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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 1.20%. The average number of likes per post is 155 and the average number of comments is 8.

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130 5

Smiley face 😊 Thanks to @1010dentalclinic for my healthy mouth! 👄❤️

160 2

Yung sobrang dami mong gagawin buong linggo napaupo ka na lang sa kawali 🙏

124 3

I'm blessed to have a family who supports me in my pursuit of creativity! 😻 Super grateful that they went to see my showcase despite the weather yesterday. We watched a movie and had dinner after. Tapos tinuruan ko sila ng improv games so we were playing over dinner and ang gulo gulo na naman!!! 😂 I LOVE MY CRAZY FAMILY! It's been awhile since we had quality time like yesterday. My heart is full 💖 I don't want to take anything for granted. 💗

50 6

I joined improv workshops with @thirdworldimprov because I wanted to do something outside of my comfort zone. Something that would make me feel more at ease in unexpected situations. Something that would help me get out of my head and just go with the flow. Something that would squeeze more creativity out of me while also developing my people skills. . I've been watching Whose Line Is It Anyway? since I was in high school. I looked forward to coming home to that show and just watch in amazement as Collin, Wayne, and Ryan do improv. Man, do I respect these guys. They made me laugh hard, but not because of slapstick, green, or mean humor that Pinoys are accustomed to. It was hilarious AND hella' intelligent. Entertaining, but not shallow or dumbing down. I love it so much! . It only truly clicked that improv was something I'd like to try after I watched a good friend, @bausrufo, perform with his group "Badly Put" one night. It's like they were just playing on stage. No scripts, no tricks. Just pure acting and random prompts from the audience that left me with side stitches from all the laughing! . It's been 2 months since my first improv class and I know I'm coming out of it as a better version of me. Improv taught me to just say yes even without a plan. It taught me that who I am is enough--that I don't even have to try to be something I'm not. It taught me not to take things so seriously. Improv also taught me that our world is full of fun, wacky, and unique individuals--much more interesting than the characters we watch on screen all the time--and it taught me how to fit my semi-akward self in a group that is as diverse as "Scene Zone." . I'm so happy I signed up for this workshop (kahit na naka-credit card lang yan!). I am grateful to be able to pursue something that makes me feel alive, and I can't wait to show you all a different side of me as an improviser! Cue: 👐 jazz hands! 👐 😂 . To my teachers and friends from improv class, you guys rock. Can't wait to do level 2 with ya'll!!!! 💖 (SWIPE TO THE END TO WATCH ONE OF MY SCENES FROM OUR SHOWCASE! 🤣) #thirdworldimprov #developingpeople #humanity #improv #adifferentkindoffunny #humorcanbesmart

240 6

As I continue my journey towards being emotionally smarter, I always remind my people-pleasing self that it's okay to not be liked by everyone I engage with. More importantly, I don't need to mentally stress myself out trying to figure out why they don't like me, or how I can get them to like me. I still get mildly frustrated when I feel like someone isn't fond of me, but more often than not, the people I don't click with are not even people I wanna be friends with. It's just this natural human desire to be liked. So it's all good. I'm learning that as much as I want to belong to a "clique" of some sort, I know there is wisdom in walking away from people who are not meant for me to begin with. (Also, it's very important I keep myself in check--that I don't grumble and hold on to bitterness as I walk away!) #morningthoughts #emotionalintelligence

263 10

Awake and ready to finish this giant glass of cold brew with my own homemade rocksalt and cheese topping inspired by Happy Lemon! 😊🍋 . Ingredients: 1/8 block Philadelphia cream cheese, 1 cup whipping cream, vanilla extract, sweetener (you may substitute this with condensed milk) . 🧀 In a blender, mix softened cream cheese with whipping cream (I use Anchor or Emborg), 2-3 drops of vanilla extract, and choice of sweetener (I use Splenda/Stevia). Blend until smooth and sprinkle with sea salt. You may keep tweaking by adding more cream cheese or cream/condensed milk, depending on how cheesy or creamy you want it. Pour over coffee or tea (hot or cold). You'll know your rocksalt and cheese mixture is a success when it just floats and sits beautifully on top of the drink. 💖😉 . #stacyketotips #stacygcooks #homemademilktea #milktea #happylemon #coffee

221 10

Be yourself, but don't forget about common courtesy and manners while you're at it 😉 Seriously, a lot of the "BE UNAPOLOGETICALLY YOURSELF" message is becoming some sort of pass to be rude and loud and have no consideration for others. Pwede naman be yourself pero wag kang bastos and attention whore diba? Don't @ me I'm on my period!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHHAHA

102 0

Celebrating mom's 45th birthday with the crazy family 🎉💖

408 15

Chorky & Chorkina 💖💖

191 15

Happy 45th birthday to my cool mom (DEFINITELY NOT A REGULAR MOM, see last photo)--who's all sorts of fun and crazy! A great cook, entertainer (only to her closest friends), shopping and travel buddy, Adele's kalokalike, the Original Gangsta' and a generous boss to everyone she's worked with. Thank you for choosing to have us at 16, despite all the fears and anxiety that come with being a single teen mom! I love you mommy! Thank you for making our lives colorful and wonderful! And for never failing to support me in whatever path I choose to take 💖 You are the best 😘 (THANK YOU NA DIN SA GOOD LOOKS ALAM KO NAMAN GUSTONG GUSTO MO I-CREDIT SAYO YUN. HAHAHAHA)

24 12

While having PMS, which one are you? 😑😖😒😭😬

62 1

@thedanahsoars 💖💖


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