Top 1000 Plus Size Instagram Influencers in United States in 2020


Discover Top Ranked Influencers by Type and Category of Influence in United States. We've profiled United States's top influencers by number of followers and category so you can see how they're ranked. You can filter the ranking by selecting the country and category you're looking for. The ranking data will be updated every month.

Top Instagram Influencers

Top Instagram Influencers Ranking in United States Find out the most influential Instagram accounts with details on their number of followers from United States. We’re currently tracking a total of 670 influencers in United States with between 1,000 and 10m followers.

# @Username Country Topics Followers Engagement Rate
Fashion Modeling Plus Size Celebrities 16.4M 0%
2 Lorraine Ward
Plus Size Celebrities Humor Health & Fitness Film, Music & Books Art 2.6M 1.90%
3 T E S S
Modeling Fashion Plus Size Celebrities 2M 1.90%
4 N E Y 🦋
Modeling Plus Size Entertainment 1.5M 1.10%
5 London Andrews
Modeling Plus Size Art 1.1M 1.60%
Modeling Plus Size 864.6K 0.70%
7 Curvy Body Positive Model
Plus Size Modeling 827.5K 2.00%
8 SophieTurner•Influencer&Model
Plus Size Fashion Styling 763.1K 1.10%
9 torridfashion
Fashion Plus Size Modeling 731.8K 0%
10 Costina Ana-Maria Munteanu
Modeling Plus Size Fashion 728.3K 0.90%
11 Peakmill
Plus Size 707.7K 3.50%
12 Shelby
Fashion Modeling Plus Size 664.4K 2.50%
13 Tamera “Ty” Young
Basketball Shoes Fashion Plus Size 633.6K 3.10%
14 t a r a l y n n
Modeling Plus Size Fashion Celebrities 616.7K 2.00%
15 Keisy Nayobi
Plus Size Modeling 534.9K 1.30%
16 Carina Shero
Modeling Plus Size Fashion 534.1K 0.90%
17 Plus-size Fashion
Video Games Fashion Plus Size Styling Celebrities Hair & Beauty 497.3K 0.30%
18 🇱 🇯 🇮 🇦 🇸 🇭 🇦 🇳 🇳
Plus Size Modeling Fashion 484.7K 0.30%
Plus Size Modeling Fashion 437.1K 0.50%
20 Denise Mercedes
Fashion Modeling Plus Size 418.2K 1.10%
21 Stephanie Viada
Plus Size Fashion Modeling 390.1K 3.60%
22 Kick Fleet ✪
Shoes Plus Size Streetwear 359.1K 1.10%
23 Venezia Cruz
Plus Size Modeling Fashion 356.2K 8.00%
24 RUE107
Fashion Plus Size Modeling 339.1K 0.60%
25 Ms. Mays
Plus Size Modeling 336.9K 0.60%
26 Jada Redd ⭐️
Plus Size Fashion Modeling 333.8K 0.10%
27 Brittney Toneé
Plus Size Modeling Fashion 326.9K 2.00%
Plus Size Fashion Modeling 320.4K 0%
29 thick&curvy slaying Beauty 💋
Moms Plus Size Modeling 318.2K 0.90%
30 Nikes
Shoes Streetwear Plus Size 317.4K 0.50%
31 LotusTraders Clothing
Plus Size Fashion Modeling 317.4K 0%
32 J.Gunn
Plus Size Moms Modeling 316K 1.10%
33 Sneaker Games
Events Shoes Plus Size Streetwear 312.3K 0.40%
34 🧸🍟🍕🍝C U R V Y M O D E L🍝🍕🍟🧸
Plus Size Modeling 306.6K 1.80%
35 💓 K A M O R A 💓
Music Modeling Plus Size Fashion Celebrities Health & Fitness Design Animals & Pets 304.9K 3.30%
Modeling Entertainment Plus Size 304.9K 0.50%
37 Heather J.
Plus Size Modeling Fashion 297.6K 1.90%
38 sneaker house
Basketball Shoes Plus Size 289.7K 3.30%
39 Amber Curve ✨💫
Plus Size Modeling Fashion 286.8K 0.80%
Plus Size Fashion Modeling 281.7K 0.30%
41 Nakitende Esther
Plus Size Modeling Fashion 278.4K 1.10%
Plus Size Modeling Art 274.9K 3.50%
Fashion Plus Size Modeling 265.8K 0.50%
Shoes Basketball Plus Size Design Celebrities Fashion 262.3K 0.70%
45 Golden Confidence
Dogs Plus Size Fashion 256.2K 0.10%
46 Curve Culture™ Boutique
Fashion Plus Size Styling 255.9K 0.10%
47 Nike Porn
Shoes Streetwear Plus Size 255.4K 1.10%
48 Crystal Coons 🏝👙
Plus Size Fashion 252.9K 1.80%
49 CM Glam
Fashion Styling Plus Size 252K 0.40%
50 Queen Sunflower 👸🏽🌻
Plus Size 251.8K 2.10%
51 Kamilla Siemko
Tennis Plus Size Modeling Design Film, Music & Books 239.3K 3.30%
52 Chic And Curvy Boutique
Plus Size Modeling 237.1K 0%
53 💣 Bianca Bombshell
Modeling Plus Size Fitness Celebrities 235.9K 0.80%
54 Curvy & Plus Size Styles
Plus Size Modeling Fashion 234.9K 0.60%
55 Tiffany
Plus Size Fashion Art Celebrities Design Hair & Beauty 229.5K 1.80%
56 Lester Smith
Basketball Shoes Plus Size Film, Music & Books Education 227.2K 0.30%
57 Jonna Capone
Plus Size Modeling 227.2K 0.70%
58 How To Cop👩🏽‍🍳👩🏽‍🍳
Shoes Streetwear Plus Size 224.7K 6.60%
59 Curvy Fashion & Lifestyle
Plus Size Fashion Modeling 221.9K 0%
Fashion Plus Size Modeling 214.1K 0%
61 N O N A I R B R U S H E D M E
Modeling Plus Size Fashion 212.2K 1.30%
62 Big Fyne Becki
Plus Size Modeling Fashion 211.7K 3.80%
63 Chante Burkett
Plus Size Modeling Fashion Hair & Beauty 210.4K 1.60%
64 Kicks On Fire🔥Shoes For Life👌🏼
Shoes Streetwear Plus Size 210K 0.03%
65 🇫🇷 The Ivorian Barbie™ 🇨🇮
Plus Size Modeling Art 209.7K 0.03%
66 Robyn Lawley
Modeling Plus Size Fashion 208K 0.60%
67 Resell-ology
Shoes Streetwear Plus Size 205.8K 5.80%
68 Shout My Sneakz
Shoes Streetwear Plus Size Celebrities Design Fashion 203K 2.40%
Shoes Basketball Plus Size 201.1K 0.10%
70 Susan Curry | #aliberatedwoman
Fashion Plus Size Modeling 199.4K 0.50%
71 Curve Model | Musician
Modeling Plus Size 198.7K 0.90%
72 #AirMaxKicks Feature Page
Shoes Plus Size Streetwear Celebrities 196.7K 0.80%
73 Curvy Lover
Plus Size Modeling Fashion 196.3K 0.40%
74 O D D A 🌺
Plus Size Modeling Fashion 195.8K 5.00%
75 ALLIE 🌸 Just Do You, Babe!
Fashion Styling Plus Size 194.1K 1.90%
76 S O P H I A R A C H
Plus Size Bikini Modeling 189.2K 2.70%
77 👄 Mz Pluscious 👄
Plus Size Modeling 186.7K 2.00%
78 Shiba Eason
Plus Size Fashion Modeling 185.9K 1.50%
79 Chic Soul
Fashion Styling Plus Size 185.7K 0.40%
80 Lisa 🌟| Plus Fashion Blogger
Fashion Plus Size 185.1K 4.00%
81 Monif C. Plus Sizes
Plus Size Modeling Fashion 185K 1.10%
82 Everythingairmax
Shoes Plus Size Streetwear 183.1K 1.20%
83 Carly Stone
Plus Size 181.2K 0.01%
84 natalie.
Plus Size Modeling Fashion 176.1K 2.20%
85 ✨Jennifer✨
Music Plus Size Modeling Fashion 176K 1.80%
Plus Size Modeling Beauty Humor 174.9K 6.30%
87 Ivy James 💋
Music Plus Size Modeling Fashion 173.6K 0%
88 ➖J E S S I E J ➖
Plus Size Modeling 172.6K 0.50%
89 The Curvy
Plus Size Modeling Fashion 171.7K 1.00%
Shoes Streetwear Plus Size 170.8K 0.50%
91 Klean Kicks️💎
Shoes Basketball Plus Size 170.6K 0.70%
92 Lacey Carroll | Pure Plus
Plus Size Modeling Fashion 170.6K 3.30%
93 Emily Walden
Bikini Plus Size Modeling 170K 2.00%
94 👑Shanice Richards👑
Plus Size Modeling 169K 0.50%
95 An app for shoeheads &hustlers
Basketball Shoes Plus Size 168.4K 1.10%
96 Alexa G
Plus Size Modeling Fashion 167.9K 0.40%
97 Jen.Brasil
Modeling Plus Size Fashion 167.9K 1.10%
98 Vivienne Rose
Modeling Plus Size Fashion 165.8K 0.80%
99 Empress Saajida O’Quinn 🇵🇦👑🇺🇸💍
Plus Size Modeling Fashion 165.3K 1.60%
100 Queen Charisma, Top Shelf BBW
Plus Size Fashion Modeling Celebrities Health & Fitness Hair & Beauty 165.2K 1.80%