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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 1.10%. The average number of likes per post is 4985 and the average number of comments is 90.

Atsunamatsui loves posting about Fashion, Technology, Travel, Photography, Nature & Outdoors, Food & Drink, Health & Fitness, Hair & Beauty, Film, Music & Books.

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5,430 59

Trying to derive joy and happiness from within these days and feeling whole on my own. I’ve started journaling while sitting in nature and listening to classical music as a form of therapy. It’s been really therapeutic to release my thoughts, memories, and feelings on paper to externalize my emotions to help process them. - I’ve been finding that hobbies are a great form of self-love and self-care that bring you a self-sufficient type of happiness that nothing else can. Never forgot to practice proper self-care to have your mental health in check. ❤️

5,493 89

Reading The Alchemist and stumbled upon this quote I liked, “When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you achieve it.” As I’ve gotten more into spirituality this past year, I’ve learned that the art of success is about letting go and surrendering.✨ - I’m a reformed workaholic. I used to push, strive, and drove myself to build, grow, and accomplish like a machine. I carried this orientation into all of my endeavors– leaving me feeling fatigued and depleted. Over time, that mode of operating began to run its toll and I was taxed from all the high cortisol levels I was producing.✨ - 2020 was a year of cleanse for me. I chose to stop trying so hard and noticed that when I did, I relaxed. I placed more focus on noticing the synchronicities all around me that guided my way. I loosened my grip and practiced surrendering to the universe to give me the answers I needed, the people to meet, and the clues to take the next step. We don’t always need to figure everything out ourselves. The key is to notice the synchronicities and turn our attention to what is working.

4,800 76

I had a really wholesome day spent with my mother at the park when this was shot. With my next birthday around the corner, I’ve been contemplating on the importance of family. It’s going to be my last year of my twenties and it truly feels like it’s marking a great transitional period of my life into adulthood. I’ve learned to slow down immensely and have accumulated so much knowledge and experience on how to human.🌳 - This was something I stumbled upon a few years back that still resonates to me to this day. At the age of 17, we feel love is more important in life. At the age of 19, we feel friends are more important. At the age of 22, we feel job is more important. At the age of 25, we feel money is more important. At the age of 30, we feel family is more important. At the age of 40, we feel health is more important. At the age 60, we feel life is more important.💐 - Our life is filled with chapters and we go through a lifetime of different themes that highlight the point of emphasis during those periods. Our life really does feel like a storybook, each page turning into a new adventure and what we make of it.

5,449 94

We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.🦋 - What may appear beautiful (or successful and esteemed) may have been molded through a long period of trial, darkness, growth and solitude. There’s always a journey that shapes us, and a process that graces us to achieve true beauty.

5,664 136

Have you ever thought that voice that's constantly chattering in your mind... as the roommate? When you’re constantly listening to the chatter, it pulls you away from the present moment and your mind becomes trapped in a different world. 🌎 - I’m learning to break free from this voice and not become a slave to my own mind anymore. 🔥 There are good roommates and annoying roommates. Don’t let anyone rent a space in your head, unless they’re a good tenant in making your home flourish and tidy.

4,717 150

Cause nobody puts baby in a corner. 👶🏻

4,766 285

Current fave show is This Is Us!! So many quotable lines from each episode on life and relationships. I really loved this one on loss: Sometimes we lose things that we love and it makes us feel sad. It can feel like the worst thing in the world- like earth shattering. But you’re always going to find something else to love. ❤️

5,224 181

Fail, fail, fail again and then rise from the ashes like a Phoenix! 🔥 As someone that used to be a perfectionist, I’ve learned to embrace my failures more than my successes because failures serve as some of the greatest learning lessons. You’re never losing if you’re learning.✌️

3,754 134

As excited as I am that the world is slowly opening up again, I’m also a little nervous about returning to a life where you can freely socially interact. I’ve forgotten what it was like to dine inside a populated restaurant, walk to a local bar, or attend a concert. My social skills have plummeted these past several months and I’ve grown accustomed to the isolation and being a home body, but I know this change on the horizon will ultimately bring more happiness to myself and those around me.❤️ - I think just having the option to go out again, mingle, and be able to meet new connections is a beautiful thing. Let’s appreciate to have more options in our life again.

6,339 162

Watch Wonder Woman 1984 the other night and the theme about truth really spoke to me. We ought to always choose to live in truth and be brave enough to face the truth or else rejecting the truth can lead to a path of destruction, lies, and delusion. As people, we have to learn how to appreciate the here and now- the truth of our situation. We can try to have it all, but we might not get everything we want cause sacrifices also have to be made to attain certain choices. The truth is the natural order and balance to life.

4,522 121

Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minutes with love, grace, and gratitude. It’s a by-product of worthy activities and a life well lived. It isn’t a goal to be pursued but an outcome for which to be grateful.🌳

4,367 74

Learned about the concept of building your mastermind group aka. your dream team. You are the top 5 people you spend the most time with so choose wisely when you find your tribe. - If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, travel together. When several minds work together in perfect harmony, they create synergies and the resulting power is bigger than the sun of the individual powers. Effectively collaborating with others and implementing their strengths is a way to expand your own own horizons.☀️

4,499 67

Beautiful mane thanks to @kimi_hair_color who keeps my hair cut and color looking fresh. 💇🏼‍♀️

6,100 84

I like wearing athletic clothes purely cause it looks cute but to be honest, I haven’t worked out in months since gyms were closed during quarantine.😅 Eek- I’m soo out of shape and weak! - I’ve learned that when your body feels good, your mind will follow so I want to start exercising more as a part of my routine to living a healthier life. When you’re healthy, you’re happy and while I’ve been working on my mental health these past few months with therapy, I’d also like to work on my physical health.💪🏻

4,857 78

It’s a terrifying time to be Asian right now and I don’t want to remain silent on my platform after hearing about the shooting in Atlanta. There has been an increase in hate crimes against Asians since the pandemic began. New data has revealed over the past year, the number of anti-Asian hate incidents is greater than previously reported and a disproportionate number of attacks have been directed at women. The coalescence of racism and sexism, including the stereotype that Asian women are meek and subservient, likely factors into this disparity. - I think many Asian Americans have never talked about it and so people don’t believe that Asian Americans face racism. Because we’re invisible, the racism against us has also been invisible. - Not long ago, we stood in solidarity with our Black brothers and sisters spreading awareness and educating ourselves of their basic human rights. Check up on your Asian American friends and family and please look out for one another cause we all have the right to feel safe. I ask you to stand in solidarity with your Asian brothers and sisters cause we need more coverage on this. 🙏🏻 And let’s continue to progress in putting the racial injustices in our world under a spotlight. 🔦 #stopAsianhate #hateisavirus #stopaapihate

5,554 61

Constantly reminding myself to not let the sadness of the past and the fear of the future to ruin the happiness of my present. 🌴

4,509 52

@tula skincare is built on the power of probiotics and superfoods and has been making my skin feeling clean and hydrated these days. This line is formulated with clean ingredients to feed your skin the good stuff for healthier skin. Use my code ATSUNA for 15% off their entire collection #embraceyourskin #tulapartner

6,192 93

Love yourself enough to set healthy boundaries to protect your emotional well-being, time, and energy. We teach people how to treat us by deciding what we will and won’t accept. When you show love and respect to yourself, others will recognize that in you and it will also give them the permission to do the same.❤️

5,120 65

I’m embracing my femininity this International Women’s Day and wearing @jimmychoo’s new signature fragrance, I Want Choo. It makes me feel empowered to be a woman! My first impression of the scent is that it smells predominantly floral and has hints of vanilla and peach! It bursts with joy, radiates confidence, and has a seductive twist. Shop at Macy's to get your own.💋 #ad

5,325 69

There are so many great ideas in this world, but the world is measured by execution. Take massive action. An inch of movement brings you closer to your goals and dreams than a mile of intention.😜🔥

4,244 72

As someone who's indecisive, I enjoy how @scentbird helps me narrow down my fragrance options based on occasions, notes, mood, and more. The fragrances I received this month are Vince Camuto Terra Extreme, Skylar Vanilla Sky, and Sanctuary Amur Leopard. #ad

6,015 98

When life tries to crush you, succeed in becoming a diamond. Resilient, strong, and beautiful.💎

3,628 52

#Ad Created out of this world adorable space buns with @got2busa Spray Wax to keep them in place. Even though I’m not heading to any festivals this year, it’s always fun to experiment new hairstyles. 😜#trygot2bspraywax #got2battarget #got2bpartner

4,821 97

She lost herself in the trees among the ever-changing leaves. She wept beneath the wild sky as stars told stories of ancient times. The flowers grew towards her light, the river called her name at night. She could not live an ordinary life with the mysteries of the universe hidden in her eyes.🌳

3,758 76

Sometimes accidents happen and with @myafterplan you can have extra peace of mind with your #emergencycontraception which includes a #pregnancytest A great thing about #myafterplan is that you can have it conveniently delivered right to your door within minutes when ordering from #goPuff with no ID or prescription. #EC #myafterplanEC #ad

5,202 84

Mottos I’m living by this year: Don’t let your conduct betray your cause and everyday you get to decide which is worse: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret. 🔥

5,513 90

I participated in my first virtual somatic group therapy a few days ago and really enjoyed how I learned new tools to manage my emotions and anxiety. 🥰 - Seeing people who are also coping or recovering instills hope! Being a part of a group of people who have the same experiences helped me see that what I’m going through is universal and that I’m not alone. While working within a group offers support and guidance, therapy has made me realize that we are ultimately responsible for our own lives, actions, and choices. The power is in our hands to create change in our life, attitudes and mindset.

5,708 107

Ahhhh!!! My first time snapping with a tripod and remote shutter in public and I felt pretty empowered afterwards. There was a handful of people giving me the stares when they passed by, but anxiety dissipates through exposure therapy. 🥰 - For 2021, I want to get more comfortable doing things solo dolo like going to the park alone while listening to some tunes, snapping my own pics in public alone, reading alone at the beach, dining out alone, watching a movie at the theater alone, etc. As someone who fears loneliness, I’ve grown accustomed to partaking in activities thinking I needed a friend or a loved one there with me, when it can be just as pleasurable relishing in doing things by yourself. 🙌🏻 - We never know who we’ll meet in any given moment in time that can be propelled to a new and beautiful connection so we ought to always stay optimistic and open-minded. ^.^ For instance, I had 2 humans who approached me after shooting commenting how much they liked my outfit and were interested in my photo-taking.

3,464 83

Become an unstoppable force and never let anyone or anything dim your fire. Persistence is the insurance to failure and no one is truly defeated until we accept that as a reality.🌊 - Our hardest times often lead to the greatest moments of our life. Tread forwards cause tough situations build strong people in the end.

2,786 75

When we truly have faith in a desire, and believe it will come true, it starts manifesting in its own physical self. It’s essential to have confidence in something that you’re going to reach your goal, especially during hard times cause other times losing confidence will make you quit.⚡️ - Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve. When we’re positive and visualizing our desires being fulfilled, we’ll have a greater chance of eventually reaching success.

3,351 38

I headed to Newport Beach the other day to spend some quality time with family and brought my lunch bag from @builtNY on-the-go to carry snacks and basic necessities. It's perfect for hikes, beaches, boats, and travel, and I enjoy using it especially since I've been appreciating the outdoors more lately.

3,017 74

To make my cool blonde salon color last longer, I use @lorealparis Le Color Gloss to retouch my coloring with ease at home. This leaves my hair with a beautiful glossy hint of color for up to 10 days and the deep conditioning coconut oil base gives my hair a luxurious feel and incredible shine. You can find this product at your local @walmart. #walmartbeauty #lorealparis #lorealhair #ad

4,573 73

Really love is called reality love. It is not based on the illusion of romance or the fantasy that our partners will intuit our every wish and desire. Reality love is based on awareness, respectful and commitment.❤️

7,056 69

Are you chasing peace or pleasure? Often we chase the pleasure of the moment, taking away from the peace in our future. Don’t let your conduct betray your cause and remember to invest in future you (even with the delayed gratification).🔥

2,089 56

It’s been such a long year for us all, full of twists that none of us could’ve imagined. AD As I’ve been getting more attuned to spirituality this past year, I’ve been growing my affinity towards astrology, tarot cards, and mysticism. I’ve also done my second reading with @psychicencounters to bring me more clarity on my love life, career, and direction. This service caters to the curious at heart who have a desire for new perspectives and insight. A reading with a Psychic Encounters psychic allows you to have check-ins with your inner self that inspire both confidence and action. I booked my reading through the app and had an online chat with a psychic for just $1.99/minute. If you’ve been growing spiritually like I have, visit to have an online chat or phone reading and use my promo code: atsuna10 for 10% off your first purchase. #PsychicEncounters #NeverStopSeeking

6,619 68

Redefining my understanding of how to foster prosperous, healthy relationships and connections in my life after reading the book Keeping the Love You Find.❤️ - In order to be loved, you must first become a lover. You must be willing to grow, change, and commit yourself first and foremost to healing your partner. Being the right partner is more important to a good relationship than picking the right partner. And the changes required of us in order to become healing partners for our mates are often the changes that are most difficult for us to make.

4,393 74

Fresh haircut and color by @kimi_hair_color 💇🏼‍♀️

2,467 28

Found my own digital shopping assistant with @modesens to save me time and money when shopping online. AD I can easily view product availability and compare colors and prices across hundreds of stores and thousands of brands to snag the best option. Download the ModeSens app today from my link, become a member, and start enjoying a complimentary three month silver membership including assisted checkout service and premium shopper protection. #ModeSens #LuxuryFinds #FoundOnModeSens

8,267 67

I’ve been having a lot more self-acceptance of others’ personal beliefs and values lately. Exploring another mind can feel like exploring another world and we all truly live in such different realities that work for ourself.⚡️ - We narrate our personal experiences with confirmation bias and even reason through our biases when searching our memories. Our bias occurs from the direct influence of desire on beliefs and we are more motivated by wishful thinking than truth. - 📷 by @escapingyouth

5,873 81

As I inch closer to 30, I feel more at peace with myself and confident in who I am. I’ve become a lot more mindful about living intentionally with my choices as I have more awareness of the long-lasting impact these choices will have on me, my life, and those around me.✨ - Choices can entail making small changes to my daily life or making huge changes that not only affect me but the people closes to me. We all will be faced with choices that will have an astounding effect for our entire life. Moments where actions we have taken can change the course of our path for good and we must always look forward to continuously build our life.✨

3,636 55

#AD - Getting mega volume that feels light as air on my lashes with @lorealparis Air Volume Mega Mascara. This mascara doesn't weigh my lashes down, lasts all day, and gives me an impactful WOW volume transformation. You can find it @walmart and make sure to see my stories for my BEFORE/AFTER transformation (bare vs air)!💋 - #LorealAirMascaraWalmart #AirVolume #BarevsAir #lorealparis #lorealmakeup #walmartbeauty

7,014 67

Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity and we need to put ourselves in a position to have luck by being open to and ready for new opportunities.✨ - So to increase our odds of scoring lucky, we should be the best versions of ourselves so that we are prepared to be lucky. We need to be prepared not just for when opportunity knocks, but for everything leading up to it – those smaller trials which will gradually take us to a place where we feel capable of doing the more prestigious, difficult trials.✨ - Every trial is a stepping stone for growth and change to lead us to where we’re meant to go.

3,788 72

Consider this post my delayed digital Christmas card to you all. I hope you all had a wonderful time during the holidays.❤️😜

6,409 74

Feeling quite optimistic towards 2021. I started out the new year feeling like I’m in a period of awakening, brought on by the act of self-reflection. It is through self-reflection that we can have a clearer and objective understanding about where we are now, and what we need to do in order to grow as humans.✨ - 📷 by @escapingyouth

7,176 82

The Powerpuff Girls 🌸⭐️☁️

3,072 64

#ad To protect myself and the people around me, I’ve been actively social distancing and staying at home for most days of the week. Fortunately, we can use technology to stay connected with one other, allow us to meet new friends, and seek new relationships. @net10_wireless is an amazing option to help keep the spark alive for all relationships in your life with the new $50 Super Unlimited plan and no-contract wireless service. Here’s a reminder to utilize technology as a useful resource and tool to keep the important connections in your life strong. Check out my latest blog post for more. #NET10Wireless

6,956 96

Recently watched this amazing movie Mr.Nobody to kickstart my year 2021 strong. It demonstrates the theme of making meaningful choices in life.✨ - Every choice we make causes a butterfly effect of other choices. Neither choice is actually better or worse because there’s always going to be pain and happiness involved with all our choices. Every path is the right path. Everything could’ve been anything else and it would have just as much meaning.✨ - So when you come upon a difficult life choice, think about who you will become when you choose one or the other. Use that to inform your choice rather than the qualities of the choices themselves. Choose the option that leads you to become the person you wish you were. The outcome of a hard decision is you creating the reasons to justify that choice and embracing them.

5,626 64

Really looking forward to ringing in the new year! 2020 was a heavy year for me and while I got to experience so much, I’ve done my fair share of self-reflection to have a better idea of what the life I want to design to look like. 2021 is going to be a year of living more intentionally and I feel a shift in mentality to focus more on how to create and attain a future I want by instilling good habits and routines in my present.❤️

5,773 69

Two things we are in total control of in life are your attitude and your effort.⚡️ 📷 by @escapingyouth

3,523 68

Now more than ever it’s important to share the message of proper hygiene. Hand washing has taken the front of the stage as a very important part of staying healthy. Partnering with @lifebuoyusa to encourage proper and frequent hand washing all around the world. #LifebuoyUS Total 10 Handwash can be found at your local @walmart. #LifebuoyPartner #LifebuoyUS

5,417 65

I went to Pasadena City Town Hall on Christmas Day with my mother and snapped some shots real quick with their Christmas tree since we didn’t decorate our home this year.🎄 - Though the holidays feel incredibly different this year, I’m happy that this time of year is an annual reminder to disconnect from work and reconnect with family. Spending some quality time offline with my mother these past few days and I was also extra generous with Christmas gifts! Since I don’t have as much opportunity to see many of my closest friends due to social distancing, I wanted to send gifts as another form of love language to remind them that I’m thinking about them.

4,903 74

Being more mindful of what I consume these days to things that only bring me joy and peace. Music can be used as therapy and we subconsciously internalize the vibrations and lyrics of songs to empower us, calm us, or emotionally charge us. Did you guys know when they did a water experiment of freezing water while playing classical music vs rock music, water placed near soft classical music produced clearer ice crystals and froze more beautifully while rock music created rough, jagged shapes.💦 - Water ‘listens’ to words, emotions, thoughts and picks up the vibrations of letters and the human body is made up of 60% water. So to live more intentionally, I’ve been gravitating more towards classical music and lo-fi music to foster a zen like mind state.


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