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73.3% of _beautybee's followers are female and 26.7% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 2.80%. The average number of likes per post is 438 and the average number of comments is 8.

_beautybee loves posting about Beauty, Art.

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  • Beauty & Fashion 95.18 %
  • Art & Design 74.93 %
  • Business & Careers 64.37 %
  • Fitness & Yoga 47.25 %
  • Children & Family 45.33 %
  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 44.36 %
  • Healthy Lifestyle 44.36 %
  • Clothes, Shoes, Handbags & Accessories 39.25 %
  • Travel & Tourism 33.81 %
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441 8

Partners in Cream Project Pan | Update 3 . . This has became one of my favorite project pans. It is a collab, so I love seeing everyone’s updates. If you are interested check out #partnersincream ❤️ . . This update is super exciting for my project, and a lot has changed. Be sure to scroll through photos to see the new products. . . Here is the update for all of the items that were in the project last month! I completely finished my @milkmakeup lit highlighter. I hit pan on the @colourpopcosmetics supershock in Peekaboo. I also hit some major pan on my @juicebeauty flush cream blush. I decided to keep this in the project to try to use up completely. I made the decision to declutter my other juice beauty cream blush. I don’t love the color on me. . . This month I’ve been wearing a lot more makeup so I’ve rolled in many products. I rolled in and have already hit pan on 3 more supershock eyeshadows (deep dive, telepathy, and 6pm). I chose to declutter the Empire supershock shadow after using it twice for this project. . . This month I decided to roll more products in but with a usage goal to rotate through some of my products. I rolled in all four of my glitters with a goal of using them 5 times each. I had to declutter the gold goddess stila because the applicator broke off inside the packaging BEFORE I EVER USED IT! I used to @pixibeauty bare brilliance glitter 5 times, stila kitten karma 3, and diamond dusk 2 times. . . I also rolled in 4 cream blushes to use 5 times each (bite multistick almond, colourpop 25/8, hooked, and under pressure). I successfully used them all five times each this month and decided to declutter bite almond because the shade doesn’t suit my skin tone. . . The new products I am rolling in for this update to work on the next month are my colourpop on the cusp highlight. My goal is to use it 30 times and then I will re-evaluate whether I want to try to finish or roll it out. I also rolled in my two @tower28beauty cream blushes. Goal: use 10 times each. Still working on juice beauty flush and two glitters👌🏽 #projectpan #panporn #projectpanner #colourpop #colourpopcosmetics #pixibeauty #milkmakeup #crueltyfree #crueltyfreebeauty

238 6

Have you tried the new-ish @colourpop lux velvet formula yet? I am not a liquid lipstick girl. I like my lip products to be comfortable above all else. These are amazing. They remind me of my faves, their velvet blue lux lipsticks but in a liquid form. #colourpopcosmetics #colourpop #colourpopme #newmakeup #prgifted #lipstick #crueltyfree #crueltyfeemakeup #crueltyfreebeauty

203 3

Non-makeup beauty items I’ve purchased in 2020 . . These are all of the other items I’ve purchased in 2020 that I was consider ‘beauty’. . . I ran out of my aloe vera gel, which these days is all I use for moisturizer because of my coconut derivative sensitivity. During this pandemic, apparently people were hoarding aloe... why?? No idea, but it was incredibly hard to find in-stock online. This was the only one I could find that didn’t have all kinds of unneeded added ingredients. It was $11 . . As I had previously mentioned, I have made the switch to live my life as low-waste as possible. When I saw I was getting low on cotton rounds I knew it was the time to purchase some reusable ones. I found this organic pack for $13 on amazon. Have not used them yet. I plan to do an entire series on all of my #lowwaste switches soon! . . Since streamlining my skincare routine to eliminate acne and irritation, I have been exclusively using @lush Kalamazoo as my face cleanser. My guy used it, so I made the switch, and my skin loves it! I ran out of my first one so I repurchased it for $12. . . During my #nobuyyear in 2019 I ran out of dry shampoo and chose not to replace it. At the beginning of the year I ran out of my only hairspray. This year I’ve purchased both a dry shampoo and hairspray. I have never tried either brand but I wanted to find cruelty-free hair products that worked and weren’t overly expensive. Combined, these two products were $12 and I really like both (found at target). . . According to my no-buy rules from last year, I would have been able to repurchase all these items without breaking my no-buy because they are all replacements for categories I don’t own anything else to use (that won’t irritate my skin). Since nothing was extra or ‘fun’ I am not counting this $48 towards my beauty budget (at least not for now). We will see how my purchases progress this year 👌🏽 #beautypurchases #aloevera #haircare #crueltyfree #crueltyfreebeauty #crueltyfreemakeup #beautybudget #nobuy #nobuyyear #lush #reuse #target #lowbuy #cleanbeauty

441 10

Chopping Block Series | Highlighter Edition 1 🔪 . . . This is a new series I am starting for my Instagram. You guys all said you wanted to see it on my IG stories. For my chopping block, I will selecting a few products in the same category. These products will either be: things I’m considering decluttering, older products, and items I haven’t used a lot. My goal is to test out all of the products and decide whether or not I want to keep them in my collection or declutter them. My collection is larger than I ideally want it to be so this is a good way for me to put my products to the test to be sure they still deserve a spot in my more curated collection. . . This round I used the @pytbeauty highlight, @beccacosmetics prismatic amethysts, @essence pure nude, and @pixi subtle sunrise and delicate dew. . . In the future, this may be separated into two separate post. This time though, I’ve already put all of these to the test and made my final decision. The second photo shows the decisions I made. I will declutter the Becca prismatic amethyst and the pyt beauty and I will be keeping the two pixi and the essence! #declutter #choppingblock #makeupuseup #minimalism #drugstoremakeup #pixibeauty #beccacosmetics #highlight #highlighter #glow #glowup #cleanbeauty #crueltyfree #crueltyfreebeauty #crueltyfreemakeup

591 20

All the makeup I’ve purchased in my 2020 🖤 . . This year I have purchased four makeup items. Two were on my wishlist for the entire no-buy year of 2019, one was a replacement of an empty with nothing else in its category, and one was an impulse quarantine self-soothing purchase. . . I purchased the @natashadenona bloom and tan face palettes. I listed after these for a long time and finally took the plunge. I repurchased my @fentybeauty matchstix in Amber. Then a week or two ago I impulse bought the @beccacosmetics skin love glow glaze stick. . . I bought all four products off of Mercari because I had been selling a few of my decluttered item. So, when it comes to my budget and limits this year, I spent a total of $73 on the four item but I had earned $66 in credits from selling. Overall, I only spent $7 of my own money for these four items, which is amazing for being on the fourth month of the year already! . . I do not regret any of these purchases and I think that I will get a lot of use out of them all. #makeup #newmakeup #makeuppurchases #lowbuy #natashadenona #beccacosmetics #fentybeauty #reuse #secondhand #crueltyfree #crueltyfreebeauty #crueltyfreemakeup #sephora

348 10

No-Buy Year Reflection and What I’m doing this year . . I went the entire year of 2019 without purchasing any beauty products (makeup, skincare, haircare, body-care, and tools). In my finale I said I had extended this No-Buy into January, so I went an entire 13 months without spending money on beauty. . . I wanted to share what I’ve been doing since then and what my plans are for the rest of 2020. I am no longer on a strict no-buy. This year I have purchased 4 new makeup products (1 was a replacement that would have been allowed with my old rules). I will share what I’ve bought in a post coming soon. I have also purchased a few hair/skin items that were all replacement for items I used up last year and never replaced the category. . . My plans for this year aren’t as hardcore as my no-buy was. I feel like I learned a lot and changed my mentality enough during my #nobuy that I don’t feel like I need rules to keep me in line with my purchasing anymore. . . I have maximum limits set for myself for the year as a whole, although I hope I don’t end up needing them. Max I am allowing myself to spend an average of $50 a month on beauty, which is $600 for the year. This will not count the money I make selling my old products I am decluttering. Ideally, I wouldn’t spend any of my own money on beauty, I would only spend what I make selling beauty but we shall see how I do. This year I am focusing on using and loving what I own and being a conscious consumer when thinking about new purchases. I do not want to purchase more than 15 new makeup items through out the year. I’ve already bought 4, so that leaves 11 more items for the year. The only exception would be if I need to repurchase something I consider an essential that doesn’t have anything else in its category (eyeshadow primer etc). . . When I share what I’ve purchased I will include the prices etc. to show where I am and how it’s going. I will share a post showing the replacement non-makeup beauty items I’ve purchased. I will be sure to keep track of everything and share how my journey to minimalism is going! #nobuyyear #nobuy #anticonsumerism #consciousconsumer #minimalism #downsizing #crueltyfreebeauty

390 4

Single Eyeshadow Declutter | Round 1 . . . I did this declutter in two separate phases, and maybe in the future will do a third. This round it was my mission to make all of my single eyeshadows fit inside my three large @adeptcosmetics magnetic palettes. I was successful in doing so. I now have an empty palette to curate singles in for use. . . This round all of the mini eyeshadows I decluttered were my remaining @bhcosmetics shadows. These were from the Carli Bybel deluxe palette and the weekend festival palette. The magnetic on the backs of these shadows were too thick so they never fit properly with my colourpop minis. The colors weren’t my favorites and were going unused anyways. The majority of the full-size singles I got rid of were depotted from the @juviasplace masquerade mini palette. I got rid of shades that I could dupe with other singles, I don’t need multiples of any bright colors. Most of these were duped with the Kathleen lights X colourpop singles I received in PR. . . This round I got rid of 21 single eyeshadows. This leaves me with 268 singles left in my collection👌🏽 #declutter #makeupdeclutter #makeupdownsize #downsize #minimalism #singleeyeshadows #eyeshadows #eyeshadow #eyeshadowsingles #magneticpalette #eyeshadowpalettes #bhcosmetics #juviasplace #adeptcosmetics

394 7

Skincare Declutter 🖤 . . The past year has been a skin journey for me, to say the least. I’ve used up tons of expensive fancy skincare and it made me realize pretty quickly, my skin likes simplicity and minimal ingredients. I will be sharing my current skincare routine this weekend, which is far more simple then it used to be. Being careful and selective with my skincare and isolating what doesn’t work for me has lead to me declutter a ton of highly coveted skincare because it doesn’t work for MY skin. These may be your holy grail products, but if they cause me irritation or breakouts, I don’t need them in my life. . . I am decluttering 15 skincare products and 1 haircare product. I am sensitive to many of the extremely common coconut oil derivatives that are in these skincare bits. If you have unexplainable breakouts you can’t nail down, I highly recommend stripping down your skincare routine to basic ingredients only and see how your skin reacts as you slowly reintroduce one product at a time. I guarantee this won’t be my last skincare declutter because it is a slow process. It is exciting to figure out what works for you though, and get rid of the rest. #coconut #declutter #skincare #skinstagram #skinsta #simpleliving #cleanbeauty #coconutfree #acne #breakouts #greenliving #organic #downsize #minimalism

355 7

March Empties 🗑 . . I love seeing people’s empties, I hope you do too. The month of March I used up several products. Let me know if you like the way I share these or if there is a way you would prefer. . . 1. @rawsugarliving aloe body wash 2. @hanelei Aloe Vera gel * 3. @lush Kalamazoo 4. @verb hair oil * 5. @johnmastersorganic lip balm * 6. @fentybeauty gloss bomb fenty glow (removed stopper and everything) 7. @bitebeauty matte lip crayon Leche * 8. @lumineux coconut oil toothpaste * *PR gifted . . This month I used up 8 items, totaling $133. Thus far this year I have used up 22 items, totally $328. That being said, a lot of the items I have finished were PR gifted by the brands so I didn’t really spend that much, it’s just the total value of empties. . . I have already repurchased @lush Kalamazoo. I have bought a replacement aloe from a different brand. Someday, I will 100% repurchase a fenty gloss and verb hair oil but I have other products in my collection I have to use up first. That was my second @rawsugarliving aloe body wash and I love it but I am transitioning to lower waste and will only be purchases bars in the future to save the plastic packaging. #empties #makeupempties #beautyempties #lowwaste #minimalism #crueltyfreemakeup #crueltyfreebeauty #crueltyfree #verbhair #fentybeauty #bitebeauty #cleanbeauty #lush #nobuy #nobuyyear

747 5

Pan 20 in 2020 project | Update 3 . . I will link my intro and previous update in my stories if you need to catch up. Before starting this month I had hit my goal on 5 products already, so I was working on 15 of the original 20 items. . . This update I completely finished three products, they were all lip products. I finished my @fentybeauty gloss bomb (used 68 times since last update, 164 times total in project), the @johnmastersorganic lip balm(used 54 times, 163 times total in project), and the @bitebeauty leche matte lip crayon (used 26 times, 42 times total in project). . . There are 12 items left in this project and I kept track of how many times I used them all this past month. @toofaced concealer: 24 @pixibeauty peach under eye corrector: 25 @marcjacobsbeauty concealer: 3 @tartecosmetics foundation: 24 @toofaced foundation: 0 @colourpopcosmetics loose powder: 27 @marcjacobsbeauty tantastic bronzer (repressed in hourglass palette): 32 @milanicosmetics eyeshadow primer: 3 @viseart brow powder: 2 @limecrime bushy brow gel: 26 @essencecosmetics nude eyeliner: 5 @milanicosmetics lip liner: 30

667 4

Mission 100% Cruelty-Free Project Pan | Update 4 . . I hit pan on my second wet n wild baked blush in the shade don’t flutter yourself! I have now hit pan on all four of my wet n wild blushes in this project 👍🏽 . . I have still been using rose champagne and apricot n the middle pretty much exclusively as my powder blushes this year. I’ve been working on them a while now. I am so torn on what to do with these two blushes moving forward. To spend an entire year panning two drugstore blushes from a brand I no longer support seems ridiculous because I have so many other powder blushes in my collection that are also beautiful that are not getting used. However, I do really love wearing both of these blushes so I don’t see the point in decluttering them since I already own them. I also don’t want to keep wet n wild products in my collection long term because I do want my collection to be 100% cruelty-free again. Let me know in the comments what you think I should do. . . I have stopped using the hummingbird blushes since hitting pan on the second one because I am currently trying to hit pan on Becca rose gold, which I also use as a blush topper. These hummingbird blushes are very unique to my collection, so I plan on keeping them for now even if I’m not actively panning them. . . The sad news broke that physicians formula is no longer cruelty-free. All I currently own from them is two shades of the healthy foundation. I decided to add the lighter of the two into this project to eventually use it up and get it out of my collection. ❤️ . . #mission100crueltyfree #projectpan #panporn #projectpanner #crueltyfree #drugstoremakeup #blush

510 16

New Project Alert 💋 . . I am starting a Rolling Project 5 Pan for lip products. Without being too much of a spoiler, I’ve finished some lip products I’ve been working on in other project pans and I don’t currently have any projects going that I could add more in, so I decided to start a new one. This project pan will always have 5 lip products. When I use one up, I will roll another one in. I am starting with one balm, one liner, one bullet lipstick, one lip crayon, and one gloss. I don’t know if I will keep it that way or change it up once I start using things up. I will do monthly updates showing progress and number of uses. . . The five products I chose are: @hourglasscosmetics girl lipstylo in influencer (mini) @kosas lipstick in undone (may be hard to finish, after a month of use I’ll see what I want my goal to be) @kkwbeauty x Mario gloss in Juicy @bitebeauty agave + lip therapy @milanicosmetics lip liner in nude . . #lipstick #lipgloss #lipbalm #projectpan #panporn #lipproducts #projectpanner #makeupuseup #minimalism #cleanbeauty #vegan #bitebeauty #kosas #hourglasscosmetics #kkwbeauty #milanicosmetics


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