure they stay fresh for as long as possible 🥕🥑🥦⠀ -⠀ [p.s. the photo above is from last weekend’s zero waste grocery haul ☺️]

3,337 20

One’s trash is another’s treasure. 💎 . This #secondhandseptember consider shopping at the thriftstore for second hand items. It is not only kind to your pocket, but it's also an act of kindness to the environment 💚 . Every new item requires a substantial item of energy and natural resource to create and deliver to the end consumer. . When you choose to buy a secondhand item not only do you reduce the amount of waste going to the landfill, but most importantly you're changing the throwaway mindset that has created the waste problems in the first place. . When we throw things away, there is really no “away.” 🌏 . #ConsciousConsumerism 💚 . 📷 by @homovirido @netzerocompany

892 2

Never use a single use makeup wipe again! Link in bio to shop! And you’ll be planting a tree in the amazon rainforest every time you shop with us 🌲🙏🏻 #awastefreeworld ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 📷

1,494 15

1 in every 10 barrels of oil is now used to create new plastic 😮. #PlasticAndClimate ❌ ❌ Together we can kick our addiction to avoidable single-use plastic, & change the systems producing it - to protect our oceans & our climate. #ClimateStrike ❌ 📷: @breakfreefromplastic ❌ ❌ @surfersagainstsewage


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