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68.0% of maritimemommy's followers are female and 32.0% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 0.90%. The average number of likes per post is 628 and the average number of comments is 51.

Maritimemommy loves posting about Moms, Shopping, Fashion, Technology, Travel, Nature & Outdoors, Kids & Parenting, Food & Drink, Health & Fitness, Hair & Beauty, Gardening, Film, Music & Books, Education, Design, Celebrities, Cars & Motorcycles, Art, Animals & Pets, Cooking.

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68.0 %
32.0 %


  • Children & Family 81.15 %
  • Beauty & Fashion 71.90 %
  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 65.37 %
  • Clothes, Shoes, Handbags & Accessories 64.64 %
  • Fitness & Yoga 63.85 %
  • Art & Design 57.77 %
  • Healthy Lifestyle 54.98 %
  • How-to & Style 52.29 %
  • Travel & Tourism 43.85 %
  • Entertainment 36.71 %
  • Business & Careers 35.42 %
  • Pets 35.12 %



949 29

Meet BANKSY!⚪️🐼⚫️He’s here! Happy Gotcha Day to our new 8 week old Frenchton Puppy! We waited so long for this little guy and I tell you he couldn’t have been a better mood booster, feeling booster and life booster that we needed after all that has happened in Nova Scotia and the world the last few months. I haven’t been posting much, or at all really, because the state of the world with both Covid and Police brutality have been top of mind. I bought this puppy for my 3 monkeys before Covid, but my gosh, I wish he had come sooner. @timbitandbanksy #frenchiesofinstagram #frenchies #frenchie #frenchtonsofinstagram #frenchton #puppy #frenchiepuppy #frenchtonpuppy #pandemicpuppy #gotchaday

985 75

I loved this slide from @wildfolk_mama it speaks to exactly what some white people are saying currently. My Grandfather was Chief of Police in my hometown of Belleville, ON. I have many family members that are police officers. It’s not about individual police for me, it’s the system that needs to change. I’ll be honest, I always thought I was an avid black lives supporter, I didn’t think I was doing anything wrong. I believe all of us are equal, I teach my kids the same. We have black friends, employees and business partners. My children have black friends. What I am learning is that is not enough. I didn’t act or say anything. I didn’t protest the previous police killings of black people. I would post about it and condemn it, in my IG stories or conversations. But not do anything. What I now understand is that watching George Floyd get murdered, his words and pleas shook me to my core. I cried for hours and times since. It was a big wake up this is happening to innocent people to a level I didn’t even understand. Watching his murder made me want to advocate for change, to check myself and all the white privilege I’ve enjoyed. It’s not enough to love Black people and hand black friends and colleagues. We need to speak out about the abuse and brutality they endure for hundreds of years and still TODAY. My focus has been on the movement of banning the choke hold, I believe all police should wear body cameras, a system that fires racist cops who commit racist acts. There is a ton of resources: ✊🏽Donate to Black Lives Matter Toronto or Black Lives Matter Vancouver. ✊🏽Donate to Official George Floyd Memorial Fund. ✊🏽Donate to Belly Mujinga's family, including her daughter. ✊🏽Donate to the Toronto Protestor Bail Fund, which provides legal support to anyone protesting in Toronto. ✊🏽Donate to The Minnesota Freedom Fund, which provides funds to pay bail for those protesting in Minnesota. ✊🏽Donate to The Movement @blklivesmatter . . #georgefloyd #justiceforgeorgefloyd #peacefulprotest #blacklivesmatter #whiteprivilege

753 728

🌿🧖🏼‍♀️GIVEAWAY!! 🧖🏼‍♀️🌿 I have been hesitating/dreading posting anything for weeks as everything else seems so minor or unimportant to what is going on in our world currently. I didn’t know how to talk about anything else as what is happening is so important. Nova Scotia has been hard hit #novascotiastrong and the movement we all should be focused on could never be more important. BUT I thought a GIVEAWAY for your soul might be just the thing to post! I came across @souldeonaturals genuinely looking for small women owned business with natural deodorant for my now (cry) almost 12 year old son informed me “he stinks under the arms”. I had tried others myself but I wanted to give him more options and The original formula comes in a jar and has cream-to-powder feel. There’s also smooth-glide stick formula in a variety of flavours. These vegan, magnesium based deodorants are highly effective without any of the risks associated with conventional products. Yay! I’m giving one of you a 30$ gift card to spend at their shop while they are having a 20% off EVERYTHING sale! They also carry dry shampoo and shower mists!🧖🏼‍♀️🌿 To Enter: 🌿Follow both me @maritimemommy & @souldeonaturals 🌿Tag a friend who could use this gift, separate entries please 😊 🌿Post in stories for a bonus 3 entries! Winner will be chosen and given the gift card on Sunday June 7, 12:00 EST . . Forgive me if I’m posting incorrectly, I’ve had so many contracted posts angry with me for not posting, I hope I’m doing it right. #covid19 #novascotia #cometogether . . . #giveaway #giveawaycontest #freegift #freegiftcards #contest #contestgiveaway #contestalert #bloggergiveaway #giveawaytime

750 1

I understand that I cannot understand, however, I stand with you. We need to do better, be better, and I understand that includes people like me with white privilege.✊🏿✊🏽✊🏻 #blacklivesmatter #justiceforgeorgefloyd #georgefloyd #georgefloydprotest #istandwithyou @thetinyherbivore @ohhappydani

502 2

Our front room fireplace finally got a refresh that it desperately needed starting with this amazing art and frames that @oppositewall sent over! Don’t you love them!! It really changes things up, brightens and it’s fun to pick out the prints and coordinating frames! I really wanted to keep things serene in this space. The neutral tones and minimalist feel of each piece really pulls the look together. Even Timbit got into it! Use my code MISTY25 for 25% OFF discount!!🐈 #myoppositewall #oppositewall #ad #gifted⁠ -⁠ -⁠ -⁠ #gallerywall #pictureledgedisplay #halifax #gallerywallinspo #wallartinspo #bedroomdecor #canada #artprints #minimalist #neutraldecor #artledge #photoledge #pictureledge #diygallerywall #gallerywallideas #abstractprints #mymidcenturymix #midcenturydecor #minimalistdecor #minimalistprints #gallerywalltutorial #gallerywallprints #minimalisthomedecor #minimalistbedroom #decorblogger #lovethewayyouhome

800 6

It’s hard to imagine this has happened. Period. In our small, loving and close Province. I watched my kids as they sleep tonight, and I cannot fathom what it must feel like to respond to a dangerous call, as a human, as a Mother, and kiss your family goodbye. That is strength. That is courage. That is a hero. The sacrifice made by Cpt. Stevenson to protect us all is enormous and can never be repayed. I pray for her children, and for all the families who have lost loved ones in this horrific tragedy. Nova Scotians hearts are heavy tonight. #rcmpproud #ourheartsarewithyou #thankyou #heros #novascotiastrong

538 6

We certainly aren’t out enjoying the boardwalk today, but we still have the same East Coast maritime pride. It’s hard to imagine how long the isolation will last or what the world will look like from now on. It’s the absolute cheapest realist experiences with my kids I miss the most. I’m finding more good things and gratitude in this terrible time than I did at the beginning. Perhaps we are adjusting and it will in deed get easier? This is last summer when we ran around the boardwalk and stayed out until past their bedtimes watching fireworks and listening to live bands. Oh I cannot wait to do that again! ✨ Thanks to @ausgod for the shot and @eastcoastlifestyle for the matching swag. #thistooshallpass #socialdistancing #halifax #halifaxboardwalk #maritime #maritimes #eastcoast #eastcoastlifestyle #oceanlife #matchingoutfits #momof3 #halifaxblogger #canadianinfluencer #covid #stopthespread #quarentinelife #familytime #twins #matchingsets

860 18

Happy Easter 🐰🐣🐥 Berkley wore her beautiful gown and put her rabbit ears on Timbit and we couldn’t decide if he looks like he’s wearing sunglasses or see his eyes with it on! Lol Although she got dressed up with no where to go we tried to make the best of it. How are you guys coping? Have you gotten to the dress your animal up stage of cabin fever yet? 🤣 #happyeaster #rabbitcat #dressyourpetday #dressyourpet #ragdoll #ragdollcat #mygirl #mygirl❤️ #Halifax #quarantine #quarentineandchill #quarentinelife #quarentinecrew #halifaxblogger #halifaxinfluencer #canadianinfluencer #cats #catsofinstagram #ragdollsofinstagram

624 0

Happy Easter from my laser tag crew! 🐰🐣🐥 We are all in this strange new world together in our homes and isolated from one another. It’s very odd to be doing Easter Morning without grandparents or having anyone drop by. I found the laser tag kits are actually coming in handy to encourage my kids to at least walk around the block...which is getting harder and harder to force. I guess it’s the Groundhog Day effect wearing on all of us. I hope you are healthy and safe. Send any tips you have for keeping your kids sane! #groundhogday #2020quarantine #quarantinelife #quarantine #lasertag #neighborhood #neighborhoodwalk #easter #eastersunday #halifax #canada #halifaxblogger #canadianinfluencer #momblogger

92 10

Our bed has never been so full! The kids are well aware our new @endy bed is the most comfortable in the house! We are celebrating St. Patrick’s Day from our favourite spot! Our bed is so comfortable and I love the quality and ease of the covers and pillows. {#ad} We are so excited to be an #endypartner for Canada's leading online mattress brand! Thank you #Endy! We are all excited about our new bed - even the cat (Timbit)! #endy #endypartner #canadian #canadianmade

179 7

There’s not much good news these days. We in Halifax are in the midst of the Covid-19 crisis. It’s very stressful and complicated and this is so new to all of us, it does feel a bit like a movie and hard to really absorb. I have premature twins that had breathing difficulties at birth and I have my parents both over 65 living in our in-lawsuite. I’ve tried to be calm and think it through, but you really can go down the rabbit hole of anxiety when you start really accepting what is happening and possible. To ease the stress Berkley & I decided we should start her big girl bedroom update today with our @urbanwalls Eden Decals. She absolutely loved helping and they are truly so easy, she did them mainly herself! I love the ease, the quality and the colour. I hope you are all finding things to do with your kids and that you are safe. If you get any interesting ideas to occupy the kids please share! #ad @urbanwalls #urbanwalls #eden #wallart #walldecor #wallartdecor #walldecoration #wallmural #isolation #corona #covid_19 #virus #preemie #preemietwins #twins

315 355

🍪Made Good Giveaway!!🍪 Be among the first in the world to sample @madegoodfoods NEW FLAVOUR: Cookies & Creme !! Tag your friends and the winner will get a box filled with the new flavor goodness from Made Good! To enter: 🍪please follow @maritimemommy & @madegoodfoods 🍪Tag any friends you’d like to win! Winner will receive a box of @madegoodfoods new Flavour Cookies and Creme!! #ad @madegoodfoods #madegood #MadeGoodForYou #NewFlavorMadeGood Giveaway will end Tuesday March 17th 12:00 EST . . . . . #halifax #halifaxkids #healthyeating #lunchideas #giveaway #giveawaycontest #giveaways #bloggergiveaway #giveawayalert #contest #canadiangiveaway #giveawaytime #freesamples


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