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Graphic design & illustration festival, aiming to further develop the visual arts community in Romania.

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62.5% of visual.playground's followers are female and 37.5% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 2.10%. The average number of likes per post is 92 and the average number of comments is 2.

Visual.playground loves posting about Art, Basketball, Illustrator.

Check visual.playground's audience demography. This analytics report shows visual.playground's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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62.5 %
37.5 %


  • Art & Design 84.03 %
  • Clothes, Shoes, Handbags & Accessories 45.96 %
  • Business & Careers 45.73 %
  • Entertainment 45.73 %
  • Books and Literature 45.73 %
  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 42.71 %
  • Sports 39.61 %
  • Travel & Tourism 32.24 %
  • Beauty & Fashion 30.73 %
  • Music 26.89 %
  • Movies and TV 26.89 %
  • Pets 26.89 %


59 0

@summer_well_festival is right around the corner, so we figured we’d give you guys a sneak peek into what our two awesome guests will talk about during the festival. Mattias Adolfsson • August 10th • 19:30 • After Party Tent Talk: Financially dissatisfied, philosophically trying A short description of how @mattiasink survived 12 years as an artist, and some examples of how and what he creates. Steve Simpson • August 11th • 19:30 • After Party Tent Talk: An illustrated journey A journey through @stevesimpson’s experiences and influences that fashion and shape his style and approach to illustration, design and art. If you’re coming to the festival, don’t miss these two talks. They will rock your socks off. #summerwell #visualplayground #mattiasadolfsson #stevesimpson

66 3

We were lucky enough to have @stevesimpson and @mattiasink two years ago at Visual Playground 2017, but we just couldn't get enough of these two amazing human beings. ❤️ That's why we invited them again for a weekend of summer adventures (and some serious illustration talk, of course) at @summer_well_festival 2019. 10th & 11th of August in the After Party Tent. See you there! ⚡️⚡️⚡️ #summerwell #visualplayground

67 1

Good news: we're not wasting any precious time this summer, as we've teamed up with @summer_well_festival to bring you some exciting news! 🎉 We know you're curious, but we'll release more details soon! ✌️ #visualplayground #summerwell #musicfestival #illustrationfestiva

90 4

Proudly showcasing our new, shiny @romaniandesignweek toy, hanging around with the Visual Playground crayon and celebrating our graphic design award from this year's edition! Now this was a nice surprise! ⚡️⚡️ #RDW2019 #vp19 #visualplayground

169 0

*excitement overload* You can still check out our eye-candy visual campaign (including some of the original laser-cut wood boards!) for this year's edition of Visual Playground at @romaniandesignweek 2019 until the 26th of May @ BCR Building (University Square)! 💃 Thank you, Romanian Design Week for putting together such an awesome exhibition! 👀 #VisualPlayground #vp19 #vp2019 #rdw #romaniandesignweek #romaniandesignweek2019

77 2

You may know this already, but one of our goals is to offer scholarships each year, so that every talented and hard-working Romanian creative can have the chance to apply to our workshops, regardless of other pragmatic, financial concerns. @fcb.bucharest was our fairy Godmother this year, as they offered 4 full scholarships to Visual Playground Workshops 2019. @daniel_lupu_illustration, @strange_spaceowl, @doodles_with_baj and @roma.gavrila were the 4 lucky participants who received the scholarships and we're sure their journey was meaningful and unforgettable! ❤️ #vp19 #visualplayground #visualplayground2019 #fcbbucharest

102 0

We're still having the Visual Playground blues that happen each year after the event finishes and we just can't help but keep all the memories close to our hearts. 🌊🌊🌊 On a final note about this wonderful edition, we would like to say a big "Thank you!" to the following heroes who helped us bring this year's edition to life: Sponsors & Partners: @qreator_by_iqos, @hp România, @biodeck, @designandpaper, @expiratclub, @mezaninspace, @nodmakerspace, Nexio, @fcb.bucharest, @printoteca, @vana.animation, @daislerprint, @stabiloromania, @pentelromania, @divertaro, @wacom Romania, Savana Culoare, Ambasada Spaniei la București, Asociația Coolturală Nouă Ne Pasă Media Partners: @tananana_ro, @radioromaniacultural, @decatorevista, & Smark, @dilemaveche, @historia.romania, @viceromania, @scena_9,, Observator Cultural, @sub25, @glamour_romania, @dissolvedmagazine,, @sapteseri,, @studioreceptor, @novummagazine, @luerzersarchive ❤️❤️❤️

113 0

One of the highlights of our 2019 festival tote bag were the postcard set & the notebook with color pages, which we hope you'll fill with all your greatest (or craziest) ideas! ❤️ Both of them were made in collaboration with Europapier and if you're curious, you can read more about their papers and projects on @designandpaper 📝 #vp19 #visualplayground2019 #visualplayground #europapier

104 0

We’re gonna start this block of text with an obvious statement: when you start a personal project for which you design a poster per day, each day for 2 years in a row and still counting, you definitely deserve a gold medal. Or a statue. We don’t have any gold medals and we’re no sculptors, so we thought a solo exhibition would be a way better idea. So imagine this: a gorgeous house taken over by a carefully curated selection of the best @baugasm posters ever created since the start of the project. Every room is different and all of them invite you to discover them and immerse yourself in a unique mix of 3D art, animation, vibrant colors, patterns, gradients and prints. @vasjenkatro was there as well to answer to all the burning questions and then we celebrated with good music and drinks. In short, it was unforgettable. More pictures on our Facebook page! @qreator_by_iqos #vp19 #visualplayground #visualplayground2019 #baugasm

189 2

A wall full of graffiti writings and a desire to make the world colorful and vivid: that’s how @akacorleone started out his career. Now he’s a renowned visual artist working with any type of medium and canvas out there - including our minds and hearts.
We promised to continue what we started in 2017 and that we would transform our gloomy Bucharest into something amazing bit by bit. AKACORLEONE (Pedro Campiche) and our faithful volunteers helped us keep that promise this year! Unfortunately the weather wasn't our best friend this time, but Pedro will come back very soon to end what he started this April! 👀 Many thanks to Savana for providing the yummy paint for this mural! ❤️ All pictures by @sharkyrol. More pictures can be found on our Facebook page! #vp19 #visualplayground #visualplayground2019 #akacorleone #ig_bucharest #muralart

66 0

We all know the best personal projects out there start with a crazy idea, a ton of ambition and a spark of imagination. Now think about this: what would it be like to put your heart into creating one amazing, eye-candy poster every day for an entire year? That’s how @baugasm was born, the self-driven project by graphic designer @vasjenkatro. 365 days a year, two years completed already without missing a single day. So we can definitely say that “crazy” would be kind of an understatement at this point, right? Crazy good, that is! Designing posters might seem like an easy job, but it’s truly challenging to create the perfect layout each time. And as with every job, it’s better when you have fun in the process, right? Vasjen took the workshop attendees into a fun journey of experimenting with posters and different mediums such as paint, photographs, drawings etc. And we are truly amazed of the final results of this workshop. All photos by @sharkyrol. More pictures can be found on our Facebook page! #vp19 #visualplayground #visualplayground2019 #baugasm

63 2

@magoz is a self-taught conceptual illustrator who gets inspiration from abstract ideas and the outside world. Since 2013, he had his desk set up in countries such as the UK, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Finland. Now, his travels brought him to Sweden where he creates simple, minimal illustrations with no strokes, patterns or crazy details, all while having the message loud and clear. Loop animations, GIFs and motion graphics - we all love ‘em. That’s why this year we’re bringing you a true master of flawlessly moving things around. @joselorensso is a freelance animator and art director who has the power to do something not many can: he brings illustrations to life. During this two-day workshop, both of them taught the 24 students the long way from planning to actually creating a conceptual animated looped GIF. And the end result was a small victory for each and every one of the participants: an endless loop that keeps you hooked. All photos by @sharkyrol. More pictures can be found on our Facebook page! #vp19 #visualplayground2019 #visualplayground


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