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🌟Wilhelmina Model. Former athlete. Marathoner. Health & Fitness enthusiast. Animal lover. Snack connoisseur.🌟 💗Do what you love✌🏼Love what you do.💗
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47.0% of alexandra_mack's followers are female and 53.0% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 3.60%. The average number of likes per post is 1046 and the average number of comments is 63.

Alexandra_mack loves posting about Fitness, Training, Coaching.

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47.0 %
53.0 %


  • Fitness & Yoga 66.02 %
  • Beauty & Fashion 65.04 %
  • Photography 55.84 %
  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 52.98 %
  • Business & Careers 44.18 %
  • Art & Design 40.76 %
  • Movies and TV 40.45 %
  • Travel & Tourism 40.27 %
  • Books and Literature 38.54 %
  • Healthy Lifestyle 36.50 %
  • Entertainment 35.52 %


1,679 93

If I told you this was how I’m currently lounging on the couch, on my third cup of coffee, binge watching Fleabag... would you believe me? Sunday’s done right. 🙌🏻🌥🛋👱🏼‍♀️💡. 📸: @austinhuck @wilhelminamodels #sundayfunday #crushingthecouch #netflixorchill #morelikeamazonprimeandchill #inmyundies #strongwomen #wilhelminamodels #fitnessmodel #weekendvibes

1,150 51

One of my favorite feelings in the world is waking up in your own bed after you have been traveling for a while. It feels so damn good to be home. Not to mention, I feel a really fun, new sense of confidence in myself after last weekend, I’m still floating on cloud nine. Now it’s time to unpack, do 1 million loads of laundry and find the perfect spot to hang my @berlinmarathon medal. TGIF everybody! 😊💃🏼👱🏼‍♀️💖😎. 📸: @tomrafalovich @wilhelminamodels #tgif #homesweethome #brooklynorbust #newyorkcity #friday #beachbabe #surfergirl #femaleathlete #femalemarathoner #marathoner #runner #womenwhorun #femalerunners #strongwomen #wilhelminamodels #strongissexy

1,746 260

Wow. What a weekend. Feeling like I’m waking up from a dream and I still have a marathon to run. I went in to the @berlinmarathon hoping to PR, I kept telling myself that “I just want to break my Chicago time of 3:48”, aiming for 3:40 but not getting my hopes up to shave 8 whole mins off my time in just my 3rd marathon. “Take it easy and listen to your body”, I would say. But the energy at the start (and in the city all weekend) was so insanely high, my fingers were tingling with excitement. I took off “way too fast” (what I told myself), the miles (kms) melting away at a 7:30 pace. “Slow down, Al. Save some gas in the tank.” But I found myself wanting more, I wanted to see what I could do. I trained so damn hard for this race; forcing myself on long runs while traveling in Tokyo, Singapore, Kyoto and Qatar. Finding the time to get miles in before the sun was up, late (late) nights after work, missing out on time with friends; there was no way I wasn’t putting it all on the line. So I pushed. I ignored the old mentality of “slow down, go easy, this is too hard for you” and exchanged that with “let’s f*cking go Al, you didn’t come this far to go easy”. So that’s what I did. I stayed smart, I listened to my body but I pushed myself. My watch pacing has been off, so as I hit the half mark and noticed I was at a 7:35 pace, I figured it was wrong. But as I noticed that I was consistently keeping up with the 3:30 pacer, I figured “meh, why not just stick with him as long as you can.” Unfortunately, the weather took a major turn at km 34, I got crushed with a heavy downpour and winds that bit you right to the bone, my legs started to cramp and my strong mentality took a major hit. The last 5km of this race was some of the most grueling running (physically + mentally) of my entire life; I lost steam & the pacer. As I crossed the finish line, I was fully expecting to see a time around 3:48. I did what I do after crossing the finish line and started sobbing tears of joy that it was over. Until I checked my phone and saw texts from my insanely shocked friends congratulating me that I broke 3:30... I ran a 3:28. I shaved 20 whole mins off of my time. (CONT IN COMMENTS!!!)

636 73

Fell asleep in NYC, woke up in Berlin! Running on fumes (/excitement) but ready to crush 26.2 miles(42km if we’re keeping it local) on Sunday in a new and foreign but amazing city! GOOD LUCK to all of my runners out there also running the @berlinmarathon!! This is going to be fun. Let’s all say a prayer to the weather gods that the rain holds out! Going to give it my best shot to PR, but most importantly, I’m going to have an absolute blast while trying. Catch y’all at the finish line! ✌🏼🏅👟🏃🏼‍♀️😎🇩🇪. @wilhelminamodels @berlinmarathon @nyrr #berlinmarathon #berlinlegend #berlindoesitfaster #womenwhorun #femalemarathoners #lfg! #mytypeofsundayfunday #twentysixpointtwo #marathoner #runner #runforfun #wilhelminamodels #fitnessmodel #modelswhorunmarathons

367 23

Recovery is just as, if not more, important than all of the training and miles that goes into preparing for a marathon. I tend to forget to prioritize my recovery, which has left me sore, tight, exhausted and with a serious case of heavy legs. And I do not have time for that right now. So I popped over to @recovernyc for some serious recovery time, and boy do I feel like a new human. RēCOVER offers some of the best forms of recovery therapy on the planet (literally), from infrared saunas and air/ice compression sleeves, to hydromassage and restorative sleep treatment, they have some of the best technology to help elevate your performance. Since I was pretty exhausted and my legs felt like jello, I went with the @ntrecovery air compression sleeves + @nucalmperformance restorative sleep treatment, when combined, are highly beneficial for your body and your mind. The compression sleeves help with circulation, reduce muscle soreness, remove post-exercise metabolic waste from your muscles and improve oxygen in your blood, while the sleep treatment gives you 2-3 hours of restorative sleep in just 30 mins (you go into an amazing lucid dreaming state, waking up feeling calm, relaxed and super refreshed). Add the gravity blanket, some sound therapy with the @bose noise cancelling headphones and an eye mask, and I was in the ZONE. Now I’m feeling fresh as a daisy and ready to rock into this weekend with a fresh set of legs, and a clear and focused mind. Huge thank you to @recovernyc for getting me race ready! Now, ready or not Berlin, here I come! 😎✌🏼😴🙌🏻💃🏼. @wilhelminamodels #recoveryiskey #gravityblanketsforlife #nucalmsleeptherapy #normatecrecovery #dontforgettorecover #howdoyourecover #runnerslegs #berlinmarathon #femalemarathoners #womenwhorun #wilhelminamodels

910 63

When it’s girls night but you’re late because you’re stuck in traffic and your hair is still very wet with sweat from your run... but it’s also golden hour and the backseat of your Uber is (literally) LITLITLITLIT, you gotta make the best of it and snap a selfie. Summer, I am not ready for you to leave us yet. PLEASE DON’T GO! Or I may just have to relocate to the west coast instead.........🤔🌞🤫☀️😉. Happy SUNday 😎. @wilhelminamodels #happysunday #alwayschasingthesun #ihatewinter #summerdontleave #summerforever #sundayfunday #girlsnightout #shamelessselfie #selfiesunday #naturalmakeup #sweatyhair #lifeofanathlete #femaleathlete #wilhelminamodels #fitnessmodel

1,541 92

TGIF with a little FBF. My weekend plan? Sleep. Lots of it. What about you? 😴🛌🙏🏼. 📸: @austinhuck 💄: @kaciecorbelle @wilhelminamodels #alwaystired #ilovesleep #tgif #friyay #weekendvibes #fbf #flashbackfri #wilhelminamodels #fitnessmodel #strongissexy #strongwomen #femaleathletes

1,215 56

Monday Mood: Some days I wake up and bounce out the door for my training runs; beaming, excited and ready to tackle 10+ miles like it’s nothing. Other days it’s absolute torture and the thought of even going one mile makes me want to vomit. I have been stuck in the latter energy these last few days (...week) after one of my long speed-work runs left me depleted of energy, super dehydrated and riddled in some minor (but annoying) aches and pains. It was my fault; I was pushing myself through absolute exhaustion and some crazy stress. But my confidence took a major hit along the way and only being 2 weeks out from @berlinmarathon, I kept telling myself “I don’t have time for this, you have to keep going.” Today I woke up with a list of life things to do; errands, a doctors appointment, a literal mountain of laundry and house chores... and a tempo run. I found myself extremely anxious all day, feeling the pressure of getting this run in, regardless of how I’m feeling physically or mentally... it must be done, no if’s, and’s or but’s. It was after my weekly “how are you feeling?” check in this afternoon with my favorite human @suzannecover (she’s also training for Berlin!) did she remind me to listen to my body, give myself a break and to relax. It’s easy to get caught up in the training, in the athlete mindset, the pressure to meet and want to crush my goals... and forget to check back in. I love this sport, I’ve put a lot of miles into this upcoming marathon and I’ve worked my butt off but it’s important to remember that we’re human and need a break every once in a while, even if it’s 2 short weeks out. So, in this extremely long winded post, this is just me telling you that it’s ok to slow down, to check back in, to feel your pulse and to relax. To take a break. It does the body good. Happy Monday y’all, I love ya. 😉😘🤗. @wilhelminamodels 📸: @peetigga #mondaymood #takeabreak #relax #chillout #berlinmarathon2019 #runner #womenwhorun #wilhelminamodels #fitnessmodel #lululemon #newbalance #marathoner #chasejoy

993 50

My days can be crazy hectic; between meetings and castings and training and photo shoots, the last thing I want to have to worry about is what to cook myself for a quick (and healthy!!) dinner. Luckily, I’ve found the solution! @purplecarrot is a 100% plant-based meal delivery service that sends insanely delicious (and innovative!) HEALTHY pre-portioned meals right to your door. I gave the roasted sweet potatoes with spicy cashew sauce and sauerkraut a shot and HOT DAMN, I was blown away. I love to cook, I love to eat healthy and I love plants, so this was a major win in my book. Even better, head to the link in my bio to get $30 off your first order using the code “mack”! And don’t forget to check out @purplecarrotxo to see what’s on the menu this week! Get your plant on y’all! 🥦🥒🥬🥑🍅🍠🌽🥕🍆 #ad #eatmoreplants #goveg #iloveplants #veggieorbust #purplecarrot #eatgoodfood #eathealthyfood #cookingbringsmejoy #thekitchenismyhappyplace

967 55

Taking a major “woosaaaah” moment right now. You know how they say “when it rains, it pours”? Well, yeah. It’s pouring over here. I am *still* getting crushed by this Japan jet lag (like will I ever sleep through the night again??), plus having to slug through the miles in prep for the @berlinmarathon (3 weeks out!) AND having to pack up my life and move to a new apartment today. I am a walking, stressed out zombie. But hey, it’s FRIDAY and hot damn, I’m too #blessed to be stressed. Any one have any fun (relaxing!) plans this weekend?! 🧘🏼‍♀️✌🏼💕🏠🏃🏼‍♀️🧟‍♀️. 📸: @austinhuck @wilhelminamodels #friyay #itsthefreakinweekend #tooblessedtobestressed #woosah #deepbreaths #newhood #zenmoment #inhaleexhale #wilhelminamodels #fitnessmodel #wherebrooklynat #clintonhill

937 71

they come, feeding on me to make honey and speak like the words they dress me in are what make me beautiful. i was not made to be picked and bent at the spine. I am grounded. I am vibrant. I am mine. so please don’t grip me in your hands and expect me to live when i am meant to survive in the arms of myself. 🦁🦋💖. 📸: 💄: @kaciecorbelle @wilhelminamodels @wilderpoetry #thursdaythoughts #iammine #bighairdontcare #independentwoman #strongwomen #wilhelminamodels #fitnessmodel #tbt #thursday #newyorkcity


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