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𝕙𝕖𝕒𝕝𝕥𝕙𝕪 𝕝𝕚𝕧𝕚𝕟𝕘 🌿📚 mom of two 🤰 master of accounting health | food | beauty | lifestyle 💍 @l.d.n.m87 Founder: @unihealthclubs Founder: @vietfitmom


Average engagement rate on the posts is around 350%. The average number of likes per post is 892 and the average number of comments is 67.

Phannuuyennhi loves posting about Cooking, Education, Film, Music & Books, Hair & Beauty, Health & Fitness, Food & Drink, Nature & Outdoors, Travel.

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Lifesaver for busy women 😋 Eating healthy is difficult for busy people but I already had a solution. @woolworths_au Good to Go salads are inspired by global food trends and created by their chefs to make for tasty, lighter and healthier lunch options every day of the week. Today, I have hot smoked salmon poke bowl. Super yummmm! #wooliesmetro #ad

1,817 66

Banh Mi, plz stay healthy 🤰 love Bong and Banh so much 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧 #27weekspregnant

435 52

Food is not just eating energy. It is an experience. @misskatiescrabshack Staying healthy is good but staying happy is better 💞 #balancedeating #mumtobe #seafoodlover

1,156 68

It is my pleasure to be invited to @aydashabanz workshop about Property. She is an Co-founder of Grow Group. This workshop contains lots of information for first home buyer, investment and more. Their vision is helping thousands of Australians entering the property market. I have learned a lots from her and her lifestyle also. Such an inspiring speaker 👏 Ps: she is beautiful like a Miss Universe 😍😍 #wegrowsociety #propertyworkshop #property

1,426 62

Pregnant meal ideas 🤰 I always remember to eat healthy on Monday and then I forget on Tuesday till wk 🤭 Just kidding! Pregnancy is tired and super super exhausted. I just wanna eat foods that make me happy and forget the rest 💞 - mango and almond oat meals - brown rice kimpap - seaweed salad rice #pregnantmealideas #pregnantlife

4,638 433

Pregnancy announcement - my second child 🤰 Yes I am at #26weekspregnant and will enter the last trimester next week I don’t wanna hide this. My baby comes to me like a gift from God ✨ My husband and I feel so thankful about that. We used to plan to go to my home country to give birth because our big daughter is still living with her grandparents in Vietnam. I miss her a lot and wish I could take her to Australia but we still cannot handle everything here. I intended to keep it secret and show to my first child she gonna have a little sister because she really wants and asks me every day to give her one baby girl But we could not go back to Vietnam and decide to give birth here in Australia. I have lots of depression at this time but try to comfort my mind now. Everything will be OK and I will try everything to protect my girls. 💞#lifeupdate #pregnancyannouncement #mumlifeaustralia

191 55

Get ready for summer 🌞 Summer is the time we can show off our legs. That is why I need an extra care for them with @nair_au Leg Mask. It gives me a smooth, soft and nourished result in the comfort of my own home. #Nairlegmask #NairCollab #NairAU #Gifted @socialsouphq

822 70

The truth is...most of the times, you don’t miss the people nor the moments; you miss your old selves instead. And yes, I really miss my long hair 💫 📸 @l.d.n.m87 Wearing @badbloodkorea set

399 81

Rose garden tea 🌹 Tiramisu Hot choc ☕️ Mini cakes In a lovely cafe @cafe_blush 📸 @l.d.n.m87

1,047 72

(Vnese below) Cannot believe I could complete my master course in Accounting many months ago. 🤣 I never thought about it because I know I am not good at numbers and tables. But everything is Ok now. I feel like it is an useless degree but it is the good way to train brain 🧠 This is a makeup I usually use when I was a postgrad student. Check my Youtube tonight for a tutorial with products from 🙌🏻 Không thể tin được là mình đã học xong Thạc Sỹ Kế Toán vài tháng trc. Nghe thì chăm học nhưng thật ra lại rất lười học ấy ạ 😂 vì mình không học giỏi Toán, ghét số má bảng hiệu. Nhưng giờ thì ổn rồi! Mặc dù cái bằng chả giúp gì nhưng nó cũng giúp mình luyện não giữ lắm. Đây là kiểu makeup yêu thích khi mình đi học. Các bạn có thể check link Youtube tối nay với tutorial mình sử dụng các sản phẩm từ nhé 🙌🏻 #vietnameseinaustralia #postgradstudent #studyabroadlife

445 80

I am so lucky to have a chance to be one of the first customer can try The Yeti Fun Bun at @dintaifungaustralia It is officially launched today 🙌🏻 The Yeti Fun Bun is a giant bun filled with three small buns – a pink red velvet bun, purple blueberry cream cheese bun and orange molten chocolate bun. It is limited edition and available from 19th September – 9th October at all stores except MLC Centre, Gateway Sydney and Greenwood Plaza. Come with your loved ones and enjoy guys ! 😋😋


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