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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 1.50%. The average number of likes per post is 150 and the average number of comments is 15.

31.63% of the followers that engaged with _littlefrank regularly are from Australia, followed by United States at 14.29% and Kenya at 12.24%. In summary, the top 5 countries of _littlefrank's posts engager are coming from Australia, United States, Kenya, United Kingdom, Germany.

_littlefrank loves posting about Health & Fitness, Cooking, Food & Drink, Education.

Check _littlefrank's audience demography. This analytics report shows _littlefrank's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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  • Australia 31.63 %
  • United States 14.29 %
  • Kenya 12.24 %
  • United Kingdom 7.14 %
  • Germany 4.08 %


230 46

Turns out you can watch a full TV season in one day and also 2 packets of pop tarts. • Could say I’m basically the definition of health in isolation. Who has beaten my 3000cals worth of snacks?

216 19

That sun feels different when it’s illegal

118 3

*Narcissistic selfie for the chance you’ll read this post* General physical preparedness (GPP) is heavily underused and under appreciated in amateur sports, it is a preparatory phase of training that is intended to provide balanced physical conditioning in endurance, strength, speed, flexibility, mobility, coordination and other basic movements. Novice/amateur level teams/athletes lack the ability to coordinate movements and all round fitness very well. Statistically the team or athlete that last longer in their sport and perform better are the ones who have the capacity to play a numerous number of sports. In the Russian systems coaches and trainers discovered the value in paying attention to an athlete's GPP - his or her ability to perform all different types of tasks. They would first develop GPP - a general level of physical conditioning - before they build sport specific skills, or specific physical preparedness (SPP). Outside of competition GPP serves as a useful function for a few reasons. •The formation, strengthening or returning of lost skills and movements which play a secondary role in sports. •As a means of educating new technique/movement/abilities, or removing developed insufficient patterns by the type of sport/movements someone competes in. •Raising the general work capacity or preserving it. Short message means, learning to do more than your main sport will see performance increases in your main sport. Become an athlete not just a one dimensional competitor.

101 10

@jacinta_raimona unfortunately won’t get the chance to compete this season but the hard work she put in was above and beyond what I could ever have hoped for. This is one of the last sessions we did before the announcement. • Wide seated row Close seated row SS - Lat pull down with Lateral raises Heavy chest supported row SS - Face pulls with Shoulder press

163 45

YOLO max out squat session • No comp for me unfortunately, so instead I wanted to how well my squat progressed this prep. • 1st video new PB of 315, 5kg pb. • 2nd video bigger pb of 330, 20kg pb. Incredibly great full to @wcroz for programming me this prep, and the guys @simmcityperformance for being there to spot and gate when needed.

144 21

Living vicariously through my clients. • Meaning: experiencing something indirectly, like when your friend's adventure feels like your own. You find yourself so excited and intrigued by the life happenings of someone close to you that you held onto their emotions and imagined their circumstances as your own. • Nothing makes me happier than a day that is successful for someone I’ve helped progress towards their goals, not only do I feel immense gratitude that someone has given me this opportunity but I also try my hardest to not let that trust down. This leads to the day a client or friend competes and everything comes together. Similar to making your own cake from scratch, everything ether was put together right or not and the day they compete is the metaphorical “cutting of the cake”. This day gives me so much enjoyment.

189 27

Week in review, (using a narcissistic selfie to draw attention to the post ❤️) • Video 1: PB squat at 310 moving better than ever • Video 2: Deadlift 340 moving better than ever • Video 3: 180 bench but I did hit 190 after this but technology hates me • Video 4: me getting grumpy as fuck being a sook thinking I’m attempting 340 and it’s feeling heavy as fuck. Turns out I’m just stupid and have forgotten basic maths and loaded 360 on the bar. Week total 840kg @nexusperformance.aus @wcroz @simmcityperformance

93 0

Congratulations to @kanesturdee for his day today hitting PBs on squats and bench but missing his dead’s. All in all a good day and a massive achievement, always proud of his work and commitment to his training. Also amazing work to @recovery_pt for this great job he did today

142 8

Amazing day by @taylahwhitaker First sanctioned meet hitting personal bests on all lifts was an amazing day in itself!!! Squats 127.5 Bench 62.5 Deadlifts 125 Total 315 (20kgs comp PB) Super proud of today’s effort and the outcome.

184 5

When tracking macros, A “smaller” calorie deficit may give you faster weight loss rather than a “larger” calorie deficit. Sometimes aiming for a 250 calorie deficit is better than 500 calorie deficit for example. . What happens when you add more food and aim for a smaller calorie deficit. 1. Eating more means you’ll be less likely to binge eat or crave foods (as you get to eat them anyway) 2. Eating more means you will have more energy. More energy gives you the ability to push harder and in turn burn more calories or build more muscle. 3. With extra energy comes a higher NEAT (non exercise activity thermogenesis). This means you will burn more energy by moving around more. Things like walking around, playing with the dog or kids, fidgeting are all apart of NEAT. So it’s possible to lose weight by eating more, but ONLY because it makes it easier for you to maintain your calorie deficit

115 2

@jessakate3 lower body training session. Deadlifts 4x8 at 105kg Staggered deadlifts 4x10 22kg a side Walking lunges 2x25kg 4x16 reps Good Girl machine 4x15 Super set Bad Girl machine 4x15

120 6

@camelliacurreen’s lower body session! Shout out to all the hard work she has been putting in!! Yesterday she hit a new PB of the milestone 100kgs at 52kgs for 4 sets of 3 reps. This has been a 3 month goal leading up. Deadlift 4x3 @ 100 Front squats 3x5 @ 55 Rounded back extensions 4x20 Leg extensions Hamstring curls


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