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39.8% of wilhelmtroth's followers are female and 60.2% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 4.00%. The average number of likes per post is 3304 and the average number of comments is 18.

37.5% of the followers that engaged with wilhelmtroth regularly are from United States, followed by France at 12.5% and Turkey at 6.25%. In summary, the top 5 countries of wilhelmtroth's posts engager are coming from United States, France, Turkey, Netherlands, Ukraine.

Wilhelmtroth loves posting about Entrepreneur, Business, Speaker.

Check wilhelmtroth's audience demography. This analytics report shows wilhelmtroth's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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39.8 %
60.2 %


  • United States 37.5 %
  • France 12.5 %
  • Turkey 6.25 %
  • Netherlands 6.25 %
  • Ukraine 6.25 %


4,918 19

#Life can only take you so far, the rest of the way can only be completed with a great #cigar 🎩💨

7,002 20

Three things are critical to stay sharp. Your mind, your humor and your mustache.🎩 📷 @alexal.foto

2,938 15

Life is a lot like jazz... it’s best when in good company and a fine cigar🎩💨

3,192 13

World reaction to Italian elections simplified with food: 🇪🇺: you wished for aioli pasta, but you got it with chili aioli. 🇺🇸: you ordered a double pepperoni pizza, but got Neapolitan with too much basil. 🇮🇹: you knew what you wanted to order, but went “F**k it give me the entire menu, the bill is on the EU.” #instapolitics #instapundit #europolitics #europundit #politicsdaily #politics

2,828 15

I know, I know. I got your DMs and messages about #my lack of activities this past two weeks. And as sinful as it is, #I did it for a good purpose. Both with an exciting #new project and something new for you guys as well that I’ll publish very soon. So let’s get back to our tradition on Mondays - #politishouout !🙌 Meet Javier Nart @alde_group and Partido de la Ciudadanía member 🇪🇸 Why the #shoutout ? As #Europe was struck by terrorism the EU parliament didn’t stand idly by. With new legislations the parliament pushed both new security measurements and regulations to protect #EU citizens. Yet, you can’t always stop #radical thought, but you can make sure to cut the finance for jihadists from getting tools of murder to carry their sinister acts. This week Javier will bring the Committee on Foreign Affairs new recommendations to cut the sources of income for Jihadists to the mini-Plenary session in #Brussels . So far the EU has worked together with both the national security agencies here in the continent as well as @interpol_hq and the bank federation to block the movement of money and donations to jihadists. Javier’s newest proposal is touching on a critical part of the financing chain. Most money is not always transferred in large donations, but with small and medium “donations” that amount together to large amounts of money. Javier said: “We adopted a new “microfinance” approach aimed at cutting off transfers of funds to jihadi terrorist groups. A common information platform and coordination centre for intelligence services, checks on anonymous debit cards, registration of hawala and similar practices, and monitoring funds received by cultural and worship centres, are just some of the proposals in this recommendation.” Good work Javier! You and the committee do us all very proud! I hope that these recommendations will be adopted for our security.📷Efe. #instapundit #europundit #europolitics #politics #instapolitics #diplogram

3,407 15

Whether cold or hot, high or low, always follow your heart!

2,491 31

I know you guys waited for the usual weekly #politishoutout , but today will be a bit different. Over the past few months I’m getting more and more requests from you asking #me to writing more articles about the ever changing state of our political world in Europe. #Like you I’m also working , while keeping our #favourite tradition alive and kicking. As a consultant my duty is to my clients (MPs, MEP’s, candidates and of course parties). But I also have my duty for you guys. And so #I could keep building up the “programming” for you all we need to answer a simple question.... Should we turn the politishoutout into a monthly or bi-monthly tradition and I’ll create more articles about what is happening on our continent and our political and ideological spheres? Or should we continue as we are used to with a weekly politishoutout? You’re welcome to let me know by DMing me, via mail, Snapchat and of here. Your answers will decide the “big question of our age”🙃: politishoutout #weekly or not? #instapolitics #diplogram #europolitics #instapundit

3,098 18

With the latest “World Economic Forum” behind us and renewed bicker and financial fears about #BREXIT still ahead, I believe that today’s #politishoutout will ease a bit of your anxieties. Meet Brian Mikkelsen Danish Minister for Business Affairs 🇩🇰 Det Konservative Folkeparti Why the #shoutout ? Some of the former “reder” ministers who “handled” our economic affairs believed that the more you #tax the citizens the more income the gov has to give more so called benefits to the public. Unfortunately such protectionism did the opposite, it crashed #Greece , #Spain and even the “good old” #USSR . To ensure our citizen’s prosperity we must make sure that they have more money in their pockets to use it. Either for creating #new business, expand and recruit new workers and yes even to invest in more affordable housing. This is exactly what minister @mikkelsen.brian has pushed for. In the reform, he will save #Danish house owners, as well as new buyers, 28 billion krone till 2025, due to the housing tax agreement with the Danish People's Party, Social Democracy and Radical Left in May of last year. For example the high real estate tax rate is reduced from 3 percent to 1.4 percent and the low #RE tax by over 0.45. Lowering the tax burden doesn’t hurt the gov or the nation, it strengthen them and give more financial liberties to the citizens. #Great work minister Mikkelsen! #instapundit #instapolitics #instadaily #diplogram #denmark #europe #politics

3,037 16

The question about a federal Europe has mostly been answered - it’s happening! The real question that we must ask ourselves is what kind of a federal rule we would like to have. My answer is: we need to ensure the trust of the citizens in the union and the only way to achieve it is by city/region up and not “super capital” down. #instapundit #instapolitics #instadaily #diplogram #europolitics

3,429 22

As the political balance in #Europe seems to shift like the #winter winds. It is #important to remember that we are viewing a #great correction, rather than breaking of our union. Today's #politishoutout represents that road and the great correction that will bring us a more prosperous union. Meet Christofer Fjellner @insta_epp and @nyamoderaterna member Why the #shoutout ? In my new lecture, “European Rejuvenation”, I talk about the importance of federalisation that starts from the bottom up and not from top to bottom. @cfjellner embodies that demand with policies to make sure that our continent is more custom made by regional demands, rather by monolithic regulations from the EU Parliament. Such policies ensure the ability to better tailor solutions for all Europeans, by focusing on the unique needs of their regions. For example we heard a lot from #UKIP members about the “Northern sea fisheries disaster” due to EU regulations. They were right, adopting successful regulations from Spain and Portugal wasn't effective for British, Dutch and Danish fishermen. Christofer knew that there is a long way to go between realising a mistake by the EU, to demanding its demise. For if we break everything that might just need a fine tuning, we would have still lived in the Stone Age. Christofer's policies would like to harness Europe's potential by making it more “light weight” on regulations, thus turning it to “heavy weight” on both economic prosperity as well as a more stable and stronger union. We need more cool minded politicians, we deserve politicians who put our best first and if you are one of my dear #followers in #Sweden you can rest assured that your voice is heard in the European Parliament. #instapundit #instapolitics #diplogram #europundit #eupolitics #sverige #politics #europeanrejuvenation

1,943 20

Blijf warm en een goed weekend! 🧤🔥🧣🤗

3,696 14

With the upcoming #elections in #Niederösterreich it is time to take a stand and give a #big #politishoutout to the candidate that will best represent the region. Meet Johanna Mikl-Leitner @volkspartei 🇦🇹 Why the #shoutout ? The #best rep a population needs is one that lives the region's issues both as a local and as a politician. @johanna.mikl.leitner has it both with plenty of experience. Right from 1995 as a national director of the #ÖVP #NÖ all the way to Minister of the Interior in 2011. moreover you know she has a “friendly ear” in the gov, as she worked closely with Kanzler @sebastiankurz when he was her state secretary. And so she continued to serve NÖ in 2016 and 2017. So we see her deep commitment to NÖ as a local and a politician that has strong influence in the federal gov. but you might ask: “what have you done for me lately?” well the ÖVP had pushed an extension of the NÖ building law; it gave new apartment allocations for young families to buy or rent affordable housing in the region. Till mid 2017 over 2,500 families enjoyed the new policy and the forecast is even more #positive till the end of this year. Thus securing the population strength of NÖ for years to come. If you are one of #my beloved Austrian #followers in NÖ, I urge you to vote for Johanna Mikl-Leitner in the upcoming elections!! 📸:JML IG #wir018 #instapolitics #instapundit #eupolitics #österreich #🇦🇹 #europundit #diplogram


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