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📷 @xcvikid | #blackbeauty 📍 MNL,PH 🤯 Alipin ng social media ✍️ Foodie | Lifestyle | Beauty | Skincare | Stationery | etc. 🎁 PR/Collab DM or email me 📩
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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 2.30%. The average number of likes per post is 128 and the average number of comments is 7.

Themaryflores loves posting about Cooking, Art, Celebrities, Design, DIY & Crafts, Education, Film, Music & Books, Gardening, Hair & Beauty, Health & Fitness, Food & Drink, Humor, Nature & Outdoors, Photography, Travel, Technology, Fashion, Game.

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142 6

grabe yung sikat ng araw. kaya picture muna, sayang lighting.

64 0

✨ BLACK LIVES MATTER 🖤 #blackouttuesday ✨ JUNK TERROR BILL NOW! #junkterrorbill #junkterrorbillnow

97 7

More self-care this quarantine season, meaning taking care of myself and my personal hygene. Including spritzing my favorite fragrance mists from Bath & Body Works. Fun fact: I don’t stick to one smell because I tend to get tired of using the same fragrance every single day, thats why I have a collection of perfumes at home. You could say I kinda accumulated a lot for the past few years. But bath & body works is one of my favorite. Sharing with you little Bath & Body Works collection. @iamefrilrosal @aliesaanne @reacalingo What's your favorite scent? Campaign is on-going! If you are interested in joining, follow @popstar_ph and download their PopStar Influencer App to submit a post! #imapopstar #popstarph #HomeScentiments #bathandbodyworksph

158 2


124 10

Trying to chill this lockdown summer season with my own Korean Drama / Kpop Spotify playlist, coz your girl had been binge watching lot of drama’s lately. Adding up my MOOD ’19 Spotify playlist because thats how I felt last year. Love jamming to the songs that keep me sane. What’s your spotify playlist? @paoleenreyes @migandrade @itssammijares? Campaign is on-going! If you are interested in joining, follow @popstar_ph and download their PopStar Influencer App to submit a post! #imapopstar #popstarph #tftfp #thinkfoodthankfoodpanda

127 10

Did you know "CICA" is short for Centella Asiatica which is medicinal herb commonly used in Asia for treating wounds & soothe irritated skin. This is known for soothing, healing, anti-bacterial and inflammatory properties, meaning this is good for sensitive skin. If you trouble on eczema, psoriasis, scarring & cellulite, this is great way to moisturize & condition your skin. @facerepublic just launched their new product CICA GEL MOISTURIZER. It's an everday moisturizer that soothes troubled skin. Claims to be perfect for all akin types, especially for acne-prone skin. (but for me you still have to try it on your own to see the effect on your skin, if it works or not.) My Verdict: (after using it for 4-5 days) * lightweight * dewy and moisturized finish * smells minty * soft, soothing & hydrating after applying * haven't had irritations * minimalist packaging * helps with my scarring and acne I pat this on my t-zone area because I tend to get more oily on those areas. Having a lightweight moisturizer keeps my pores in tact and hydrated. I also apply this on my chin to neck area because I trouble on hormonal imbalance, that's why I get more acne on those areas. This gel moisturizer reallg helped me minimize having acne. I love how it does to my skin. Would really purchase this product and recommend this to you. (gifted by: @facerepublic) It retails for Php 379.00 for the 50ml bottle and for Php 23.00 for the 3ml sachet type. Add this to your cart already!! Available on Lazada and Shopee, link on Face Republics Instagram page. #basedonmary #facerepublic #cicagelmoisturizer

112 3

Let’s not forget these people! Like our nurses and other workers who are working this time of crisis, our food delivery drivers are also counted as frontliners. Since we are advised to stay at home and practice social distancing, we can’t go out and buy food every single day. Recently, I had my birthday and wanted to have food to celebrate with it. Thank you so much to @foodpand_ph that I could buy my favorite food cravings. Foodpanda also offers FREE DELIVERY even with this condition. Even if they give free delivery, please don’t forget to generously tip your drivers. Thank you so much to our brave and hardworking drivers! Wassup food buddies @paoleenreyes @biancalives @yggie227 Campaign is on-going! If you are interested in joining, follow @popstar_ph and download their PopStar Influencer App to submit a post! #imapopstar #popstarph #tftfp #thinkfoodthankfoodpanda

143 6

How can you enjoy eating your favorite Filipino dishes without rice? Rice is such a must in a Filipino household and with that I want to dedicate this post to our Hardworking Filipino Farmers. If it weren’t for their hard work we may not have enough food to help us survive now that we are on lockdown. Seriously, think about everything you eat and wear that comes from natural grown fibers or products that has been grown by a farmer. #weRICEasONE #WEAO #imapopstar @popstar_ph

205 24

This is my current hydrating moisturizer from @naturerepublicph. I like how soothing and refreshing it gives to my face. This could be use by any skin type and also it’s multi-functional product that you can be used in your body, hair and even sunburnt treatment. This product helps me with my dark spots and pigmentation on my face. I’ve been using it since summer started, coz it’s lightweight and it absorbs quickly. Paubos na ba Aloe vera gel nyo @paoleenreyes @michattawood @unniskincare? #naturerepublicph #naturerepublicav #imapopstar #popstarph Campaign is still on-going! If you are interested in joining, follow @popstar_ph and download their Popstar Influencer App to submit a post!

138 8

I miss drinking fresh buko juice from my favorite vendor from our village. Lalo ng ansarap uminom ng buko juice sa ganitong kainit na panahon. Good thing I still get the same comfort from Vita Coco. Not only, it is 100% NATURAL Coconut Water but it also has a lot of hydrating electrolytes. This is great for an after workout drink or maybe a relaxing drink you could enjoy at home. Let’s grab one now @yggie227 @mylesgflores @marlyneborjaflores and let’s spread the COCOfreshness. Campaign is still on-going! If you are interested in joining, follow @popstar_ph and download their Popstar Influencer App to submit a post!#SoCOCOol #SoCOCOfresh #SCSCF #imapopstar #popstarph

116 6

My current quarantine hobby: window shopping @shopee_ph 😂 hanggang add to cart na lang ako this quarantine kasi nauubos pera ko sa shopee jk 😅 Started playing Shopee farm, which is hindi lang coins ang nahaharvest mo pati narin bigas, discount coupons at iba pa! What’s your SHOPEE HOBBY? Comment down below. 👇 🧡 #ShopeePH #Shopee7DayIGChallenge #ShopeeInfluencerChallenges

121 2

Been missing my friends so much lately and our bonding moments. Good thing I discovered this new app called rave! Rave is an app bringing people together around the media that we love. Whether listening to music or binging Netflix together with friends. Experience this better when it is shared! Everything is more fun with friends! Can’t wait to watch Youtube videos or binge watch Netflix with them 🥰 Do you want to try this app? Go download RAVE app in the App Store or Play Store. Tara gamitin natin! @paoleenreyes @migsandrade @biancalives 😂 Campaign is on-going! If you are interested in joining, follow @popstar_ph and download their PopStar Influencer App to submit a post!


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