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🌟 Miss Singapore Global Beauty Queen 2019 🌟 Miss Asia Awards (SG) ‘18 🌟 Miss Earth (Water)Singapore ‘16-17 🌟 Nissin Black Pepper Crab Ambassador 2015

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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 0.90%. The average number of likes per post is 407 and the average number of comments is 9.

Pancakepixie loves posting about Cooking, Celebrities, Hair & Beauty, Health & Fitness, Food & Drink, Humor, Nature & Outdoors, Photography, Travel, Technology, Fashion, Game.

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❤️ I miss the feeling of awe ❤️ The moment your heart tingles when you see a new sight, when you hear a language you don’t understand, when the smoke from your tea cup purrs, weaving itself within the wind. • • 🌈It is so much like falling in love🌈 • • • ⭐️ I miss running through the rain, of discovering new perspectives through the eyes of another, of speaking our vulnerabilities like it was pillow talk because they would take with them our stories and we would not see them again • • ⭐️ Maybe I am romanticizing nostalgia, or maybe I need to tell us that we are here now. And we will keep us safe; we will keep us safe. • • #travel #throwback #igsg #sgig #instagram #wiwt #wiwtsg #potd #ootd #ootdsg #travelgram #instadaily #singapore #europe #paris #selfie #selca #selfcam #potdsg #asian #asiangirl

457 8

🌟Counting my blessings and found this #throwback picture of exploring Japan 🌟 2 More weeks till end of #circuitbreaker I hope everyone has been alright ❤️ In case you didn’t know, it is okay to feel sluggish, anxious or unproductive because this is not the normal that we know ❤️ Staying cooped up at home is suffocating enough, but sometimes facing our family members require us to self-regulate our emotions, or working from home might be stressful and tough due to feeling handicapped ❤️ Breathe, remember you are doing your best and you can get through this. Sending you good vibes till our feet can hit the soil quick and when the wind would ferry the reverberations of our abundant laughters again ❤️ • • #selfie #selca #wiwt #wiwtsg #igsg #potd #potdsg #selfcam #selfie #potd #potdsg #singapore #circuitbreakersg #travel #asian #asia #ootd #ootdsg

458 47

❤️ I stay home to keep in touch with my mental wellbeing, to ensure I keep calm and stay positive in the #covid19 situation. What do you stay home to do? • • ❤️Complete the blank by commenting what you stay home to do and stand a chance to win $100 Beautex vouchers, $100 food panda vouchers, or $100 Tiong Garden snacks vouchers for your home. It's a worrying situation to see the spike in covid cases in Singapore, and we know that might affect the hospitals' beds & medication going at this rate. So let's all please stay home and bring down the number of cases in Singapore. ❤️ • • • 💕Initiative by @beautexsingapore, @foodpandasg, @tonggardensg, @favesofficial💕 • • #selfie #selca #selfcam #igsg #sgig #ootd #ootdsg #stayhome #beautexsg #foodpandasg #tonggardensg #sgfaves #potd #potdsg #sggiveaway #sggiveaways

590 7

🌟 When this is over, I will never take for granted again the rhythm of fast feets from morning workdays after dawn breaks, every ounce the feeling of invincibility and anticipation of sliding a red passport into the gap between black scanners and a glassed surface, the camaraderie of a fist bump, knucklebones against knucklebones 🌟 • • 🌈 But what I will be thankful for, is for the retired gush of air that escaped from forgotten drawers when families retrieve their dusty board games, for the warmness from helping hands the community has extended, for the blush of pride as a Singaporean when we stand in solidarity together in time for #circuitbreaker to ameliorate #covid19 situation 🌈 • • 💓I hope everyone is doing well! Restrict excessive checking of coronavirus news, wash your hands frequently and bring takeout boxes with you to ease burden on f&bs if you are planning to do takeaway. Lets pray that if we stand united and do our part to stay positive and socially responsible, life as we know will return soon ☺️💕 • • #igsg #sgig #wiwt #wiwtsg #ootd #ootdsg #potd #potdsg #instadaily #asia #asian #asiangirl #bikini #bikinisg #selfie #selca #travel #travelgram

520 5

🌟 “I hope the universe has my best interest in mind. When I want something with my whole being, and the universe withholds it from me, I hope the universe thinks to herself: “Silly girl. She thinks this is what she wants, but she does not understand how it will hurt.” -Blythe Baird 🌟 • • • #japan #hokkaido #potd #potdsg #igsg #sgig #selfie #selca #selfcam #selfcare #selflove #travel #travelgram #ryokan #asia #asian #asiangirls #asiangirl #ryokanlife

493 11

❤️ Happy 2020! To mark my first post of the year, I want to hear your voice! Heres an unedited photo of me VS edited picture (swipe right), which do you prefer? ❤️ • • • 🍀So why have I been so quiet lately? (⚠️Warning: long story ahead!)🍀 • I know I’m a little late and many of my concerned friends and followers have wrote in to ask about how I am doing, which deeply touched me alot. Truth be told, the last quarter of 2019 was not smooth for me. However, I did not want to affect you with my bad news and had to take time to condition my inner state again before I was ready to post happy things on social media again 😌 The last few months was filled with minor accidents (eg: nose and forehead contusion), beyond that incident also I had to go for at least 6 a&e visits on different occasions, of which 2 needed me to go under GA. There were also some other health hiccups along the way. 🌝Just when I thought things could not be worse, I was caught in the recent Paris strike in which I had to escape from a vehicle (more on this next time, after my insurance is settled 😂). The last few days of 2020 also saw unhappy events, even till the moment of the countdown and I brought a heavy heart into 2020. • • • • ❤️ In life things might not go smoothly, and I always found strength in this phrase “bend low till the storm passeth over”. I never wanted to share every detail of what happened to prevent any cause of alarm or evoke feeling of sympathy, yet my silence is beginning to worry those who care for me 😞 Just want to let my dear friends and followers know that I will be posting regularly soon and I cannot wait to share with you what lessons did my experience bring • • • 💋 Till then, Happy 2020!!! Lots of blessings and well wishes, may you who is reading this set out to achieve what your heart desires this year. ❤️ • • • #selfie #selca #selfcam #asia #asian #asiangirl #potd #ootd #ootdsg #taiwan #travel #traveller #wiwt #wiwtsg #igsg #sgig #singapore

595 7

🌟 After suffering from sun burnt skin in Maldives, doctor @rohan.mendis from Mendis Aesthetics at Mandarin Gallery allowed my skin to rest for two weeks before resurrecting it with Mosaic laser 😊🌟 When you have people commenting about your glowing skin wherever you go, you know your aesthetic regime is on point with @mendis_aesthetics 💕 They are a large reason why I feel confident to step out without makeup 💋 • • • #selfie #selca #selfcam #potd #ootd #ootdsg #travel #travelgram #igsg #sgig #maldives #asia #asian #travelgram #wiwt #wiwtsg #holiday #bikinigirls #bikini


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